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Archived Threads

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October 2009
6091366Oregon Adventure Trail Dungeon Keeper Mess Part DeuxStats for a nonsimulationist system? buh?Darkstalkers homebrew systems2009-10-01 0 
November 2009
6814110Cave Story: The RPGAnonymous asks for help creating a new system to emulate sidescrolling platform games, using the Run & Gun system as a base and drawing inspiration from games like Cave Story and Metal Slug.game design, homebrew system, Cave Story, platformer, Run & Gun2009-11-23 3 
November 2010
12671890Shin Megami Tensei Card SystemSome dude came up with a card based game system for running a game similar to a few SMT games...namely Persona.SMT Shin Megami Tensei Persona Devil Summoner Digital Card Homebrew System2010-11-05 4 
12708080Kamen Rider SystemA system based around Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu in general is worked on.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-11-08 7 
12728455Kamen Rider System Part 2More shit gets done.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-11-09 6 
12769238Henshin!: The Tokusatsu RPG (KR System Part 3)Compiled Release.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-11-12 4 
December 2010
13164060Kamen Rider System Part 4A new anon takes over the development of Henshin! The Tokusatsu RPG and comes up with a vastly changed character creation system, plus other stuff.Kamen Rider, Homebrew System2010-12-16 1 
October 2011
16696114HENSHIN! RPG development revivalAnybody remember that Toku themed game in development long ago? One user starts dumping ideas and refinement to get the ball rolling and get the damn thing past its alpha status Kamen Rider,Homebrew System,/m/,JUSTICE2011-10-23 12 
March 2016
46187796Black Tides Quest 1There's a zombie apocalypse going on, and apparently you're on a boat. Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-23 3 
46207805Black Tides Quest 2: Pilage Things, Kill ZombiesNow in accordance with the "everyone must be young, hot, and in college" rule for zombie apocalypses. Gonna need to fix that.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-24 3 
46230693Black Tide Quest 3: Needs More RumAfter the first major fight with zombies, a boat that is not utter shit is aquired and the Party mechanics are slowly revealed.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction 2016-03-24 5 
46254582 Black Tides Quest 4: Now with 100% More VikingsThings go slow from an early start with the Viking Funeral, but pick up as Anon talks about the ship assault.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction 2016-03-26 3 
46271629Black Tides Quest 5: Good Morning Tonkin Gulf!Leadership decisions are made, and the plebeians are put to work. Damn slackers.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-27 5 
April 2016
46441576Black Tides Quest 6: Now With No April Fools Bullshit!A reposting of the OP from the ill-fated April Fools running of Black Tides Quest, with no issues this time.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-04-03 2 
46507692Black TIdes Quest 7: Waterworld ain't got shit on us!Island fort is planned, the Daughter of Trump takes command of the project, and you go off to appease your party member and kick ass.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction2016-04-11 1 
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