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March 2011
14093360Cyblum Dell/tg/ Gets shit done after the OP requests a low magic setting and post a picture. /tg/ then proceeds to MAKE one just from the picture.original, setting, low magic, fantasy, cyblum, cyblum dell2011-03-02 36 
14100357Cyblum Dell IIBuilding off of the previous thread, further expounding about a plot hook concerning the Festival of the Solstice is had. Also, military, government, religion, and racism are all touched upon. This is all because of one picture: textbook /tg/ getting shit done!original, setting, fluff, low magic, fantasy, cyblum, cyblum dell, dener, taraklet, brogitarius, yak2011-03-03 7 
July 2013
26007051Magic in an "everyone can use it" settingMagic is everywhere, and can be harnessed by the skillful. Setting features and mechanics are discussed.Low magic, magic items2013-07-15 11 
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