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June 2008
2026574tl;dr Repressed Gay Hardcore Christian Vampire DuoAn attempt to start a shitstorm turns into... creative collaboration? Starring Train-Lovin' Harry and Father Reinholdt. No fanfics here, thank god.wod, thread hijack, vtm, character concepts2008-06-19 4 
February 2014
30183805Chicago Unmasqued arc 1 ch. 1A storylog of a Vampire: the Masquerade game, set in 1990s Chicago. Sabbath, Camarilla, the unfortunate Caitiff PCs caught in between, a diablerie, two separate masquerade breaches, and a final death... and this is just the first chapter of the first arc.storytime, vampire, vtm, V:tm, masquerade, chicago2014-02-12 4 
July 2016
341062 vampire: Metamorphosis Roman ages III We complete the tower, make a ghoul and meet vasilVampire vtm 32016-07-10 1 
399869Vampire: Metamorphosis Roman ages IIIWe explore some more, and make a very nice dirt jewel. vtm, vampire quest, 52016-07-28 1 
June 2021
4812644Vampire the Masquerade: Ancient times 1Part 1 of a vvtm, vampire2021-06-13 1 
July 2021
4861434VTM ancient times 2Part two of this quest - we fight ghouls, meet our sire and administer our RealmMicroQM, vtm, vampire2021-07-13 0 
August 2021
4914430vtm part 3we grow more powerful and fight firevtm, tzimice2021-08-24 1 
March 2023
5567769FIRSTLIGHT Quesst #1In which we make a base, fix it up, hire some dudes, and QM flakes. FawkesQM, FIRSTLIGHT, VTM, Vampire, Collective Game2023-03-03 1 
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