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August 2015
42057748Leaf Ninja Quest #1The first episode of adventures in an alternate Naruto universeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-24 29 
42074588Leaf Ninja Quest #2The adventures in an alternate Naruto world continue with Kakashi's testCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-25 22 
42111590Leaf Ninja Quest #3Our main character spends his day off workingCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-27 21 
42132681Leaf Ninja Quest #4Our hero sets off for the Land of Waves and his first real missionCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-28 21 
42152052Leaf Ninja Quest #5Our hero and his teammates go head to head against ZabuzaCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-28 21 
42167826Leaf Ninja Quest #6Our hero starts training but then OP's power goes outCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-30 17 
42198567Leaf Ninja Quest #7Our hero and his team fight Zabuza and Haku on the bridgeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-08-31 16 
September 2015
42240325Leaf Ninja Quest #8Our hero returns home and gets ready for the Chunin examCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-01 13 
42255898Leaf Ninja Quest #9Our hero takes the written portion of the Chunin examCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-02 14 
42275615Leaf Ninja Quest #10Our hero makes it through the Forest of Death and the preliminary elimination round beginsCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-03 13 
42293304Leaf Ninja Quest #11Our hero watches as the preliminary elimination round continues to unfoldCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-04 15 
42333691Leaf Ninja Quest #12Our hero sweeps his match and the preliminary elimination round comes to a closeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-06 13 
42358778Leaf Ninja Quest #13Our hero meets his new teacher and learns some new things about himselfCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-07 22 
42402324Leaf Ninja Quest #14Our hero receives his training and has another encounter with GaaraCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-09 15 
42500756Leaf Ninja Quest #15Our hero celebrates his birthday, then has his match against LeeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-14 14 
42507174Leaf Ninja Quest #16Our hero watches the other finalists, and gets out of doing another fightCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-15 13 
42522357Leaf Ninja Quest #17The invasion beginsLeaf Ninja Quest, Quest, Collective Game2015-09-15 11 
42541196Leaf Ninja Quest #18Holding off GaaraCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto, Quest, Ninja2015-09-16 20 
42583727Leaf Ninja Quest #19Our hero gets out of death one more time and gets promotedCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-18 15 
42606017Leaf Ninja Quest #20Our hero monkeys around and meets TsunadeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-19 21 
42630219Leaf Ninja Quest #21Our hero gets pissed at Tsunade and caught up in a fight between legendsCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-20 14 
42651521Leaf Ninja Quest #22Our hero fights Kabuto and gets sadCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-21 20 
42669851Leaf Ninja Quest #23Our hero gets a little downtime before it's back to work as usualCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-22 14 
42722490Leaf Ninja Quest #24Our hero chases after a comrade and has a standoff with KidomaruCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-25 12 
42740893Leaf Ninja Quest #25Our hero fights some more and catches up to Sasuke and HinataCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-26 15 
42762985Leaf Ninja Quest #26Our hero returns from his failed missionCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-27 15 
42800737Leaf Ninja Quest #27Our hero goes on a mission to the Land of SnowCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-09-29 16 
October 2015
42838059Leaf Ninja Quest #28Our hero proctors the Chunin exams, but an unexpected event occursCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-01 14 
42853354Leaf Ninja Quest #29Our hero fights against KakuzuCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-02 18 
42963162Leaf Ninja Quest #30Our hero returns to the village and Itachi becomes HokageCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-08 16 
43000520Leaf Ninja Quest #31Our hero travels to the Hidden Stone Village to meet its JinchuurikiCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-11 14 
43039860Leaf Ninja Quest #32Our hero meets the other side of his familyCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-12 12 
43073843Leaf Ninja Quest #33Our hero returns to the village, but immediately receives a new missionCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-14 13 
43109781Leaf Ninja Quest #34Our hero helps fight and seal the three tailed beastCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-17 11 
43148344Leaf Ninja Quest #35Our hero gits gud and Sasuke returnsCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-19 16 
43300756Leaf Ninja Quest #36Our hero spars with Sasuke and gets another mission to the Land of EarthCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-27 13 
43336108Leaf Ninja Quest #37Our hero visits the Village Hidden in the Stone once againCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-29 10 
43375619Leaf Ninja Quest #38Our hero improves relations with the Village Hidden in the StoneCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-10-31 10 
November 2015
43414320Leaf Ninja Quest #39Our hero infiltrates Orochimaru's hideoutCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-02 11 
43489320Leaf Ninja Quest #40Our hero fights Juugo and heads to the Land of Lightning in pursuit of OrochimaruCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-05 10 
43525717Leaf Ninja Quest #41Our hero has a decisive battle with OrochimaruCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-08 11 
43546479Leaf Ninja Quest #42Our hero recovers after his battle with Orochimaru, and briefly meets the RaikageCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-08 10 
43595669Leaf Ninja Quest #43Our hero returns triumphant to the village, and throws a celebrationCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-12 10 
43711177Leaf Ninja Quest #44Our hero gets ready for the next stage of his trainingCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-18 11 
43777493Leaf Ninja Quest #45Our hero trains under Enma and learns about Nature chakraCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-22 10 
43858620Leaf Ninja Quest #46Our hero finishes his training and returns to the LeafCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-28 6 
43896722Leaf Ninja Quest #47Our Hero heads to the Land of IronCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-11-30 11 
December 2015
43952287Leaf Ninja Quest #48Our hero spots a spy and leaves the summit early to head back to a village under attackCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-12-02 10 
44005716Leaf Ninja Quest #49Our hero defends the village from Pain's assaultCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-12-05 10 
44026023Leaf Ninja Quest #50Our hero tracks down Nagato's true bodyCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-12-06 6 
44097616Leaf Ninja Quest #51Our hero deals with the aftermath of Pain's assaultCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-12-11 6 
44156359Leaf Ninja Quest #52Our hero helps rebuild the village, and learns to use Water natureCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2015-12-13 7 
January 2016
44799495Leaf Ninja Quest #53Our hero attends a funeral then gets ready to leave for the Stone once moreCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-01-16 7 
44904424Leaf Ninja Quest #54Our hero returns Han and Roshi to the Stone, then joins the Akatsuki Suppression SquadCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-01-21 7 
44966083Leaf Ninja Quest #55Our hero follows Akatsuki's trail to the Turtle Island to find four Akatsuki members ready to battleCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-01-23 10 
44993655Leaf Ninja Quest #56Our hero has a one on one fight to the death with KakuzuCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-01-25 18 
45035130Leaf Ninja Quest #57Our hero learns what become of the other Akatsuki and heads to the Cloud with the RaikageCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-01-27 10 
45116424Leaf Ninja Quest #58Our hero reports to the Raikage, then gets involved in some shenanigansCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-01-31 10 
February 2016
45162988Leaf Ninja Quest #59Our hero works on Earth jutsu more, and returns to the Leaf to find the restaurant rebuiltCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-02 10 
45238325Leaf Ninja Quest #60Our hero has a rematch with Lee, then provides some moral supportCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-06 7 
45282423Leaf Ninja Quest #61Our hero starts to learn the Rasengan, and has a nice picnicCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-07 10 
45308242Leaf Ninja Quest #62Our hero finishes learning the Rasengan, then takes up a mission to the MistCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-09 10 
45364271Leaf Ninja Quest #63Our hero travels to the Village Hidden in the Mist and has a meeting with the MizukageCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-12 10 
45426172Leaf Ninja Quest #64Our hero returns from the Mist, does some training while Sasuke takes the Chunin exams again, and celebrates his seventeenth birthdayCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-15 7 
45464320Leaf Ninja Quest #65Our hero watches the Chunin Exams, then a certain masked man appears to declare Ninja World War 4Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-17 7 
45603557Leaf Ninja Quest #66Our hero attends a meeting of all the Kage to discuss the goals of the Allied Shinobi Forces, then meets up with SasukeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-24 10 
45662921Leaf Ninja Quest #67Our hero and Sasuke find themselves trapped in an alternate worldCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-27 10 
45707605Leaf Ninja Quest #68Our hero heads out with Sasuke in order to find a way out of the genjutsu world, and runs into an alternate version of his friendCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-02-29 10 
March 2016
45746171Leaf Ninja Quest #69Our hero and Sasuke team up to defeat Sasuke's alternate self and escape the genjutsu world, then deal with a few things at homeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-02 10 
45847134Leaf Ninja Quest #70Our hero goes back to Kakazan to train again, and undergoes the final wise monkey's trialCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-07 11 
45887205Leaf Ninja Quest #71Our hero trains and attains a new level of power before returning home to make his final preparationsCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-09 11 
45988322Leaf Ninja Quest #72Our hero says goodbye to everyone at the village, then heads to Allied Shinobi Force HQ, where they talk strategyCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-14 10 
46039896Leaf Ninja Quest #73Our hero trains with his Division, deals with some sudden revealed feelings, then heads out for warCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-16 12 
46143788Leaf Ninja Quest #74Our hero helps lead the Third Division to fight the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist on the first day of NWW4Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-21 11 
46187098Leaf Ninja Quest #75Our hero comes up with a solution to the Zetsu problem, and fights the Third Raikage one on oneCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-23 11 
46269333Leaf Ninja Quest #76QM finally confirms that our character was never really the protagonist.Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, railroading, no player agency, might as well be a fanfic2016-03-26 13 
46295190Leaf Ninja Quest #77Our hero has an emotional battle with his mother, then confronts KabutoCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-03-28 12 
46356597Leaf Ninja Quest #78In This Thread: We beat Kabuto, and then anons decide to trust a backstabbing snake for some reason.Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Huh?, I don't get it2016-03-30 12 
April 2016
46715637Leaf Ninja Quest #79Our hero has a brief standoff with Naruto, then goes to help the alliance face off with the Ten Tailed BeastCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-04-16 10 
46736764Leaf Ninja Quest #80Our hero faces Naruto with a Team 7 combination, then confronts Madara, the Ten Tails JinchuurikiCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-04-17 13 
46799078Leaf Ninja Quest #81Our hero helps defeat Madara, then learns the truth behind the Infinite TsukuyomiCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-04-21 10 
46863131Leaf Ninja Quest #82Our hero and the others defeat and seal KaguyaCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-04-24 12 
May 2016
47374356Leaf Ninja Quest #83Our hero delves into Naruto's mindCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-05-22 15 
47393252Leaf Ninja Quest #84Our hero celebrates the war's endCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-05-23 12 
47459960Leaf Ninja Quest #85Our hero returns to the Leaf village, but then leaves for the Stone to take care of important businessCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-05-27 14 
June 2016
47545939Leaf Ninja Quest #86Our hero confronts the Hokage about his decisionCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-06-01 7 
47563372Leaf Ninja Quest #87Our hero makes some decisions that could be considered unwiseCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-06-02 6 
47651235Leaf Ninja Quest #88Our hero goes on a journey, gathers a group of ninja, and trains before returning homeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-06-07 7 
47996689Leaf Ninja Quest #89Our hero returns home just in time to find out the moon is falling, and lead a mission to stop itCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-06-28 5 
July 2016
48047939Leaf Ninja Quest #90Our hero helps save the world one more timeCollective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-07-01 5 
48095401Leaf Ninja Quest: FinalOur hero's story comes to an end.Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Naruto2016-07-04 21 
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