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January 2010
7379840Freddie Mercury the PsykerFreddie Mercury prophesied the outcome of WH40K's endless warfreddie mercury, queen, WK40K2010-01-01 5 
June 2012
19413594/tg/ does OmegleAnons invade Omegle and fight glorious battlesOmegle, Khorne, 19F, Freddy Mercury2012-06-09 32 
October 2012
21107341Judgement TimeAn anon asks for a good system to run a Judge Dredd RPG. /tg/ quickly begins homebrewing a rules-light system based on frowning.Judge Dredd, Dredd, Judgement Time, Frowning2012-10-13 6 
January 2013
22657728GoT Quest: House Dredd (Creation Finalised)We make our final adjustments to House Dredd, and our until-now nameless character. Rollan Dredd, son of Lord Josephus Dredd will make his mark on Westeros. We also spend an almost certainly unhealthy amount of time decking out our lesbian-broette, Alyse Stone.Collective Game, Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, House Creation, House Dredd2013-01-18 1 
December 2015
44406724God of Creation [QUEST] part2You are a god of creation at the dawn of time. Atet-Ri, the god of light, born from the sun, has descended upon the barren earth to create stuff, in his own, smug way. This time we created cattle, monkey guys, hung out with our cool new music/water friend, grew a tree and OHFUCKWHATTHEHELLJUSTHAPPENED?!Atet-Ri, Creation, quest, god, god of creation, light god, alw, Tenen-Ru, Oracle of Giberish, Helitaur, Fredd-Murc2015-12-27 6 
June 2016
47711368Anon's can't help but be idiotsSamefagging at its finestCrap, Tumblr, Reddit2016-06-10 -14 
August 2016
48639509Retarded elfsPlayers need to samefag to get their overlord's wayTmblr,Reddit2016-08-05 -16 
December 2016
903431Shadowrun Occultist Quest #2We do legwork to find where our target is hiding, and receive an offer from some comedians for a data switch.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist2016-12-19 1 
919515Shadowrun Occultist Quest #3We plan, start, and finish the run, successfully pin blame on Ares, and get a sweet ride out of it.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist2016-12-19 2 
946511Shadowrun Occultist Quest #4We give some psych advice to Rhn, get backstory on Redd, and then go to a concert with the team, Barbie, and her psycho comedian brother.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist2016-12-25 2 
January 2017
970043Shadowrun Occultist Quest #5We figure out and foil The Fool's plan, collect on the bounty from GOD, have a Yithian trip down Time Lane, and go to Bavaria with Rhun.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-01 1 
992966Shadowrun Occultist Quest #6We get a glimpse of the future, see the Big D's last act, piss off our boss again, then fail to ambush a team of operators.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-07 1 
1017697Shadowrun Occultist Quest #7We handoff the dream observatory to the Draco Foundation, locate and retrieve a little lost rich girl, then take a trip to Arkham.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-16 1 
1042958Shadowrun Occultist Quest #8We play cards with some Catholic priests, then take Barbie to scenic Arkham, MA. Her little sis tags along and we try to scare her straight.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-23 1 
1070323Shadowrun Occultist Quest #9We follow the breadcrumb trail to an early human digitization experiment and release them to the Matrix.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-29 1 
January 2019
3146186Mega City Shopping Quest [REDUX]Citizen attempts to go shopping in Mega City; Dredd events occurChoose Your Own, X-Mas, Judge Dredd, 2000ad, Dork West,2019-01-09 1 
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