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2016-04-27: Oh Christ, this is a terrible idea.

Look, do me a favor: If you don't like /qst/, don't just mindlessly downvote every entry or archive shitposts. I'm only doing this to ensure QMs don't lose anything in the transition, if a transition even occurs. Take it up with 4chan moderation, don't take it out on me. Please? :(

2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

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January 2015
37540656Modern Knight Quest Thread #1Sir Adlrich Brickvelt, Knight and Crusader, dies and somehow ends up in the future in New York.Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel2015-01-22 16 
37559600Modern Knight Quest #2Sir Aldrich Brickvelt, humble knight and Crusader discovers that there are others like him, from the past and in the future and he gets a new set of future clothes.Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Kebab2015-01-23 11 
37625182Modern Knight Quest #3Our intrepid Knight arrives at his saviour's home and learns about modern bathrooms and, most importantly, himself.Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Bathroom2015-01-26 10 
37667091Modern Knight Quest #4Our humble crusader learns more about this strange land, the events of history since his dissappearance, and the dark forces at work that sent him there.Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Revelations2015-01-28 7 
37707670Modern Knight Quest #5Our bold hero learns a little more about his host and a little more about modern dispositionsCollective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Siblings2015-01-30 5 
February 2015
37756776Modern Knight Quest #6Ser Aldrich continues his quest ay the Museum of Natural Histor, where dark forces grow below...little more about modern dispositions Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Dread2015-02-02 5 
37823911Modern Knight Quest #7Having discovered the evil at work in the museum, Ser Aldrich and Leonardo DeRetti steal priceless artifacts to slay Djinni and a wizard.Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Horseman, Djinn2015-02-05 6 
38002817Modern Knight Quest #8With our supernatural foes vanquished but our exit sealed we traverse the long dark of the 'Sub Way', where we confess to our new comrade our checkered past...Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Horseman, Origins2015-02-14 5 
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