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September 2013
27322964Waifu Quest 4Konoko causes an accident while "discovering" her powers and Nayu barely manages to get into the cheer squad with Riritu's help. In the midst of all this, tension rises between Konoko and Riritu as the former becomes more paranoid of the latter's intentions. Later back at home, Nayu and Konoko bask in the healing power of cats.Waifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Naya von Archimboldi2013-09-20 61 
27442581Waifu Quest 5A mysterious, self-narrating voice beckons for Naya in the night. Curious, Naya decides to find the source of the voice, but not before telling Konoko about the special link the two had made when they cemented their partnership. Parting on cordial terms, Naya leaves to meet with her mysterious stranger at a familiar diner...Waifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Naya von Archimboldi2013-09-27 51 
27474570Waifu Quest 6Naya annoys Anon-kun with her refusal to act as his damsel in distress. The next day, after an annoying breakfast talk with Riritu and making plans with Konoko to improve Anon's mood, Naya leaves for school. Before she can even step into class, however, Naya meats an old creation of hers who seems to have gained sentience.... in addition to a major douche streak.Waifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Naya von Archimboldi2013-09-29 54 
October 2013
27509331Waifu Quest 7Naya meets Leopold, an old acquaintance from one of her past lives, who traps her in the bathroom. After a stiff conversation between the two, Leopold lets Naya go back to take part in the story. With her help, Konoko K.O.'s THE SKELEREX and becomes Best Girl.Waifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Naya von Archimboldi2013-10-01 55 
27612747Waifu Quest 8Anon nearly kills Naya and gets kicked to the curb, but an unexpected betrayal leaves Naya reeling.Collective Game, Waifu Quest, Twen, Metafiction, Naya von Archimboldi, Memetic Parasite2013-10-07 63 
27684504Waifu Quest 9Broke 1000 posts. Also plot occurs, and brief make outs with Leo in the middle of a storm and maintenaceWaifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Naya von Archimboldi2013-10-11 54 
27730056Waifu Quest 10In which shit goes down.Waifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Liritu2013-10-14 42 
27783551Waifu Quest 11What kind of idiot kisses a succubus?! Also, a new sentinent is introduced!!Waifu Quest, Collective Game, Metafiction, Twen, Memetic Parasite, Naya von Archimboldi2013-10-17 42 
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