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February 2011
13878831Deathworld Quest I/tg/ starts off with a small, barren planet and expands from there.Deathworld, Quest, Deathworld Quest, tg-built2011-02-12 13 
13880430Deathworld Quest IIContinuation of previous quest. Here, a race becomes sentient, the pros and cons of self-propelled space travel are discussed, and life continuesDeathworld, Quest, Deathworld Quest, tg-built, Celestial Bukkake2011-02-12 5 
13882364Deathworld Quest IIIThe thumbite servitor space marines continue their invasion of New Majora.Deathworld, Quest, Deathworld Quest, tg-built2011-02-13 5 
May 2011
14948908Spirit of War(archival title)After the /tg/ gets shit done, sometimes, some asshole starts yelling at people to get Deathworld hammered outDeathworld, homebrew2011-05-16 3 
November 2012
21720746More Deathworld Dozens of ideas being laid down for /tg/'s Deathworld homebrew setting, featuring soviet ObamaDeathworld, homebrew2012-11-24 3 
21746990Deathworld Rebirth - Part 2/tg/ throws yet more ideas at a grimdark wall and watches as some stick and grow demonic tentacles and stuffDeathworld, homebrew2012-11-25 5 
21793539Deathworld Rebirth - Part 3/tg/ continues thinking about dead presidents, soviet supertechnology and South-East Asian Geopoliticshomebrew, Deathworld,2012-11-30 2 
December 2012
21907531Deathworld Rebirth - Part 4/tg/ talks Djinn, Australian super-science and VATO - the Voodoo Atlantic Treaty Organisation.Deathworld, homebrew2012-12-06 5 
21998609Deathworld Quest 1-2We survive a planecrash only to end up running from American Zombies. And then there is a necro-bear.Quest, Collective Game, Deathworld, Soviet, 2012-12-12 1 
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