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October 2012
21216318Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbale Ass QuestA story of asses, insane wizards, adventure, and stupid bullshitCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-10-21 39 
21317341Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass QuestThe stupidty continues as our hero visits the tavern in search of plothooks to lead him towards a way to break free from all these curses.Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-10-28 27 
November 2012
21436550Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 3One final trip to the tavern to share drinks with friends and an intimate magic lessonCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-05 25 
21613439Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 4A run in with a fae procession, arriving at Arisca, dinner at Gulcano's, and working at the BazaarCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-17 23 
21646976Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 5Things get exciting at the bazaar, your regal disposition is revealed, and an angry catgirl from your past returns! Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-19 25 
21754702Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 6Browsing at the bazaar for books and hats followed by a rousing trip to the Feisty Penguin tavernCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-26 21 
21780480Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 7Caught by your parents doing body shots, cuddling with Millia, and a portrait painting that could go horribly awryCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-28 24 
December 2012
21825589Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 8A visit to the den of the mysterious Yurara reveals frightening new information about the DressCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-01 23 
21853937Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 9We conclude our disturbing meeting with Yurara and learn some startling newsCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-02 22 
21890792Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 10Combat practive with Hekaton and a lively trip to the bathhouse!Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-05 25 
22010121Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 11A quieter night at the Feisty Penguin, full of planning, stories, and magic!Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-12 23 
22266565Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 12Things resume with lots and lots of magic lessons.Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-29 24 
January 2013
22398304Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 13Lunch time, followed by a trip to the bookstoreCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-05 21 
22494763Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 14We finish studying then receive a haircut from a Tama StylistCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-10 21 
22623598Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 15In a very special thread, Lucile takes control for the night and seeks out money on Roger's behalfCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-17 21 
22790876Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 16At long last, Roger finally meets with the Wizards and tries to gain their trust.Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-26 21 
February 2013
23091661Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest RECAP (1-16))A much shorter version of the first 16 parts of Ass QuestCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ, Recap2013-02-11 22 
March 2013
23503898Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 17Our tale resumes with Roger learning some hands-on enchanting and we spend some time seeing what else is going onCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-03-05 21 
August 2017
1724333Plump Quest: a tale of expanding horizonsThe story begins of plumpCollective Game, Plump, PlumpGM2017-08-05 3 
1758623Plump Quest episode 2In which we fight a hot chimera woman and force feed an elven bandit a load of warm goo.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM2017-08-19 2 
1787912Plump Quest episode 3We try on some new clothes, fondle our BFF's newly enhanced bazongas, and attempt to our sponsor before she leaves town.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM, Maids2017-08-29 1 
September 2017
1820545Plump Quest episode 4We meet our employer's maids and learn about her treasure hunting days, then start our journey to find her.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM, ROAD TRIP!2017-09-12 1 
October 2017
1893224Plump Quest #6The party find the tower of the Professor and investigate the greenhouse for cluesPlump Quest2017-10-07 1 
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