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June 2013
25689509Demon Quest IIThis time, we meet rook in person, find a party to crash, and have a rendezvous with Emily.Collective Game, Demon Quest, Demon, Nathaniel2013-06-28 7 
25709001Demon Quest IIIWe meet with our man, clumsily consume another soul, and show Emily a magic trick.Collective Game, Demon Quest, Nathaniel, Emily, Demon2013-06-29 5 
July 2013
25746862Demon Quest IVWe get our man to attempt a burglary, and the thread is shorter than usual.Collective Game, Demon Quest, Nathaniel, Emily, Souls2013-07-01 2 
25767857Demon Quest VWe discover our new abilities, find Tom's inner child, and see Emily's true self.Collective Game, Demon Quest, Emily, Nathaniel, Demon, Pro-choice2013-07-02 4 
25865391Demon Quest VIShort thread, we get an in with EricDemon Quest, Collective Game, Nathaniel, Souls, Emily2013-07-07 0 
July 2014
33489558Bearblood Clan: Skaven CivilizationA ragged band of Skaven settle in a valley. Bear-slaying (and bear-catching) ensues, followed by underground huts and a big bear pit for Nathaniel. Collective Game, Civilization, Civ, Civ Thread, Civilization Thread, Skaven Civ, Skaven, Skaven Civilization, Nathaniel2014-07-18 0 
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