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Archived Threads

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August 2013
February 2014
30347282asteroid explorer 4We explore the asteroid more, aliens are everywhere, archibald dies, people are generally dissatisfiedOstrich, pixelart, pixel-art, collective game, asteroid, space quest, slugs2014-02-19 4 
August 2014
33790842Space QuestYou make patrols in your fighter and scan some suspicious ships. Space Quest, Collective Game, Scifi2014-08-01 1 
April 2016
46513320Barbarian in Space Quest #1Our intrepid Barbarin is abducted by aliens and gets in a fight with a giant creature.Barbarian, Barbarian in Space Quest, Collective Game, Aliens2016-04-07 3 
June 2016
205636Space Quest #1A quest with simple but nice drawfagging. We begin by appearing on a space station.Space Quest2016-06-02 1 
December 2016
979465Dead Space Quest #1A security officer has his first encounters with necromorphs and unitology cultists.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2016-12-27 8 
983407Dead Space Quest #2Two succesful missions and a big failure that leads the protagonist close to death.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2016-12-29 3 
990903Dead Space Quest #3After waking from a coma the protagonist meets up with other survivors and begins preparing an escape.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2016-12-31 3 
January 2017
1004729Dead Space Quest #4The protagonist and his team defeat a large group of cultists and return to base.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-04 4 
1011304Dead Space Quest #5The cultist's leader is finally defeated.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-08 2 
1022732Dead Space Quest #6The team finally leaves Heinlein station.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-11 3 
1032269Dead Space Quest #7A great betrayal occurs.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-13 2 
1038492Dead Space Quest #8More betrayal, memory loss, therapy and blowing up a government building.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-15 2 
1057422Dead Space Quest #9Phil plays operator for a few missions.Collective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-20 2 
1057054Super Space Quest 2173: Part 1Decided who we were and got kidnapped. Ended up joining them as an engineerCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien2017-01-24 1 
1067955Super Space Quest 2173: Part 2Made our first jump, survived our first job, and got our first shore leave.Collective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien2017-01-24 1 
1084879Dead Space Quest #10Interrogation, acquiring a Cargo Hauler as a new base and baiting drug dealersCollective Game, Dead Space Quest, Dead Space2017-01-26 2 
1081529Super Space Quest 2173: Part 3We spend our time on shore leave doing some interesting thingsCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-01-27 1 
1095384Super Space Quest: Part 4We finish up our shore leave and begin mission number 2Collective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-01-30 1 
February 2017
1111667Super Space Quest 2173: Part 5We continue our second mission and end up in a rutCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-03 1 
1123672Super Space Quest 2173: Part 6Here we finished the second mission and visited a trade station.Collective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-07 1 
1139967Super Space Quest: Part 7We are hired into military service. We also hijack a shipCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-10 1 
1149067Super Space Quest 2173: Part 8We learn more about our new ship and come into a new positionCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-14 1 
1162136Super Space Quest 2173: Part 9We recruit our squad and jump to our next missionCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-18 1 
1174633Super Space Quest 2173: Part 10We conduct another mission, but this time for personal gain and not someone else'sCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-22 1 
1193577Super Space Quest 2173: Part 11We solve some domestic problems before a much more sinister situation appearsCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-02-26 1 
March 2017
1209301Super Space Quest 2173: Part 12We crush a riot and secure our reignCollective Game, Super, Space Quest, Aliens, Alien, Super Space Quest2017-03-04 1 
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