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August 2017
1763069RWBY: Icarus Rising 0 "The Day You've been Waiting For" Pt.1In this first two-part thread we meet our MC, his best friend and learn about ourselves. We fight baddies, rip and tear and make spaghetti WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-08-14 21 
1773146RWBY: Icarus Rising 0 "The Day You've been Waiting For" Pt.2We finally get to beacon! Meet some new friends, Fight some old bullies. And More Spaghetti than you know what to do with.RWBY Quest, WeaverQM, Quest2017-08-16 14 
1777815RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" pt 1The first day at beacon begins with a Yang! Spaghetti is made, pancakes are lost, and initiation begins! WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-08-18 14 
1785767RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginings" Pt 2Initiation Continues! We ride a Nevermore, we are horribly underprepared, we go clubbing and spill spaghettiWeaverQM, RWBY, Icarus Rising2017-08-22 11 
1797448RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" Pt 3We continue our night at the club, We eat some Ice Cream, Get some sugar, Get some spice. But we all know Spaghetti is more than nice.WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-08-25 11 
1805395 RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" Pt 4Our first day begins! We meet some interesting professors, have some feels and then some not-so-good-feels and cope with Grimm-Murder!WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-08-29 10 
September 2017
1819746RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" Pt 5We lose our arms, we lose our weapon, we talk to our Cadre about said arms, we make a new gun, care for our team and double spaghetti.WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-09-02 10 
1833443RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" Pt 6We have a Race, Have some breakthroughs, Set up our teams for the weekend, Have a tough Spar and Weaver ignores his demanded vacation.WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-09-10 7 
1856767 RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" Pt 7We Talk with Ruby, Get some Sugar, Have a Living Nightmare, Wake up the Scourge and start being /cozy/WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-09-17 6 
1876402RWBY: Icarus Rising 1 "Beacon Beginnings" Pt 8 We finish our Cozy moment, Clean face and leave our mark; Now we begin the next great adventure to find out about our blackout!WeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-09-24 6 
October 2017
1970877Star Wars Fleet Commander Quest Part 1: A Time Of Great ChangeWe meet the MC, we shape our morality, we learn our history and prepare to deal with a Traitorous CaptainWeaverQM, Star Wars, Fleet Commander2017-10-22 3 
1997585Star Wars Fleet Commander Quest Part 1: A Time Of Great Change pt 2We deal with a traitor and take his ship. We play with some blocks and have a commune with force ghosts. The seeds of a new empire are sewnWeaverQM, Star Wars, Fleet Commander2017-10-29 1 
November 2017
2020138RWBY Icarus Rising: Halloween PreludeThe Beginning special and return of Icarus Rising via a prelude thread to the spook day birthday specialWeaverQM, RWBY, Icarus Rising2017-11-05 6 
2047458Web-Weaver Issue #2: First Steps into a Stranger WorldWe wake up in the Underhive and have our first big hero moments!WeaverQM, Web-Weaver2017-11-13 2 
2029478RWBY: Icarus Rising Halloween Special: A Birthday in RedWe get ready for the Surprise Party for Ruby by getting all dolled up and have a slight heart to heart with CocoWeaverQM, RWBY Quest, Icarus Rising, 2017-11-13 3 
2067080Star Wars Fleet Commander Chapter 2: The Birth of an EmpireVarien Sydonix continues his glorious exploits and determines with whom he should remain loyal to.WeaverQM, Star Wars, Star Wars Fleet Commander2017-11-20 1 
2066979Shellstorm: Pawns of War, Knights of NewThe beginning of an era within the RAC of the British Commonwealth in the 1960's...WeaverQM, Shellstorm, 2017-11-20 1 
2067153RWBY: Icarus Rising Special: A Birthday in Red Pt. 2A continuation of Ruby Rose's birthday and everyone's favorite spooky holiday...WeaverQM, RWBY Icarus, Icarus Rising, Icarus, RWBY2017-11-20 3 
2096751Caff Chronicles Episode #1: A Journey of Self-DiscoveryWe meet Caff, a teenage monk on a journey of self-discovery that quickly becomes the adventure of a lifetime.WeaverQM, Caff Chronicles, DB Quest. 2017-11-29 3 
December 2017
2117383Caff Chronicles Episode #2: The Journey ContinuesWe have a spiritual journey before we make our way onto the next dragonball and the dangerous Lord Oolong!WeaverQM, Caff Chronicles, DB Quest. 2017-12-09 2 
January 2018
2184525Star Wars: Twilight of the Jedi, Chapter IWe meet our protagonist, learn a little about his backstory and are inevitably sucked into a far larger conflict than we intended.Star Wars, Twilight of the Jedi, WeaverQM, 2018-01-06 10 
2212090Star Wars: Twilight of the Jedi Chapter IIWe train our troops, make a few discoveries, we have a tender moment; And then promptly ruin it with a good old smack down. WeaverQM, Twilight of the Jedi2018-01-13 6 
2233619RWBY: Icarus Rising “Beacon Beginnings” Pt. 10We’re given a gift...but at what cost?WeaverQM, Icarus Rising, RWBY2018-01-21 2 
February 2018
2305066Web-Weaver Redux, Issue #1With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. The Great Hunt begins!WeaverQM, Web-Weaver, Web-Weaver Redux2018-02-19 16 
March 2018
2334457Web-Weaver Redux, Issue #2 We learn a little bit about what we can do and what we are before setting out on our own path.WeaverQM, Web-Weaver, Web-Weaver Redux2018-03-02 11 
2353069Star Wars: Twilight of the Jedi Chapter IVWeaver's state is ravaged by weather and so much of the quest is derailed; However we make our way to camp and are given the DarksaberWeaverQM, Star Wars, Twilight of the Jedi2018-03-09 1 
2370096Web-Weaver Volume 1, Issue #3: Along Came a Spider-ManWe meet a new Totem, we get messed up, make some friends and prepare for late night Heroing.WeaverQM, Web-Weaver Redux, Web-Weaver2018-03-17 7 
2400418Web-Weaver Redux Volume 1, Issue #4: Black, White and Shades of GreyOur little moonlit adventure goes pear shaped and we're given an offer we can't refuse.WeaverQM, Web-Weaver, Web-Weaver Redux2018-03-26 6 
April 2018
2420501Web-Weaver Redux Volume 1, Issue #5:Saturday Nights Alright For DancingWe go to a party and meet a very unexpected friend. Will it become something more? Who knows.WeaverQM, Web-Weaver, Web-Weaver Redux2018-04-02 4 
2472289Web-Weaver Redux Volume 1, Issue #6: Spider-Man vs MacheteWe go on a little camping trip with an old friend, but nothing is never as it seems.WeaverQM, Web-Weaver Redux, Web-Weaver2018-04-21 3 
May 2018
2540756 Web-Weaver Redux Volume 1, Issue #7: Superhuman Spring Break.Our comfy adventure continues, now joined by the Titans in disguise WeaverQM, Web-Weaver, Web-Weaver Redux2018-05-12 3 
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