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May 2017
1409350Persona Quest Rebooted #1Ryoma Shizuhara moves in with his grandpa, meets a friendly metalhead, and then weird shit happens.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-05-02 1 
1450754Persona Quest Rebooted #2Ryoma doesn't make the grade, joins clubs, runs into sibling rivalry, and makes friends with an arms dealer.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-05-16 1 
1473049Persona Quest Rebooted #3Momoko gets taken to the Reflected World, Ryoma fights some creepy spider Shadows, and performs his first Persona fusion.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-05-22 1 
1485715Persona Quest Rebooted #4The Liberators fight a boss and qst dice fuck us over so hard that VRH has to intervene.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-05-26 2 
June 2017
1583084Persona Quest Rebooted #5The Liberators continue their search, Momoko's Persona awakens, and the fight against the Shadow Yankiis begins...Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-06-25 4 
July 2017
1626586Persona Quest Rebooted #5, Part 2The Liberators defeat the Shadow Yankiis, Ryoma practices judo and solves a mystery.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-07-09 1 
1701511Persona Quest Rebooted #6Ryoma meets a new student and establishes 2 new Social Links.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-07-30 2 
October 2017
1904520Persona Quest Rebooted #7, Part 1Ryoma eavesdrops on an argument, eats way more ramen than he can handle, and begins exploring Xinaian again.Collective Game, Persona, Persona Quest Rebooted, Velvet Room Host2017-10-01 1 
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