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May 2014
32108076Cripple la Kill CYOA QuestYou are Yuuto Courtmanche, a paraplegic, and it's the start of your first day at Honnouji Academy.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill2014-05-14 5 
June 2014
32691751Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 8Yuuto dicovers that not all are as it seems with his belongings and for his trouble is haunted by his dreams. Later Yuuto bares witness to the battle between the Council president & the Exchange Student and decides to do something about it. Plot thickens.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill2014-06-11 4 
32851038Cripple La Kill CYOA QUEST: 11Yuuto dreams of foul things, Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-06-18 4 
July 2014
33410655Cripple La Kill CYOA QUEST: 12Yuuto continues his No-Late Day Operation, the stakes get higher, teamwork abounds, and shenanigans are underway.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-07-15 2 
33571230Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 14The battle for his fashion intensifies, Maiko is trapped by her own personality, and Gamagoori learns that there is more to the Cripple than meets the eye.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-07-22 1 
August 2014
33949201Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 15Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 15Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-08-07 4 
34122836Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 16Yuuto is fast on the trail of the Mohawked man after he ambushes Ryuuko. Stuck between working with Gamagoori and getting real answers, Yuuto makes a daring move...Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-08-15 1 
September 2014
34563712Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 16-2Yuuto finally encounters Tsumugu head on and learns of a new weakness in himself. All amid a dark vision of a past before time...Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-09-02 0 
34686049Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 17Montblanc finally rears his ugly hat and Yuuto discovers his true thorns. As ever The Elite 4 are ever watchful.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-09-07 0 
34918192Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 18Yuuto takes advantage of the empty school to explore it further and it's high time our friendly Janitor spilled the beans.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-09-17 0 
October 2014
35290407Cripple la Kill CYOA Quest: 18-2Yuuto reaches the end of his longest day yet. He acquires a ruined Two-Star and looks into the face of mortality. The struggle between himself and Jakazure intensifies, and he finally encounters a certain photographerCollective Game, CYOA, Quest, Cripple la Kill, Kill la kill2014-10-04 0 
February 2015
37903610Cripple La Kill Quest: Re-Spin 1The decision is made for CLK to be rebooted. What lies in store now?CLK, Cripple La Kill, Quest, Kill la Kill, KLK, Cripple2015-02-07 -2 
March 2015
38377878Cripple La Kill Quest: Re-Spun 2-2Yuuto makes it onto Paris, but what dark secrets does this ship contain?CLK, Cripple La Kill, Quest, Kill la Kill, KLK, Cripple2015-03-01 0 
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