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April 2013
24116667Shadow Quest 1The quest begins. The shadow seeks lost memories and battles a mighty dragon.Collective Game,shadow,quest,1,dragon2013-04-08 76 
24135923Shadow Quest 2The shadow arrives in Jacob's Field and meets Abigail. The town is assaulted by undead.Collective Game,shadow,quest,2,Abigail,Donovan2013-04-09 36 
24155743Shadow Quest 3The shadow seeks out Sir Flint.Collective Game,shadow,quest,3,Flint,Abigail2013-04-10 35 
24195585Shadow Quest 4The shadow, Sir Flint, and Joey investigate the keep. Battle commences.Collective Game,shadow,quest,4,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-12 29 
24213045Shadow Quest 5With the Sun Key secure, Flint, Joey, and the Shadow continue to explore the keep...Collective Game,shadow,quest,5,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-13 26 
24244313Shadow Quest 6The adventure through the Old Forest Keep comes to a conclusion...Collective Game,shadow,quest,6,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-15 26 
24254030Shadow Quest 6 Part IIA brief continuation of thread 6.Collective Game,shadow,quest,6,part,2,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-15 25 
24284602Shadow Quest 7The shadow's return from the keep is darkened by events in town...Collective Game,shadow,quest,7,master2013-04-17 29 
24306058Shadow Quest 8The battle for Jacob's Field rages on.Collective Game,shadow,quest,8,master2013-04-18 25 
24327885Shadow Quest 9Shadow and Sir Flint reach Evinbrook and meet Lord Vellik.Collective Game,shadow,quest,9,master2013-04-19 25 
24366615Shadow Quest 10The Shadow plays a game of stones with Duke Vellik.Collective Game,shadow,quest,10,master2013-04-21 27 
24387908Shadow Quest 11Duke Vellik hears the Shadow's final word on his offer. But things don't go as planned...Collective Game,shadow,quest,11,master2013-04-22 56 
24422630Shadow Quest 12The airship makes a landing.Collective Game,shadow,quest,12,master2013-04-24 25 
24426897Shadow Quest 12 Part IISupersonic.Collective Game,shadow,quest,12,master,part,2,II2013-04-24 27 
24445057Shadow Quest 13The shadow arrives back in Jacob's Field.Collective Game,shadow,quest,13,master2013-04-25 26 
24498987Shadow Quest 14The battle for Evinbrook begins with restoring power to the failing Velarion.Collective Game,shadow,quest,14,master2013-04-28 27 
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