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2016-04-27: Oh Christ, this is a terrible idea.

Look, do me a favor: If you don't like /qst/, don't just mindlessly downvote every entry or archive shitposts. I'm only doing this to ensure QMs don't lose anything in the transition, if a transition even occurs. Take it up with 4chan moderation, don't take it out on me. Please? :(

2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

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April 2018
2459988A New Mutant Quest Issue #2We kill a crime boss, have some soul food and make Yellow T-shirt pay for it, get mindfucked by cosmic forces, and go to bed.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Marvel, Afungi, Collective Game2018-04-22 5 
May 2018
2490032A New Mutant Quest Issue #3We meet Death, torch our soiled pants, get in a high-speed pursuit with the police, and temporarily become /k/.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Marvel, Afungi, Collective Game2018-05-04 6 
2550381A New Mutant Quest Issue #4We call a cab, listen to a fun radio news station, get a warning from an "unknown" mutant, and go to a club to meet with Silvermane.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Collective Game2018-05-25 2 
June 2018
2611469A New Mutant Quest Issue #5We make the old lion bow, have another run in with Spider-boy that pretty much outs us, and decide to go on a date.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-06-16 2 
July 2018
2684590A New Mutant Quest Issue #6We go on that date with Ren, give a speech to Itsuki's recruits, and choose to go after Kingpin's lawyer.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-07-12 3 
August 2018
2794030A New Mutant Quest Issue #7We get a new mutant recruit, devise a master plan, take our first step to ascendance, hear our father's name, and begin to move on Kingpin.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-08-24 2 
September 2018
2851981A New Mutant Quest Issue #8The master plan is executed with few unexpected surprises, and Kingpin is toppled. Partying and revelations ensue before meeting a lion.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-09-13 2 
October 2018
2905549A New Mutant Quest Issue #9Structure and operation changes, cleaning up more pitiful enemy factions, making a new ally, and learning about warehouses.A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-10-06 1 
2963691A New Mutant Quest Issue #10We convince everyone we’re a good guy, get a vision of HMQ, decide how we’ll move on Kingpin’s leftovers, reveal our nature, and have some A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-10-26 -1 
November 2018
3019133A New Mutant Quest Issue #11We accept our past and avoid killing Marcus, then chat with Cuda, call up some supers, and finish the first chapter!A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-11-17 1 
December 2018
3061211A New Mutant Quest Issue #12We meet and talk with mercs, win over the Tinkerer, and spend time with Ren who stops being quite herself...A New Mutant Quest, /qst/, Afungi, Marvel, Collective Game2018-12-09 0 
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