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March 2010
8878800Retro Sci FI QuestArther Dent is the manliest motherfucker around Eh shots guys in the balls and attempts to save Carter.quest, sci fi, retro, collective game2010-03-30 3 
8901221Retro Sci-Fi Quest Episode 2!More Adventures of Arther Dent, manliest man ever. Eh is worshiped as a god by the Zeldessi, for being so damned manly.quest, sci fi, retro, collective game2010-03-31 2 
April 2010
9000339Retro Sci-Fi Quest Episode 3!A few bad rolls put the manly Captain Dent in a bad place, but he takes the fight to the new Jellitar threat with daring and courage!retro, quest, collective game2010-04-05 1 
9069163Retro Sci-Fi Quest Episode 4Starts off slowly, but nothing can keep a good captain down as Dent crusades against the evil Jellitar!retro, quest, collective game2010-04-08 1 
9151637Retro Sci-Fi Quest Episode 5!Dent, the manliest Captain this side of the Ferengi Belt, does battle with the Jellitar, saves some civilians, and shows Captain Gallant how shit gets done!retro, quest, collective game2010-04-12 2 
9411794Utilitarian CyberpunkOP posits a clunky tape-drive-heavy noir setting, posts some writefaggotry, and hears about Modempunk.cyberpunk, modempunk, retrotech2010-04-25 5 
September 2011
16253838Warhammer 40k: 50s Sci-Fi EditionITT: What if Warhammer 40k was a 1950's sci-fi serial?Warhammer 40k, retro, radio play2011-09-11 23 
December 2012
22271004Neon Skull thread 4The game is pushed further, into a driving minigame, and musicbro takes requests while OP is asleep. Neon Skull, Discolich, retro, game, 8bit, platform, music, soundtrack, 2012-12-31 8 
May 2016
47149881Grid-Lock Combat [Skirmish] #10 Bone Jangles part 2A member is lost and the party splits up in.Skirmish Quest, Retro-brawler, Grid-Lock Combat, Fenster, Collective Game2016-05-22 1 
June 2016
47408380Grid-Lock Combat [Skirmish] #11 Bone Jangles part 3An abomination is discovered and then slain shortly after.Skirmish Quest, Retro-brawler, Grid-Lock Combat, Fenster, Collective Game2016-06-01 1 
August 2016
48467089Grid-Lock [Skirmish]: High TidesAfter repairing the house, the group explores the nearby swamp. (Spring Cleaning here: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/48260624/)Skirmish Quest, Retro-brawler, Grid-Lock Combat, Fenster, Collective Game2016-08-07 1 
December 2016
943492Classic Quest [Co-op Skirmish]Retro style rpg system brought to the format of a skirmish. Features simultaneous multi-path operation, and dice!fenster, collective game, skirmish, quest, retro, pixel art, sprite, dice, classic quest,2016-12-24 1 
January 2017
969164Classic Quest [Co-op Skirmish] Chapter 2The party deals with dastardly never-do-wells, gains recognition of the Gobbo, and encounters the puppetmaster behind these events.fenster, collective game, skirmish, quest, retro, pixel art, sprite, dice, classic quest,2017-01-01 2 
1001769Classic Quest [Co-op Skirmish] Chapter 3Not much happens in this chapter, due to problems behind the screen. The party faces the real Fawkes though!fenster, collective game, skirmish, quest, retro, pixel art, sprite, dice, classic quest,2017-01-10 1 
1029070Classic Quest [Co-op Skirmish] Chapter 4The final encounter begins, and the Fawkes storyline comes to a close?fenster, collective game, skirmish, quest, retro, pixel art, sprite, dice, classic quest,2017-01-18 1 
June 2017
53684402Old School Aircraft RPGsAfter watching "Porco Rosso," OP makes a thread suggesting the idea of an RPG set in the golden age of flight. Aircraft, Aiplanes, Flight, Retro, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming, Adventure, Exploration, Porco Rosso, Tail Spin2017-06-13 2 
December 2017
56592246Adventure in the SPECTACULAR FUTURE OF THE YEAR 2000Discussion and worldbuilding to create a setting based off vintage scifi.retrofuturistic, zeerust, pulp scifi, setting, worldbuilding2017-12-06 3 
August 2018
61049924Starblazers Setting Worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting combining pulp scifi flash gordon retrofuturism and lovecraft.starblazers, worldbuilding, setting, flash gordon, retrofuturism, zeerust, cosmic horror, lovecraft, call of cthulhu,2018-08-02 6 
September 2018
61828369Cassette FuturismA thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s.Retro-Futurism, Retro, Sci-Fi, 1970s, 1980s, Brainstorming,2018-09-08 5 
61850335Cassette Futurism 2A second thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s.Retro-Futurism, Retro, Sci-Fi, 1970s, 1980s, Brainstorming2018-09-08 1 
61864819Cassette Futurism 3A third thread discussing retro-futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s. Retro-Futurism, Retro, Sci-Fi, 1970s, 1980s, Brainstorming2018-09-11 1 
May 2019
3507592Strike Mech '90The elite, international mercenary company, Edgeline, engages in operations in Cameroon using their combat mechs.Mecha, mercenary, war, combat, TimeKiller, Strike Mech, Strike mech 90, cyberpunk, retro-future, 1990s, 1980s, World War Three, WWIII2019-05-16 6 
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