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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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August 2012
20155647Mahou Shounen Quest 165Time for some SPEHSS HALK. We go treasure huntan with our pirate witch girlfriend. Waiting to see if Cogbeard comes.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, This one's for you EGO. Thanks for the free publicity.2012-08-02 8 
November 2012
21702426Castle Gygar Thanksgiving SpecialAfter Mistamere is cursed with a magical sleep after eating too much of the Plymouth Roc, the party goes to seek aid from the elven maiden MayflowerCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 1, Thanksgiving2012-11-22 1 
21710520Castle Gygar Thanksgiving Special pt 2: Thank HarderFighting their way through Castle Wa'ul*mat the party must now help the Order of Toys for Tots kill the manager permanently, to end the curse of Black Friday once and for all!Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 1, Thanksgiving2012-11-23 1 
July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -20 
February 2018
2270619American Arcana: Session XXII- End of the LineFinal session. Man, endings always have a certain feeling to them, don't they?Collective Game, American Arcana, Mon game, Solomon Read, Thanks for playing!2018-02-02 3 
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