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May 2013
24557216Shadow Quest 16The battle of Evinbrook continues as Mr. Shadow and the mysterious woman gank a squad of mages.Shadow Quest, Collective Game, Shadow Master, CONSUME2013-05-01 25 
24617099Shadow Quest 18 Part IIIAn angel, a paladin, and a living shadow walk into a bar. Spaghetti flies everywhere.Collective Game, Shadow Quest, Shadow Master, shadow, quest, master, 18, III, 3, CONSUME2013-05-04 31 
August 2013
26771117Cosmic Horror QuestYou are a cosmic, shoggoth-like horror that has descended upon a planet. Have fun.Cosmic Horror Quest, Collective Game, physical, horror, cosmic, lovecraft, eat, consume2013-08-23 9 
May 2016
71514Digimon World Mystery AdventureYour journey begins as a human sucked into the digital world! But wait, there's a catch! A journey and adventure begins for our protagonCollective Game, D-mon, Digimon World Mystery Adventure, Digimon, adventure, Consume and Evolve, Benevolent MC2016-05-08 5 
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