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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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March 2013
23657708Alternate History India 1915Anon tells us of his amazing game where he and his fellows are mages helping Glorious India throw off the yoke of the British Empire in the middle of the Great War, and we discuss how best for India to liberate itselfAlternate History, Mage, White Wolf, India, 1915, AH, storytime, gaming, roleplay, advice2013-03-13 18 
January 2014
29773185Shadow Quest 91Homecoming.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 91, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest2014-01-25 32 
April 2015
39265295Hellborn Quest 91Sierra decides Frederick is not a terrorist, and spies a unicorn.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 912015-04-11 17 
January 2016
44877320Novice Heretek Quest 91We become some parricides and try to hunt down our own mother...Collective Game, Axsisel, Novice Heretek Quest, Warhammer40k, techpriest, Heracor Nahive , NHQ912016-01-19 6 
September 2016
515559Himehorn 911!asdasdasdasdHaremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-06 3 
551599Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I can't smell myself."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-17 4 
590644Himehorn 911!Why!Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-28 4 
October 2016
636642Himehorn 911!"State your emergency" "I can't count without my fingers"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-05 4 
652318Himehorn 911!"State your emergency" "How much for two medium pizzas?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-05 3 
668227Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I can't make phone calls!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-10 3 
678002Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Where is home?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-10 3 
693678Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Give me my money back!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-17 3 
712319Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "How do I go reverse with a hovercraft?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-24 3 
730505Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I've got all this time! Help!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-28 3 
749877Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "N-no bully!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-28 3 
November 2016
765560Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "WHY AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOORR...?!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-06 3 
791142Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "This couch is far too comfortable. Help."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-06 2 
806304Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "How much time should I leave the tea bag in the water?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-12 2 
830577Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." " H911's first season is over!" "Elaborate?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-20 2 
December 2016
966128Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "My Witch device only gets one channel"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-12-28 2 
974045Himehorn 911! "State your emergency." "Do carrots count as snacks?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-12-28 2 
January 2017
984317Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "State your emergency." "Elaborate?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1002925Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "You will pay for my ship someday, I swear it!" "..."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1013721Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "FUCK Galapago turtles." "Elaborate? Is your ship under siege?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1035351Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "He's taking me out tonight, I don't know what to weaaaaar...!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-20 2 
1054206Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Just checkin if my phone worked." beeeeeeepHaremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-20 2 
March 2017
1238687Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "They keep staring at my eyebrows."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-15 2 
1270580Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "What does Mr. Wallace looks like?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1283310Himehorn 911!"State you-" "Does he look like a bitch?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1297199Himehorn 911!"State your emergency.""I can't stop thinking that my lips look weird when I talk."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-28 2 
April 2017
1339417Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "...hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing..."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-04-15 2 
June 2017
1497329What is VA-11 Hall-A?Pretty please don't fuck this timeline too.Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-06-03 2 
1545492What is VA-11 Hall-A?Seriously.Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-06-15 2 
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