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November 2009
6680207Exalted QuestOP does his first quest and does a good job about it. Set in Exalted.Exalted Quest2009-11-13 7 
6692401Exalted Quest, part 2Not as good as the first one, but gets the plot moved forward at least. Introduces your sifu and information is gathered to make a character sheet and decide on the setting for the upcoming parts.Exalted Quest2009-11-14 4 
6736138Exalted Quest, part 4In which our hero socializes with some Lunars, steals a hearthstone, and butchers Fair Folk.Exalted Quest2009-11-17 2 
6765738Exalted Quest, 5In which our hero saves some Lunars, enslaves powerful fair folk to create Las Faegas, and has a delightful cup of coffee with one of the most powerful Exalted alive. They exchange pleasantries and chat politics.Exalted Quest2009-11-19 3 
6780993Exalted Quest, part 6In which our hero trolls the Guild, scares a drunk, and deals with surly manual laborers.Exalted Quest2009-11-20 2 
6823463Exalted Quest, 7We finally get to An-Teng, start investigating shit way over our head. Ends in violence. OP gets mocked for bumping own thread. Reintroduces us to several characters from earlier on. Not as good as other parts, archived for completeness.Exalted Quest2009-11-23 0 
January 2019
3119500An Exalted Game! Prologue Part 1/? Sinbad in the making. Starting in a trade city in the south. Exalted Quest, Sinbad, Brown Girls, Collective Game,2019-01-11 0 
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