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April 2012
18800565Ancient desert evo thread 1Evolution in a harsh desert environment. Monsters are made, bugs with jet engines, sand worms and other lovely things soon call this sand ocean their home.Collective Game, Primordial, Burrog, Sandoni, Usmal, Wespar, Cho, Kaskus2012-04-22 3 
18807264Ancient desert evo thread 2The desert is a hostile place... and its inhabitants even more dangerous. Yes, we got monstrosities.Collective Game, Primordial, Burrog, Sandoni, Usmal, Wespar, Cho, Kaskus2012-04-23 2 
18824863Ancient desert evo game thread 2SHOGUN GLUND demanded evolution. We gave him Hydralisks and more sentient species.Collective Game, Evolution, Primordial, Burrog, Sandoni, Usmal, Wespar, Cho, Kaskus2012-04-24 5 
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