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March 2012
18518020Zoids Quest: Episode 2Fight Bandits, help bro to hangar.zoid, zoids, zoids quest, collective game, zoid mother2012-03-31 7 
April 2012
18658119Zoids Quest: Episode 4Time to meet the competitors and get our battle royal on.zoid, collective game, zoid quest, zoids quest2012-04-11 8 
18673809Zoids Quest 4-2In which we win the much anticipated battle royal.zoid, zoids, collective game, zoids quest, zoid quest2012-04-12 10 
18702855Zoids QuestTalking with teammates, fixing our zoid, salvaging scrap from old enemies and finally picking a mission for the next thread.zoid, zoids, collective game, zoid quest, zoids quest2012-04-14 10 
18743633Zoids quest part 5Own some bandits, soo much loot. First team-battle in a few days (open challenge from the sand-strikers accepted). Kissing...lots of kissing.. MOLGA STRONG tactics stay STRONG.Collective Game, Zoids, Zoids Quest, MOLGA STRONG2012-04-17 13 
18796970Zoids Quest 6Dropping a mountain on a bunch of sleeper zoids with Audrey and Eri, watching the top ranked D-list team pwn their closest ranked competitor on TV with Audrey and Sarah, and ending with taking Eri out for dinner.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-04-21 10 
18834787Zoids Quest 8Our battle with the Sand Strikers is approved, so we do a bit of strategizing, buy some upgrades for our hanger and train Eri a bit in the Gordos. Then we head out for lunch and get ourselves a second hand Gustav in exchange for our stripped down Helcat and $2,000 out of pocket and get our self a classy new suit. Oh, and FYI thread 6 was actually thread 7 and thread 5 was actually thread 6. The real thread 5 wasn't numbered.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-04-24 10 
18889044Zoids Quest 9We accept a challenge from the Stone Age team right on the heels of our victory against the Sand Strikers. Then, being in need for some extra cash, we call up our dad for job advice and get directed to a friend of his who's having some trouble with bandits attacking his factory. After taking downs some Iguans in what we discover is far more than a temporary base located in some old mines we realize that the main bandit raiding force has already left to launch a second assault on the factory. Also, there's twenty of them.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-04-29 10 
May 2012
18938517Zoids Quest 10We proceed to kick some bandit ass until a bad tactical decision combined with a bad roll cause our zoid to freeze up. Fortunately we have family who's willing to bail us out of life threatening situations. Now we have a ton of valuable salvage, including a Heldigunner for our upcoming aquatic mission, though the bad guys did manage to clean out their base before we could go back and loot it.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-05-02 10 
19028245Zoids Quest 11We get the team together for an underwater Sleeper mission, get to know Sarah better and start to teach Audrey how to swim.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-05-09 7 
19042971Zoids Quest 11-2We finish the aquatic mission and encounter the zoid equivalent of a megalodon. We decide not to bother it but we do report it to the local garrison on our way back. zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-05-10 9 
19104834Zoid Quest 12We make waffles, buy a Zaber Fang for Audrey, and meet Team Raptor and Team Tyranno.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-05-15 9 
19128969Zoids Quest #13MOLGA STRONG Tactics are used once again, and surprising backstory chatter is done.zoids quest, zoid mother, zoids, mecha,Collective Game MOLGA STRONG2012-05-17 12 
19243498Zoids Quest: 14We get started on finishing up our Red horn, help out a town by building a canal and smashing some rocks, try to fix the situation with Sarah and are evaded by some stealthy stoners.zoids quest, zoid mother, zoids, mecha,Collective Game, MOLGA STRONG2012-05-26 7 
June 2012
19341159Zoids Quest 15Kind of a slow session. We take Eri out for dinner and a movie. Then we switch to Rick and talk to Sarah.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-06-04 7 
19461426Zoids Quest 16After getting info on some of our fellow D-Class Teams, we decide to take on the Road Hogs Team. zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-06-14 9 
19585321Zoids Quest 17We take on the Road Hogs and, thanks to an enemies 10 and a subsequent 1 on our part, get taken out of the fight. Fortunately our team still wins. Rick levels up. Next on Zoids Quest: Scouting uncharted land for spare cash. zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-06-23 9 
July 2012
19927608Zoids Quest 18Quest for scouting some uncharted lands begins. End up rolling a nine on random encounters and as a result craziness goes down.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, collective game2012-07-19 7 
August 2012
20136340Zoids Quest 19As we scout the uncharted lands we strike gold and capture a wild zoid.zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, zoid mother, collective game2012-08-02 6 
September 2012
20614130Zoids Quest 21We return home to find we've been set up with a new match already. Our opponent - The Coyotes. Also we have a nice 'chat' with Tom. zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, zoid mother, collective game2012-09-07 9 
20702555Zoids Quest 22We return home from our victory, look at some new jobs and watch as Eri does the Zoid Pilot testzoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, zoid mother, collective game2012-09-13 7 
20802515Zoids Quest 23Strange shenanigans going on in the nature preserve we were hired to protect. zoid, zoids, zoid quest, zoids quest, zoid mother, collective game2012-09-22 7 
March 2015
38883081Zoids Quest Hunters 2: Point 215-6 and the mystery of Evolt!Aelon and company finally reach Point 215-6, hopefully they gain a chance to recover however due to the previous battle all eyes are on Aelon and his Liger-0!Zoids Quest Hunters, Zoids, GardenMaster-NORG, Collective Game, Mecha, Battles2015-03-22 5 
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