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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out those old status messages. It's probably a good thing that I haven't had to significantly modify the archive in so long that the 'updates' were from 2016. Here's to another... 13 years? Wow.

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February 2014
30120353Arigan Evolution GameEvolving creatures living in tide pools.Collective Game, Arigan, Evolution, Evogame2014-02-09 22 
30127142Arigan Evolution Game 2Evolution on the world of Arigan continues into the sea and onto the land.Collective Game, Arigan, Evolution, Evogame2014-02-10 9 
30146202Arigan Evolution Game 3Evolution on the world of Arigan continues furthermore into the sea and onto the landCollective Game, Arigan, Evolution, Evogame2014-02-10 14 
30261355Arigan Evolution Game 4After the Meteor, More creatures emerged in this new landscape. They continue to evolve evermoreCollective Game, Arigan, Evolution, Evogame2014-02-15 8 
December 2014
36744825Grombworld Evolution Game/tg/ directs the evolution of 5 small organisms, starting in the shallows of an ocean.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-14 2 
36761184Grombworld Evolution Game 2Surface life becomes difficult with a long-term drought.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-16 2 
36802090Grombworld Evolution Game 3Evolution continues on this desert world.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-17 1 
36837181Grombworld Evolution Game 5The ice age finally begins to dissipate. Thread 4 has the wrong title. Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-20 0 
36874815Grombworld Evolution Game 6A period of relative peace and HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE descends upon the planet, but not for long.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-22 1 
36914923Grombworld Evolution Game 7Harmony ends. The event table returns the world to rage.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-26 0 
May 2015
40172744Klogas Evolution GameSetting up the early life the planet Klogas.Collective Game, Klogas, Evolution, Evogame2015-05-28 3 
40230680Klogas Evolution Game 2More evolution, and Klogas captures a small moon (designated DNG-18-RY).Collective Game, Klogas, Evolution, Evogame2015-05-29 2 
September 2015
42465412Divergent Evolution #2Reboot of #1. A beginning of life and the era of ambush predators.Collective Game, Divergent, Evolution, Evogame2015-09-16 1 
42508285Divergent Evolution #4Organisms, plant and animal alike, make their way on land.Collective Game, Divergent, Evolution, Evogame2015-09-17 3 
42544369Yet Another Evolution Game /tg/'s evolution boner continues. From six simple creatures, an ecosystem begins to take shape.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame2015-09-18 1 
42581813Yet Another Evolution Game #1/tg/ continues to play God, plants ruleCollective Game, Evolution, Evogame2015-09-21 1 
42598631Yet Another Evolution Game #2A short thread where a plant starts walking on two legs, wow!Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame2015-09-21 1 
October 2015
43024144Planet Evo #1An evogame using the Divergent starters. Over time, the plantlife of this world saturated the oceans with arsenic.Collective Game, Planet Evo, Evolution Game, Evogame, Divergent2015-10-15 3 
43050136Planet Evo #2With time, the buildup of poison in the oceans dissipate somewhat. Later, a super-volcano's eruption triggers a chain reaction of eruptions.Collective Game, Planet Evo, Evolution Game, Evogame, Divergent2015-10-16 2 
March 2016
46237752Primordial Evolution Game: Tiny islandsPrimordial is revived for its 4 year anniversary with an evogame taking place on a small chain of volcanic islands.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution game, evogame, evo2016-03-26 5 
46275898Primordial Evolution Game: Tiny Islands 2The Lem'Uy meteor strikes the mainland, oxygen levels rise, and crabs rule heaven and hell.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution game, evogame, evo2016-03-30 1 
April 2016
46519644Crysalis Evolution GameAn evolution game taking place on a world with mysterious crystals that alter the world around them.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, Crystals, Crysalis2016-04-09 2 
46528220Crysalis Evolution Game 2New crystals appear, resulting in an ice age.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, Crystals, Crysalis2016-04-10 2 
June 2016
217294Shallow Waters Evo Game part 2Shallow Waters continues, now with land and humanoids!evo, evolution, shallow waters, shallow, waters, evogame, Shallow Waters2016-06-05 2 
226141Scrotus-4 Evolution GameOn the world Scrotus-4, OP unintentionally gives /qst/ a starter that's rather phallic. Somehow, things are kept fairly reasonable.Collective Game, Evogame, Evolution, Strotus-42016-06-12 2 
August 2016
481190Essari EvoGame: Part 2 - Resilience of LifIn Essari's Triumphic era, strange new forms of life appear, including clouds of flying plants and animals that appear as stone.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Triumphic2016-08-23 10 
September 2016
503385 Essari EvoGame: Part 3 - Tropic ThunderLife begins to diversify as isolated ecosystems form on the various landmasses of Essari's Magnarovic era.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Magnarovic2016-09-03 8 
536274EvoGame: Part 4 - Life Finds A Way Life continues to evolve on Essari, the world gets a facelift and new biomes turn up. all this and more as the Magnarovic era continuesCollective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Magnarovic 2016-09-14 6 
571207EvoGame: Part 5 - Gloria Essari, Aliquam et in SolMarks the transition of life on Planet Essari from the Magnarovic Era to the Autumignis Era.EvoGame2016-09-24 2 
October 2016
617075EvoGame: Part 6 - Braffbergs RisingAs the world changes from Early to Mid Autumignis, regions experience significant changes as the Styrax Colony begins to soar the skies.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Magnarovic, Autumignis2016-10-02 5 
676769EvoGame: Part 7 - Along Came EmraHovering Amalgamatiadite made of plant matter and slime evolve.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Autumignis2016-10-22 5 
December 2016
911768Evogame - Tale of Two Moons Part 1: Dawn on Janusan evogame set on the moon worlds of Janus and Rienia. Starting on Janus during its Ordiamentian era much life is made, most of it weirdCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Ordiamentian era, Lunt system2016-12-17 5 
952839EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 2: Twilight of RieniaWe move over to the less watery moon of Rienia, fill its (temporarily ash-filled) oceans with life and hit the image bump limitCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Ordiamentian, Lunt system 2016-12-26 5 
January 2017
980099 EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 3: Janus' Era of WarmingWe return to Janus just in time to experience a heaping helping of extinction that leaves no more than 22 species alive on the planetCollective Game, evo, evolution, Lunt system, Janus, Sulioaic era, evogame, 2017-01-05 5 
1034440EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 4: Shadow Over Rienia Life on Reinia continues to evolve and diversify: at least, the majority of it is killed off by a visit from the extinction fairyCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Sulioaic era , Lunt system 2017-01-21 2 
February 2017
1091300EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 5: Janus and The Resurgence of Life The landmasses of Janus begin to receive animal visitors from the ocean. They are also bequeathed namesCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-02-01 2 
1136626Alien World: Evo Game 1We begin an evogame in the shallow seas of an alien world, evolving the Irako, Idrai, Rilva, Quas, and Dengh.evo, evolution, evogame, Alien World, WheelieOP2017-02-09 1 
1127053EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 6: Janus's Age of BiodiversityThe landmasses of Janus start to get a little crowded as life continues to evolve, growing ever larger and more complex.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-02-15 2 
1173150EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 7: The Rienia Ice Age We return once again to Rienia and watch as life gets a grip on the unwelcoming shores of Rienia's continents Collective game, evogame, Rienia, evo, evolution, Lunt system, Magedivatian era2017-02-27 2 
March 2017
1218817 EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 8: Rienia's Age of Biodiversity The geographical features of Rienia receive names, life keeps on evolving, and omens of great change for both Rienia and Janus emergeCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-03-09 2 
1263602EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 9: The Western Shores of JanusThe first of Janus' regional threads takes us to the Aetheria region. Here life thrives and new biomes are founded. Also it rains a lotCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system2017-03-22 3 
April 2017
1316086EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 10: The Western Lands of RieniaThe first of Rienia's regional threads where its western lands get some evolutionary attention. Also the Troc start to be relevant again. Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region One2017-04-08 5 
1371295EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 11: The Meridian Islands of JanusJanus's central region receives similar treatment to its first,except with Tundra stuff and Atoll stuff. Also Stridler get way more popularCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Two2017-04-25 1 
May 2017
1412459EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 12: The Medial Edenlands of RieniaThe evolution fairy visits Rienia's Corpus region, bringing gifts for all the good(or at least surviving)species. Also caverns/forests exisCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Two2017-05-08 2 
1459115EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 13: The Eastern Mainlands of JanusIn this episode of "Tale of Two Moons" The deserts become home to a lot of sentient plants and new environments begin cropping up everywheCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Three2017-05-25 1 
June 2017
1523076EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 14: The Rustree Forests of the Far East The last terrestrial thread of the Magedivatian era sees the arrival of many new organisms, throughout Tundra, Forests and Mountain rangesCollective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Region Three2017-06-09 2 
1583272EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 15: The Glistening Oceans of Janus In this edition of "Tale of Two Moons" we take evolution to the oceans of Janus and finally say goodbye to its base organismsCollective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Oceans2017-06-27 1 
July 2017
1637174EvoGame - Tale of Two Moons Part 16: The Sapphire Oceans of RieniaAs evolution comes to Rienia's oceans its base organisms go the way of the Dodo, and the Lunt system is graced by a strange traveller.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Magedivatian era, Lunt system, Oceans2017-07-15 1 
August 2017
1743424EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 1: Dawn of a New Era We return to Essari after a long hiatus to fill in some of the newly vacated ecological niches and drag a few species towards sapience.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic 2017-08-16 4 
1791016EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 2: The Last Primal AgeIn this thread life continues to evolve and the sapient lifeforms of Essari develop some useful skills as Essari's Tribal era approaches.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic 2017-08-30 3 
September 2017
1852333EvoGame/TribalEvo - Return to Essari Part 3: The Flame of CivilizationSapient Life finally begins to take shape and learn basic technologies. Slavery, economics, black winters, and Emra shenanigans run wild.Collective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2017-09-20 5 
October 2017
1894113EvoGame/TribalEvo - Return to Essari Part 4: The Many Flavors of SocietyAs the tribal era of Essari continues technology advances, cultures continue to evolve and the world enters an era of peace and prosperityCollective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2017-10-06 3 
February 2018
2311991Evo 2k18A more traditional style evogame. Featuring bone-headed eels, something that swims with its tongue, and the weirdest boner.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-02-22 7 
March 2018
2331690Evo 2k18 Part 2Introducing plants, extinction events, and a second GM.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-03-02 5 
2334618EvoGame/TribalEvo - Return to Essari Part 6b: The TripodsThe Tripod cultures are developed as they push to the near-modern era.Collective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-03-10 3 
2352850Evo 2k18 Part 3Continuing the traditional evogame, with development of the land based animals.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-03-12 5 
2380790Evo 2k18 Part 4Land-based evolution continues and new continents emerge.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-03-25 5 
2379215Astori Evolution GameThe development of life on a world known as Astori.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, Astori2018-03-25 1 
April 2018
2485680Traditional Evolution Game Part 5Caverns system opens but is largely ignored, plate crabs and aquatic zemleleaves diversify.Traditional Evolution Game, Evolution Game, Evogame2018-04-30 1 
May 2018
2521130Evo 2k18 Part 5.1The game gets split into region-specific threads due to having too many creatures.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-05-13 4 
2556721EvoGame/CivEvo - Return to Essari Part 6c: The Stitcher MemoirsA thread focusing on the Stitcher and their wars and conquests of the Torray and Foltania; ending with them reaching the near-modern age.Collective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-05-25 3 
June 2018
2579278Evo 2k18 Part 5.2Evolution continues on the continent of Solitudinus.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-06-03 4 
2622878Astori 2.0 A semi-traditional evo game featuring floating islands, plant-based biospheres, and scavenging mossCollective Game, Evolution, Evogame, Astori2018-06-13 2 
2624904Gas Giant Evo Game800 million years after Gefjun was seeded with life, its organisms begin to diversify while maintaining an uneasy balance.Evo game, Evogame, Gas Giant Evo, Evolution2018-06-13 2 
July 2018
2664848Evo 2k18 Part 5.3As we move away from Solitudinus, we begin guiding evolution on Florainsuram.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-07-03 2 
2700761Evo 2k18 Part 5.4Florainsuram gets covered in chlorine, many species die.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, 2k182018-07-16 3 
August 2018
2788028EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 7a: Planet Essari IA mini thread series meant for diversifying life on Essari. Focuses mostly on Mountains, Freshwater, Caves, Deserts & Polar Habitats.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-08-23 1 
September 2018
2830115EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 7b: Planet Essari IIA mini thread series meant for diversifying life on Essari. This thread focused on the major terrestrial ecosystems found across the planet.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-09-08 1 
October 2018
2896140EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 7c: Planet Essari IIIA mini thread series meant for diversifying life on Essari. This thread focused on the major marine ecosystems found across the planet.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-10-08 2 
January 2019
3127499Machine Evo part 1Another evolution game begins, but this time it has robots.collective game, evolution, evogame, machine evo2019-01-07 4 
3145994Machine Evo part 2Evolution of artificial life continues, disrupted only by mass extinction.collective game, evolution, evogame, machine evo2019-01-11 4 
3204146Machine Evo part 3 Life finds a way on a giant ice sheetcollective game,evolution,evogame,machine evo2019-01-28 2 
February 2019
3264611Traditional Evolution Game Part 5.5Ice age begins, also people get interested in the mountains2k18, Evolution Game, evogame2019-02-26 1 
April 2019
3411555Machine EvoLife continues on in a desertcollective game,evolution,evogame,machine evo2019-04-19 2 
June 2019
3569359Marilis Evo #1From a single starter with three ontogenetic forms, Marilis develops four major groups of life around its deep sea vents.Marilis Evo, evo, evogame, evolution game2019-06-22 2 
November 2019
3912139/v/ermin evolution gameThe worldwide famous game /v/ermin, now on /qst/!evogame, Evolution Game, Collective Game, vermin2019-11-26 0 
February 2020
4046510/v/ermin evolution game 2As the action moves to the continent of Vermasia, a new threat presents itself: Ralphie radiation...evogame, Evolution Game, Collective Game, vermin2020-02-10 0 
March 2020
4095346Return to Essari pt. 8a: The Silent DecadeAs civilizations flourish, diminish, and come into contact with one another all over Essari, a rapid pace of development seems inevitable.Collective Game, evo, evolution, evogame, essari, Emrialatic2020-03-17 2 
April 2020
4197994Digital Evo Thread 1A young Digital World is born, is divided into biomes, then malfunctionsEvolution, Collective Game, Evogame, Digimon, Digital Evo2020-04-28 0 
May 2020
4214604Starting Hand EvoEvolution game but it's magic the gatheringcollective game, evogame, evolution, evolution game, starting hand evo2020-05-15 1 
4232367Ghost EvogameCreatures known as 'Spectral Entities' (Ghosts) arrive on earth and begin evolving to better feed on the fear of humans, and on each otherCollective Game, Evogame, Evolution, Ghost, Paranormal2020-05-25 0 
4245476Xeolea civ 1The species of Xeolea stride towards civilization and uncover some weird alien shit in the processxeolea, evogame, collective game, evolution, evolution game2020-05-30 0 
June 2020
4277056EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 8b: Ad Siderum EssariEssari's Civilizations enter the modern age, including nuclear warfare, space races, political intrigue & AA-Node induced global catastrophCollective Game, Evo, Evolution, Evogame, Essari, Emrialatic2020-06-19 0 
4283160Gas Giant Evogame - Part 3Gas giant evogame is an evogame set on a Gas Giant. It continues on the story after part 2. It's also probably a mistake. Evo game, Evogame, Gas Giant Evo, Gefjun, Evolution, Space, 2020-06-23 1 
October 2020
4445472EvoGame - Return to Essari Finale: Omnes viae ad finem stellaeThe Final Thread of Essari, featuring some brief exploration into potential space colonization. Also where the story finally petered out.Collective Game, Evo, Evolution, Evogame, Essari, Emrialatic2020-10-09 0 
November 2020
4522639Beyond the Door EvoCreatures evolve in a sealed away dimension of magic and darkness while their creator slowly molds the world. Collective game, evogame, evo, evolution, fantasy, magic 2020-11-10 2 
4525205Digital Evo Thread 2A mass extinction is narrowly avoided....Evolution, Collective Game, Evogame, Digimon, Digital Evo2020-11-21 1 
January 2021
4580370Space Whale Evo thread 1Come along with us and evolve space creatures based on the creature in Essari Spaceship Evo in a alternate timeline or dimensionEvo, Evolution, Evogame, Evo Game, Collective Game, Essari, space, sci-fi2021-01-23 0 
April 2021
4690442Bringe1-D exoplanet EVO 2.0Once again we are at the delightful exoplanet that is Bringe 1-D. this time near the equator in a land where the dusk is eternal. Collective game, Evogame, Evolution, Bringe1-D exoplanet2021-04-11 0 
4719736Digital Evo Thread 3Digital Lifeforms evolve in a water-rich environment. Evolution, Collective Game, Evogame, Digimon, Digital Evo2021-04-14 0 
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