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February 2015
37785405Blazblue Quest: Destiny's HeraldBlazBlue Quest: Herald Of Destiny: 2/2/2015, 9 PM-12 AM Ben Herald fights for the future (and a cute lieutenant) while stuck in a time loop.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-02-02 4 
37938821Blazblue Quest: Destiny's Herald Part 3Ben Herald cuts one elevator shaft and becomes the richest man alive. Also Blazblue.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike, Elevator2015-02-09 3 
38255064Blazblue Quest: Destiny's Herald 5>Things have just gone from crazy to FUBAR, as the resident Plot Explainer has just given you a half-assed description of what's going on but never really explains anything. >At least you have your waifu-to-be, Noel Vermillion, by your side.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-02-23 2 
38361746Blazblue Quest: Destiny's Herald 6Things go off the rails both literally and figuratively. First use of Drive to do cool shit.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike, Train2015-02-28 0 
March 2015
38570825Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 7The QM is still shit, Hazama is still evil, character development, side character gets screen time, more pep talks, yay!Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-03-09 2 
39019084Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 8: Not This Shit Again EditionGet it? Because it's the second number 8? ...fuck you, that's hilarious. But for reals, filler until suddenly monster from the void.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-03-30 1 
April 2015
39165877Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 10: Double-Digits EditionArakune gets stomped like a bitch, finished off by a Distortion Drive. Now Colonel Clover is coming from Ben's hometown to check on the monster.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-04-06 1 
39314122Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 11: Drawfag Delivers EditioMore filler and character development. Tsubaki may or may not have gotten the D from Jin. Plus, that goddamn loli vampire insists you call her 'Mom'. Yeah. Shit gets weird.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-04-13 3 
39456336Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 12: REEEEEEEEE EditionBen is pretty much set up to be fucked, both in the good way, with Noel, and the bad way, by Relius. Speaking of Relius, he knows where Ben lives and who to hurt in case Ben AWOLs. Not good.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-04-20 2 
39598270Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 13: He Blinded Me with Science EditionYou consider a job offer from Tsubaki's father and how to deal with Relius. Also, your console is acting up for some reason.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-04-27 1 
May 2015
40003955Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 14: Back From the Boundary EditionBen talks down Iron Tager and Kokonoe, negotiating a truce to find and kill Hazama in exchange for Kokonoe handing over Ragna the Bloodedge. Also, Jin and Tsubaki background drama.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-05-17 1 
40025096Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 15: Politics As UsualAfter pissing off Tsubaki, Jin, and Byakuga, Ben Herald goes drinking with Newton, punches some punks, and then reunites with his... uh... long... lost... father. Kinda.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-05-18 1 
40102092Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 16: Ragna the Bloodedge Walks Into a Bar Edition.Ben Herald successfully fights Ragna the Bloodedge, who is now captured. And then the bad jokes sart happening.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Hero of the NOL, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-05-22 2 
40187770Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 17: Just As Planned Edition.Byakuga and Ben argue over Tsubaki being engaged to Ben and forgeries. Then Relius shows up, and then Terumi shows up, and now Terumi is being a prick par for the course.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-05-26 2 
June 2015
40334987Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 18: Get Up To Rock EditionAfter ignoring Hazama's usual bullshit, you actually set up a plan- after managing to dodge a trap set up by Relius. We slice of life now- at least for next session.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-06-02 2 
40440543Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 19: Total Recall EditionAwkward wake-up-naked talk after nightmare. We meet Makoto Nanaya for the first time and get to see Hiruko Yayoi's birth.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-06-07 1 
40506172Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 20: Road Trip EditionAfter discussing the schedule, Ben and his allies leave for Iwatsuchi. Then Ben checks out the prisoners being held and finds Litchi, ending the fight with a well-placed Sonic Sniper attack.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-06-10 3 
40652099Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Special Edition: End of Part 1Some recap, as well as some poems from Noel and a question-answer session with the Ghost Grimoire. Next time we get back to the action.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-06-17 2 
40790158Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Part 21: Chinese Prostitute EditionAfter schooling Jin on safety measures, you take a field trip in your own mind to prepare for Iwatsuchi.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-06-24 3 
July 2015
40935522Blazblue: Herald of Destiny Quest 22: Past and Premonitions EditionArrival in Iwatsuchi, from which we promptly take a feel trip when we get to the orphanage, followed by a revelation as to what happened to *this* timeline's Ben Herald.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-07-01 3 
41084340 Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Part 23: Choices and Consequences EditionLess to do with the title than one might think. After deciding to stick it out with the Major, the story follows Ben meeting General Mutsuki and then his secret club.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-07-08 4 
41310294Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Part 24: Allies and Adversaries EditionDealing with women can be so difficult sometimes, especially when one is programmed to fuse with you and make you two into a monster of destruction. The ride picks up, and it is a little insane at times.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-07-19 2 
41464384Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Part 25: Combat and Casualties EditionThe thread where, ironically, nobody actually dies. However, one fight by Noel with Relius later, we go to lunch and meet up with Noel's father, who tells us about assassins.Collective Game, Ben Herald, Blazblue, Dead Spike2015-07-26 3 
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