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December 2013
29017006Mountain Bandit Quest 1Ephidel dreams of the massacre of his village, and then hunts deer and finds a possible gang to joni. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-22 16 
29027941Mountain Bandit Quest 2Ephidel figures out Stell... and then pays a visit to a monastery. Sex, violence and looting ensue. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-23 12 
29056302Mountain Bandit Quest 3Ephidel and Stella split from their companions and escape pursuers. Then a new member is gained. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-24 12 
29075166Mountain Bandit Quest 4A night watch leads to an encounter with an information peddler. We then plot a little crime. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-25 8 
29101386Mountain Bandit Quest 5In which we meet the neighbors, pull off a big score, pick up a stray, and make some truly beautiful rolls. And we got bling.Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-27 8 
29124585Mountain Bandit Quest 6We lose a finger to gain some men. And then the showdown with Kevo begins... Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-28 12 
29145246Mountain Bandit Quest 7We defeat Kevo. Food runs low and we begin the fight to claim the hill from raiders. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-29 10 
29182766Mountain Bandit Quest 8Attempts to massage Stella are repeatedly interrupted by raiders, plans, sleep and a new fortress site. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2013-12-31 10 
January 2014
29207565Mountain Bandit Quest 9Ephidel and Stella secure Tiger Rock. And then the camp is discovered by the raiders. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2014-01-01 7 
29317819Mountain Bandit Quest 10Luck favours us with a good ambush site, and a band of deserters. Collective Game, Mountain Bandit Quest, Bandit2014-01-06 7 
29554116Mountain Bandit Quest 11 (HTE)Under a new QM, Ephidel's quest for riches continues. If he can survive a pack of wolves.Mountain Bandit Quest, Hostile Takeover, Loot2014-01-17 1 
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