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June 2012
19365844The Fair Folk: Chapter 1 cont.A playful game of truth and dare with a mysterious clearly fae girl. What could go wrong?Fair Folk, Collective Game2012-06-05 17 
19410131The Fair Folk: Chapter 2Grandpa's been hitting the bottle, time for a after dark adventure? Hide and seek with a fairy can't possibly end badly.Fair Folk, Collective Game, Fairy, Fae2012-06-09 12 
19545306The Fair Folk: Chapter 3After having a boogy man explode in Evan's face, Ella shows Evan he is not the only child in league with the fair folk.Fair Folk, Collective Game, Fairy, Fae2012-06-20 14 
19650851The Fair Folk: Chapter 4Evan loses his memory of Elle and tries to piece everything together.Collective Game, Fair Folk, Fairy, Fae2012-06-27 12 
August 2012
20135447The Fair Folk Chapter 5We still have no idea what's going on, but now we're smearing murderblood on the moon.Fair folk, Sketchy, Papa Silenus, Collective Game2012-08-02 10 
March 2022
83616992Fae as Old OnesOP requests help fleshing out his fae folk themed campaign with ideas for weird, eldritch horror. /tg/ obliges.Fae, Fairy, fantasy, horror, folk, weird, worldbuilding, DMing, ideas, Aberrations, roleplaying, rpg, RPG, Fair Folk2022-03-18 10 
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