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January 2011
13546574Haggard ReturnsFun with connect the dots.Haggard, Sonic, Dune2011-01-17 13 
July 2013
25781387Dune Quest 01House Al-Kali on the planet Augustin Prime is born. Plans for domination of Arrakis are discussed before chargen starts.Collective Game, Dune, House Al-Kali, Spice2013-07-03 7 
December 2013
29134702The Emperor's Finest: A Sardaukar QuestA one-shot featuring Ferdi Avan, a captain of the Sardaukar, in his final moments against a Fremen raid.Collective Game, Sardaukar Quest, Dune2013-12-29 9 
December 2015
43996638/tg/ discusses DuneTitle says it all. An intelligent discussion about the favorite setting of many fa/tg/uys.Dune, Discussion2015-12-06 8 
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