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May 2016
47064409Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #1The war against the Fleet of Fog becomes much less one sidedKantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-03 8 
47100723Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #2In which we battle a small fleet and get a Mental Model on our sideKantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-05 7 
47187155Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #3We don't accomplish much other then learning a little about Houston. The thread died quite early. It is sad.Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-10 1 
47220655Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #3We finish "interrogating" Houston, and begin learning how to control nanomaterials.Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-12 1 
47323498Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #5We battle a Fog patrol fleet.Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-18 2 
186628Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #6We become /qst/ refugees to not die. Also, we go to rescue a newly appeared Shipgirl. Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-26 1 
June 2016
205697Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #7KCoBS, Episode 7: The Shipgirl AwakensKantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection,Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-06-03 1 
218571Three Kingdoms Quest 1Zheng Li founds a small army, wins a duel to assume command, breaks a bandit force and gets a pittance for his trouble.Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-06-04 13 
244601Three Kingdoms Quest 3Zheng Li refuses service under Tao Qian and joins the Han forces. He saves Lu Zhi from peril.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-06-12 7 
August 2016
493271Three Kingdoms Quest #10Sun Jian gets his bacon saved. Also SunCefagpls dank meme has returned.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-08-22 6 
September 2016
519005Three Kingdoms Quest 11Poor Han Fu is given charity. Zhang He slaps a bitch, Wang Yi becomes the Grinning Demon. Runan is captured.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-09-01 5 
537931Three Kingdoms Quest 12Zheng Li plays the Chinese Cupid and matchmakes. Cao Cao trolls around. Jiangxia is taken and people rage about benevolence.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-09-08 5 
580821Three Kingdoms Quest 13Zheng Li bangs Cai Shi, builds a relationship with Wei Yan, and attacks Yuan Shu for raiding his villages. Also Cao Cao attacks Tao Qian.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-09-20 5 
October 2016
682995Three Kingdoms Quest 14Part 1: We kick the everliving shit out of Yuan Shu's forces. Part 2: We make nice with the people of Pei Commandery.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-10-12 5 
November 2016
785037Three Kingdoms Quest 15Chen Gong and Lu Bu are rejected. Sun Shang Xiang is a bitch, but a new waifu is born.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-11-08 6 
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