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July 2011
15491610Roman Americans/tg/ fluffs a setting where some Roman legions conquered the Americas and whose resulting empire is discovered by European explorers(the PCs).Romans, Alternate history, Setting, Indians, Explorers2011-07-06 17 
February 2014
30232212asteroid explorer 3We build more shit, we fight some aliens, we mine some crystal. asteroid, explorer, colony, Mincorp, Ostrich, Civ, pixel art, Pixel-art, 2014-02-14 4 
June 2014
33060206Post Apoc Lost Space Explorer Civ Quest Part 1Space: the last border. That was the voyage of the Expeditionary Mission 8472. But it's interstellar journey interrupted by a crash landing on a Type II civilization in a state of eternal war. Now this far flung band of humans from another world must learn to survive in this hostile alien planet of zombies, monsters, and eternal war. Join us, as we brashly go where no man has gone before, In another exciting episode of Expedition 8472!Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, hivemind, Explorer2014-06-29 0 
July 2014
33168538Post Apoc Lost Space Explorer Civ Quest Part 2/FinLadies and gentlemen of the audience, we regret to inform you that the continued production of Expedition 8472 episodes has been cancelled until further notice. We suffered a technical breakdown due to a lack of water.Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, hivemind, Explorer2014-07-04 0 
March 2017
1226619Wizard Explorer Quest 1A wizard wanders the forest armed with American Meme MagicDolomite, Wizard Explorer Quest, Wizard, Trump2017-03-06 1 
1252072Wizard ExplorerPip uses his American meme magic to help fend off waves of skeletons.Dolomite, Wizard Explorer, Wizard, Fantasy, Skeleton2017-03-13 1 
1279875Wizard Explorer 3Pip harasses some girl in a libraryDolomite, Wizard Explorer, Memes, Fantasy, Magic, Trump, Wizard2017-03-20 1 
1303124Wizard Explorer 4Pip convinces a slightly crazy geomancer to share his knowledge.Dolomite, Wizard Explorer, Wizard, Fantasy, memes2017-03-27 1 
April 2017
1352939Wizard Explorer 5Due to low responses the quest is cancelled early.Dolomite, Wizard Explorer, Wizard, Fantasy2017-04-10 1 
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