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May 2012
18929052Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 2, Winter is ComingAn ice age soon approaches the planet Fortune. Can the inhabitants of this once tropical world adapt to the changing conditions or will they be met with the icy grip of extinction?Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, winter is coming, ice age2012-05-02 20 
July 2013
25900296Bleach Quest 19In which Ichigo Kurosaki is denied the secrets of teriyaki masteryCollective Game, Bleach Quest, Bleach, Full Kubo, Winter is Coming2013-07-09 29 
25935117Bleach Quest 19 (and 3/4)In which Ichigo Kurosaki "Enjoys" Movie NightCollective Game, Bleach Quest, Bleach, Full Kubo, Winter is Coming2013-07-11 27 
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