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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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November 2019
3908721Multiplayer Isekai Quest (Mythic RPG) #1OH SHIT! After a tragic combine harvester accident, ten and counting anons are given bullshit cheat powers and thrown into fantasyland!Collective Game, Isekai, Fantasy, Autism2019-11-12 5 
3888990Mythic Solo QuestsIntroducing the Mythic RPG system to /qst/.Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Solo2019-11-17 1 
3919883Multiplayer Isekai Quest (Mythic RPG) #2The adventures of Shi and his party. This could have been the best quest in at least 3 months, but the OP disappeared in a tragic accident.Collective Game, Isekai, Fantasy, Autism2019-11-30 2 
December 2019
3917586Mythic RPG #3Terry robs elven cities; Dante fights SCP-811; William escapes an oasis of horror.Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Solo2019-12-01 0 
3947911Mythic RPG #4 (Kek's Familia)Shi's team travels to Devapura, the City of the Gods. Players slots are decided by a PvP battle; follows a party and dungeon exploration.Collective Game, Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Solo2019-12-16 0 
3981247Eternal Punishment (Mythic RPG) #1Chase introduces us to Tartarus, a mysterious underworld inspired by the Joker Quest, but he gives up after two days.Collective Game, Furry, Joker Quest, Mythic, RPG2019-12-26 -2 
January 2020
3988301Grimdark Quest (Mythic RPG) #1Shi ascends to the role of QM and introduces us to a desert world where he's god-king. His style is absolutely hilarious, in a childish wayArt, Autism Jesus, Collective Game, FATAL, Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Troll2020-01-07 2 
3992422Isekai Quest (Mythic RPG) #5(Dream Xianxia) Mark and Chase explore a small Buddhist sect inside of a stable dreamscape.Buddhism, Collective Game, Dream, Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Xianxia2020-01-09 -2 
4011268Isekai Quest (Mythic RPG) #6The continuation of Shi's grimdark thread. Nothing happens at all.Autism Jesus, Collective Game, FATAL, Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Slice of Life, Whining2020-01-20 -1 
4042757Grimdark Quest (Mythic RPG) #2Shi resets his Grimdark Quest. He quits after only one day, beating Chase as premature quitter.Autism Jesus, Collective Game, FATAL, Isekai, Mythic, RPG2020-01-26 -5 
April 2020
4181078Axis Stargate (Mythic RPG) #1A new setting. The thread was spammed to death and no one joined.Mythic, RPG, Stargate, Troll2020-04-12 -5 
4187130Multiplayer Eldritch Island (Mythic RPG) #1A hybrid system of Multiplayer Eldritch Horror and Mythic RPG. The horrors find themselves on a desert island, with no memories.Eldritch, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG2020-04-14 -3 
4198405Multiplayer Eldritch Horror (Mythic RPG) #4The Bay12 forum Lovecraftian strategy game revisited with Mythic RPG. 4 players + 1 shared character.Eldritch, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Strategy2020-04-23 -1 
May 2020
4242533Multiplayer Eldritch Horror (Mythic RPG) #6This time, the setting is inspired by CthulhuTech. 1 player + 2 shared characters.Eldritch, CthulhuTech, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Strategy, Troll2020-05-15 -5 
4242683Multiplayer Eldritch Horror (Mythic RPG) #6This time, the setting is inspired by CthulhuTech. 1 player + 2 shared characters.Eldritch, CthulhuTech, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Strategy, Troll2020-05-29 -4 
June 2020
4271801Multiplayer Cthulhian Files (Mythic RPG) #1The players work for the Kek Foundation and investigate the disappearance of a livestreamer in the town of Pelzer, SC.Conspiracy, Horror, Lovecraft, Modern, Multiplayer, Mythic, Paranormal, RaHoWa, RPG2020-06-05 -4 
4296865Multiplayer Cthulhian Files (Mythic RPG) #2The players continue to investigate the mysteries of Pelzer, but do not find new leads.Conspiracy, Horror, Lovecraft, Modern, Multiplayer, Mythic, Paranormal, RaHoWa, RPG2020-06-25 -2 
July 2020
4325194Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #7In an evil town, the party takes a quest to kill a succubus who runs a prostitution ring.Autism Jesus, Isekai, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Weeb2020-07-19 -1 
4362286Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #8Continuation of the previous thread.Autism Jesus, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Weeb2020-07-30 0 
August 2020
4383696WTF Isekai Zero Quest (Mythic RPG) #1The classical WTF Quest revisited with Mythic RPG and two new MC's. This is the first regular quest using Mythic.Collective, Mythic, Random, RPG, ShortTrip, What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ2020-08-12 -3 
4392420Christian Paladin Quest (Mythic RPG) #2Milena Ravensun is Isekai'd into a world where Jesus Christ is not known.Christian, Collective, Milena, Mythic, Paladin, RPG2020-08-12 0 
4415487WTF Isekai Zero Quest #2 (Mythic RPG)An interlude. The 2 MCs returned and a new one joined. Collective, Mythic, RPG, What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ2020-08-31 -2 
September 2020
4416666Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #9Exploration of Labyrinthia; the quest migrates to tgchan https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/975434.htmlDungeon, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Succubus2020-09-07 -3 
May 2021
4779637Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #10The exploration of Labyrinthia continues. This time, AI Dungeon is used as co-QM tool.AI Dungeon, Dungeon, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Succubus2021-05-09 -1 
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