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February 2013
23000401Cossack Nation BuilderNations are formed, research goes down, cossacks are fought. The dawn of a glorious new era.Collective Game, Cossack, Nation Builder, Civilization Quest, Civilization2013-02-06 8 
23268076Cossack Nation Builder #3Cossack's nation builder enters the Industrial era with a gush of steam. Tensions rise as the world begins to drift into currency-trading blocs.Collective Game, Nation-builder, Cossack2013-02-20 2 
March 2013
23528903Cossack's Nation Builder Session #4War breaks out between the Storm Confederation and Mon'Grayr, gunpowder is developed, and the world gears for war.nation builder, collective game, Cossack's Nation Builder,2013-03-06 4 
23791419Cossack Nation Builder 5(I think)Nation building continues with war and industrycossack, nation builder, nation, builder2013-03-21 5 
23897076Cossack Nation Builder 6A regional conflict escalates into total war as the world divides into two factions; the Western Alliance and Eastern Star Coalition. Ironclads, riflemen and mythical Titans clash during a surprise invasion of the island nation of Mon’Grayr.cossack, nation builder, nation, builder2013-03-27 5 
April 2013
24019559cossack Nation Builder #7With the big players AFK things mellow, then get worsecossack, Collective Game, Nation Builder,2013-04-03 4 
24284234cossack Nation Builder #7Oh the humanity, the world is dyingcossack, Collective Game, Nation Builder,2013-04-17 3 
24423563cossack Nation Builder #9 (end)The world ends.cossack, Collective Game, Nation Builder,2013-04-24 9 
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