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December 2012
22111596Late Night Hard Mode CivSo everyone starts out with slimes... no surprise they die horrible within the first few hours. However from the ashes rise tentacle monster... may god forgive usCollective Game, Late, Night, Hard, Mode, Slimes, Tentacles, Civ, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-19 2 
22114763Late Night Hard Mode Civ 2The tentacle monsters develop powerful magic, through the correct application of douchebaggery. Turns out if you act like jersey shore, you make a good civilization.Collective Game, Late, Night, Hard, Mode, Slimes, Tentacles, Civ, Refrek Spine Snapper2012-12-19 3 
December 2016
954298Newfound Magic Quest- Part 2In which Norman Fusilier is in the woods, and kills some stuff. Newfound Magic, Collective Game, Fantasy, Quest, Slimes, Wearing peoples feet, 2016-12-22 1 
May 2017
1397852Dungeon Civ Turn 0Civilization creation settles on Slimes. Dungeon Parameters change. We meet Kulnarth, Ash, Bone Slimes, Thief Slimes, and more.Dungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-05-01 1 
1423125Dungeon Civ Turn 1Kulnarth levels up the Stronghold to level 2. The Bandits are defeated. A surprise attack nearly kills everyone.Dungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-05-09 1 
1439332Dungeon Civ Turn 2A Long fight vs an Machine, Alchemist opens shop, Level 3, lots of Lore and more.Dungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-05-16 1 
1486109Dungeon Civ Turn 3.5Weebs duel each other, more of Frederick's allies appear, Tethys and Ash burn everythingDungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-05-29 1 
June 2017
1516734Dungeon Civ Turn 4The last zone outside the Castle is cleared.Dungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-06-04 1 
1569609Dungeon Civ Turn 5Another very short thread included for the sake of completeness.Dungeon Civ, Slimes, Civ, Collective Game2017-06-21 1 
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