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November 2012
21655527Goa'uld quest 2After our jaffa host's meeting with a groop of mercenaries in which we were forced to hop into the mercs so that they did not die we then hitched a ride to there camp where we found out coffee i Goa'uld cocaine while blitzed out on coffie we swiched hostes then we revealed ourelves and through tens negotiations we manage to form an uneasy alliance with these strange human mercenaries (pro tip they are from Rusha)as we covertly study there ways.Collective Game, Goa'uld Quest, Goa'uld, Stare Gate, god2012-11-20 11 
21671598Goa'uld Quest 3We speak with the underling specialized in science, and use our divine intellect to snatch knowledge from the computation device.Collective Game, Goa'uld Quest, Goa'uld, Stargate, god, Leviathan2012-11-22 5 
December 2012
22040516Goa'uld Quest 4The fourth instalment of our travels, were we prowl the streets of the city at night, scope the criminal underground and are generally a noire figure with delusions of grandeur.Collective Game,Goa'uld Quest,Goa'uld,Stargate,god,Leviathan2012-12-15 5 
22230311Goa'uld Quest 5We continue planning a rebellion while discussing the relative merits of hovertanks versus gunships.Collective Game,Goa'uld Quest,Goa'uld,Stargate,god,Leviathan2012-12-29 6 
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