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March 2015
38813543Declining World HeadlinesI'm fishing for headlines from a world in which stuff is slowly but inexorably crapping out, like Atlas Shrugged, or Interstellar. Something a bit less obvious than CHOCOLATE RATIONS INCREASED TO 19 GRAMS A WEEK.Dystopia, Dystopian, News, Depressing2015-03-20 11 
May 2016
190538ChromescoreMercenaries look for artifacts, while fighting monsters in an abandoned BerlinCollective Game, Mercenaries, Monsters, Dystopian2016-05-31 4 
June 2016
208086Chromescore: The Artifact Quest #2Recon team returns, captain is wounded in Bulldog pack fight, gains Phoenix nickname, arrive at Green Sea, Tag's bloodthirstiness comes outCollective Game, Mercenaries, Monsters, Dystopian, Captain Phoenix, gene modifications2016-06-04 2 
221616Chromescore: The Artifact Quest #3Atto and Widget get the giant machine working. The troop finds an old world military complex and begin to explore it.Collective Game, Mercenaries, Monsters, Dystopian, Captain Phoenix, gene modifications2016-06-07 3 
246009Chromescore: The Artifact Quest #4.StartExplore an abandoned military base - only partial quest session...Collective Game, Mercenaries, Monsters, Dystopian, Captain Phoenix, gene modifications2016-06-13 1 
268611Chromescore: The Artifact Quest #4.5The team explores the bunker, finds ancient weapons but fails to disable the security system. Undead attack but are repelled.Collective Game, Mercenaries, Monsters, Dystopian, Captain Phoenix, gene modifications2016-06-24 1 
September 2016
49523170Cute terrorists in a dystopian futureOP asks how to play a game featuring cute girls doing terrorism in the future.Future, dystopian, anime, cute,2016-09-28 -8 
April 2017
52871104Original Dystopias/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds ideas for new dystopian settings.worldbuilding, setting, dystopia, dystopian, 2017-04-28 3 
May 2017
1489840Anarchy Accountant Quest 1This world of constant war has but two nations; Dystopia and Utopia. You are Michael Firm, the accountant and you are the government.Collective Game, Anarchy Accountant Quest, ANCAP, Dystopian, You Are The Government, space, war, sci-fi, original content2017-05-25 2 
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