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May 2022
5232631Batquest Issue #2.1: Batman International Batman and Nightwing find and unlikely ally and uncover the mystery behind who is arming the French Supervillains.Batman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game, Batquest2022-05-28 6 
January 2023
5502453Batquest Issue #3: The Man Who Laughs Part IReturning from adventures in Europe, Batman and Nightwing face a wave of mutated criminals and a new Clown Prince of Crime.Batquest, Action/Adventure, DC Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi, Superhero2023-01-28 2 
March 2023
5548812Batquest Issue #4: The Man Who Laughs, Part II The epic conclusion to the Batman's first conflict with The JokerBatman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game, Batquest2023-03-04 6 
April 2023
5589124 Batquest: The Man Who Laughs: Final Update & AnnotationsThe epic conclusion to Batman's showdown with the Joker and annotations for Issue 1Batman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game, Batquest, Annotations, The Hypercrisis Bro2023-04-11 -1 
May 2023
5635719Batquest Annotations Part 3Annotations for the Kobra arc of Batquest conclude. Batman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game, Batquest, Annotations, The Hypercrisis Bro2023-05-16 -1 
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