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2016-04-27: Oh Christ, this is a terrible idea.

Look, do me a favor: If you don't like /qst/, don't just mindlessly downvote every entry or archive shitposts. I'm only doing this to ensure QMs don't lose anything in the transition, if a transition even occurs. Take it up with 4chan moderation, don't take it out on me. Please? :(

2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

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June 2018
2655475Meldric Adventurers QuestA newcomer to the sprawling city-state of Meldric must prove himself worthy of joining a famous Adventurers Guildquest, collective game, meldric adventurers quest, fantasy2018-06-17 2 
July 2018
2701969Meldric Adventurers Quest 2The Martialist, Jackob Verrucal, is assigned his next contract and experiences more of Meldricquest, collective game, meldric adventurers quest, fantasy2018-07-05 1 
August 2018
2826609Death Among the Stars Quest 87.4An invasion is planned while worlds both new and changed are exploredquest, collective game, meldric adventurers quest, fantasy2018-08-27 2 
September 2018
2862520Death Among the Stars Quest 88New heroes ascend to the highest ranks in the Armada. The invasion against the Ahkam Dynasty is launchedquest, collective game, meldric adventurers quest, fantasy2018-09-05 5 
2900536Death Among the Stars Quest 88.2Jadyk and Jor continue to Reconstruct new Heroes and agents of the Armada continue their missionsquest, collective game, meldric adventurers quest, fantasy2018-09-19 2 
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