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February 2012
17870823Chaos Space Marine QuestJoin the adventures of Decimus Petillius Tiro of the Word Bearers!Chaos Space Marine Quest, Word Bearer, Collective Game2012-02-09 5 
June 2014
33030103Space Marine Quest 1In which TG becomes an awesome scoutSpace Marine Quest, Collective Quest2014-06-27 12 
33071569Space Marine Quest 2: Squad AssignmentsIn which /TG/ gets put in a squad.Collective Game, Space Marine Quest2014-06-29 8 
33093229Space Marine Quest 3: TouchdownIn which /tg/ goes to rescue their squad.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-06-30 8 
July 2014
33114058Space Marine Quest 4: FreedomIn which /TG/ preforms a prisoner break.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-01 10 
33134356Space Marine Quest 5: The PushIn which /TG/ fight a nurgle marine and winsSpace Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-02 7 
33152964Space Marine Quest 6: In which /TG/ suspects something happening between the chapter and the order.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-03 6 
33172407Space Marine Quest 7: AmbushIn which /TG/ kills a land kraken with a rhino.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-04 12 
33215070Space Marine Quest 8: Calm Before The StormIn which /TG/ is put on a sort of probation by the Force Commander.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-06 7 
33258914Space Marine Quest 9: Relic HuntingIn which /TG/ tries to grab a relic with some sisters.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-08 6 
33279844Space Marine Quest 10: Blind FaithIn which /TG/ picks up a blind mutant companion that loves the Emperor.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-09 8 
33501557Space Marine Quest 11: Worst ScenarioIn which /TG/ finds out that they have hit the Worst Case Scenario.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-19 3 
33524937Space Marine Quest 12: BriefingIn which /TG/ rests up and talks to some of the gang. (Short Thread)Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-20 5 
33545634Space Marine Quest 13: The Long JourneyIn which /TG/ gets involved with the Inquisition.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-21 2 
33569913Space Marine Quest 14: Bad FeelingIn which /TG/ discovers something horrible about Captain Marshton.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-22 4 
33615504Space Marine Quest 15: The UndercityIn which /TG/ gets a daemon out of Emily's body. Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-24 3 
33636217Space Marine Quest 16: The Door Pt.1In which /TG/ learns about a prophecy that has something to do with them.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-25 3 
August 2014
33874642Space Marine Quest 17: The Door Pt.2In which /TG/ save a sister.Space Marine Quest, Collective Quest2014-08-04 3 
33899733Space Marine Quest 18: The Door Pt.3In which /TG/ gets to rest up before moving on. (Short Thread)Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-05 3 
33970487Space Marine Quest 19: Cat and MouseIn which /TG/ kills a daemon of khorne and fends off a nurgle marine squad.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-08 3 
34240958Space Marine Quest 20: Opening the DoorIn which /TG/ finds the door into the hive city.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-19 3 
34516738Space Marine Quest 21In which /TG/ takes their sniper rifle and fires away.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-31 4 
September 2014
35028199Space Marine Quest 22In which /tg/ duels a nurgle champion and lives to tell the tale.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-09-21 4 
November 2014
35958077Space Marine Quest 23: The Tunnels(Short Thread) In which /TG/ talks to the group before heading out.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-11-04 7 
February 2015
38026388Space Marine Quest 24: Dark Tunnels and Tight CornersIn which /tg/ goes full on berserker mode and makes a guardswoman cry.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-02-13 3 
38069831Space Marine Quest 25: The CityIn which /tg/ finally gets into the city and meets the mastermind behind the invasion.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-02-15 2 
38251316Space Marine Quest 26: Tough ChoicesIn which /tg/ loses a follower and has a very hard choice to make.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-02-23 2 
March 2015
38816214Space Marine Quest 27: War in the CityIn which /tg gets a new arm and has a scary dream.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-03-20 4 
38899063Space Marine Quest 28In which /tg/ runs into some corrupted people and gets yelled at by Emily.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-03-24 5 
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