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October 2018
2925703Iron Hearts 3: Bartham's FallThe sleepy border town of bartham falls to the first wave of Voss' new invasion of ragnyll, set 8 years after the end of the last chapterSkirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Ragnyll, Ibon Drake2018-10-04 6 
2940537 Ironhearts 3 - Battle of StallionThe Ebon Drakes arrive at the town of Stallion just as Vossan forces begin an assultSkirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Ragnyll, Ibon Drake2018-10-04 5 
2967574 Ironhearts 3 - Battle of Gran Lake. The history books ,should any of them survive, would refer to this as a singularly pivotal battle in Ragnyll's history. Skirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Ragnyll, Ibon Drake2018-10-28 5 
November 2018
3016279Ironhearts 3 - Battle of Bagram ExpressThe gang takes the express and meets some civilians and a traveling clown troop. Zombies appear and chaos ensues. Honk HonkSkirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Ragnyll, Ibon Drake2018-11-11 5 
3043844Ironhearts 3 - Battle of Bagram ExpressInfiltrators, pumpkins, ghouls, and insane voss warmachines round out the escape!Skirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Ragnyll, Ibon Drake2018-11-19 3 
December 2018
3079498Ironhearts 3 - Nocturne ExtractionThe Ibon Drakes send a team to retrieve Mrs.Bartram from Nocturne but all hell breaks looseSkirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Ragnyll, Ibon Drakes, Monday, Skirmish2018-12-09 2 
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