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July 2021
4884583The Great MannCo® Heist Quest! After being rather violently laid off, a businessman finds new opportunities. Team Fortress 2, MannCo Heist, Heist2021-07-26 1 
August 2021
4932919The Great MannCo® Heist Quest 2The Salesman and his associates deal with The Sniper... again, along with some of the Aussie's "pals" after running to the city mall. Team Fortress 2, MannCo Heist, Heist2021-08-26 1 
September 2021
4977771The Great MannCo® Heist Quest: Part Three, Eye Scream!Mr. Bout Interrogates a frenchie with Ice Cream, before the thread ends early. Team Fortress 2, MannCo Heist, Heist2021-09-10 0 
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