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July 2016
325825Hitmaid Quest 0 - A Sunny BeginningA quest with one maid trying to defend her young masterMaid, Hitman, Assassins, Hitmaid2016-07-06 6 
339039Hitmaid Quest 1 - Protecting the Young MasterThis thread, Hitmaid discovers more about her fellow staff and starts the battle versus the Modification WingMaid, Hitman, Assassins, Hitmaid2016-07-09 4 
353624Hitmaid Quest #2 - Destroying the Modification WingHitmaid and crew assault the Modification Wing Headquarters to defeat Johannes and his teamMaid, Hitmaid, Assassin, Gunfight, Hitman, Maid Quest2016-07-12 2 
367916Hitmaid Quest 2.5 - Modification Wing FinaleMaid and staff duel Johannes and his maid in an epic struggle. Hitmaid, Assassin, Maid, Experiments, Science, Hitman2016-07-17 2 
400057Hitmaid Quest 3 - Conducting BusinessMaid holds staff meeting; acquiring weapons is a success after short struggleHitmaid, Assassin, Maid, Guns, Drugs, Hitman2016-07-25 2 
August 2016
469075Hitmaid Quest 4 - Defending the ManorMaid and staff defend manor against super hobosHitmaid, Assassin, Maid, Gunfights, Drugs, Hitman2016-08-14 2 
October 2019
3845755Flesh and Metal #1A Ganger Hitman embarks on a mission to silence a snitch in a cyberpunk futureSci-fi, Assassin, Hitman, Cybernetic, Collective Game, Cyborg, Futuristic2019-10-05 0 
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