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December 2012
22218817Maple The Dryad ReturnsDryadfag returns for christmas, finishing the tale of Maple and promising more in the future.Writefaggotry, Maple, dryad, D&D, Pathfinder, transformation2012-12-26 5 
October 2015
43372029Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Z #3Last time, on Tuffle Quest Z: Maple brought Raditz to meet Fortuneteller Baba and encountered, of all things, his and Goku's mother, Gine! After a chat with the Saiyan woman, Raditz seems to be taking his first steps on setting his own path, and Maple's learned that... mother-in-laws can be scary. Even the nice ones.Collective Game, Dragon Ball Z, Maple, Tuffle Quest, Kato2015-10-30 21 
November 2015
43415411Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Z #4Last time, on Tuffle Quest Z: Raditz started brainstorming battle plans with Piccolo, Maple watched a new robot show with her friends, and then she got sprayed with a bio-weapon from one of Dr. Gero's latest creations. In attempting to cure it, the tuffle learned that she's a damn lightweight and should never drink again, unless she wants to make a fool of herself. Also took the kids Trick-or-Treating. Now, Raditz has arrived to meet with his brother for training to control the Oozaru form...Collective Game, Dragon Ball Z, Maple, Tuffle Quest, Saiyan Saga, Kato2015-11-01 20 
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