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May 2011
15070788Amazing Catfolk Adventure You are Reena, the ferocious catfolk fighter of a small adventure party consisting of the Hero, Royce, the Elven Mage, Arinith, and the Dwarven soldier, Goluge. Your agility, speed, and strength are invaluable assets to the party as well as your sharp senses and stealth. You are secretly in love with the party leader, Royce, and will do anything to win his affection. However, her quick temper and inexperience in civilized society are making things more difficult than expected. and so it goesAmazing Catfolk Adventure, Collective Game. Quest2011-05-27 4 
August 2012
20396689 Ark of Andrassia and other stories.Stories of amazing campaigns.Epic, Story, Amazing,2012-08-21 39 
September 2013
27299626Space Marine Jokes thread"YOUR PRIMARCH IS SUCH A PUSSY, IT'S NO WONDER THEY CALL HIM THE LION."Fucking rekt, rekt, zing, funny, camoflage, reasonable, joke 2013-09-18 25 
October 2013
27888790Snails: The Menacing./tg/ finally realizes the true dark enemy of the world- snails. They begin to take preparations.snails, snail, over the top, amazing, funny, awesome, apocalypse2013-10-23 14 
July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -21 
June 2017
1511731Fire Emblem: Blazing Quest Thread 1Bob Smith, tactician and historian, wakes up in Lyn's tent and an adventure begins.Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Blazing Quest2017-06-09 1 
1545966Fire Emblem: Blazing Quest Thread 2Bob Smith and co. encounter the Ganelon bandits, and rescue some prisoners.Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Blazing Quest2017-06-18 1 
1580282Fire Emblem: Blazing Quest Thread 3Bob Smith and co finish up their business in Bulgar and fight more Ganelon bandits.Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Blazing Quest2017-06-29 1 
July 2017
1621713Fire Emblem: Blazing Quest Thread 4Bob and co. finally kill Migal.Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Blazing Quest2017-07-06 1 
1643460Fire Emblem: Blazing Quest Thread 5Bob and Co. Finally arrive in Lycia.Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Blazing Quest2017-07-20 1 
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