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May 2011
15097981Extra, Extra!Fa/tg/uys buy newspaper, inane headlines increase by 500%, anon accused of mukin' about.newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 6 
15098724Extra, Extra! Take 2!Fa/tg/uys auto-sage old thread, nofun-fags enraged, official response by spokesperson 'u mad'newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 0 
August 2011
16060328Fantasy NewsAn update on international news as dragons wreck havoc on Hoboken and golems go on strike in francenews fantasy roleplay2011-08-26 1 
March 2015
38813543Declining World HeadlinesI'm fishing for headlines from a world in which stuff is slowly but inexorably crapping out, like Atlas Shrugged, or Interstellar. Something a bit less obvious than CHOCOLATE RATIONS INCREASED TO 19 GRAMS A WEEK.Dystopia, Dystopian, News, Depressing2015-03-20 13 
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