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January 2013
22694047Lady Gaga Occult HomebrewWhat if pop stars were actually vessels for channeling the Great Old Ones?homebrew, gaga, cthulhu mythos2013-01-21 8 
June 2016
47925720LighthousesIn this thread, /tg/ brainstorms various mysterious and horrific happenings that can take place at a lonely, isolated lighthouse.lighthouse, mystery, horror, sci fi, cthulhu mythos2016-06-26 28 
September 2016
49255099Delta Green generalAnon asks for some inspiration and plot hooks for Delta Green /tg/ deliversdelta green, lovecraft, cthulhu, mythos, cthulhu mythos2016-09-15 6 
49365194Mythos Tome ideasAnon asks /tg/ for ideas for mythos tomes and /tg/ deliverhorror, lovecraft, cthulhu, mythos, cthulhu mythos2016-09-16 3 
November 2017
56149459Cthulhu Mythos Sans FrontièresAnons from around the globe post the most Lovecraftian locations from their countries.cthulhu mythos, lovecraft, call of cthulhu, countries, locations2017-11-01 10 
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