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May 2018
2532496Sword and Sorcery Quest #1Alexandros an idealistic young adventurer leaves home, meets a cyclopes and help solve a mysteryAlexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-05-08 2 
2576336Sword and Sorcery quest #2Alexandros is on a mission from the sun god to get help for the besieged town. He meets new companions on the way.Alexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-05-25 1 
June 2018
2613914Sword and Sorcery quest #3Alexandros and his companions join the march on the lich's tomb, and encounter fey and undead. Alexandros embraces his inner wrestler.Alexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-06-08 2 
2654388Sword and Sorcery quest #4Alexandros duels an ancient undead warrior, gains a magical item and his party faces down the lich to end the undead threat.Alexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-06-21 1 
July 2018
2710582Post apocalyptic tribe quest A small tribe tries to survive in a world devastated and turned to fantasy. Fantasy, post apocalyptic, tribe, clan, civ, iron age, low technology 2018-07-12 1 
May 2023
5656095ANGY /civ/ REBIRTH QUESTANGY POV Character Tries to Fix Civilization Games While Listening To Voices In His HeadCivilization Game, Collective Game, Ironic, Iron Age, ANGY2023-05-16 0 
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