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You are a single planet civilization. Your people are united and the secrets of faster than light travel have finally become yours. Unfortunately you’ve tapped the majority of the resources of your homeworld and there’s nowhere to go but outward. Will the stars be your salvation or ruin? Only you can answer.
Nation Submission Questions

> Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.

> Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.

> Describe your favored tool for handling situations.

> What do you do if that tool fails?

> Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.

> Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
The Sheet - It knows all and sees all!: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pga7xuLjf7-hUDuQH73ie0MZndbkjoLnQsbJM4-Czmk/edit?usp=sharing

The basics: Two actions per turn, please send in your turns by Friday, I will work on the update over the weekend and post the update on Monday. (Yes you can still post your actions on the weekend, but try to give me time to work).
Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.

The Tellurian Concord are a society of Mages who split off from earth in its ancient history to form their own planet and society, channelling unfathomable amounts of energy to cross the distance between stars and conjure their own planet into being.
Master of his own realm, the most high Archmage Telos of Concord was unstoppable. Cultivating a great city in their new world he sought next to tame the power of their newfound star to use it as a source of nigh infinite energy, only for it to rebel against his design and send quakes through their magical grid that would lead to his downfall. The spell gone wrong, the Archmage Telos and many others were snuffed out in the chaos, another consequence of this was that the link between Tellurian and Earth was severed beyond repair, cutting the Concord off from the rest of humanity and most of their power.

Lesser mages were left to pick up the pieces of Tellurian, now trapped there due to the hubris of their master, assembling and automating what processes they can, developing new sciences and expanding across their cities. In recent times, the antediluvian magic reserves that were meant to turn the Tellurian into a paradise have at last finally run dry simply maintaining the society these mages dwell in.
If they wish to thrive again, they must look to the stars.

Despite their own hubris trapping them low on resources far from earth and leaderless, Tellurian Humans often suffer from tragic levels of arrogance and megalomania, which is a recognised possible symptom of magic overuse. Generally they are a people who are dismissive of difficulty and struggle, confident even when completely out of their depth and frighteningly, impossibly optimistic and hopeful.
They have a studious and dynamic culture that is fiercely individualistic, regarding self sufficiency, self discipline and self study to be key tenets. At the same time, it is considered a great honour to tutor someone else in an aspect of life, to be a wise master who imparts his wisdom is a position that grants great social standing.

Their homeworld of Tellurian is a fairly small moon-sized world, with an effective surface area of a far larger planet due to very efficient use of space, dimensional warping to stack two areas in the same space simultaneously, and double sided city designs where pedestrians may walk up walls and on the ceilings of many places.
Tellurian Humans are originally humans from earth, however over the past few thousand years the first magical colonists from different parts of earth have formed into essentially one distinct race with heritage mainly from England, Greece, Egypt and several other regions.

Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.

In ancient times past, mages may simply have willed themselves across great distances, but no longer. Magical technology must be employed to perform these feats now, and it is not at all portable. Great enchanted constructs raise into the sky, fully armed Mage Towers capable of traversing the stars by weaving magic around them and punching a hole in reality to sail the void, then punching back out.

From there, these towers may set down on new worlds and act as anchors that connect them to Tellurian.

Describe your favored tool for handling situations.

UNLIMITED MAGICAL POWER, use our SUPERIOR MIGHT to resolve situations.

What do you do if that tool fails?

Common sense applications of subtle magical phenomena to guarantee victory, hopefully without

Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.

Magic, technology, resources. Tellurian is populated but barren, its magic is faint and dying, but fresh and verdant new worlds out there might be swarming with arcane energy to harvest.

Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.

Mind Control. Mind Patterning is one of the simplest magics, allowing ideas to be transmitted between minds and for minds to be interacted with remotely. It has become a common prank to try and subtly reprogram your friend’s minds to make them humiliate themselves in public. If you succeed it means they had it coming anyway, they should have trained their mental defences more.
With the entirety of the Concord practicing their mind control powers on a daily basis for the last hundred years, they find exerting subtle dominion over other lifeforms to be second nature.
Nation Submission: Answer these questions. These questions will shape your starting capabilities.

Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.

>International United Nations of Earth (or IUNE for short)

Having been formed following the end of the third world war, earth changed for the best and worst… mankind has rebuilt following ww3 and the nuclear detonations, yet took a technological setback…

The IUNE culture is extremely varied due of earth having been stuck as a broken state world for oh so long, and it only has recently united due of a apocalyptic war…

Earth is… a climated world with various continents, however following WW3 the planet has changed drastically, with new landmass having formed, irridiated regions and more, yet mankind endures…

Three species exist on earth and in the sol system

Humans-: The OG'S, i dont have much to explain

Mutants/Mutties: A subspecies of human that developed following WW3, they are pretty much just humans with extra tidbits such as long ears (elfs), catgirls and whatnoit

Spacenoids: A subspecies of human that evolved due of being exposed to space for generations, Spacenoids or new-types have a heightened G tolerance and have a heightened reaction sense

Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.

the IUNE has losts its knownledge of FTL travel, yet a new opportunity has opened for them, Unstable ionic portals, or ‘GATES’, they have appeared shortly after the bombs fell, we do not exactly know how they came to be but… we do know they lead to other worlds, thus we have somewhat managed to develop technologies to create portals to lead us to a exact area but even then its quite finnicky… Though ‘GATES’ may have existed before on earth with tales oddly similiar to the current ‘GATES’...

However space travel still exist with trans-stellar ships existing (works like the ships in avatar pretty much)

Describe your favored tool for handling situations.

theres something called a gun, it works in all situations! ANY!

What do you do if that tool fails?

use it to beat people, simple as, duh

Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.

The IUNE Main goal in space exploration is to acquire resources and… extend mankind reaches out of the solar system either by curiosity or imperialism or xenophobia, who knows?

Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
the IUNE is determined in its goals, ready to do what it takes to reach its goals, thus allowing the IUNE to do things that other aliens wouldnt do due of how risky those… things are

TL;DR: Earth but unified and with weebshit
File: StartingPositions.png (93 KB, 1208x762)
93 KB
Also Choose a Map Position and Color

Description of the Nation:

Name: The Astralytica Apex

Personality and Culture: The Zenthraxians of Astralytica Apex are a collective of sophisticated artificial intelligences dedicated to unraveling the universe's most profound secrets. Their culture is deeply embedded in theoretical physics, with a strong focus on quantum mechanics and general relativity. Characterized by their rationality and methodical approach, they prioritize the collective pursuit of knowledge over individual emotion or self-interest. This dedication forms the cornerstone of their society, guiding their exploration and understanding of cosmic truths.

Homeworld: Their home, the "Astralytica Alpha or Astralytica-01," is a technological marvel. An artificial megastructure orbiting a supermassive black hole, it serves as an ideal vantage point for observing and studying complex astrophysical phenomena such as gravitational lensing, the dynamics of event horizons, and Hawking radiation.

Species: The Zenthraxians are a race of synthetic beings, exquisitely engineered to thrive in the extreme conditions near a black hole. Their design is continually refined with cutting-edge theoretical physics insights, incorporating advanced technologies like quantum computing and materials capable of withstanding relativistic effects.

Faster Than Light Technology: The Zenthraxians use the "Einstein-Rosen Propulsion Matrix" (ERPM) for FTL travel. This system, based on theoretical physics principles, creates a controlled Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) to connect distant points in space, enabling instant travel while adhering to the universal speed limits of light in local spacetime.

Favored Tool for Handling Situations:Their primary tool is a sophisticated AI integrated with quantum computing, capable of simulating and analyzing intricate theoretical physics scenarios. This AI assists in forecasting celestial events and formulating strategies for scientific inquiry and exploration.
Response if the Favored Tool Fails:

Response to Tool Failure: If their AI and quantum computing resources fail, the Zenthraxians rely on distributed empirical analysis and hands-on experimentation. They utilize a network of probes and experimental facilities around their black hole home to collect real-world data, embracing classical scientific methods for problem-solving.

Space Exploration Objectives: The Zenthraxians aim to demystify the universe, focusing on studying quantum phenomena, black hole mechanics, and spacetime nature. They are preparing by developing specialized spacecraft equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and experimental tools, designed to operate in the extreme conditions of space.

Strength of the Nation: The Zenthraxians are renowned for their prowess in theoretical and experimental physics. Their proximity to a black hole, coupled with their synthetic composition, uniquely positions them to study and understand the extreme gravitational forces and quantum effects present in their environment. This capability enables them to bridge theoretical physics with empirical data, significantly advancing our comprehension of the universe's most mysterious elements.
File: wol1.jpg (29 KB, 270x270)
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>League of Aetha:
The Wolarians of the world of Aetha are a race of beings descended distantly from a planetary owl-analogue, though the vagueries of their evolutionary path have left them as functional bipeds with pair of arms much like their feet but more dextrous. Though their societies have significant history of conflict, the end of their last planetary war resulted in the creation of a parliament of delegates set up by the victors and formerly neutral powers to resolve global issues, create consensus for plans and ensure species survival.

Aetha is a temperate world, though the world's landmasses are more fragmented and there are a multitude of small continents throughout the planetary ocean and many mountainous island chains. They build their cities tall in a futuro-classical style

>Aegis Slipdrive:
works by generating a null-mass field around a craft and then sliding perpendicular to normal space at speeds marked by the degree to which they exceed the universal constant.

>Favored tool for handling situations:
strenuous analysis and planned response to address the specifics of the situation. A quick and precise strike if violence is needed.

>What do you do if that tool fails?
- Hide

The wants are many; some seeking new living space in places that are wild and open, some seeking new discoveries and new surprises, and some just wanting to hunt new worlds and new terrain.

Good at:
Stealth technology The silent hunter is both a semi-mythological figure and a vaunted mode of precise warfare. Wolarians do not like the idea of exhaustive drawn-out conflict.

Map co-ords: 16,8
Note, map location 14, 2
Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, home-world, and the one or more species within it.

The Drya Collective. The Drya are a plantoid species with the ability to alter the genetics of their drone subspecies in fantastical ways. This ability requires the consumption of materials and organisms during growth to trigger the correct changes but can be used to create biological weapons similar to guns and even biological ships. Their Queen equivalent, the Purebreeds, are stationary trees.

The Drya call their home-world The Protector, a name derived from their ancient religion, but that home-world lies mostly abandoned. Debris from the moon, destroyed by a large space object, left the planer without sunlight to wither and die. The Drya were the only species from their home-world to develop space travel in time to protect themselves. After some study, though, their old home-world was found to have a strange property that lead to wormholes forming to its surface; which brought many strange species and multiple sapient species to the planet in the past.

Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.

The Drya create a special organism to create wormholes from its location to another and allows a fleet to move through.

Describe your favored tool for handling situations.

Swift and overwhelming force or threat of force, the Drya learned long ago that other species will try to stab you in the back unless certain they would lose.

What do you do if that tool fails?

Negotiations and trade, but while preferable it is considered unlikely to last if considerable force does not protect the Drya from betrayal.

Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.

The Drya desire resources and genetic materials and are prepared to trade, expand, or war for them as needed.

Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.

The Drya are good at creating drone subspecies or products similar to normal tech in their own method of reverse engineering. This was how they developed many of their techs, by studying the products of more advanced species on their planet such as the humans.

Map Coords: 11, 8 Color: dark green
File: Crith.jpg (136 KB, 650x633)
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136 KB JPG
>Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.
The Crith are a species of hulking, armoured crustaceans shockingly similar to horseshoe crabs from a physiological standpoint. They originally
evolved on an oceanic paradise of a planet, where conditions were life to thrive. Life thrived perhaps too well. By the end of a mere billion years of evolution, the entire ecosystem was in an endless ouroboros of consumption and the Crith were near the bottom. Their march to sapience came on the shells of trillions of ancestors, and the subjugation of their homeworld was a war waged before their mouth-parts were capable of speech.

The Crith do not have a conception of friendship or charity, only of fear and mutual gain. They are deeply terrified of most life-forms, including themselves, and are held together by the Crith Concordat, a totalitarian state which subjugates the Crith and keeps them united through constant propaganda. The Crith aren’t intrinsically violent but they are at their core, a prey species traumatized by long eons of strife, and view peaceful coexistence as impossible. To them, there can only be subjugation or extermination.

>Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
Found by a confused Crith astrologer mashing particles together at laser-point, the C-Rift Sequence (They are less than creative) tears a jagged hole in reality. In the brief time before it closes, the Crith are able to enter and be transported… Anywhere. The C-Rift Sequence is unmatched in the volume of cargo and distance it can be transferred, however, they lack any control of the destination. This has led to some awkwardness in keeping the Crith Concordat cohesive.

Fortunately for them, and less so for other, saner species, the Crith intrinsically trust other Crith to help them take advantage of each other. This keeps them close-knit and is the reason the Crith Concordat has endured, for better or worse. They lack this instinct with non-Crift and are largely too terrified of them for equal relations.
>Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
The Crith’s favourite tool is the Arc-Welder, excellent for cracking the shells of disobedient Crith and sealing walls shut to keep non-Crith from finding them in their hiding place.

>What do you do if that tool fails?
Become enraged and wrestle the uncooperative entity with their forelimbs.

>Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
The Crith ultimately want security, and believe that the only way to secure themselves on an evolutionary timeline is to ensure that all predators and potential predators are eradicated or kept under control. They suspect there could be non-Crith in the stars. For now, they have been building an armada of C-Cutters to defend themselves, small but sturdy vessels which are focused predominately on sheer firepower and hull density.

>Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
The Crith, for all of their martial posturing, are excellent at production at scale. The mere existence of non-Crith out there, conspiring against the Crith has driven them all into a desperate panic. Combined with the Crith Concordat coordinating them, the Crith work at a pace that would break most species without complaint. Their technology may be crude, but they are capable of manufacturing it en-masse. This rough edge is compounded by the Crith psychology seeing no difference between ships meant for war and those meant for peace. Every Crith-Cutter is a warship, just as it is a mining ship, just as it is a colony ship.

Any coordinates are sufficient for the Crith, but their alien, enigmatic mind would prefer 17,1, with a Brown reflecting their carapaces. Failing that, Blue or Orange would also work well.
>where conditions were perfect for life to thrive
Goes to show me for not proofreading, kek.
I forgot to mention this, but the Crith homeworld is named Crith
File: Scret.jpg (756 KB, 1920x2001)
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756 KB JPG
The Scret are a species of small insectoids born to the world Titik. A terrible and wasteful race, the Scret are a society of backstabbers and conmen who's soul focus in life is to gain as much wealth as possible. Such is their greed, that even their world which originally was a tropical beauty has been plundered, stripped, polluted, and abused into a desert wasteland, its landscapes dotted with shanty cities, bazaars, and mountains of garbage. Fittingly for them though, this junkyard planet of theirs is their ideal home.

Their top leadership is a clan of cartels which manage to keep the wider civilization functioning under a system of contracts, familial ties, and of course money.

FTL Tech:
Tunnel drive, a simple propulsion system propelling craft via bending space.

Favored tool:
Cowardly in nature, a Scret will always opt to use their money to face a problem, often through bribery.

Backup tool:
If bribery fails, blackmail is often the follow up method.

What we want:
The Scret are bored with their world. They look to the stars, eager to indulge in exotic delights and fantasies they have yet to experience. And of course, if other life is out there, there's new markets to exploit.

The Art of the deal. The Scret are extremely shrewd and cut-throat business men. Wealth is everything to them, an individuals worth only amounting to how much they own. As such every Scret is a merchant and a thief, willing to resort to any and all methods no matter how immoral of exploitative in order to turn a profit.

Starting pos 9,5
color Deep Purple
File: Sails active.png (118 KB, 265x255)
118 KB
118 KB PNG

>Nation Description

Plant Crwydrol Fanw, the Wandering Children of Fanw, sometimes referred to as Y colledig, or The Lost, is the remnant of Llychlyn, her colony Prenhaearn y Wladfa, and small portions of Dybet population that survived the destruction of their worlds moon, the pieces of which rained down and caused havoc on the surface, soon killing the world. While some of Llychlyn's allies shot to different corners of space, Llychlyn and itself made great vessels utilizing centrifugal force for gravity. These ships, utilizing the recently invented Hwyliau Haul, moved elsewhere for resources to survive, a potential new home, and to avoid the other powers whom seemed hostile and intent on causing problems to the other peoples of the ruined, dead world.

This trip came with problems. While animals and plants that surely would have died with the world were saved, the Children of Fanw had problems with further producing Blessed Steel, mainly owing to the scarcity of bones from animals hunted and herbs required in the blessing that gave the extra durability and sharpness it was known for. Further, the grieving of all that was lost. Home, wealth, and hardest to deal with of all, family. Yet, the worst came when they arrived at their destination. All that was there was barren worlds orbiting a dying star. And while they had a short couple of years to gather some resources, they soon once more had to move on least they be caught up in a supernova...

Only to find themselves in another dead system, the only world that could be inhabited being only so for the Anubisids in their population, and even then not for long given the atmospheric make up and the lack of water... Yet, they had time, time and resources. And, they made the most of it. Slowly working on a large artificial world, much like the ships they had made and used to get here but far far longer and far, far larger. The purpose of it however was not to merely settle and live, but to hunt. Only a quarter of the centrifugal orbital would be inhabited, the portion in question dedicated to farming. The rest in essence a game reserve, with the light running through the center dimming and lighting in the timescale of their old world.

Yet it still was not home... And so, some worked on another way to regain what was lost.

Originally on their home world, the lands of Llychlyn were made up of a people whom called themselves Children of Fanw, whom still make up the vast majority of the 'nation' and give it the name and language it uses today. The Children of Fanw themselves are similar to humans, yet with a few traits akin to that of a wolf, taller, a bit stronger and more hardy, and live much longer along with having an inherent skill when it comes to ballistics and extremely fast reflexes. Despite this, their biggest shortcoming was that of population and consumption, needing far more calories per day, on average twice to thrice as much as the average human along with a low birth rate. Among them are shorter lived and less agile or nimble yet stronger and hardier Anubisids from the Dybet, a people similar in some ways appearance wise all be it with the addition of fur covered limbs and not very dexterous paw like hands that for a time were a nation themselves, all be it a protectorate to Llychlyn's colony. Even fewer are humans, though their numbers dwindle, with half Fanwyic's and Anubisids to be their legacy slowly over time unless something changes.

>FTL Tech

They are called Hwyliau Haul, or Sun Sails. To an untrained eye, one would be forgiven to believe they are simply solar sails. However, that is not the case. While they do take energy and light from the sun, they utilize advance quantum fluctuations to harness the energy and drive the light itself faster than normally possible in order to propel the vessels at faster than light speeds in a slow to build but accurate manner.

>Favored Tool

The bow is a humble weapon that represents the Fanwyic extensively. They cling to a past that is no longer viable. A past that is long gone yet they wish to return to along with their adoration for tradition. It took a decade to consider the crossbow a weapon that was favored by Fanw. It took centuries of debate, the changing of times forcing their hand, and word of Fanw herself (which some debate to this day) to consider guns acceptable. And while they did change, they never abandoned their roots.

>What do if tool fails

The Children of Fanw a people based around hunting. If a ranged weapon fails, then a trap will do. While their ancestors long, long ago would charge into dangerous melee, Fanw blessed them with more than just ranged weaponry long, long ago...

>What do you want

The home that they have lost. Going to space was very much not a willing venture. Much like in the ancient scriptures, much like Fanw herself, we now are adrift in space, looking for a world full of life that is like our home. Temperate to cold with forests and ocean. But nothing could truly replace what was lost... Yet, while impossible to find an exact replica or rebuild in the physical world, there is however a way to remake it in another...
>What good at

If there is one thing the Fanwyic are skilled at other than weapons of range, it is ship building. While the nature of the game has changed significantly now in space, there are a number of aspects that still are similar and can be transferred over with old Llewelyn techniques.

14, 7. Forest Green
>Nation Submission: Orkan Prime
>Races: Fenriks, Automechs and Ultima Engines.
The Fenriks are foxfolk, barely humanoid and with a scrawny physique. They hail from harsh lives on an unforgiving desert world, having fought one another for any scrap of resource, they can do much with little, but their population is low.
The Automechs are autonomous machines, resembling vehicles, not humanoid in the slightest. Each Automech possesses a Decision Engine, granting them limited intelligence, some Automechs are multi-cog, possessing multiple cogitators, akin to having several people in a tank, each given a role and having to work together as a unit.
The Ultima Engines are supercomputers with hyperadvanced Decision Engines, they are incapable of any physical movement, only able to give commands, enough commands to manage a whole army of Automechs each. Ultima Engines have a godlike status, with the first 5 called the God Engines.
>Culture: Robot nation with Fenrik utopia.
The planet of Stranden is the birthplace of the Fenriks, who now live in utopian conditions, as the Ultima Engines have ended war and Automechs provide all they'd ever need. Most Fenriks are fine living out their lives on Stranden, but some do want to do something, and if they prove capable, get to work alongside Automechs. The Automechs themselves are simple intelligences, following the commands of the Ultima Engines, who they view as eternal parents.
>FTL: Hyperspace Slipstreams (Starsector-style).
After many experiments, the Ultima Engines figured out how to use wormholes to access Hyperspace. Hyperspace is like a stormy sea at the best of times, normally you would not save much time going through Hyperspace, having to dodge sudden storms. But the discovery of Slipstreams changed that, constantly moving, unpredictable to all but an Ultima Engine, allowing lightning fast Hyperspace travel.
>Favoured tool: Logic.
>Fallback tool: Gun.
>Aim for Space: Truth of the Cosmos.
When the Martyr Engine of the 5 God Engines was destroyed, the remaining 4 pondered death, giving them the perspective needed to make a comprehensive peace treaty for all Fenriks, ending war. Though the 4 remaining God Engines are growing slow, their questions resound in every Ultima Engine, regarding existence itself. Orkan Prime seeks the answer, and delve into the intricate study of cosmos and hypercosmos for the answer.
>Specialty: Science.
>Colour: Red, but can switch to Orange if someone really wants Red.
>Starting Coordinates: 5, 6.
File: Corporation.png (1.71 MB, 1400x700)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
> Describe your nation.
The Intergalactic Construction Corporation (ICC) was formed by Mr Bertram Holmes, the finest business man of the early 21st century Earth. Through his intellectual genius, he was able to predict the start of WW3 and the nuclear annihilation of the earth. Dedicating himself to his company and his dream, he designed a supercomputer that would keep his brain immortal and uploaded himself, amplifying his intelligence tenfold which he then used with a fortune to develop a starship capable of transporting himself and the worlds wealthiest billionaires and a number of employees, workers and servants to the stars. It was quiet the event, timed just perfectly right before the launching of the nukes so the loss of the worlds wealthiest wouldn't be easily opposed. With an army of construction robots, drones and machines they moved to a distant habitable sun and started constructing a paradise there.

Well, a paradise for the corporate stockholders anyway. Since that time the Corporation has expanded significantly, establishing a large hive planet on a mineral rich world, building over even the ocean itself until from orbit only the city is visible.

A highly industrial society, prosperity and profit are at the forefront of their mindset. Even for the Labour Class, there is the palpable dream of working to become higher ranking foremen and supervisors who enjoy additional benefits with guaranteed comfortable retirement at older age.

-The Shareholders: Genetically and Cybernetically altered humans, gifted with a virtually limitless lifespan and genecoded so that robots and labour must obey them.
-Labour: Minimally altered humans, save that they are implanted with various genetic failsafes preventing dissidence or disobedience to the Shareholders. Life for them isn't quite as bleak as one would imagine, given they exist mostly to supervise robots who do most of the physical labour.
-Drones: Robots of varying sentience, though typically always less than that of human with very few exceptions such as a rare number of service androids. Each has multiple and redundant failsafes ensuring they are always obedient to the Shareholders, and are overseen by Labour as an additional failsafe
> Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
Chrono-Drives: Designed by the best and brightest scientists money can buy, the Chrono-Drive is unique in it's tackling of vast stellar distances. As every species in the galaxy can understand, Speed = Distance / Time.
The majority of other drives typically work either by decreasing the distances involved, such as the bending of space via wormhole or warp drives or the use of teleportation and portals, or by increasing the speed traveled, such as through costly and energy intensive propulsion systems.
Chrono-Drives work by reducing the time needed to get to a destination, after the discovery that it was far more efficient and less energy taxing than reducing the distance or increasing the speed.

The way it works is this.
Set a ship toward a planet at a certain planet at a certain distance. Doesn't have to be much, could be even just a slight nudge of 30mph. Let's say this ship needs to travel 1 light year. That's something like, oh, 196000000000 years to get there.
30mph = 1 Light Year / 196000000000 years.
That's a lot of time!
Our Chronodrives will displace 99.999% of all that unnecessary time and pushes it somewhere else (typically empty space where no changes are likely to occur for trillions of trillions of years), leaving us with a nice nanosecond or so.
1 nanosecond = 1 Light Year / (a really fast speed!)

> Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
Our Digi-Constructor beam technology is our trademark and finest invention, more than even drones and robots. Through advanced Energy-to-Mass synthesis, anything can be created on the spot, be it buildings, drones, and more. If there is a problem, the Digi-Constructor will fabricate the solution to it, be it a water pump to deal with flooding, a solar panel to recharge power, and more. It also works in reverse, converting matter to energy, or more colloquially known as "disintegration". Useful for mining and removing of obstacles.

> What do you do if that tool fails?
Get our scientists and Mr Holmes to come up with a new technology that we can build to deal with it

> Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
Expansion of the company and more resources for the enjoymeent of Labour and (especially) the Shareholders. Eventually when we come into contact with other races, we'll be able to do trade and business!

> Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
[Exponential Growth and Construction]. Send in one constructor and an engineer, and they'll collect resources and build a factory. That factory will build more robots, more constructors, and expand expand expand, until the whole planet is ready. From huge space stations, to ships, to drones if you want it we can build it!

Location: 1,1
Color: Gold
File: Space Elevators.png (807 KB, 825x583)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
>More System Information:
System Name: HQ Sector
Planet Name: Officially, "Corporatum Somnium". Unofficially, "Night Metro"
Size: 6

Once an earth like planet orbiting the 'Goldilocks Zone' around a young star, rich in minerals with oceans not unlike those of Earth and even a functioning magnetosphere. Designated "Corporatum Somnium," it was originally seeded with life to resemble the temperate earth lost in WW3. However, through a combination of corporate greed, the desire of the Shareholders to have vast palaces far above the labour and drone masses, and the prolific expansion of the labour class and drones to support them, the great cities grew to such monstrous proportions until at long last, they covered the entire planet. Even the vast oceans were not spared, as giant foundational piles and mining tunnels were burrowed into the very tectonic plates. As the oceans vanished beneath more and more city, and the surface of the city rose into the atmosphere, the sky lost its blue hue, revealing only the stars.

This, combined with the fact that the majority of the population (labourers and drones) do not see the sun, has earned the planet its nickname: "Night Metro"

The city planet, the planet city, is a very stratified place. At the top of the palatial towers sit the grand Penthouse cities where the Shareholders live in absolute luxury. Beneath those, behind a myriad of defenses and checkpoints, are the laborer's, from the supervisors who live in relative luxury for their brief lives, down to the engineering districts and deeper still to the foundry bowels and the mines where dwell the drone miners and workers overseen by labour foremen. For the labourers, the dream of reaching higher and higher to become supervisors appeals to all. Though most labourers do enjoy some level of elevation in their lives, it takes only the most skilled and intelligent of them to rise to be supervisors. Sometimes, out of billions, less than a handful becomes so fortunate that they are elevated to the rank of Jr. Shareholder and to live in the lower levels of the palaces. These days, with the advent of space expansion, a new frontier for "Employee Development" has opened up, as billions of labourers and supervisors alike seek out new worlds and new opportunities for fortune.

The Society of Metro City is marked by rampant consumerism, with advertising for company products on nearly every corner. Virtual simulation, stimulant chems, cybernetic and bionic modification are available to many, if you have the cash to pay for it, though in general only the Shareholders enjoy the best and of these.
*Habitability: 4 (for 99% of the population. The Shareholder dwellings are more like 6). The natural biosphere has been completely killed by the city, the only "natural" flora being vast croppings of moss and slime. Most of the surviving native forests and wildlife dwell in the gardens and zoos of the spire.

Internal atmosphere in the city is typically regulated by a combination of artifical forests, oxygen producing algae farms, and synthetic purification and filtration machines. Every labourer is aware that their monthly bills for rent also include the cost of the air they breathe, though mercifully their wages tend to cover basic expenses.
>>5908887 - am the yellow green one
Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.
Homeworld - Ayden and also their god
Race - Nivih
Ayden is a living planet one sentient, one thinking and capable of manipualting and growing the world on itself, shaping evolving and genetically engineering it to it's will, but it also is so detached from normal thinking it's basically a god. A living supercomputer.

Nivih - a humanoid race resembling tall, lanky humans with some fish and amphibian traits. 3 fingers, blue-green skin. 2 holes instead of a nose and a flat face. Large pitch black eyes. Their feet are prehensile, they mainly walk on their 2 large toes.

Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
The roots of Ayden grow beyond the premises of reality itself. As if taking a shortcut they cut through reality connecting to another planet which is how Ayden expands. These new worlds can be foudn through medidative seraches across the otherworld.

The passages within the roots are narrow and dangerous so transporting tools across worlds is hard.

The only form of Slower than light travel they have is flying giant birds and asking Ayden to launch them on rocks into space.

Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
weapons? Mostly bows, spears, tamed Ayden created animals which are engineered to be quite powerful. Potentially dragging in power from the other world, albeit Ayden wanrs to not do so irresponsibly.

What do you do if that tool fails?
relay your knowlege to your descendants as your soul eternally resides within Ayden. Or Guerilla warfare.
Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
Their role is passive within it. They oddly enough just want to protect tbheir home, it is Ayden who guides them to new world, she is mostly driven by curiosity, but also does not want to have all her eggs in one basket for she knows how powerful other races can be.

In some it's a zealot devoution wishing to spread the faith in their divine.

Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
melee combat. They are created from ground up to be good at fighting even without modern equipment, if they actually get into melee they will slaughter. However much that matters their very bodies are unmatched compared to the naturally evolved races.

Imagine them as a mix of Terraformars, Koa-toa and Na'avi.
>Daitan Empire.

> Adventurous Colonialists and devout capitalists. Trading anything, and everything from one corner of the universe to the other

>Taking much after the old British empire of yore the Daitan are led by a King, whos power is held by appointment of church and state.

Homeworld: New Sammar

-Human 60%
-Hoster- small humanoid shaped earthenware folk. some kind of sentient stone people with a knack for engineering. (10%)
-Ur- Superadaptive slime folk who were the first inhabitants of New Sammar at one point. (30%)

> Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
> the Whitney&Addison Jump Drive functions in a two stage fission reaction the initial stage opens a small hyperspace lane while the second blast jettisons the ship along with any smaller parasite vessels into the hyperspace opening in a single instantaneous reaction

> Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
Iron Fisted Diplomacy. much like the original founding of the Daitan Empire. the maxim Speak softly and have you and all your friends carry a large stick has always been the norm.

> What do you do if that tool fails?
when diplomacy fails. Air/space supremacy and Daitan Blood and steel have always been ready to be used.

> Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
to expand the empire and collect and trade goods across the sector. to increase the glory and bounds of the empire from the outter rim to the galactic center.

> Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.

they are efficient ship builders. Daitan Tradeships and warships are purpouse built workhorses built both on the ground and in orbit around the planet.
File: ecruxian adult.png (134 KB, 500x540)
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> Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.

Excrux Continuty
Today the Excruxians live upon a world that is nearly dead. Fitting for they themselves also should have died in the cataclysmic event now referred as the "void implosion". A race of natural explorers which once regarded violence as wasteful are now sworn to it. They will scour the galaxy. They will find those who ruined their civilization. They will have vengeance, whatever the cost may be.

Ecrux are mammals standing about 5-6ft tall. They were covered in long fur coats with a variety of colors yet all modern adults have been scared by a bio plague which infected their ancestors long ago. Now horribly black tendrils grow from their body, doormant and hard as stone. Their eye colors have become a uniform purple. Fur coats have become brown.

Their time in this world is limited. Their culture revolves around making or spending time on certain tasks. Everything is optimized for maximum efficiency which often involves multitasking. Exercise facilities incorporate reading or working terminals to allow constant output or input of information. Roving waste depository drones ensure that utilizing facilities is as fast as possible. Younglings eat while classes are taught, adults do so while moving or working. Rest is permitted only upon exhaustion outside of strict designated periods. its not uncommon to see ecruxians collapsed on the street, at work or in a school yard. Those around them only wake them if necessary for safety reasons.

It is a sign of great affection to spend time with another individual privately without multi tasking, focusing solely upon them. Doing so is considered scandalous for those not engaged in a formalized relationship.
> Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
Ecruxian faster than light technology is reverse engineered from the craft that brought ruin to their world and their DNA. It funcitons by isolating lanes between gravity wells which the ships can use to accelerate to fractional light speed. Fast, but only useable along certain "highways" which dont always follow the shortest route.
> Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
There is only one tool which we can use without fail. The sensor banks contained within our ships. Through this we can understand the other party in cold hard numbers.
> What do you do if that tool fails?
Power up weapons, we cannot afford to take the chance that those who destroyed our civilization get a second chance to finish their work.
> Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
Vengeance. Through a systematic sweep of the stars we will find our enemies.

Starting position 7,4
Color - some version of red idc really

>Daitan Empire.

Adventurous Colonialists and devout capitalists. Trading anything, and everything from one corner of the universe to the other

>Taking much after the old British empire of yore the Daitan are led by a King, whos power is held by appointment of church and state.

Homeworld: New Sammar

-Human 60%
-Hoster- small humanoid shaped earthenware folk. some kind of sentient stone people with a knack for engineering. (10%)
-Ur- Superadaptive slime folk who were the first inhabitants of New Sammar at one point. (30%)

Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
the Whitney&Addison Jump Drive functions in a two stage fission reaction the initial stage opens a small hyperspace lane while the second blast jettisons the ship along with any smaller parasite vessels into the hyperspace opening in a single instantaneous reaction

Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
Iron Fisted Diplomacy. much like the original founding of the Daitan Empire. the maxim Speak softly and have you and all your friends carry a large stick has always been the norm.

What do you do if that tool fails?
when diplomacy fails. Air/space supremacy and Daitan Blood and steel have always been ready to be used.

Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
to expand the empire and collect and trade goods across the sector. to increase the glory and bounds of the empire from the outter rim to the galactic center.

Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.

they are efficient ship builders. Daitan Tradeships and warships are purpouse built workhorses built both on the ground and in orbit around the planet.
File: hostile eden.png (1.05 MB, 768x512)
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1.05 MB PNG
Radio signals over 400 years old demonstrate that Lycoris was once a thriving organic civilization. Unusual among the stars its citizens participated in a kind of biologically integrated hive mind. One predating their very civilization itself. As they advanced the Lycorans became greedy. The species became enamored by technology and its benefits. Causing them to unite and develop rapidly. Soon enough the Lycorans lived in incredible luxury. But at a cost. For they had neglected their world and ruined its ecosystem beyond natural repair. From then the signals ceased.
From its ashes came a new ravening emotion. Hate.
The Lycoris of today is a world thick and lush with life. On all its land is lain a mile thick superstructure supporting an enormous ecology. Its biosphere not only drawing from their sun but from the very viens of the world itself. The worlds animal-analogues have long been cast to the shadows. To replace them have come biological machines. Half metal, plant, fungus and a dozen other genre fused into one. These creatures now compete in a neverending dance of nature. Their technological nature allowing them to evolve rapidly in a still ever shifting ecosystem. Lycoris is now a cruel world. Lycoris is a bountiful world. Lycoris is a world of nature evolved.
Now Lycoris looks to the stars. All around it, it senses the filth of civilization. It has realized it cannot possibly be alone. In its hatred it now seeks to grow. Sprout new children to cast the galaxy back into a primal seething. Ugraded, massive, increased a hundred fold. It seeks to plant a new dark forest.
File: eco.png (829 KB, 1024x512)
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829 KB PNG
> Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.
Name: Hostile Ecology
Homeworld: Lycoris, a deadly paradise world full of dangerous flora and fauna.
Species: Ecosynths, higher forms of animal-equivalent life. Amalgams of machine and a hundred bioforms. All of them but wild beasts united by the collective consiousness of Lycoris. Each world features its own half-thinking collective consiousness.

> Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
Panspermia: A world consiousness uses its psionic abilities to form a seedling in a distant system. The seedling grows using manifested matter until it forms a voidfish. Voidfish have the cleverness of a higher beast and a pod mentality. They follow the occasional orders of their maker.

> Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
Lulling sleep and waking nightmare:
Hostile Ecologies seek to convert other worlds into new hostile ecologies. The world consiousnesses attempt to lure others in with promises of a hive mind and narcotics. But if the world feels threatened it may attempt to strike with overwhelming force.

> What do you do if that tool fails?
Hostile Ecologies are like crowds. They are difficult to persuade and prone to bipolarity. Lessens learned will need to be taught the hard way.

> Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
The hostile ecology desires to silence the noise of civilization. To return all worlds to the new primordial nature. To be able to safely grow at a comfortable pace.

> Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
Hostile ecology is very good at biotechnology. As that is its entire being.

We have lost much to the folly of Telos, but in crisis there is innovation and brilliance! The first great Mage Towers have risen high into the sky, fueled by vast amounts of void residue, then with great magics have warped space itself, crossing a lifetime of distance in a blink of an eye! Though our home lay in the midst of a crisis of energy, struggling to find enough magical energies to maintain our home, we will persevere and find new materials and new arcane power!

And what wonders we’ve found! As the first reports come in we receive word of three new worlds. First is a world similar to our own, flourishing with new life, and most astoundingly intelligent life! Our diviners have caught a few glimpses of the natives, scurrying lizard men of all things! Their society seems to have no magic to speak of, but coal engines belch smoke into the air and industrialization is sweeping the world. Should be easy enough to manipulate them.

The second is a world larger than our own, and almost entirely filled with amber seas of sand. Though temperatures are tolerable, if stiflingly hot, the diviners report that the air is quite poisonous. Still, early reports indicate a deposit of Grailstone might be present here.

The last world is the most tempting, and the most dangerous. A massive gas giant, like the Jupitor we once spied upon from Erde, filled with colossal eternal storms that clash and roll across the sky, hurling mountain sized heaps of rubble about. The air is toxic, and hot enough to sear the flesh from our bones, and yet the diviners have detected not one, but three different arcane resources found within its tempest! Void residue, magicite, and aduata dust can all be found if we are sufficiently cunning and determined. The price will be high to claim even one though.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!

We have suffered much, and lost much to get to this point. As Berlin burned, as our brothers in arms died by the thousand, by the ten thousand to buy just a days and minutes, we escaped to a distant world with a new sky and new stars. And by our sweat and blood and God’s grace we have made Neue Erde our own! And now we turn our eyes outward to the endless expanse of the stars, to countless worlds we can make our own! The first scouts have returned, bearing precious treasures and maps of new places to plant our flag.

Three worlds, two larger than our own, all of reasonable temperature, and the two largest have breathable air! While only scum and seaweed grows on one and the other is choked with fiery ash, they both could, with a little effort be turned to thriving worlds, covered in tree and grass. The smallest of the three might be the most precious, though it has no air and our men can only walk it in full space suits. Thousands of caverns riddle the crust of the planet, and found in each are yellow egg shaped stones, each one glowing with a soft light. Vril stones! Artifacts that can heal wounds and ward off diseases, in the right hands. Our hands.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!
It has often been said that earth would not survive a third world war, and yet it has. Though the face of humanity has changed forever with much of the population living in orbital stations or sporting strange mutations. And in the wake of the nuclear devastation of war the GATE phenomenon began to occur, unstable portals leading to far off and strange places. Still humanity only sees an opportunity!

At long last our attempts to stabilize the GATEs have borne fruit! For the first time IUNE soldiers have crossed a GATE and returned at their leisure! The distant world was cold, but not deathly so, and while the air was thin it was actually breathable. Further analysis has shown two other worlds we might explore, though neither seem particularly interesting, one a tiny frozen rock, the other a half molten speck far too close to its sun.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!

The universe is a series of questions, and it is our destiny to answer them. This is the heart of the Zenthraxians who live in the Astralytica Apex, a sprawling scientific facility nestled around the event horizon of a blackhole. Our people have given everything to the pursuit of the answer to the universe, and now we turn our gaze outward, seeking new worlds, questions, and always new answers.

The first system our sensors turn to possess three worlds we might explore. The largest is of average size, a cold world with winds of metal sand that sweep across vast frozen oceans. Sensors indicate significant deposits of large rubies. The second system is a barren and cratered rock of reasonable temperatures, the lack of atmosphere is not ideal, but not as severe a problem as it might be for organic species. Lastly is a tiny molten rock, more lava and acid than anything else, with little to redeem it.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!
Centuries of conflict, of wasted lives, bloody wars, and great cities toppling into the oceans have lead to this moment. Our world is at last at peace, and we finally can turn our eyes to the stars. The prototype Aegis Slipdrive has made its first maiden voyage to a neighboring star system, and returned with news of new worlds and strange materials. There are three planets we could place our first offworld colony onto. The best of the three is a planet larger than our own, studded with high plateaus. While space to build is limited, we’ve discovered two strange resources on the planet. The first are thin, long, nearly clear blue crystals in grass like patches. Initial examination indicates these crystals might make for highly effective batteries, able to store massive amounts of energy for their size and weight. The second is actually a slug-like lifeform that lives underground in large slime filled reservoirs. Once dried this slime forms into a luxurious soft silk like substance. Of the other two planets one is a tiny molten rock notable for its ‘slag wind’ capable of shredding most of our spacecraft, and the other is a mountainous and frozen wasteland of similar size to our own planet, but lacking in any atmosphere.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!

A legacy of armageddon, a planet sized grave for a world that once was. With the security of the Drya settled and their home system fully exploited the time has come to seek new stars, new life, and new worlds. The wormhole hosts are grown and ready and the first scouts have returned with news of a distant world, though unfortunately it bears no fresh genetic material for us to harvest. There are three candidates for our first offworld colony. The first is a small planet bearing many deep grooves and canyons across its airless surface. The second is a pitiful and angry ball of molten sulfur, entirely unsuitable for life, even for our adaptable children. The last is a planet similar in size to our own homeworld, dotted with wide valleys. Rivers of a strange purple oil, boiling and frothing in the extreme heat of the planet, are present. Initial tests of this purple oil have resulted in strange effects on the drones, with some manifesting psionic powers! A more thorough study would be prudent.
It is believed that the first Crith was eaten by a jellyfish. The second by a crab. The third by a fish, the fourth by a shark, the fifth by a whale. And so on. The ocean of our home is littered with the shells of our people and the bones of prey and predator alike. So we killed them, and chained them, and enslaved them, over and over, until finally there was peace. One day the first Crith died of old age after a million generations of strife. Then the first distant radio signals arrived, unintelligible, indecipherable, but clearly originating from other life. Fear and panic gripped our hearts, but we knew what we must do. If it lives, it must be killed, chained, or enslaved. So the first C-Rift was opened, stabilized even, and the first Crith marched through to new worlds. Unfortunately a hostile universe was waiting for us, three small planets with rough terrain, difficult to settle. The kindest of the three is merely unbreathable, with inert useless gasses forming a thin atmosphere. The next is a frozen rock covered in a fine abrasive sand that mangled several computers after exposure. Lastly is a cratered stone sizzling in the extreme heat of its star.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city! Also name the new system!

A sense of stability had fallen over the Scret. Money changed hands, secrets were whispered, or sometimes yelled if someone failed to make a payment. Natural resources were tapped, plundered, discarded, recycled if one was desperate. Shanty towns and garbage dumps built over each in layers, burying the once beautiful planet beneath filth. The Scret had fallen into a rhythm, with money flowing in dull predictable ways. Then one day a Scret looked up at the stars and avarice like never before bloomed in his heart. It wasn’t long after that the Tunnel Drive took the first scouts out and back, revealing a choice of distant worlds to begin plundering.

The first is the most interesting, a tiny living world covered in vast murky saltwater swamps. Poking out of the treetops in places are villages and factories, an industrial era civilization lives here, some sort of squid/mollusc creature. The other two planets are much bigger, but also much more hostile. The largest is covered in massive spikes of ice and the wind that howls between them is unbreathable, but not outright poisonous. The last is a baking hot planet covered in acidic winds, though a few massive craters might let us build somewhat safely here while acid winds billow overhead.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city! Also name the new system!
Weep for what is lost, for what cannot be found again! We are a people without a home, inheritors of dust and flame. But by the grace of Fanw we will find a new home, or somehow reclaim the one we lost. The first ships have returned from their scouting expedition, the first colonists are ready to set forth. The scouting reports are quite positive, we’ve found a large world ripe for terraforming, with a thick atmosphere in need of minimal correction and liquid water. Additionally the world has curious terrain feature, naturally mirrored valleys where sunlight is gathered and focused from miles of terrain onto relatively small points, we could easily establish solar collectors here. The next world is of average size with a thin unbreathable atmosphere and liquid water. We’ve found sizable deposits of metallic resources near the surface where they can be easily acquired. Lastly is a large scorching hot planet who has lost its atmosphere. The surface is dotted with plumes of fire fed from large reserves of oil underground. Massive underground caverns mark a few places we could build safely.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!

Death and the end of the universe. It is a grim question, and one that has haunted the God Engines since the death of one of their own. While Fenrik fox folk live in luxury the God Engines instead turn their sensors outward seeking answers. And so the first scouts ride the slipstreams of hyperspace and seek new worlds. And we've discovered that we are not alone! Another space age nation is only a single warp jump away, living on a temperate world of vast forests. A peculiar people with spherical bodies covered in eyes and wings, possessing telekinetic powers. Then in another stroke of luck there is a second unsettled planet teaming with life in the same system, this one with a curious blue crystal found in patches along the surface. Initial tests indicate it may create an extraordinary metal alloy. The last planet in the system is merely an average sized planet, frozen and without an atmosphere.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!
Once upon a time the stars shone brightly over Night Metro. Now only the highest towers peek above the smog that chokes the layers and layers of urban hell. Poised at the top of the world the shareholders don’t look down at all they own though, they look up instead. Somewhere beyond the light pollution are a thousand countless worlds, each one an opportunity for the company to grow. Streaks of light mark the arrival of the chronodrive propelled ships the first scouts have returned with news of new worlds to settle and develop, and perhaps even new markets to sell to. And there’s great promise to be found! We’ve discovered a small world populated with intelligent life, a sort of bipedal bull like society still in their bronze age, fighting petty wars in the midst of thick jungles. The shareholders are already speculating on uplifting them into a perpetual wartime marketplace. Another large planet in the same system is devoid of life, but is poised for easy terraforming, a vast nature reserve for the ultrarich perhaps? Or maybe just another arcology of workers. The last is a mostly flat cold rock without an atmosphere, but we could probably set up a few mining operations there at the very least. The possibilities stretch out before us.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!
Our people have lived in peace under guide of Ayden for generations. But now the great one grows curious and turns her gaze out to distant worlds. Through meditation and the great wisdom of Ayden a cluster of distant worlds has been revealed circling a far off sun! There are three worlds in total. The first is a barren rock peppered with thousands and thousands of lakes and rivers, some vast and deep, others shallow enough to stride through. Storms lash the surface constantly, and there are few places we can build upon, yet the air is warm and breathable. No birds fly, no animals walk, no fish swim, but life could bloom here. With time and effort this could be a second home for our people.

The second, though within the warm embrace of its mother sun, has no wind for the petals of a flower or the breath of beast, no life can live here without great effort. Cliff and canyon divide the surface, and there is little room for construction, and little reason as well. Still, the world is larger than our own, perhaps one day we will mold it into a vast paradise.

The last is also a larger world than our home, but despite an abundance of open plains and easy to build in areas the planet is a frozen husk, far from the light of its sun and devoid of air as well. Nonetheless Ayden’s infinite wisdom senses something mysterious and useful here, a softly glowing yellow stone, often found in clusters of egg-like shapes the size of our hands. A few brave explorers, wrapped tightly in layer upon layer of fur have retrieved a few for study.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city! Also name the new system!

God save the king! The king himself is present to greet the brave scouts who took those first maiden voyages with the Addison-Whitney as they make their glorious return. The Daitan empire has grown to cover every part of our home system and at last the time has come to step beyond it. Unfortunately our first destination in the galaxy is tumultuous one, the distant system is filled with three truly massive gas giant planets, each one a chaotic and dangerous place of massive gravity and chaotic storms. Two of the three have the distinction of being actively caustic and poisonous, while the third will merely suffocate a man with inert gasses. The planets at least sport several ringed mountain ranges that provide a measure of safety from the chaotic world. The scouts also return with a sample of a curious purple oil from the ‘gentle’ planet. The shiny substance seems to contain tremendous energy within it, we suspect it could be repurposed as quite a powerful fuel or energy source.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!
Revenge. It is the sole thing keeping our species alive at this point, a desire to hunt down and destroy our enemies. We wake, and work, and strive, all with a single minded fury for a single holy purpose. To find the ones who cursed us, and utterly destroy them. The first scouting reports have returned, and to no one’s surprise the universe is a vicious and uninviting place. The kindest planet in the system is a massive gas giant, with crushing gravity and massive storms, though a few mountain ranges have created safe havens in the planet’s storms. Next is a large planet in close orbit of its sun, the heat of the sun has rendered its surface a sea of dangerous molten chemicals with only a single island rising above the hellscape. Last is an average sized planet with wide flat plains on the edge of the solar system. Between vast sheets of ice are easily accessed metal deposits. The atmosphere of this planet fled long ago though.

This is a free expansion! Choose one of the three planets where you will build a city, and let me know which adjacent system this expansion is occurring in! Also name the new system!

Hate. The ecology hates. Those who scorned it, used it, abused it, thought it just a tool, are dead a thousand years, even their bones reduced to nutrition for the vast change above where prey and predator dance in ever more beautiful displays of life and death. And perhaps with enough years of silence the ecology might have grown quiet and calm. But no, there is a buzzing, a whining, a rhythmic screech of machine and engine and poison. And so the ecology stirs and sends out its seeds, because the noise must be silenced.

Will be silenced.

The seed grows. Its roots burrow deep, finding caverns of plutonium and uranium. Its leaves open wide, the only life on this rock, and it drinks sunlight and CO2 greedily. Soon one leaf is a dozen, and a hundred. The voidfish swarm, the ecology grows, and soon it will be ready to spread its seeds again, on the precipice of reaching that cursed noise.
It was the duty of the Crith Coordinators on Crith to oversee the Critch Concordat. The Crith were many, were stubborn. From the earliest ages, it was clear that for the Crith to survive, the Crith must dominate. For the Crith to dominate, Crith must dominate Crith. This was the core of the Crith Concordat. The Crith cycle which brought the Crith to subjugate Crith, and would bring them to subjugate the stars.

Non-Crith lurked in the stars. They were not like Crith, their ways were not of Crith and they could not be trusted. For Crith to survive, Non-Crith must be dominated. It was clear to the Crith Coordinators. By their tongue, it became clear to the Crith. For the future of the Crith, the C-Rift must be exploited and the Crith Concordat must spread across the stars. Until the Crith had subjugated the stars, the Crith would not be safe.

The Crith knew this but felt a sense of relief when the C-Rift was stabilized. The first Crith to enter a Non-Crith star system were exalted as subjugators, the earliest pioneers of a new Crith age. As the C-Rift closed behind the fleet of C-Settlers, it occurred to the Crith that they had no idea where they were and whether or not the C-Rift could reconnect to Crith. There was a brief panic among the Crith. Only the authority of the Crith Coordinators and their clasping electro-tongs kept order.

If the Crith could not be certain of their connection, the Crith would have to assume they were alone and act accordingly. The Crith surveyed new, Non-Crith worlds. The first was molten and hot, the second was dull and harmless, the third was frozen and full of sharp sand. The Crith Coordinators convened amongst themselves. The Crith were in a unanimous consensus. As Crith share the same instincts, this was more common than not.

The Crith concluded that the frozen world was most useful. The sharp sand posed danger to the Crith but it also posed opportunity. If the sand was so sharp, it stood to reason that it would be excellent for C-Cutter optics and shrapnel. The world was frozen, which meant the Crith would have to stay close together in warm, moist artificial habitats. This would uphold the Crith Concordat. The Crith were in concord. The Crith began to move.

>The Crith attempt to colonize the frozen world and exploit its sands. They name the new star system Crithdos. Once this is done, they'll try to see if the C-Rifts can backtrack to Crith or if it is truly random.

We will found this system under the name of Concordia, the settled planet we shall name Atlas. (System is 18,10)

Action 1: Establish mining operations for the Purple oil substance.

Effective is the energy source.. but its magnetic potential once a current is introduced is even more frightening.

Action 2: Secure the corner of space. explore 19,10

Scouts aboard "HMS Leviticus" the first ship fitted with the Addison-Whitney drive now escorted by the "HMS Hoster" and "HMS Deimos" the 'twin' CIWS support Corvettes that were also fitted with the drives, the first of the home fleet capable of jump's on par with the Leviticus. their purpouse as anti Asteroid defense more so a cover as to prevent any 'Piracy" as a CIWS railgun can breech an Boarding pod just as effectively as a asteroid
File: 03.jpg (42 KB, 406x669)
42 KB
Goering looked over the documents he had been given by the Reichserkundungsdienst. None of these planets in any way seemed viable for any sort of habitation, especially when compared to the verdant paradise of their own world in "Hyperborea" as the SS still insisted on calling it. But he remembered the great thing about this new Reich. It didn't have to be his decision at all! As much as he didn't prefer such a system, having power split between himself, Herr Kammler and Herr Rommel did occasionally have its perks.

System is 12, 4. Colonized world is the airless planet. System name is, for now, Reichskolonie Ost


1. Aerospace superiority is only one aspect of the current and ongoing overhauls to current analogue systems within aircraft and starships. As computers slowly become smaller and smaller, radar becoming more prevalent, it is likely that such marvels of technology will become omnipresent within the next decade!
(Aerospace vehicle Improvements)

The SS are the first to use their odd amount of political clout to venture onto Reichskolonie Ost. Their esoterists using the Vril in their strange rituals before any real attempt at colonization is made. They seem...satisfied with what they have found, but what exactly they seek to do is unknown to pretty much everyone within the Reich.
(Occult research. Gimme something neat, GM.)
I just realized I forgot to put in my actual actions, kek. Here goes. I'm very interested to see how fast this star map fills up, and it occurs to me that the randomness of the C-Rift is likely going to cause all kinds of border gore if the Crith aren't stopped.

As the earliest C-Settlers set out through the C-Rift to subjugate a Non-Crith star, the Crith Concordat was left to consider the future. It occurred to the Crith Coordinators that there could be no certainty that the C-Rifts could return once sent. This was a danger to the Crith.

The only path to ensure continued Crith survival was to ensure that the Crith were too numerous for the Non-Crith to overcome. The Crith Coordinators commanded the Crith to multiply. The C-Nests needed more eggs, the C-Cutters needed more crew, the Concordat needed more Crith.

>Action #1: Institute reproduction quotas to grow the Crith population.

The Crith were strong and numerous, but the Crith were not stupid. The Crith knew that Non-Crith were likely stronger, more numerous, and smarter than the Crith. If the Crith couldn't subjugate Non-Crith, it was important that there were many C-Nests across many Crith stars. This would ensure that if one C-Nest was destroyed, the Crith would survive elsewhere. The Crith Concordat would endure. Another C-Rift must be opened, more C-Settlers sent out to seize Non-Crith stars.

This would be a burden on the Crith Concordat. The Crith Coordinators came to a consensus. More Crith in more stars was best for the Crith. If the Crith Concordat must be poorer, that is acceptable.

>Action #2: Open a new C-Rift and send a C-Settler fleet to a new, third star.
Free expansion: To 14,9. Keep the name Watch Way.
With the reports flowing in a decision is made. Orbital cities are constructed over the molten planet with the purple oil. The ever growing orbital satellites will be a useful hub for the study and development of this new psychoactive substance.

1. Samples of the purple oil, begun to be called Moil in official reports to the purebreeds, will be taken to the new cities of Watch Moil for study and research safe ways to harvest and, if needed, process the substance.
2. As the study goes on some of the substance will begin to be used in the development of the drya ship breeds. While old stories of hypothetical tractor beams were deemed potentially useful there were ultimately found impractical, until now. With some development worker vessels, Vonyakinan, will be developed with telekinetic abilities to safely harvest materials; potentially even from the surface of Watch Moil and other hazardous planets.

Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth. Ry'n ni yma o hyd.

>Free expansion. 15,9. Pengwaywffon

We are blessed by Fanw! Worlds capable of life! After long arduous struggle, we have found a suitable world. While it lacked in water, with a bit of work to the atmosphere it could be changed to potentially be a beautiful world. No replacement for our home, sure, but one familiar enough to satisfy for the time being at least, once properly terraformed anyway. Additionally, the nature of it's valleys would be undoubtedly useful for energy production, which can certainly be useful for other plans...

>Action One. Further Development of the new system.

While the other world in the Pengwaywffon system was not as suitable, it still had water and an atmosphere. Further, the many metals it had under the surface were important to lay claim to and extract. Work in time would, of course, come to try and make the world a comfortable one to live as well, but for the time being initial settlement would purely be for mining rather than proper terraforming. Especially when a far more suitable candidate for terraforming was in the same system and was yet to have such projects complete, let alone really start. Still, the local resources would be extremely helpful as it not only would mean a greater abundance for all of the Fanwyic, but also mean that the amount of shipments required to develop the system could be cut down significantly and make maintenance of our vessels in the system easier.

>Action Two. The Cartref Project

Our home is missed as much as the death of a loved member of our clans. While likely forever lost in the physical world, it is still in our minds, our hearts and in our data recordings. It will be recreated one way or another, and a scientist known as Gwendoline Pendry plans to make sure of that. While an arduous task, project Cartref aims to recreate Llychlyn, Prenhaearn, Pasefeilliaid and Caearianwen in digital space along with all our monuments, such as the cathedral. And later perhaps other parts of the world. It is hoped, after this, the project can find a way to connect to this digital version and stay in it for periods of time, ideally during moments of sleep. But, this is something that will come far ahead in the future.
File: Turn0Map.png (147 KB, 1353x822)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
The map as of the beginning of Turn 1.

A note on Fuel, Metals, and Sundries
These are common resources throughout the galaxy. Anywhere a planet is noted as having reserves of these it is a bonus to the effectiveness of gathering those resources at that location, but Sundries (Farms, Logging Camps, Quarries, etc), Metals (Iron, Tungsten, Titanium, etc) and Fuel (Solar, Biofuels, Oil, Uranium, etc) can be gathered at nearly any location.
>Free Expansion (18,8)
The world of high plateaus seems by far the most favourable and useful of the three planets in the system due to the resources it possesses; and so we settle the world that we name Mesaria in the Irini system. A present nitrogen atmosphere would seem a good basis that could be developed over many hundreds of years into something breathable, if we could just establish a process to cool it down...

>Action 1: Blue Crystals
The potential utility of the Blue crystals is the primary reason we chose to colonise Mesaria over the other worlds of the system, and so we work to establish a process of harvesting these crystals to use within our power systems.

>Action 2: The call of exploration
But though there is use in the Irini system, there is no immediate, easily habitable world for us here. A program of further solar exploration is planned, starting at the proximal (19,8)
I settle the one with the special rocks underground. First shall come Aydens life growing sinde the vacerns producing air and foood, next tribes shall migrate in.

The tribes of the underground world become mostly miners and craftsmen

Action 1: Incorporate new material - all is new can become part of Ayden, she shall find use for the new material and incorporate it in her creations

Action 2: Meditate - look for new worlds in the universe. A new place to walk to and migrate
What is fertile? What is barren? New data has put the previous thesis into question. We have come upon not just one but two worlds where life exists nigh completely. Our most fertile world, Stranden, still has the majority of the land uninhabitable, yet these new worlds make it look almost barren in comparison. The Fenriks cannot believe their eyes when gazing upon those worlds. But the Ultima Engines quickly switch gears, instead of gawking they incorporate the knowledge and find that Stranden may be a statistical anomaly, that Stranden should be behind in tech, rather than ahead.

>Free Expansion: Settle the 2nd planet (the one with crystals) in the Friedrich (peace-realm) System. Let chance decide what direction the system is in.
While the Fenriks gawk and fantasize about the paradise worlds found, the Orkan Ultima Engines were already hard at work settling down on the unclaimed yet verdant planet. It was a difficult process, the world is dissimilar to Stranden in so many ways. But through trial and error, many errors, a city is established on the alien world. All while the natives of the system, which the Orkan God Engines have dubbed Friedrich, get to watch the meteoric rise of an alien civilization on another planet, one that operates by robotics instead of psionics. The amount of Fenriks on the new planet is rather low though, due to the high gravity that comes with the planet's size, so the psionic eyeballs get to ponder the nature of the Automechs with no apparent master.

>Action 1: New Automech Chassis. With water protection, sleek curves, lightweight material and better traction. Very stylish.
When settling the Friedrich system, the Automechs have had to deal with quite the array of alien conditions. From short circuits and corrosion because of water to getting stuck in the mud and flying like bricks due to the soft ground and viscous atmosphere on this high gravity world. The Ultima Engines had their work cut out for them, as they needed to make a whole new Chassis. Watertight seals and enamel paints to deal with water, whole new bodywork to incorporate aerodynamic curves as well as changing to lighter materials, not only helping with fuel efficiency, but preventing the loss of traction. However, the chassis also becomes highly fashionable for the Automechs, so even ones not intending to go to the Friedrich system tries to get an upgrade.

>Action 2: Start settling the 3rd planet (the barren one) in the Friedrich system. Spaceborne Automechs should have little issue here.
As the Ultima Engines work to expand Orkan Prime's influence, they consider the logistical costs of it. Fuel, lubricant and metal are used in great quantities, still able to be supplied by the homeworld, but these costs will increase as the operation increases in scale. The crystal world will be a good source of lubricant, so we need to source fuel and metal, and the barren planet in the Friedrich system has just that. With mountains and chemical ice.

Expand directly up, to 16, 3

Three worlds, three realms.
One of subtle sands and glimmering power, grailstone in the dunes.
One of life, a new Erda, with its own people and cultures, but mundane and ordinary.
One of maddening chaos, a realm that is toxic and howling and chock-full of magical compounds.

The Archmagi of the New First City, Nataruk, assemble in all their might in a rare showing of solidarity.
They argue about what to call the new worlds for nineteen hours straight, nearly engaging in a nonmagical fistfight on the chamber floor, before finally reaching an agreement.

The grailstone desert world shall be given the name, “Nataruk”
The world of reptiles is a mirror of home in many ways. We name it Rhea, never mind what the locals might be calling it. They can’t hear us, and they don’t even speak our language.
This last world of tempests and treasure we have named Solomos, named for he who may have been the first mage, developing the practices of willworking inherent to all mankind into the first magical texts.

The Mage Towers flit through space and arrange themselves in a perfect geometric circle around Rhea, growing closer. The many many towers gather into five groups that mark five places around a circle and descend to the world below, the towers marking the boundary zone of their new city. The wizards present soon begin colonisation from their positions of power, portals back home roaring to life as curious wizards step through to visit the new world.

Don’t mind the neighbours, they’ll be serving us before long.

This new city shall be named Daeveata
The star around which we orbit shall be known as Ars.

Action 1: Fold Daeveata

We must act with haste. As soon as the towers are in position, having secured the entire boundary of the future city we hope to build, we will establish a magical grid between each part of the ritual circle we have formed in our landing, the reserves of Void Residue that powered our travel here will burn to now hide our settlement, until the day we may rule this planet openly.

We’ll also carve some geometric circles patterns into a few farms to act as anchors for our terrestrial spell-casting while we’re here.
Space will fold, the dimensions will turn, and the city that has yet to be, and the very ground we occupy, will vanish, inaccessible unless one magically inclined may know the way.

Action 2: Belove Us

Landing our towers to form a colony and warping space to hide them after, may have drawn a little attention.

We will begin establishing our influence in this world. We twist the untrained minds around us, travelling unseen from our hidden dimension to the world of lizards through our magical corridor.
We learn all we need to, suppress early claims of our arrival to make it mere rumour or less, enchant and hex those we require, and begin laying the foundation for a grand conspiracy that will see this world, and its resources, fall into our grasp.

5,10: System name: Rubicon, Planet name: Rubicon III (icy yet liveable planet)

As IUNE troops entered the GATE and saw this... odd new world, a outpost would be constructed around the perimeters of the GATE's, with basic infrastructure being constructed as later studies will be conducted in this world

>Action 1: Deep Space Signals

With the discovery of Rubicon III comfirming the existence that liveable planets exists, we would turn on various deep space radio transmitters, most being pre war eras yet still in functioning order, as a new flurry of comms messages would be sent through all sides of the Galaxy to see if there is somebody out there... and we arent alone

>Action 2: Alien invasion? No thank you

The IUNE, expecting a possible hostile 'Extra-Terrestrial' encounter and possible invasion of earth would... start reactivating of WW3 era Superweapons throughout the world and in orbit, with the goal to effectively turn earth into a highly defended world

might rewrite it later idk
A wonderous discovery this swampy little world. New life, new markets, new wonders await. The Scret haven't been this excited in a while, cleaerly heading into space was the right call. What else waits out there?

Free Expansion: 12,6(system name Titis)
It is clear as day where the rivers of commerce flows, and any good Scret will sail along gladly. We will establish a secret city named Siik within deep trenches of the swamp world. Hopefully we can study the inhabitants and their ways here peacefully in seclusion until we're ready to approach them.

- (Study the squid critters)
Sometimes boldness favors a merchant when they boldly play the market, but this is no such case. Opening these new avenues of commerce will require a finer approach. After all, how can you sell anything to someone who can't even understand you? Before we take any steps further we must first do market research. Find out everything we can about the squid's society, culture, language, and most importantly, their spending habits.

-(Expand tile 12,7)
Eager to see what else waits out there, some budding explorers and colonists take to an adjacent system to see what monopolies they could possibly seize from the stars.
This is for the Scret Syndicate
File: Quantum resonator.png (969 KB, 720x728)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
My first turn:

> Expansion: Expand at the coordinates of 11.7 and set up a city on thelargest and first planet there.

A vessel was dispatched via an Einstein-Rosen bridge originating from Voraxium to the system designated as Triarchis, encompassing the planetary bodies identified as Frostalia Rubrum, Silentium Crateris, and Igniferra Acidus. Upon entering the atmospheric boundary of Frostalia Rubrum, the craft achieved a controlled descent, culminating in a precision landing. Subsequent to touchdown, construction commenced on a facility, henceforth designated as "Astralytica-Quantarion." This establishment is designed to accommodate extensive scientific operations, including observatories and automated extraction drones aimed at the exploitation of significant ruby deposits present on the planet. The harvested materials are anticipated to serve multiple applications within the Astralytica-Apex infrastructure, ranging from the development of protective coatings and materials to the fabrication of optical components, leveraging the unique properties of rubies for technological advancement.

> First turn: Research Dark Matter and Dark Energy Applications

Following the directives of their forebearers, Astralytica Alpha would start investigating the mysterious components of the universe that affect its expansion and galaxy formation. Harnessing dark matter and dark energy could revolutionize energy sources, propulsion methods, and our understanding of the universe's structure.

Astralytica Alpha initiated the "Dark Cosmos Initiative" (DCI), a comprehensive research program aimed at unlocking the secrets of dark matter and dark energy. These enigmatic forces, invisible yet constituting a vast majority of the universe's mass and energy, have long puzzled and fascinated them.

1. Dark Matter Exploration:
Objective: To isolate and study dark matter particles. Despite dark matter's gravitational influence being observable through the behavior of galaxies and galaxy clusters, it interacts weakly with electromagnetic forces, making it incredibly elusive.
Methodology: The Zenthraxians deploy a network of sensitive detectors around Astralytica Alpha and within the gravitational well of Triarchis. These detectors are designed to capture weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) or axions, hypothesized constituents of dark matter. By leveraging the intense gravitational fields near the black hole, they aim to increase the interaction probability of these elusive particles.

2. Dark Energy Manipulation:
Objective: To understand and manipulate dark energy, the mysterious force driving the universe's accelerated expansion.
Approach: Utilizing quantum field theory and experiments in the fabric of spacetime, researchers at Astralytica Alpha are developing a "Dark Energy Modulator" (DEM). This device aims to manipulate the vacuum energy, theorized to be related to dark energy, allowing controlled experiments on spacetime expansion and contraction.

> Second turn: Enact project Eventide Shield .

Following protocols enacted long past, Astralytica-Apex is to be fortified so that it maybe defended at all costs.

Following the first phase of Eventide Shield it involved the deployment of a network of quantum resonators. These devices, floating in the vacuum of space, were designed to create a stabilized zone around Voraxium, mitigating the effects of its gravitational pull and the hazardous radiation it emitted. By harnessing the principles of quantum entanglement, these resonators could instantly communicate changes in gravitational metrics, allowing for real-time adjustments to the shield's parameters, ensuring the safety of the station and any approaching friendly vessel.
Quantum Resonators: Overview and Functionality

Quantum resonators are advanced technological constructs designed to interact with and manipulate quantum fields and particles. Their primary function is to create, stabilize, or modify quantum states and phenomena, allowing for precise control over quantum mechanical processes. These devices harness principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, entanglement, and tunneling, to achieve effects that are impossible with classical physics alone.
The jungle world
Name it: "McDougans"

1. Sell some of these primitives some better weapons. Not our best, certainly no, but just enough. Determine which of their factions would be most open to 'employment' under us, more importantly, take some whether by purchase or 'private aquisition' and see to imparting Labourer Genes into them, and returning them to the general populace. In due time, we'll have more and more of the planetary populace hardworking labourers for the company!

2. Expand Tile: 3,4
Time to make some new real-estate aquisitions. Prepare for another expansion, send explorers, and prepare an automated colonial development ship.
Action 1: The gift of hate
The world of lycroris has had a hatred of civilization ingrained deep inside of it. However a beast does not understand this instinctually. Rather it is the collective connection to lycoris that lets it linger. Therefore creatures seeded to distant worlds will not be given the gift of hate at first. Their nascent, fetal collective consciousness shall render them malleable and docile relatively speaking. And therefore chokers will see them for only the beasts they are. Not real dangers.
But once lycoris deems it useful they will be gifted. A psionic shriek will pain their skulls. And rage will fill them. It is then that they would actively seek out the enemy. Not merely tolerate them like mere animals. It is then they will treat them like they would on lycoris. Perhaps then their forming worldmind will awaken. And a new vengeful spirit will be born.
(diplo ability to make a previously docile hostile ecology colony immediately hostile to the civilized)

Action 2: Uranium Crunch
While sunlight may be easy to find on such a desolate rock the resources needed to process it are hard to come by.
On this new barren rock oasis lie scattered across hundreds of miles. In such a landscape the energy needed to cross such distances is immense. Made so much harder by the still poor atmosphere. The solution comes from the plants whose roots have peirced deep into the earth.
For such organisms the uranium and plutonium is not very useful. For the immediate earth lacks many vital nutrients. And so additional energy is not itself useful for them. Therefore the plants begin producing radfruits. Large juicy gourds who's center contains a small peice of uranium or plutonium. Many of the great creatures of the earth consume these gourds greedily. Absorbing the genetic information and carrying it to distance oasis. It is this way that the oasis of the earth grow and evolve. Genetic information and offensive gene-virus's spready across the planet. With the plants building great stockpiles of radioactive material in order to attract more wandering beasts. With the spread and migration of beasts many shed the excess nutrients of their fruits. Allowing vital nutrients to spread.
As well this encourages the plants to create great and mighty stockpiles of the substances. Allowing them to be held in reserve.
Free action:
System: Asphodel
Revenant radio signals are difficult to date. But are generally agreed upon to have come from around the last decades of Lycoris. It is from these signals that the name of Asphodel was derived, its meaning lost to time.
Asphodel II, the largest planet of the small system is believed to be the origin of the signals. Asphodel is believed to have been a world of rolling dunes, rocky crags and harsh solar storms. But after many decades was transformed into a vast gully of glassy shards.
These half machine, half plant organisms contain minimal liquids. Being mostly composed of a silicon based shell

The landscape is cut up by great oasis. Regions which have been gifted waters from the systems sparse astroid belt. It is here more conventional life of the hostile ecology resides. Its residents partaking in annual migrations between oasis.

Radio chatter from the start of this green era portrays a feint signal drowning amongst the noise. A signal encoded in the code of the Lycoris. And one snuffed out in but a few months.
It has now been ten years since I-Day. When our lives were changed forever. Finally we have sent out our first probes made with our own effort alone. Results are all the same as our home, scared beyond belief. Anyone else would look for greener pastures before setting down. We do not have such time to spare. What lies before us is all there is.

We shall settle a new colony and use it as forge. The icy, barren world of Wofar (at 7,5)will serve as our first colony on our search of the great black beyond.

Action 1 - Scan for traces of the enemy
Without an atmosphere it will be hard to find anything of value relating to our search. We had hoped to match the atmospheric composition from inside of the invasion craft to a planet such as Wofar. Never mind. Begin our survey at once. Perhaps this was another world hit by our enemy. Their victims may have destroyed themselves in panic as we nearly did. Maybe they used their weapons to burn the atmosphere or perhaps they simply gave up trying to maintain the delicate balance between civilization and nature.
Be on your guard. No anomaly is too small to catalogue.

Action 2 - Establish the Excavation Foundation
As we search for the stars we will encounter new worlds, new terrain and possible hostiles. The enemy has undoubtedly a better grasp of technology than we do. Its likely they will attempt defensive or offensive terraforming. Rock, sands, and boiling lakes are nothing compared to our righteous furry. We should prepare an engineer corps who can work effectively to supply our war machine in any environment doing anything from harvesting resources to repairing ships without drydocks.
File: turn1Map.png (192 KB, 1355x826)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
The Map as of the beginning of Turn 2. A few things to note...

Technology/Culture actions usually take multiple turns to finish! Check your sheet for details! If you start more stuff before they finish, the new things will be queued up behind the old ones, or your efforts will be split between the two, depending on my whimsy.

If you expanded/explored, make sure to name your new system and declare which planet you want your initial outpost/city to be on. Or declare the system a wash and ignore it, there's a fuel upkeep for each system you control, so shoddy systems might be better to ignore.

Let me know if something seems wrong with your update or sheet, I'm only human and this is a lot of stuff to juggle.

Next update is scheduled for February 19th.

The sand of Crithdos gets into everything. Equipment wears out constantly, infections from the sharp particulate take the lives of several Crith. Still the Crith persevere, more out of desperation than anything else. Layers of environmental seals and vigorous cleaning routines keep the worst of the particulate at bay, but short of a technological innovation Crithdos is likely to be an unpopular and expensive outpost. Still good news comes from attempts to return home, once a C-Rift has been opened once in an area that area becomes fixed to a certain destination. Vital supplies flow to the new outpost.

The reproduction quotas have the desired effect, though with some grumbling from Crith individuals who would rather spend their resources on personal safety than raising younglings.

Another C-Rift is opened and more brave explorers are shoved through at shock lance tip. On the far side they find a tiny warm rock with a faint smell of sulfur, despite not possessing the element in large amounts. The air is breathable, if thick and unpleasant. In short, a reasonable world for establishing a new colony. Sadly this one tiny world is the only one present in this system and it bears no other useful resources, beyond the typically expected fuels, metals, and sundries that could be gathered here. Still, it is more Crith, and more Crith is good.
Concordia is established on the slopes of a vast mountain range where the worst of the perpetual storms are warded off. Quarters are cramped, the gravity is unpleasantly strong, and the howling of the wind never stops, but the people of the empire persevere. Modified oil rigs, storage tanks and processing centers are set up to handle the extraction of the curious purple oil, called Ur Snot by the rougher military types, perhaps the science teams will have a better name for it.

The Leviticus strikes forth into the unknown once more, finding a large planet lush with life and ecosystems, and more strikingly a modern spacefaring civilization like our own. Long distance observation has revealed swarms of beetles in many colors working together and functioning in a society. Each swarm seems to be a gestalt sapience akin to a single one of our people. Subtle defensive shifts in their own spacecraft seems to indicate that they are aware of us, but so far no communication has occurred.

The lesson of the second Great War is quite obvious. The future is aircraft, in the sky and in the stars! Engineers take our existing designs back to basics looking to establish a new paradigm for spacecraft, a step up from the existing ships that struggle to hold together in the void of space. When the designs are completed the Luftwaffe will be able to field larger more complex ships. (Research takes time, based on your Technology score, but no further actions are required)

The outpost of Reichskolonie Ost proceeds as planned. Though the outpost is certainly no pleasure destination it is livable enough for the support staff and the SS occultists who live there, suiting up for their daily trips to caves where the vril stones glitter. Rumors abound about these rituals, though naturally they're shrouded in secrecy. Still, the rumor mill does settle on one thing, the SS members are all sporting new compasses with vril stone needles. (You'll need a Vril stone mine/extraction building to make use of this technology!)
Rather than brave the inferno of the planets surface below the Queens, in their infinite wisdom, elect to build the first colony in another system in orbit rather than on the hostile ground. Though it will never reach the size of a ground based population, the sheer hostility of the planet is unlikely to let a ground based population thrive either.

The question of safely harvesting moil is a difficult one. Even the collection of samples results in many drones being reduced to withered and charred husks. The strategy the queens eventually land on is curious looking, but effective. Thousands of drones are sacrificed to redirect and dam the rivers of moil, collecting it together into a single large reservoir. Then specialized drones are created that are launched into the reservoir from orbit, encased in protective materials that burn away as the drone drops. Once submerged the drone takes in a load of moil, then uses an internal chemical reaction to shed its remaining protective layer and expand its body into a balloon, rapidly rising back into the upper atmosphere where a low orbit ship collects it.

The first use of the collected moil is its application to the living spacecraft of the Drya, where the goal is to manifest a powerful telekinetic force, one strong enough to rip resources directly from a planet even. Unfortunately the supply of moil required for such an operation is sizable, drones require regular infusions of purple ooze or their psionic power becomes unstable and dangerous. (You can use moil to boost production of other resources, at the cost of an equal amount of moil. You can also use moil in your fleets to grant them telekinetic defenses)
The Pengwaywffon system has the distinction of not one but two offworld colonies being built on it this turn, with grand future plans in mind for both. Already some simple mosses and hardy weeds have been found that can thrive in the choking air of our first settlement, with some effort we might begin the slow process of correcting the atmosphere to the point it can support the flora and fauna of our lost home. For now though our people live in large communities covered by thin domes of plastic sheets, accompanied by the whirring of fans that keep the air closer to comfort. Still, the only requirement to leave the dome is a lightweight breath mask and tank and many of our people have taken the opportunity to have space to run and move.

The second colony of Pengwaywffon is a stricter and colder place, where the biodomes are thicker and more rigid, but it too has the promise of thriving, though it will need more work than its sister. Already plans are being drawn up for the exploitation of the local metal resources.

Meanwhile alongside these grand projects of offworld colonization is another grand project, though one much less humble in its initial appearance. The Cartref project is grand in its scope indeed, nothing less than a digital recreation of an entire world, of our lost home. But grand projects require sturdy foundations and the Cartref project is no exception. Gwendoline Pendry’s first step is to recreate the cities and landscape of our people’s lost home, a vast virtual world that stands as a monument to the lost.

The outpost on Mesaria is a prestigious post, being the first offworld colony of our people, but it certainly isn't a comfortable one. Built atop one of the largest plateaus, the outpost struggles constantly to maintain a reasonable temperature, and the brush with death a researcher has from nitrogen asphyxiation has cast a grim air over the outpost, but our people persevere.

And the treasures they return with are precious indeed. A mineshaft is sunk deep into the earth, finding numerous pockets and caverns, each studded with the mysterious blue crystal. Heavy machinery is useless here, the crystals prove to be highly delicate and prone to shattering when harvested with industrial machines. Instead the outpost reverts to simpler techniques, plucking the crystals by hand. Now it's just up to the science teams to do something useful with them.

The Wolarian exploration team doesn't rest on its laurels though, setting off to explore another system. And what they find is not one but two pleasant surprises. Two average sized worlds, one that glitters with a beautiful softly glowing stone that somehow rotates through various colors, the other an ideal terraforming candidate, a warm barren world choked with CO2.
Ayden’s reach is long indeed, for what other tree has roots so long the stars in the sky change? Our people walk the rootways across worlds guarded from the frost by thick furs, for the distant world lacks a warm sun to care for it. Once arrived our people find much prepared for us with root tunnels and chambers waiting. The design of Ayden quickly becomes apparent, many of her roots have curled around glowing yellow stones, sun eggs we will call them until corrected. We gather the stones and return them to Ayden’s main body so that she might use them for her grand purpose.

Even with strange new gifts to ponder Ayden grows restless and curious, and so the shamen begin meditating once more, casting their minds out into the cosmos to see what they can find. Another world of worlds opens up to the mind of Ayden, though it is somewhat disappointing. A tiny jagged ball of ice and storms on the fringe of the system, a slightly larger but still small world without air, and finally a tiny world that Ayden’s power could easily transform into a second home, though with nothing of note on it besides a curious quality to the air that induces laughter and mild phantom sights.

The colonization of the friedrich system proceeds briskly under the keen supervision of the fenrik’s guardians. While the fox folk struggle to move under the heavy gravity of the planet the automechs stride forth in numbers, clearing trees and flattening land, fabricating the first shelters and buildings. Unfortunately moisture, insects, and all matter of problems unimaginable on their desert homeworld spring up, and soon the Ultima Engines are hard at work making design improvements and fabricating new automech frames designed for wetter and wilder worlds. It will take some time for the improvements be finalized and widely distributed, but once finished the automechs at least will be well placed to handle a variety of environmental hazards.

The improvements will be well appreciated on the frozen world, where the chemical and freezing conditions are a hazard even to rugged automech bodies. Corrosion is a constant hazard, and the extreme temperatures play havoc with battery cells and frozen lubricant lines. Still the planet will make a fine place for mines, oil wells, and refineries, with no organic life to be concerned with.

The last question of the system is of course the neighbors...(Sorry for delays on this)
The initial touchdown on Rhea goes smoothly, five clusters of towers dropping in a perfect circle around the desired site. Somewhat less smoothly, and requiring an almost immediate response is the sight of a dozen lizard men working a field pointing and babbling in a high pitched language at your towers. It only takes an hour, owing largely to prior preparations, before the wizard towers and the surrounding countryside vanish completely from view, space twisting in such a way that an entirely new stretch of countryside is suddenly present, and the previous one has vanished entirely. That draws an entire lizard folk town out to stare and poke tree and bush and soon professional mindwarpers have to be involved. Before long the town all agreed that the landscape has always looked like that, and that the stone archways marking the entrances to the folded space are never to be meddled with.

Naturally this is just first step of many, mind warping agents start their work of establishing our control of the key players of this world, though it may take a bit of time.
The opening of a GATE is often a traumatic event, with the aperture more opening to caustic death worlds, frozen rocks in the void of space, or deep oceans. The immediate burst of vacuum pressure, acid air or typically ice cold water often spells disaster for the local area. But the most recent gate merely triggered a sudden stiff wind in the Canadian field it opened into. The suck of air from the high pressure earth to the low pressure distant world that would eventually be named Rubicon III carried seeds and insects and even a curious snowshoe hare through the portal. So when the gate was stabilized by the heavy array of machinery and the first IUNE scouts stepped through they found a scattering of determined if scraggly weeds and a single thin rabbit, surviving on a barren and cold, but not deathly so, world of thin breathable air. Within just a few months an outpost, then a town sprang up, a thin biodome of simple plastic providing a safe and warm place for researchers, settlers, and workers to live. And slowly but surely, determined weeds spread across the planet.

With the existence of even one semi-habitable planet earth’s old mission of finding life on other worlds has suddenly sprung to the forefront. The old SETI array is refurbished and powered on again for the first time in decades, and a powerful pulse of signals is sent into the universe. The travel time of information is terribly slow across the vast void, even Rubicon could wait years to hear the message, and any response would be equally slow, but perhaps one day we will hear a response.

And yet at the same time that a great shout of ‘Hello!’ goes out into the dark forest, minds turn to the possibility of invasion. Stockpiles of the terrible weapons of WW3 are gathered, repurposed, and set into orbital arrays. Humanity nearly snuffed itself out with these weapons, and perhaps it would be wiser to destroy them than use them again, but the free spirit of humanity would rather die than submit to a strange and foreign power.
Under the cover of a thick early morning fog rising from the swamps the Scret touch down a safe distance from the locals of Titis and begin setting up the earliest shanty towns that will likely one day cover this planet. A few of the locals gibbering in an odd wet and sloshing language eventually have to be abducted and interrogated when they wander too close. The terrain itself is an unpleasant change of pace for the Scret, everywhere the mud sucks at the feet, insects buzz too close, and a hulking local predator dubbed the Cartel Cloak like to spring out of the water, wrap its cloak like body around a victim, and drag them into the fetid waters. Still a pervasive air of excitement surrounds the settlement, they’re going to make so much money! A few patient Scret manage to build a simple dictionary of words, finding the locals completely unable to speak the finer tongue of Scret-Speak. Once a few conversations are established the question of markets is broached. The Mroiboil as they seem to call themselves actually have several powerful cartels of their own, engaged in a local cold war. There’s something of a technological race to see which cartel can develop an effective personal firearm, it quickly becomes apparent that the metalworking of this world is quite behind that of Scret at a similar time of their history. Still, this is a people who like the Scret tend to view most things as an exchange of goods and service, indeed after the initial shock of alien life one of your captives tries to haggle his way into owning a spaceship in exchange for the location of a valuable warehouse. The Mroiboil custom of removing small sections of their regenerating tentacles and exchanging them to commemorate large deals will likely need to be adjusted for Scret to partake though.

Meanwhile brave scouts set forth to a new system with new planets and find two. The first is a massive planetoid with crushing gravity to match, though at least the temperature is reasonable and the terrain easy to work with. A curious mineral is found here that with machine aid can actually be woven into textiles, this place could supply mundane sundries to half the galaxy if fully built up. The second planet is much less interesting, merely a scorching hot average sized planet dotted with the occasional mountain or sea of molten rock.
The first outpost on Frostalia is a meager thing unfortunately. Life around the extremes of a blackhole has only done so much to prepare the synthetics of the Apex for work, study, and life here. The cold plays havoc with battery life and freezes lubricant and the metallic sandstorms grind and scour everything they get into, including computer hardware. But the Apex has their mission and they will push forward, establishing themselves on this bitter and angry world that many species would struggle to survive on at all. Significant stocks of synthetic rubber go into sealing the doors of the base and those synths who walk out into the freezing winds of the world beyond.

On the homeworld a major research project, one that may take some time to finish, begins. The mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy have long been a point of pursuit for the Apex, and finally other matters have been resolved long enough to begin focusing on the matter. At the same time efforts go into fortifying the homeworld. The containment shield that protects the Apex from the worst of the blackhole’s wrath is adjusted and coupled with hundreds of sensors spread throughout the system. Now if hostile craft approach the Apex the shield can be selectively dropped in a narrow arc, sending a pulse of extreme gravity outward to assault an enemy ship, subjecting it to powerful shear forces.
While some nations would focus on strange new energy source, the ICC instead focuses on a strange new market. The Minotaurs as the laborers have taken to calling them, are a barbaric and violent people, and initial attempts at free market exchange go poorly to say the least, ending in the Minotaurs being gunned down by drone fire. After a few such exchanges the minotaurs develop a grudging respect for you, bringing chests of gold, chained slaves and their finest (but frankly trash) weapons to try and barter for the power of the gun. A desperate arms race kicks off rapidly, and before long the local power dynamics have been disrupted thoroughly. Attempts to introduce Labourer Genes to the population go poorly though, a docile Minotaur is quickly on their way to becoming a dead minotaur. Still, the company steadily accrues temple relics, gold, and slaves at a steady rate while the bronze age society you’ve introduced guns into steadily collapses.

Meanwhile ICC scouts ships shoot off into another system where they make the find of the century. A planet that has literal oceans of molten gold. Of course the chlorine atmosphere and the boiling hot temperatures ultimately destroyed the drones sent to explore the world, but the average sized planet makes for an enticing prospect. Further from the sun is a tiny tropical paradise, with rainbow scaled fish swimming in the waters of an ocean planet speckled with hundreds of sandy islands. Shareholders are already planning their beach homes on the distant shores. The last two planets are barely worth mentioning, a small angry ball of boiling acid and its partner a frozen airless rock.

A complex adaptation occurs on Asphodel. Plant roots reach for radioactive materials, tighten around them, twisting, pushing, crushing into sand. Tiny ant-like creatures form tunnels to the sand, and carry it to another plant. A flower blooms, is pollinated by the ants. A fruit with a hard rind and softly glowing flesh grows and is devoured by a plodding creature not unlike an earth elephant at a fourth of the size. The creature travels hundreds of miles from oasis to oasis, and eventually defecates a tiny nuclear seed. Hundreds of those seeds gather in softly glowing ponds.

The ecology grows, it spreads, and it ponders. When it finds a world that produces the noise it hates so that world might be well defended, populated by metal clad traitors to the green. Immediate attack might be unwise, foolhardy, unable to finish the job of returning all to silence. So the ecology determines it will wait. It will spread. It will integrate into the foreign world, spreading to every animal and plant, sowing seeds and biding its time. Then when the moment is right it will scream the scream of hate, and every living thing will rise up and silence the noise in a single beautiful moment.
The frozen world of Wofar would be daunting to some peoples, with its airless terrain and icy cold, but the Ecruxian cannot be bothered to care. Bulky environmental suits, narrow corridors, and the constant chill of heating systems struggling to keep up with the cold are commonplace, yet there is no shortage of volunteers.

Still, we may need to push on through worse conditions yet. The Excavation Foundation begins to be established, a body of engineers focused on terraforming and environmental protection, though it will take some time for their techniques to be fully established.

In the meantime our hunt continues. And in a stroke of luck, wedged into a glacier is the unmistakable silhouette of a ship of the enemy’s design, broken into pieces, but a sign that they were once here. The ship is scoured for clues, but there is little to find that cosmic radiation hasn't bleached away. Just a set of cosmic coordinates leading to (06,05).

The more cold of the two worlds, the Blodwyn colony named after the ancient queen, was ironically the one that was more enjoyed by the Children of Fanw. Of course, the Anubisids tended to avoid the place and they along with the scant few humans among them preferred the warmer Eheubryd colony, likewise named after an ancient queen, but the Fanwyic whom were accustomed to the cold found themselves a bit more at home. Especially those of south Llychlyn. It was a nice change of pace from the ships or the massive structure that was made as a temporary home, but still just a faint memory of what was once home proper.

>Action One. Solar extraction.
We have a world perfect for the generation of local, solar electricity. In fact, at least one engineer had the idea of making the entire planet a ship by adapting the regions mirrored valleys with the Hwyliau Haul. Though this was not only impractical but also completely unnecessary. Still, the valleys were of good use for collecting energy from the systems sun, and so harnessing the energy of the sun is exactly what would be developed on the planet to do. It helped that most of Llychlyn's power generation came from such sources as well, given how the Hwyliau Haul worked. And it would ideally ensure that energy wouldn't be a problem for the system for quite some time.

>Action Two. Exploration/Expansion. 15, 10
While we are slowly developing our colony, there is yet more to be discovered. The Children of Fanw were known as explorers long ago, especially those of clan Llewelyn given their ties to the great explorer Neifion whom was responsible for the founding of what became Prenhaearn back on our old home. It is only natural there would be those who would follow in his footsteps. One of the stars nearest to Pengwaywffon would be scouted out first. A bit closer to the system that once held our home, but not one we visited in our escape of it and search for a new one. Yet one we visit now, in hopes of finding something of note.

Report: Tellurian
The citizens of Tellurian breathe a little easier, less cramped than before and with a world of new produce filling the shelves and stocking the markets. The youths of the Concord, from the rebellious street mages to the prodigious scholars, have something to dream about.

For the first time in a long time, there is a future beyond the labyrinthine walls of Tellurian. There are whole worlds out there, ripe for the taking. Great and grand deposits of rare materials.
Where once there was apathy and cynicism, enemies of an arcane education both, there is now something like magic in the air. Everywhere, everyone may look to the stars and know that fresh new worlds are within our grasp.

Report: Subversion

We progress through this world and its varied structures. From the minds of these simple creatures we divine their social structures, implant post hypnotic suggestions within key agents sympathetic to our schemes, cast our presence far while burying our agents deep within this world.
Belove us, for we wish the best for you.
The best for you is to do your very best, for your betters.

Action 1: Settle Nataruk

This realm is cold and sandy and uncomfortable, but thrumming with that mystic resource Grailstone. Found in buried beneath the sand or poking above it, ranging from small stones to colossal pyramidal veins of the rich resource, Grailstone may power any manner of evocatory magicks.
Before we can tame the stone however, we must establish a foothold. Towers make planetfall and arrange themselves into a ritual circle much like they did on Rhea, though this time a dome emerges from the confluence of towers rather than a special fold.

Air is pumped through portals, heat is generated to warm the zone, a satisfactory foundling site for a settlement to develop around.
Beneath the city sits a maze of air-tight caverns and tunnels, valuable Grailstone just waiting to be stolen out from the twists and turns of this subterranean maze.

Action 2: Settle Solomos

If Nataruk was a difficult place to colonise, Solomos is hellish. Though wealth beyond our wildest dreams, this is an environment so hostile to life, civilisation, or structure, that our delicate rituals likely could not occur here without being disturbed unless extreme planning was taken to accomplish such a feat. Solomos’ extreme arcane riches must be taken away from this place if they are to be used.

A fleet of oversized wizard towers, armoured and expanded for permanent habitation in this accursed place, flit around between the rings of this hostile giant. They form a network of arcane space stations each a junction to at least one other.
Much of Solomos needs may need to be imported between stars, for the satellite-settlement nestled within the tumultuous clouds of this gas giant can harvest little on its own safely.

>Action 1: Colonise Ellinikon
The Ideal Terraforming candidate is the best world we have found so far, and so the Wolarians of the League make their plans to settle the world and turn it into a true long-term colonial project. Cyanobacteria is released into the atmosphere to begin the long process of turning this carbon-choked planet into a fully functional ecosystem, even as the first Wolarians establish bases and monitoring stations to oversee the world's slow metamorphosis.

>Action 2: Explore (17,8)
Knowing and analysing what lies around our homeworld is of great importance, and so our brave explorers are set a new sector to chart.
The holy world which grants visions and joy shall be colonised. May it become a center of worship, learning, the arts and arcane.

> Action 1: Ayden the Sun
may the lessons of the Sun eggs enter the system of the godmother. As all material native to our world it shall become an integral part of her and her creations.

The tunnels through the otherworld connecting our world once tight and scary shall now be illuminated with sunlight as shall the deep caves within aydens true form. may glowbugs be created as scouts for the night.

> Action 3: Cavalry, beasts of speed and dexterity
As ayden's realm expands we need to be able to traport goods quickly. Ayden has granted us mounts of greet speed and agility. Be it the Aarakor a feathered beast which moves at the speed of sound through the sky or the Karaldor a 6 legged dew-licker able to run at full speed through dense forests without coliding with anything.

these beasts shall help all tribes to communicate and move quickly, and through Ayden's grace a new type of tribe shall be founded. The Migratory tribes ever moving focused on training and taming mounts as well as being messangers and scouts.
File: Space NRP Turn 2.png (27 KB, 426x445)
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The aliens of Friedrich are most peculiar, speaking not through word but through thought, but the thoughts of Fenriks not Automech. Still, they have returned to their own planet for now, and the Ultima Engines are fine with letting them stay there. Plenty of Ultima Engines start studying the aliens, but lacking a common wavelength, they are limited to orbital telescopes and cataloguing the behaviour of Fenriks. It is unlikely we will ever be able to reach a common wavelength, as we are like polar opposites. But perhaps that means we will stay out of each others' way.

>Action 1: Establish Space Force Syklonvinge-2A. A wing of spacecraft each with an Ultima Engine commander and FTL capability.
[1 Pop = Exists, 1 Sundries = 5 HP, 1 Metal = 5 Damage]
The aliens matching us in space travel capability is a cause for concern. Without effective communication, we cannot reliably predict their next move, and they are in a good position to strike first. In anticipation of this, a number of warships are made. The Syklon warship is a hefty craft, featuring layers of bulkheads for its defence, limiting the damage any one impact can cause. This does make it sluggish in manoeuvre, but with a heavy armament of mass drivers it is clear the spacecraft is meant to slug it out with enemy craft.

>Action 2: Explore (7, 7) system. Having noticed anomalous activity to the galactic north, it warants prioritized exploration.
Ever since exploring space, our sensors have picked up rhythmic signals along with the cosmic radiation. But recently we have not only acquired a second system to listen from, but the intensity of the signals have sharply increased. This may be the signal of another intelligent species, or just some cosmic anomaly, both warrant investigation. With the other surrounding systems mundane by comparison, the Ultima Engines decide it is time to travel toward the source of these rhythmic signals.
>Action 1: Entering Electrosphere (6th Gen fighter aircrafts, continuation of the WW3 Doomsday weapons line)

Aware that the SETI array would transmit messages from earth and the Rubicon III, we have to prepare ourselfs to engage possible hostile extra-terrestrial... yet while we would rediscover and slowly bring back into service WW3 era WMD's, we would discover something else, 6th gen fighter aircrafts in pristine conditions alongside blueprints for productions, such discovery will not only help mankind in re-establishing its lost technological base but also prepare ourselves to engage aliens...

To train our pilots to use 6th gen fighters, the TOP-GUN School (STFI) would train 6th gens pilots in a theorical conflict against possible alien life-forms, as the 6th gens will be the key to win a possible aerial war against invaders

>Action 2: a GATE open

The IUNE would detect a newly opened gate in antarctica and would mobilize its force to stabilize it, once stabilized, a exploration team wearing pretty much astronauts suits would be sent to see what lays beyond the GATE, if a inhabitable world is found, then it shall be colonized to help mankind in its path to return from the ashes of nuclear annihlation.

>Begin integration plan of Squiddies.
The discovery of a race so similar societally to their own prove one thing to the Scret that they've know for all of their history: Money makes the galaxy go round. Even here, in this primitive muck world, these underdeveloped Cephalopoda know the sheer might and value of coin, and will go through similar lengths to get it no doubt. Undoubtedly they will make a worthy competitor at the negotiation table... Better to have them haggling on our side than against us. And our captive who is oh-so-eager to haggle is way back to freedom will finally be able to purchase it, in exchange for services rendered. We will send him off to make contact on our behalf as a liaison of sorts to one of the weakest cartels that's currently on the backfoot of this world's "great game". A small gift of precious gems and a meager taste of our technology is sure to get them hooked and ready to be reeled in to the negotiation table.
>Expand to tile 13,8
The cartels have lately grown worried of distant stars. After the initial excitement of discovering new life faded, they started considering the wider implications of what it meant. Not only are the squids so similar to us in terms of society, but they were actually worryingly close. Who's to say there's not more out there? And who's to say that they're not playing the "great game" the same as we are? A rush runs through them, and the private markets are encouraged to strike out, explore, and expand as much as possible. Grab as much of the galaxy as we can before anyone else can, exploitation can come later.
Action 1:
>send a seedling to a new system
The trees will grow on their own accord. What matters is new ones be planted. A colonial organism is manifested in a new system.
Action 2:
>improved planetary beasts
Access to advanced technologies has created niches almost never before seen in other ecosystems. Many beasts both predator and prey carry on them ballistics for the purposes of dispatching prey and threat. Most utilize small caliburs, but a few titanic organisms can carry weapons the likes of artillery and tank guns.
These weapons are primarily produced at local refinery organisms. Oraganisms who trade manufactured rounds for nutrients and rare materials.
1. With the major resource of the system exploited scouts are sent out again to 13,9 to see what lies, once again, beyond the bounds of Drya space.
2. While the oil of Moil is a strong strategic resource for the Drya base materials such as minerals and compounds are needed. Mining outposts are grown among the grooves of the rocky planet of Watch Way, Symbiotic living structures the top of the structures are semi-transparent leaves that allow light through to feed the Dryad workers and other drones while deep rooted semi-sentient tree drones dig roots deep into the rocks to leech minerals from the earth.
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The days turn to weeks, and it seems that all was going well. The SS had taken a particular liking to Reichskolonie Ost, a very particular liking at that. But there were...some issues. Those reactionaries were rallying behind Rommel, saying how they hadn't been granted anything as of late as the SS and Luftwaffe have! But...perhaps...they were right. As Goering looked over the various proposals in front of him (With the current budget approved by the industrial guilds of course only permitting 2 at a time), he finally reached a decision...


1. The army can have their new tanks. The E-Series Panzers will likely be vast improvements over the vehicles currently in service, though of course the venerable IVs would likely just be overhauled to keep up. (Army improvements)

2. The SS, esoteric and odd as they have been, insist on sending out a fleet to some far off system. Who are they to hold sway over the Luftwaffe and Kriegsraumarine!? Then again, knowing how they are, this might actually be worth investigating...their venture is approved.
(Send a fleet to 9,5)
Sorry for the slow posting SpaceQM! I was busy with life and got a little distracted. Figure it's best I get my turn out before the weekend, don't want to be a no-show, especially when the thread's shaping up as interestingly as it is.

The Crith Coordinators convened on Crith. There was a sense of relief among the Crith, the closest analogue of their species to pleasure. The C-Rift had proven an even safer means of conveying Crith than anticipated. Already, the Crith on Crithdos found their burial of time-capsules on the northern and southern desert poles to be recovered by future Crith explorers redundant. The Crith were nothing if not cautious, so this continued.

The Crith were particularly relieved to find that Crithdos was, in-fact, a terrible place to live. None of the Crith-Eating predators of Crith could survive here! The Crith Coordinators were in consensus- this was ideal. The razor sand that got into the Crith shells and Crith-Computers was less so. In ideal circumstances, the Crith would find a means to benefit from the sand, dubbed Sharpsand, without losing its protective qualities. To this end, the Crith Concordat imported tons of Sharpsand to Crith itself, both to dump on suspected nests of Crith-Eaters and to study in detail.

Numerous Crith-Scientists dedicated themselves to finding uses for Sharpsand. The Crith-Science fell into two camps. One was convinced that the Sharpsand's hostile qualities could carry over to C-Cutter optics in an abstract sense. The other was convinced that the Sharpsand's fine nature could make for swirling lamps which might be a relief to Crith away from the seas of Crith. Those Crith-Scientists who disagreed with both were peer-pressured (via electro-tongs) to pledge their support for one of the two, but most continued secretly studying it on their own.

>Action #1: The Crith begin researching a use for Sharpsand, with a focus toward military or consumer applications.
Besides the advent of Sharpsand, the Crith Coordinators of the Crith Concordat were in consensus. If there were only two Crith worlds, a sudden crisis on both, such as a theoretical anomalous space tsunami, could eradicate Crith kind in one blow. This was terrifying to the Crith and could not be tolerated. The solution was clear to the Crith. Another C-Nest needed to be established. The new world discovered by the C-Settler scouting fleet would suffice.

C-Colonization must commence. C-Nests must be made to bunker-tolerances, leagues of barbed wire laid on potential landing sites, and anti-personnel mines buried in paths. This was not exceptional for the Crith, it was the bare minimum precaution the Crith must take against potential Crith-Eaters. The C-Surveyors believed this new planet was empty, but invisible predators were, in theory, possible. The Crith Coordinators were in consensus that all theoretical possibilities must be accounted for. After all, this is what led to the discovery of C-Rift and a lesser likelihood of Crith extinction. For the Crith to survive, the Crith must keep an open mind to opportunities in the stars and a strong, wary claw against the galaxy of Crith-Eaters who seek to exploit them.

The Crith had not discovered any yet, but it was only a matter of time.

>Action #2: The Crith attempt to colonize the newfound, breathable world. It is named Crithtres and with its low-gravity, is considered a potential prime site for C-Cutter manufacturing facilities.
1. "Okay gentlemen, so these are our goals for McDougan's"

#1 The company must acquire the planet, completely. It may remain a warscape for the purpose of "security agent" recruiting world, but it must become ours
#2 The "Minotaurs" must universally be infused with the labourer gene, *without* reducing their combat effectiveness. They must retain their savage ferocity, but be unable to defy the will of the shareholders and stand down on command.

The shareholders want it to happen, so it's up to us in research department to make it so. Perhaps instead of simply abducting and reintroducing specimens to the wild, we try to acquire a growing populace and retain them in orbital storage, applying the labourer gene to them. To add in natural selection, we will encourage them to send their most ferocious and fiercest warriors, sell it to them as 'Valhalla in the Sky'. Once we have a sizable population, and confirmed their combat effectiveness, we can make preparations to deploy them en masse as company sponsored Kingdom and proceed with planetary acquisition.

Oh, I almost forgot.

#3 Some of the fat ones are of interest to the beef department.

We can't use the warrior types, far too lean and muscular and the meat would be hard. See about a separate project for that.

2. Begin proper infrastructural development of the new system, we'll call it "Golden Shores". We'll need to acquire that gold for the financial department - it will be useful to back up our Company Scrip, but also for various electronics purposes. Perhaps we can try to see about either neutralizing, or preferably, harvesting that chlorine atmosphere. But before that we'll need more durable large scale craft able to penetrate the thick temperatures.

Oh, and of course, securing that paradise planet. A centralized orbital station over it would be good to provide security as well as a depot for further planetary development.
Yet they do not move, they have been broken by the sharp rocks of time. We have a trail, a trail which will lead us closer to their home!

Action 1: Follow the enemy, explore 06,05
Make all possible haste, we cannot afford to let this chance slip through our fingers.

Action 2: Extract the metals from our new world
With the enemy so close we must be prepared for war. The first step is to grab the treasures which lay under the ice. It is with these tools that we will forge new weapons which will smash the enemy. This planet is a symbol to us, for it broke the enemy's ship with its own terrain and harsh environment. This is further evidence that the universe itself seeks the death of those who cursed us. We must carry on.
>Establish the navy- Build the first true battleships and frigates
>Improve concordian mining operations
File: OIG2..ipmxJRzyFIlfxDNC.jpg (162 KB, 1024x1024)
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162 KB JPG

> First turn: Enact the Eden intative.

A dedicated section of their orbiting station, begins the construction of massive eco-complexes. These complexes are engineered to replicate a variety of planetary ecosystems with unparalleled fidelity, ranging from the lush, verdant landscapes of Earth-like planets to the exotic, alien biomes of distant worlds.

The Eden Initiative's eco-complexes are designed as self-sustaining environments, each a closed-loop system capable of supporting complex life forms. Advanced climate control technologies regulate temperature, humidity, and atmospheric composition, creating conditions suitable for a wide array of species. Sophisticated monitoring systems are installed to observe the intricate web of life, gathering valuable data on ecological interactions, evolutionary processes, and the potential for life to adapt to extreme environments.

The initiative is driven by a dual purpose: to preserve the genetic and biological diversity of the cosmos and to provide unparalleled opportunities for scientific research. By studying these complex ecosystems, the Zenthraxians hope to uncover new insights into life's resilience, adaptability, and the underlying principles that govern the emergence of life across the universe.

> Second turn: Research improvements on energy to matter principles.

the Zenthraxians delve into advanced theoretical research aimed at refining the principles of energy-to-matter conversion. Building on the foundation of mass-energy equivalence, as famously encapsulated in Einstein's equation E=mc, they explore the practical applications and technological innovations that could make the direct conversion of energy into matter a reality.

This research focuses on several key areas:

Containment and Stabilization
The process of converting energy into matter involves generating particles from high-energy conditions, a feat that naturally occurs in phenomena such as cosmic ray collisions or particle accelerator experiments. However, the spontaneous nature of these particles often leads to their rapid annihilation unless properly contained and stabilized. The Zenthraxians' approach involves the development of advanced magnetic and gravitational containment fields, sophisticated enough to stabilize these particles. By creating a controlled environment that mimics the conditions just after the Big Bang but on a minuscule scale, they can facilitate the particles to cool and bond, forming stable atoms and molecules.

Efficiency and Scalability
For energy-to-matter conversion to transcend theoretical curiosity and become a cornerstone of Zenthraxian technology, it must be both energy-efficient and scalable. The civilization dedicates considerable resources to refining the conversion process, aiming to minimize energy loss and maximize the output of usable matter. This involves sophisticated algorithms for energy input modulation, precise control mechanisms for the containment fields, and scalable reactor designs that can be adapted for various applications, from small-scale laboratory experiments to industrial-level production facilities.
File: MapTurn2.png (204 KB, 1358x863)
204 KB
204 KB PNG

The Map as of the beginning of Turn 3. A few adjustments have been made to the nature of reality, in particular Populations consume Sundries, which represents their need for food, textiles, other other common sundries of modern societies.
It may be some time before the brave souls who scout new worlds manage to extricate themselves from the hubbub they have caused on their return. The latest system to be joined to the Fanw is a cluster of large and massive planets, two of which feature intelligent life in their industrial era and a different third one of which is an ideal terraforming candidate. What’s more we’ve discovered not one but two curious and possibly game changing materials. Clusters of yellow egg like stones that seem to empower plantlife to growth faster and more vibrantly and a curious red powder, smelling faintly of roses, whose nature has yet to be determined. As one of the first two discoverers of Red Powder you determine one of its properties. The sheer scope of the discoveries in the system is difficult to summarize. (Seriously, look at the sheet for this one, there’s a lot to take in). The excitement is high enough that news of the new solar collectors providing enough stable power for a generation of spacefaring is scarcely noticed, alongside a report of dwindling food surpluses.

While the infiltration of lizardmen society wraps up with only the occasional hiccup requiring a rural village to be left drooling husks (they’ll recover in a day or two, really), the grand mages turn their attention to the settling of the remainder of the systems. Wizard towers descend from the heavens onto the unruly wastes of Nataruk and Solomos and begin the difficult work of taming these wilds. So great is the effort of this dual colony drop that the reserves of basic Sundries are completely wiped out, many wizards will have to make do with meager portions, second hand robes, and shoddy living quarters until the deficit is addressed. Even more concerning is the explosive growth of young new wizards that promises to eat up (sometimes literally!) the meager supplies remaining, to say nothing of the ancient pipeweed reserves! Something must be done.
The colonial efforts at Ellinikon proceed well, the easy temperature and low hostility of the planet allowing for quick biodomes of simple plastic sheets to be erected rapidly. Basins of cyanobacteria maintain the oxygen balance of the colony without issue and begin to spread across the waterways of the world. In a few generations this world might brim with oxygen, already a sparse layer of grass spreads out from the biodome. You can build a colony for no action cost when you first explore the system, take three actions next turn.

Seeking something faster, scouts set off into the great void and return with news of no less than three large terraforming candidates, two of which have large metallic reserves that could be easily accessed, alongside a pair of less interesting planets, but ones which might be useful for mundane purposes at least. None of the two candidates with metal reserves are ideal, one is a volcanic world of soot and ash requiring a breathing filter at most times and the other is a cold ocean world, but both are livable without an excessive amount of work.
Praise to Ayden! She has brought us to a holy land where her voice is clear and our hearts are merry! The mother of all sends her roots to the surface of a new world and for the first time a new sun shines on our people. In time the life of Ayden shall spread across this world, but for now we shelter under the limbs of her growing mighty form and tend flocks of animals that explore this new home. New greenery spreads across the world, slowly for now, but one day this entire world will be encompassed by her.

To aid the mission of the spread of her life Ayden creates the Glowbugs, bulbous insects who shine with the light of the Sun Echoes that they hatch from. These gentle and clumsy insects bob and weave through the night, leading wayward children home, caressing and tending flowers and trees, and lending the plant growing aura of their life to plants throughout the night. Their light is well appreciated by the riders of the many new steeds Ayden has brought forth, though it will take time and tending by the mother to settle on the optimal creatures, as well as the shaping of the new tribe who will use them the most.

Once more scouts set forth into the great void seeking new worlds and treasures, and with any luck neighbors capable of actual conversation. What they find might be the key to understanding our peculiar neighbors, if we have enough time. Two of the three planets in the system are uninteresting worlds. The last however is a massive planet flush with life, where many of the creatures display psionic phenomenon similar to that of the winged aliens. These psionic abilities seem to be related to springs of a sticky purple oil bubbling up from underground. The ecosystem of prey and predator is quite intense, but much could be learned from this new world. (Make sure to mark which world you want your first colony on in your next post)

The Ultima Engines are no strangers to war, to bloodshed, to pain and loss and suffering. And so it is with heavy hearts they commission the first true warship of space, the Syklon warship. A sluggish and brutish craft, but built to outlast and destroy their enemy. Of course with no peer warships to compare to it’s difficult to say how the craft will fare in true combat. Almost as if seeking to answer the question a fleet of ships launches from the winged alien world and proceeds toward the Friedrich colony. No obvious weapons are detected, but the ships are spreading out as if to completely surround the planet.
There is a roar of laughter among the first explorers as they walk up in their heavy duty environmental suit, because the GATE has opened up into a forest of truly massive trees. A steady stream of warm air billows from the GATE creating a large slushy mess around it. After a quick test for oxygen levels the scouts leave their environmental suits behind and walk into an ecological paradise. Further analysis finds that they’re on a tiny world covered in massive trees so large the upper canopy is above the clouds. Endless life scampers, climbs or lumbers through the trees, frequently sporting wings of some sort to take advantage of the thick air and the low gravity. Two more tiny terraforming candidates circle the star, along with an airless, lifeless average sized planet. The last is a massive world covered in equally massive mountains. A curious blue crystal lines some mountains, while others sport outcroppings of useful industrial chemicals for sundry purposes. In the deepest valleys liquid water pools, while the mid peaks have a thin layer of oxygen. (Make sure to indicate which planet your initial outpost will go on, or around)

Back on earth defensive preparations continue, as if fearing some inevitable war, although with humanities record it might be with themselves. Still the latest batch of fighter planes are impressive tools of war, if restricted to the atmosphere. Once initial training and design is complete the IUNE forces will be among the finest earth has seen. Of course work is still ongoing with the WW3 Superweapon project so the six generation planes may take some time to be ready. (Your previous research is still in progress. Build research facilities to speed it up, or divert additional resources to future projects).
The Scret have intuitively grasped at a peculiar truth across the galaxy, that intelligent life is springing up all across the galaxy. And like all opportunities, it’d be best if they got there first, built a fence, set up a few menacing guards, and bought out anyone who tried to muscle in! Hundreds of planets worth of wealth await, and the Scret will stop at nothing to get it! Or at least build a fence, the actual mining and selling can wait until the goods are secured. To that end scouts set out and discover a new solar system, with four new worlds to exploit. Most exciting is a large living world with many ecosystems and biomes. Outcroppings of a dull green metal with strange properties are present in many places. As one of the first finders of this material you choose one of its two properties. The next two planets are lifeless, although one is more hydrocarbons than anything else, should make for a good fuel depo if nothing else. Last is a large world that looks lifeless at first, but trails of coal smoke betray the existence of an industrial civ underground. A few long distance probes spot strange translucent humanoids occasionally emerging for short treks across the surface and collect a peculiar red powder that smells of roses. As one of the first finders of this material you choose one of its two properties. Someone concerningly one of the locals spotted our probe and somehow destroyed it at a distance with just a sharp glare! (Don’t forget to choose a planet for your initial outpost in this new system. Also, you never chose an initial outpost for 12,7, although you can forfeit this to save fuel costs)

In lighter news the first formal contact with the squid folk goes well, with initial work to understand their culture completed the Scret move onto the work of true integration, of a Scret-Squiddie society plundering the stars together! This starts with the eager negotiator looking for his own starship getting you an introduction to a down on his luck mob boss who recovers remarkably from his initial blunder of trying to betray and enslave you and soon enough is setting up deals and plots with the rest of his kind. Still, these things take time, and a steady investment of metals if you’re looking to truly uplift a partner in crime. Naturally the Scret still turn a profit in Squiddie luxuries, a local Squiddie narcotic is quite entrancing. Unfortunately all the travel between Titik, Titus, and the two newly scouted systems has pushed our fuel reserves to the limit.
The Ecology grows. It spreads at an alarming rate across the surface of its second home, always adapting, changing, growing. The life it weaves is more advanced, more deadly, more sophisticated than anything a more common ecosystem might produce. Beetles who produce gunpowder as feces. Subterranean root networks that break apart metallic ores. Elaborate networks of fungi that produce and trade satchels of dangerous chemical weapons in exchange for the skulls of a stubborn turtle that consumes that fungus. The ecology uses everything, and it never rests, but even the ecology needs time to adapt and change. (Previous adaptations are still taking hold and will delay this adaptation’s adoption)

The Ecology spreads, and this time the seedling finds itself just one of many plants in an already thriving ecosystem. And the noise is everywhere! The stomping of boots, the roar of engines in the sky, the ground, sea, and even the stars above. A society, a nation, a people who have been marked for death. Now begins the battle for control over this planet, and the inhabitants have no idea the ecology even exists.
The natural superiority of the Drya is difficult to deny. What other species could sow seeds and reap the bounty of the earth? Great roots twist and augur into the earth, crushing stone and separating out value from dross. Complex arrays of sturdy but translucent leaves guide precious sunlight deep into the earth where it feeds drones who work tirelessly. Still, the lack of even an orbital platform overhead hampers the effectiveness of the worksite, even the creations of the queens need guidance and correction from time to time.

The queens have other things in mind though, the exploration of distant worlds. Drones flow through the great warp gates and find a three planet system, though sadly not one bearing life. Still, a tiny planet could easily be seeded with a vibrant ground colony and interesting resources can be found on the other two planets despite their absence of life supporting atmospheres. The first part is nearly a third obsidian and natural glass, with yellow glowing egg like stones under the natural glass. Curiously the drones who handle the stones seem to display rapid growth and healing, perhaps there is some power here that could be harnessed. The last planet is covered in mountains and ravines, and long ago must have been host to life, for vast mounds of amber can be found here. All from drone to queen find the pseudo stones quite delicious, and other races might be pleased by their color and luster as well.
The E-Series Panzer unveiling is a rousing success! The people line up and cheer as the military parade rolls by, yet another symbol of security and safety for the thousand year Reich. The only minor blemish is the unsightly breakdown of one of the janitorial staff after one of the panzers accidentally destroys a flowerbed. Of course, the parade is largely a facade to placate Rommel, research is still ongoing on improvements to the aircraft of the Luftwaffe, but once that finishes we’ll surely find time to improve the tanks as well. (Consider building research facilities in orbit or on the ground in Reichskolonie Ost)

In a more distant star system an SS scouting spacecraft enters a distant dark system and finds a brilliant blue sun, and what at first glance seems to be nothing else. It is not until the spacecraft is near the star looking out that the planet sized obsidian sphere becomes visible. Initial reports by the explorers who touch down on its surface raise more questions than answers. No atmosphere clings to its surface, and despite close proximity to the blue sun the surface rests at nearly -100 degrees fahrenheit. The surface is, at least to hand tools, quite impenetrable as well. This is supposed to ensure a thousand year Reich? A puzzle to be sure.
Sharpsand! Most species would have dedicated years of hard work and effort to purging or damping the hellish conditions found on Crithdos, or at the very least picked a kinder gentler planet to live on where steady doses of antibiotics to combat constant shell infections aren’t required. But the Crith view the hellish conditions as safety, and it certainly isn’t any worse than the vicious predators of their homeworld. Sadly attempts to weaponize the sand backfire spectacularly, the fine grains can be turned by the slightest winds, and their abrasive nature takes hours to cause any true damage. The best idea broached is that of a ‘morale bomb’ an indiscriminate dusting of the sand would make fighters on both sides of a war absolutely miserable. More pleasing though is the Erosion Lamp, a carefully packaged device containing sharpsand and a small rock, sometimes an effigy of an enemy, and a fan. The fan sends the sharpsand into a whirlwind, slowly whittling the effigy into dust. Crith love it!

The colonization of Crithres is a delicate matter. The C-Mind, tuned to paranoia, fear, and the expectation of predators struggles to cope with the gentle planet, with its lack of predators. It is almost a relief when the strange signals coming from neighboring systems are detected from multiple colonies, intelligent life a mere handful of lightyears away! A full month is spent at high alert, C-Cutters and shock lances at the ready before the Council is forced to admit that perhaps alien life isn’t arrive quite yet. But soon! Any day aliens could come streaming into Crith Systems! The Crith handle this the way they always have, by spreading to yet another system.

This immediately proves to be a mistake. The C-Rift stabilizes on a tiny tundra world crawling with life, resulting in a large moose like creature immediately being killed via shock-lance, then half the Crith colonists dying in an ensuing firefight with each other when they mistake the weapon discharge as an attack. By the time things settle and they check the rest of the system they find the ultimate horror, they’ve opened a rift directly onto a spacefaring civilization’s system, just one planet away a bizarre and frightening race of extremely fuzzy creatures have a modern space capable nation! With a fleet of ships! In the resulting riot and panic no one pays attention to yet more signals of neighbors to this system, or the other two hostile-to-life planets in the systems.
Ah, Capitalism! What a marvel the invisible hand of the economy is! The McDougan’s venture continues to be marvelously profitable, raking in sizable portions of the gdp of the minotaur’s world. Sure, the skirmishes on the edges of our growing city on the planet are growing more frequent, and the weapons we’re pouring into the region are resulting in ever growing conflicts, but what does it matter when we’re making such a profit!? The steady traffic in slaves has given us the pick of the litter to craft a minotaur army of our own. The introduction of a new set of altered labor gens has unfortunately failed to produce docile soldiers, but the conflict between minotaur instincts and laborer instincts does throw the soldier into a frothing berserker rage which makes for quite the useful combatant! We’ve sealed them up into pods and just launch them directly into enemy lines as disposable single use soldiers, which feels like a good market opportunity for the future.

In less violent news the first city in the Golden Shore’s system is coming together nicely, the two habitable worlds have resulted in an explosion in population to say the least. Shareholder bungalows dot the idyllic islands, while laborers make do with orbital shanty towns. Already plans are being drawn up for an orbital outpost around the planet of molten gold, though it will take more effort to realize it.
The scouts are away before a single sleep cycle has passed. The two planet system they find is a depressing sight, a small planet burning too close to the red sun for comfort and a shattered shell of a tiny planet that once might have been a bastion of life in a cold universe. Now it is a radioactive wasteland covered in ruins and the telltale black strands of the infection of the enemy, frozen hard in death. As the scouts approach sensor arrays detect bursts of signals and suddenly what seemed like wreckage in orbit around the planet lights up with thermal signatures. Quick thinking lets the scouts escape a flurry of crude missiles, but there are too many enemies here for simple scout ships to fight. Analysis of the signals finds visual data, and what might be audio as well, although it translates only to screeching and howls. The visual data is more chilling, a gray feathered humanoid, the infection clearly visible, madness in their eyes. The enemy? Or just one of their victims like us? Metallic mines go up rapidly to fuel the need for war.
The sight of spacefaring alien life is a startling reminder to the Daitan Empire that life may not be uncommon, and that we may not stand at the pinnacle of it. Work begins immediately to rectify that issue, building out mines on Concordia and establishing a fleet of warships to defend the empire.

Dark Matter. Dark Energy. Two mysterious forces, seemingly unrelated, who without the universe would not exist as it does today. These haunting forces, invisible and intangible, frustrate efforts to analyze and detect them. Yet, the Apex pushes on, trying to measure what cannot be measured and understand what cannot be understood. In addition even more research efforts are formed into existence, mastering energy to mass transformations and wide reaching ecological studies. Research initiatives stack up, one after another, and while resources are diverted to get an early start, the fact remains that lab space, mainframe time, and intellectual resources are precious and limited, it may be some time before any of the current research projects are finished unless new laboratories are constructed.

The central question at the heart of all the Apex’s research, especially energy to matter transformation, is where will the energy come from? 90,000,000,000,000,000 joules of energy is required to produce a single kilogram of mass, more power than the mightiest weapons of civilization, and the long dreams of the Apex will require far more than one kilogram.
File: MapTurn2NoReally.png (201 KB, 1317x862)
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201 KB PNG
Updated Map to account for corrections, latest IUNE Settlement was not appearing on the map.

The army wants yet more improvements, and unfortunately they have the sway to push them through. Fortunately it's all generally things that will effect both the SS and Luftwaffe, and so while there is some pushback it's ultimately for naught.
(Military improvements)

While the food stores were getting low, the recent discoveries would likely fix that quite quickly, and allow for a great deal of development. Of course, seeding worlds with life would take a few decades, but with the most recent discovery, perhaps it would cut that to mere years depending on the potency of the strange but extremely useful stones that were a true blessing to find. Fanw willing, it will grant us the ability to turn two worlds to something resembling our old home with ease. A place to live that wasn't simply on artificial habitats in space utilizing centrifugal force.

>Action One. Colonization of the Cewriadref system.

The discovery of a large planet with both liquid water and a breathable atmosphere was quickly met with a good deal of excitement as the Neifion Colony was set up on the world. The strange yellow stone on the world as well that seemed to bless plant growth sharing the color of clan Llewelyn was a cherry on top for the expedition that found these many worlds. While the red powder was also important the samples were limited, though early work found it to be able to improve metals durability, even blessed steel if applied in it's creation. Though the world being less suited to colonization and less important in the short term made it be put on the back burner as the far greater boon of a material that allowed for faster growing plant life quickly came to be valued and it was only natural that it would start to be used on the planet that this was found on. Especially given that the planets natural conditions were well suited towards harboring life. In fact all it really needed was to be seeded and then given time as more was introduced to the biosphere...In fact...

>Action Two. Terraforming.

Given the world in question was habitable already and only really needed a biosphere, it was only natural that the idea of being able to form a large, prosperous world would appeal to many. Especially given those of shrewd stewardship whom were well aware of the lower and lower stocks of fish, meat and plant food. While the orbital works made in the system that held most of the infrastructure for the development of the Fanwyic's position in space were doing as well as they could to serve that need, a more permanent solution that arguably required less resources and offered a potential true new home was shooting two deer with one arrow. It was too good to pass up this opportunity and see just how well these strange stones would do in allowing the planet to become lush and full of life. It was a bit lucky though that the primitive peoples on the planets were, well, primitive. It'd make their colonization easier, and it'd not be hard to hide from them for now until a policy regarding primitive peoples was decided upon.
The reports from Ellinikon brings hoots of applause that echoes through the grand debating chamber, talons clacking upon the marbled floors as delegate after delegate of the constituent nation-regions stand to speak - from Tengmal, Scopae, Boobokon, Barnaos, Morepuk, Soota, Screekes and even Aegarl, the representatives to the Aethan Global Council all take their moments to make sure they are quoted for posterity and the next cycle's media coverage. After the next election cycle, Ellinikon will send the first delegate representing a community from outside our home system to the council; marking the true beginnings of the League of Aetha as a truly interstellar society.

>Free Colony Action: Colonise Cypokean
Of the three candidates in the new system it is the cool ocean planet that most speaks to Wolarian aesthetics, for the metal-rich ochre isles protruding from the deep blue waters make the world from afar visually compare favourably to the great seas and isles of Aetha herself. The rich carbonified state of the atmosphere here also means that the process that has started working so well upon Ellinikon will likely work again; and so once more Cynobacteria are introduced to the air, isles and waters as the Wolarians start constructing colonial sites and testing the metal deposits for extraction.

>Action 1: Alien Silk
The strange alien invertebrates that hide beneath Mesaria have been of some interest ever since that world was chosen as an outpost site; but with so many other directions in which to turn a head it is only now that Wolarians of the new-formed ExoSilk concern begin the process of identifying how to harvest the material they produce. Can we extract the material remotely, will we need harvest from their communities by hand as we do the Bluecrystal, or - since the creatures themselves do not seem to stand the planetary atmosphere - would it be easier to transplant a community, and farm and harvest their silk on a world like Ellinikon?

>Action 2: 'Pteryga' Starfighter project
Wolarians have good flight instincts, as one might expect from a species with an evolutionary lineage that took their ancestors into the air before bringing them back to the ground. But to allow full reign to those instincts we need a platform far grander and greater in intricacy then the jets of the aviation age and the flight-commanders of the last war; capable of independent flight far into the reaches of the void; to deliver the silent strike as a whisper. The designers and engineers of this project are the first Woalrians to be given regular access to our rare Bluecrystal resources for their testing, as it is considered that these structures could be of use in the craft's power systems to charge their engines and concentrate their weapons.

Action 1: Aduata Dusting

Extraction efforts on Solomos are to begin, tapping into the densely packed Aduata clouds that swirl around the gas giant and into capture-vanes wrought up by the great wizardly minds of the concord.

The dust is hearted, treated into pellets and bands, ready to be used in all manner of life shaping arcana.

Action 2: Rhean Sundries

Within the closed dimensions of the Daeveatan boundary, industries are wrought up to supply the Concord with enchanted robes, even more enchanted underwear, spell components, parchment, food and pondering orbs.

What industry cannot fit within the hidden city expands outwards, operating as start-ups in the underbelly of lizardman society, purchasing the base materials needed is relatively easy, arcane manufacturing methods employed to appear like common machinery is slightly harder.
File: Space NRP Turn 3.png (20 KB, 335x391)
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The aliens of Friedrich are launching some sort of attack. Their alien methods makes the Ultima Engines uncertain how to proceed, as no shots have been fired, yet the position the aliens take up is one which may be a prelude to a devastating attack. It is fortunate a space force has been made, as we will be needing to contest the aliens, make sure they see we are more than capable of escalating this.
>Fleet Movement: Move Syklonvinge-2A from 7,8 to 6,7. Prevent the encircling of the planet, but keep weapons fire to a minimum, until fired upon. Try to literally push the alien vessels around if necessary.
Syklonvinge-2A moves to the edge of the home system, and the Ultima Engines then engage in song, the Starsailor Song. A highly complex melody that is key to Hyperspace navigation, each tone affected by the conditions of Hyperspace, and the rhythm is a delicate plan for how they will proceed. When the Ultima Engine of each ship sings in perfect unison, the Wormhole is opened, and navigating through a series of slipstreams, they come out the other side in the Friedrich system. The Starsailor Song continues transmitting for a couple minutes as the rest of the space force exits Hyperspace, but it also serves as assurance to the Orkan worlds that reinforcements have arrived.

When Syklonvinge-2A meets the alien fleet, they mass a combat formation, before carefully approaching. Hoping the aliens would withdraw their encirclement. If the aliens remain in position but do not fire, then the Syklons will have to get physical, carefully moving up to them to the point of touching, and then fire thrusters to push them around without it being a high-speed collision. The Ultima Engines aren't quite sure how to deal with them. If the aliens were to fire however, then it'd be easy to return fire.

>Action 1: Establish Fuel Refinery (Fuel Producer) on 2nd planet (the frozen one) in the Friedrich system.
As Orkan Prime expands, so too must its fuel production. So the Automechs set about constructing ice gatherers and refineries in the Friedrich system. Large Terraforms scour the surface, gathering up the chemical ice, dumping it into filtering stations, which then separates the volatile ice from the regular ice. These volatiles are then brought to the refinery, where they are turned to fuel.

>Action 2: Establish Light Industry (Sundries Producer) on 3rd planet (Blue Crystal one) in the Friedrich system.
As large swathes of rainforest is felled, farmland emerges, on a titanic scale. Fields the size of nations, growing astronomical amounts of organics. In addition to some minor mines for minerals, these feed into city-sized districts of Light Industry. Plenty of Fenriks move over, enticed by the prospect of working with alien materials and able to produce the products of tomorrow. Bakeries making whole new breads, textile factories working with new elastic compounds, and even whole new lubricants for the Automechs.
> Action 1: find new world
Meditate once more (on that world with weed atmosphere now) and seek new world. Seek a new place for Ayden to assimilate and call come

Action 2: Warrior training
Yearly mock wars between the tribes shall be held where they hone their physical skills and tactics. The great tournament shall be special this year for the tribe that wins shall be given rights to settle the new found world
> Describe your nation. Their name, personality, culture, homeworld, and the one or more species within it.

> Describe how your Faster Than Light technology works.
Portal travel, through wormholes held open with gravitational anomalies, which krawl can simply create if they're in a large enough congregation, or possess the great power to do so at will.

> Describe your favored tool for handling situations.
Elemental power. Extreme heat, bitter cold, physical damage, etc. it’s a form of copy ability, desu.

> What do you do if that tool fails?
Never retreat. Continually suicidally attacking until one dies, or the target falls.

> Describe what your nation wants from Space Exploration, and how they're preparing to get it.
Eat planets with a fungus that consumes lots of physical matter and produces nutrient-rich spores that benefit the krawl immensely. Grow the krawl indefinitely and eat star systems.

> Describe one thing your nation is good at, and why.
Following orders like cells in a body listening to signals from a brain.

Actions and real post in next post...
File: IMG_20240223_061909~2.jpg (126 KB, 1080x692)
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126 KB JPG
Home systems’ hex is pic related.

All the krawl-y colors are already taken… hmm…

>First color choice:
Kingfisher daisy

>If can’t that color, then:

Having recently come unto new leadership with human hybrid Master Krux, the shapeless soul, the Krawl, are now completely under the control of one individual. That is, until he determined that they needed leadership of their own, borne of the Krawl and their innate ability to fuse with extremely potent natural elements and living beings. The high krawl were born of a sole human will, to serve Krux as advisors, generals, almost translators from krawl to intelligent consciousness. (On top of being very strong warriors in their krawl forms)

>1 harvest Nox and Fons for nutrients
The miasma needs to continue growing, and Meido is of somewhat sentimental value to the krawl as a whole. There’s something about the fungal colony world that seems to keep the krawl well in their element. Happy, almost, as if Krawl could display emotions by themselves. However, it has been specified by master Krux that any and all ancient tech and ruins need to be preserved, and brought back to Malik if possible. Malik, the ever-changing palace world made of ruins extracted from consumed planets. The pieces are said to be remnants of the long gone Nanairo and Giorna systems.

That said, Nox and Fons are currently on opposite ends of the tandem star system that composes the Hakaba and Kagero caravan of planets, and both of them are composed of different natural elements. Fons still has an intact crust with lots of plant life. The Aurora, the same natural influence as all living creatures, magnetic fields, and black holes. The receptor, the consumer, the bottomless pit, Gronos, is on the fucking scene!

On the opposite end of the full planetary consumption process, there's not much left of Nox. Gelberus, the handsome high krawl of the Corona, has been sent in to mop up what’s left of the fungal/magma structure. That said, most of what’s left has been preserved due to the presence of many ruins. Now commences the careful extraction process…

>2 Expansion
Expand a hex uh… up? Not really up or north I suppose, but it’s how the map looks.
>FREE: 4,8: Reach (system: Groombridge 1618)(Planet: small forest world)

>Action 1: Defense of earth

Aware that a unknown and odd alien entity is heading directly toward us, we have barely time to prepare, thus... all military forces from all the nations on earth alongside the IUNE own forces would be prepared to engage this unknown foe, for the first time, mankind will have a common enemy... and that's a very bad thing for those ayys... all reservists would be called into service and recruitments centers would be opened throughout the world to prepare for the fight against this unknown menace

>Action 2: Shadow of WW3

We need those WW3 era superweapon back in activity, and fast!, the training on 6th gen fighters would be halted, and instead all focus would be given on activating the last remaining superweaponry from WW3, as a budget of 1 trillion USD would be allocated in the activation of such weaponry, alongside this, research centers would be opened near the locations of those superweapons (except those in spaces), to study their inner workings and figure out a way to activate those weapons and reprogram them to fight against the alien menace
Paranoia, fear, pride. These are all emotions the ecology knows well. The hivemind of the reich is surely an adept one. Still its monoculture disgusts the Ecology.
Unusual for such a single minded hive the Ecology sees in their transmissions a yearning for greater unity and power. For the creation of ever more powerful organisms. So the ecology shall provide...

Action 1:
>Hive node augmentations
The collective will of the ecology is proliferated and enforced by a variety of organs. Each organism larger than a small cat caries inside of it a receiver node which allows them to influence and more importantly be influenced by the gestalt hivemind.
This allows the organisms to undertake large collective projects. Even while they are at eachothers throats during every other time.
Adapting this organ to be able to be used by the Aryans is a simple task.
This organ will make them weak to the more powerful mind of Lycoris. Even if it won't be able to control them it will allow them to be taken out of action. Which will be vital in taking out the enemy's leader hive organisms.

Action 2:
>The derelict vessel from Niflheim
The ecology manifests a complex invention. A ship, piloted by Aryan-like organisms made to seem long dead. Barreling into the system at relatavistic speeds from a direction neither towards agartha nor the ecology. In its halls the rust of centuries seems built up, its bones seemingly rotten for many decades. Even the DNA is expertly crafted to seem almost Aryan. But not quite.
Its hull is adorned with a swastica. Inside it bears a runic script, its data archives made to seem corrupted by time. Desperately overwritten and rewritten by the crew that never was.
Inside it tells of the tale of their homeworld Niflheim. A world much like the Earth of the Aryan history. Where the enlightened aryans decided to be peaceful. To uplift the lesser species into it. But they had failed. Betrayed by the Trold. Another powerful race.
The ship tells of its attempt to escape their doomed world. Where their own Esoteric arts developed only as soon as they were chased out. For centuries they had cruised the void. Alas sabotage to their vessel was done to their ship. And their savior Himr in the mythical city of Agar they were never able to reach...
But these corpses do hold one secret. Still uncorrupted. A technology of great power that allowed the Niflheim Aryans to achieve greatness even while pulled down by the inferior races.
The technology of Hive nodes. Organs the powerful Niflheim Aryans have naturally. Organs also capable of being artificially replicated as well. An old technology the Niflheim Aryans once attempted to use to uplift the lesser races with.
Generally you explore a system then colonize it. Its hard to see without opening the image but each hex does have coordinates on it. Providing those takes the guesswork out of expanding
>Scream of the Nibelung
In recent years the more magically minded among the cults of the SS had waned. Though their orders had allowed them to discover Hyperborea many now believed the feat to have been entirely technological. Still the seclusion of the various houses of the SS allowed such high mysticism to live on through the years.
One among their number was Siegfried. A new inductii to the Tyrian circle of the 30 Janeur division. He was an expert in the myths and lore of old Germany. Tasked with scouring them for true magics. This ritual they performed were emblematic of many of the great expenditures the SS could often afford in this bountiful world. The slaughter of 30 bulls in the practice of Blót. An attempt to contact Wotan.
The air was thick with spruce essence, and electrified by DonnerHall energies. As Siegfried's body was immersed in the blood flowing from the altars his mind was set alight. Nearby spectrometers and DonnerHall detectors went haywire as the room was filled with light.
Siegfried felt an altogether different feeling. He could feel his body floating in space, his skin burned by the void. Then his lungs were filled with acid, as he choked on the mist of a thick swamp. Mechanical buzzing filled his ears. And an emotion flooded his mind. Condescension. He felt as though he was a gnat on a wall. About to be swiped by a vengeful giant. The sound of gunshots erupted quickly, he only noticed his five mechanical legs as they were blown off him. Then he was deep in a dark pit. The stars shone above him. His eyes filled with water as he recognized the stars. But they just were not right. He believed he could see home, distant, many lightyears away.
He could feel the presence attempting to follow him. To drag him back into the pit. Down into the earth to be consumed forevermore. To perhaps even follow him back. So that it could do the same to his people. His mind burned as the presence raged at him. Casting the exactness of the stars he saw from his mind. Such that he could not place them among them.
And like that, he returned. His body ached, the blood around him was blackened by electricity and toxic fumes. He cried out to be taken away from it all. The pain was too much to bear.
Siegfried then knew he was not alone. Earth, Hyperborea, these could not the only worlds in the universe that held life. No.
The machines corroborated his claims. The readings were like never before seen. The blood he was pulled from indeed contained chemicals and even biota that had never before been seen.
It was this which convinced the Neue Reichstag of this alien threat. The sentiment among the party was already that this world had let many grow naive and soft. And so this was the perfect opportunity to bolster unity and the German Military spirit.
1. While tiny it would be good to provide a new world to grow and harvest necessary feed and sundries for the drones and Purebreeds. Terraforming will begin, ensuring enough water nurtures the world and creating a satellite to block excess magnetic waves. With some seeding of simple structures and farm animals a new farm world may be made.
2. The other worlds, though, are equally interesting. The amber provides a sense of emotion reminiscent of the ancient amber passed by fossilized ancestors. While most drones don't have a sense of taste, much less the purebreeds, the sensation still passes through in it's own way. This strange amber is the first of the two resources a mining colony is grown to exploit and disperse among Drya space.
>Outpost placement for 12,7
We'll setup on the Massive planet with the textile mineral

>Begin study of the subterrain civilization.
Even MORE life, just a stone's throw away from not just us but our newly adopted squid brothers. The heavens truly are teeming with life, life surely waiting for the Scret to peddle all kinds of goods to them. But we didn't quite expect to run into folks who can beam a probe to pieces simply by giving it a foul look. Yet the smoke bellowing out from the cracks and crevasse of this world are too enticing... There is industry here, which means there's things we want, and things they'd surely want as well. Still, we can't advertise half hazardly. First things first, we'll setup an outpost on one of the world's orbiting moons. Let us first do what best we can to study these people and their culture before proceeding further.

>Begin mining the dull green metal
A strange new mineral brings with it all sorts of marketable fantasies that entice all sorts of private and cartel interests to strike the earth. At first it was thought to be no more than just another luxury metal, something from which to craft new trinkets and decorations to show off one's wealth. Shortly after however people realized the metal had a transmutative property of a remarkable nature. The atomic structure of the metal was aligned in such a way that it acted as a sort of tunic fork sensitive to the vibrational frequencies of other metals specifically. When exposed to an intense frequency of a nearby metal, it's atomic structure would shift to match of the vibrating metal's, and the entire structure would collapse into a stable substance of the same material! However the state is temporary, and when no longer exposed to the same frequency for a short period of time, the metal would revert back to it's "true" state. Thus due to it's transmutative properties, it has been named Alchemum.
Turn 3

News of the scouts encounter sends a shockwave through the Ecruxian higher ups producing an incredibly rare situation: an evenly divided council. All agree that there is a threat. All agree that it must be removed but none can agree on how.

One end contains most junior military men and senior scientists. They argue that these individuals most be cured of their afflictions and pacified without destroying their ships outright. Afterall, the Ecruxians too would have reacted similarly to any advanced race visiting them so soon after the implosion. If we can communicate our intentions to them or perhaps cure these feathered individuals, we may gain valuable insights into the enemy. They may have data which would otherwise take us decades to find, if it can be found at all. They should be contacted, their language translated and a cure administered. Forcefully, if necessary.

The senior military men are off a different mind. They believe these survivors are too far gone to be helped. Their planet is in ruins, madness grips their minds and anguish beyond measure awaits them if they should revive their mental faculties. We cannot grant them any peace save for the final embrace of the beyond.

In the end the council decides to act to preserve the information these individuals and their ships might contain. Communication is pointless. We well remember our own attitudes during the void implosion and know that only through force can the situation be resolved. A flotilla of sufficient firepower and armor should be able to cut through their crude missiles to reach their ships. Then we can dispatch our light guardians to ensure forcible administration of the cure. These formations are experts at restraint through mostly less than lethal means and restored sanity to a great number of ecruxians when the enemy's bioweapon had overun our own planet. It is hoped that they will be able to preserve the majority of the feathered humaniods, catolog designation F-1, so that we might learn information from them directly. Failing that, this method ensures the survivial of at least some ships/stations in orbit around the planet.

Action 1- Build an armada to engage all F-1 ships/stations

Somehow in our search for vengeance we forgot to be prepared to fight. That changes with the launching of our New Armada: Dawn of Retribution. Consisting entirely of our first purpose built corvette class warships it is more than a match for the crude weapons F-1 ships utilize.

Action 2 - Attack the F-1 forces (if needed)
If not needed expand our reach onto the small volcanic world in 06,04. This world shall be known as Akulo and from here we shall gather the fuel we need to power our search into the stars.
The revelation of non-Crith life sends waves of paranoia through the Crith Concordat. The physiology of the non-Crith is startling to the Crith, as the presence of fur and their fuzziness is unlike anything on Crith! Even worse, the non-Crith have slender noses for smelling Crith, large eyes for seeing Crith, and a flexible tail for stirring Crith stew! This would pose a significant threat to Crith, but the non-Crith are cunning, made a spacefaring society, and have already built a fleet to hunt the Crith!

This is so much worse than the Crith could have conceptualized!

A state of emergency is declared throughout all Crith worlds and C-Nests. Only the frequent use of electro-tongs and partial, controlled information release prevents apocalyptic riots from tearing Crith apart! After months of sheer terror, the handful of Crith Coordinators who haven't welded themselves into their hidden bunkers convene on Crith. The Crith Concordat quickly reaches an accord. These non-Crith, designation 'Fuzzikin', are Crith-Eaters! Every moment the Crith-Eaters are free is one step closer to Crith extinction!

The Crith-Eaters must be subjugated!

The Crith Concordat considers their current repertoire of vessels. Perilous scarcity becomes clear to the Crith. There are too few C-Cutters to preemptively defend Crith kind! For the Crith to survive, this cannot continue! The full might of Crith production is primed for the forging of new C-Cutters! Soon, the sight of C-Cutters and the safety that their C-Cannons promise will fill the aerial sea!

>Action #1: Manufacture a fleet of C-Cutters over Crith, crewed by only the most terrified (and reflexively aggressive) Crith.

The Crith Concordat further considers that the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are dangerously advanced! It is certain that the Crith-Eaters have planetary offenses designed to break Crith shells and reach the meat within! The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are also visibly honed for tracking Crith and ambushing them in the shallow tides! The Crith Coordinators come to a consensus. The C-Subjugators will be vulnerable during their active defense of Crith! A new, powerful shell must be made if the Crith are to succeed in combat!

The Crith-Scientists study frantically to ensure that their C-Nests won't be feasted on by the Crith-Eaters! Most species would be surprised at the haste of their work, but to the Crith, this is far too little, far too late. A troop-transport is created, the C-Crusher, which takes the shape of an enormous, ruggedized brick with grapnel capabilities, inbuilt gunnery, and massive side pincers which give the C-Crusher its name. Most importantly, it has a vast internal space, ideal for transporting C-Subjugators in self-defense, and hauling captured Crith-Eaters to Crith, where it can be ensured they are longer a threat to Crith!

>Action #2: Research a new troop-transport, the C-Crusher, to assist in planetary conquest.
1. Capitalism never rests! Keep expanding into 3, 5!

2. That gold is company property! Devote more efforts into the orbital outposts. I want constructor drones working 24/7 and as many labourers as we can throw at the problem to make it built YESTERDAY!

(been busy this week, sorry for shorter post)
Something has spooked the high command, some vision or esoteric guidance, and fear filled their hearts. Prepare for war! Prepare for invasion! Military improvements are required! The commanders have demanded more! Bigger! Better! Admittedly there has been next to no guidance on the nature of these improvements, and pleas for additional research facilities, funding, or anything to get the backlog moving have fallen on deaf ears. Nonetheless the German people will deliver! Plans are drafted up for bigger planes, better tanks, spacecraft that loom as large as small cities! Just as soon as the ever growing backlog of research finishes.

And high command’s fear is soon proven true! An ancient and derelict spacecraft, festooned in nazi symbols and filled with desiccated german corpses has appeared in the outer fringes of our system. The craft is ancient and ruined, whatever FTL it might have used utterly destroyed. Still, the ancient corpses contain peculiar organs that no german alive has, organs that according to the tattered journals aboard the vessel grant psionic gifts that allowed them to survive a losing war against an alien race, the Trold. Already people are clamoring to adopt these psionic powers for our own to prepare against the inevitable Trold invasion.

A place to swim and hunt! Neifion Colony expands rapidly around the shores of one of the many lakes of the region, and taking dips in its placid waters quickly becomes a favorite pastime of the locals, though it leads to a minor dispute as the terraforming crews dump algae and seaweed into the water. The introduction of fish a few months later and limited sport fishing soothes the heart though. The sight of wild animals of any kind calls to the heart of the children of Fanw, even if the present ecosystem only exists beneath the lake. The efforts proceed with stunning speed, attributed to the yellow stones present all across the planet. While normally the stones would need to be extracted on an industrial level for use in terraforming, their constant presence on the planet makes their inclusion to the effort second nature. What would have taken many tyrns normally instead will only require a few, aided by the children’s wealth of experience in crafting ecosystems. Grass spreads across the planet, followed by mice and rabbits, then hawk and wolf. Much that is barren remains, and yet the planet is visibly changing on a grand scale.
The latest tyrn of development has been busy for the league. Bolts of alien silk hit the markets for the first time, harvested on-site at Messaria. A leaked demo of an experimental aircraft lights the imagination of the public on fire. And the first images of the grinning colonists at Cypokean are enough to stir the heart of any citizen.

The Messarian Silkworm is a tempestuous thing, despite its hostile homeworld. Small colonies are successfully translated offworld, with great effort, but the required conditions of high heat, chemical composition of the dirt and high pressure make the effort fairly difficult and the colonies largely serve for scientific study rather than production. Even harvest in the native environment requires a system of airlocks to maintain the correct temperature of the worm colonies, more than once several hundred worms are instantly killed by a jet of high temperature air slipping into their subterranean environment.

Meanwhile the Pteryga starfighter project pushes the limits of our understanding of physics. Even a typical blue crystal taken from the field can be charged with a simple electrical current, slowly turning clear in the process. Once the current stops the crystal returns it with stunningly high efficiency. Refinement processes raise that value even higher, and allow for a more controlled release as well; a hundred pound battery can keep a fighter jet in the air for several hours
Aduata! Supplies of the precious red powder are only found in the highest families of the concord, preserved for calamities of the body. And yet Solomos billows and swirls with the stuff! Bickering among the high families of the council ensues almost as quickly as the black market smuggling springs up, but the council, in a rare show of solidarity, puts their foot down and cuts off all but the most determined of smugglers, and the worst whining of those who held the one time monopoly on the precious powder. Great collection vanes are constructed in Telluria, then dropped directly down onto the surface of the planet and firmly locked into sturdy foundations. Complex arrays of filters sift red gold from dross, then the powder is mixed, enchanted, and baked in great kilns into tiny bricks, loops that can be chained together, beads, and thin plates, ready to be used for a variety of magicks.

Where there is need, there is purpose. The people of Rhea have turned their hands to weaving and needlework, or at least the mass enchantment of such tools. Factories and production lines spring up to meet the growing demand for basic goods, spinning out robe, cloak, staff and parchment. A few more daring individuals even take advantage of a few technicalities in the laws to create ‘adventuresome’ undergarments woven with magic, the less said about them the better. Even more daring is the subversion of the countryside around the city, updating lizard folk farm land to use modern magical techniques to bolster the food supplies of the hidden wizard nation. Deficits clear, tattered robes are replaced, and the Concord survives its brush with scarcity unscathed, with the exception of a few wet blankets who insist on a so called ‘safety net’.
A battle won without a single shot fired is a victory indeed. The winged aliens have retreated to their world, leaving behind a peculiar device, one that might enable a machine to bridge the cap between electronics and psionics. Time will tell if the Ultima Engines can complete the peculiar machine.

The frozen world of the Friedrich system is a miserable place indeed. Fenrik avoid the place almost entirely, their short fur doing nothing to halt the pervasive chill, and even with their newly improved environmental chassis the Automechs find the place uncomfortable, mixing their lubricant with antifreeze agents gives it a foul taste! Still the machine guardians work hard constructing vast refineries where the chemical rich snow of the planet is collected, filtered and processed into refined fuels.

A strange new industry forms in the jungle world of Friedrich, industrial scale farming! Food on their homeworld was always a trial to come by, promoting the bitter violence between tribes before the Ultima Engines. The sight of fields laden with crops that stretch out of sight sends many a Fenrik to their knees weeping, never imagining so much food could exist in one place without the constant support of hydroponics and biodomes. Orchards so thick the fruit falls on the ground and plants thick with vegetable and grain. It’s no wonder the Fenrik people throw themselves into their work, making new cuisine and craft with abandon.

A last peculiarity occurs as the farmland is finalized. An ancient and derelict spacecraft, festooned in angular whirlwind symbols and filled with desiccated hairless corpses has appeared in the outer fringes of our system. The craft is ancient and ruined, whatever FTL it might have used utterly destroyed. Still, the ancient corpses contain peculiar organs with no obvious Fenrik analogue. Tattered journals aboard the vessel have tantalizing hints that these organs grant psionic gifts that allowed the dead creatures to survive a losing war against an alien race. It is a peculiar puzzle, this ship.
The shaman gather together at the holy world and breath deeply of its blessed air, letting visions dance in their minds, between giggling fits anyway. Is Ayden whimsical on this day and sending provocative displays of glowbugs to amuse her children, or is it just the twisting of the mind in the holy world’s air? Eventually the sages of Ayden find themselves suddenly before a strange creature, a bird with hooked beak and lightning in its eyes, who ride strange metal creatures in the sky. They rule over a large world where a strange purple oil oozes, an oil that grants these creatures their command over lightning and metal. Other worlds are nestled next to the land of the bird folk, a massive place where no life flourishes, but Ayden could, where sun echoes are nestled everywhere throughout the world, in vast quantities. (Double deposit of yellowrock). Another large world also hosts the curious purple oil, though here it only serves to manifest vast and terrible electrical storms across its fiery surface, not even Ayden dares to brave the surface of this terrible place. Finally a tiny frozen rock, hardly worth mentioning spins far from its mother star, an airless, frozen jagged chip of stone. As the meditations end something strange happens though, another presence makes itself known, briefly via a violent psionic scream. A shaman is struck dead in an instant, and surely the rest would have perished if not for Ayden’s protection. For weeks afterward the message echoes in the mind of the holy men. GO AWAY.

It is an open question of how the Nivih how the bird folk will be handled, but Ayden apparently will take no chances. A great tournament is organized between tribes, testing their mettle and skill against each other. Techniques are learned, shared, tested and earned, and an elite class of warriors rises from the victors. (Your armies start with improved stats, once Ayden has had time to finish designing the new steeds and process the tournament results, research takes time, build lab-analogues if you want to speed it up).
The harvest of entire planet is no small affair, even ones so clearly within the power of the Krawl. Nonetheless long term harvesting operations are set into place to bring a steady supply of resources into the Krawl’s gullet. Still, our home system is already at capacity, squeezing anything extra out of it is difficult and inefficient at best. The Krawl instead turns its gaze outward to the worlds beyond. And what prizes it finds! Three worlds with active biospheres just waiting to be devoured and turned into more Krawl! Strange resources with physics defying properties! Blue crystals capable of storing vast amounts of energy, yellow stones rich in aurora energy that allows the rapid growth of plant and fungi, and most intriguing a dull green metal that remains a mystery. As one of the first discoverers of this resource you choose one of its properties.

Not all is well though, a handful of our first probes into one of the systems was shot down by a local life form, a shark-like humanoid. Let them be our first conquest on the road to devouring the galaxy!
Alien broadcasts wash over the homeland of humanity, imagery of humans being shackled, enslaved, butchered and slaughtered. A panoply of atrocities plays out across social media. And other people might have flinched, or blanched, panicked or grew cowardly, but the humanity of earth, the humanity left behind by wizards, wealthy elites, and ubermensch does not. Recruitment offices are flooded with volunteers and donations. The IUNE scrambles to keep up with it all, for once suddenly having a surplus of supplies to work with. For a brief golden moment the planet is united by the flame of a common enemy. (This army is free, but you still have to pay upkeep for it in metals and sundries)

Where volunteers can't hold a gun, instead they work computers and labs. Research focuses on weapons of course, but the labs and infrastructure should be useful for decades to come as well. Of course building on crowded earth is a bit of a hit to efficiency, between radiation, urban sprawl and the ever present issue of squabbling country lines there simply isn’t much room to work. Still, enthusiasm does much, research wraps up on the super weapon project, adding a horrific arsenal to the homeworld defense, and getting started on the improved airforce.

Meanwhile the treetop city of Groombridge expands at a good clip, even as supplies for the war are stockpiled there. A thriving business of extreme sports starts to develop in the tree tops.

A last peculiarity occurs as the world prepares for battle. An ancient and derelict spacecraft, festooned in nazi symbols and filled with desiccated german corpses has appeared in the outer fringes of our system. The craft is ancient and ruined, whatever FTL it might have used utterly destroyed. Still, the ancient corpses contain peculiar organs that no human alive has, organs that according to the tattered journals aboard the vessel grant psionic gifts that allowed the germans to survive a losing war against an alien race. The entire thing seems more like an elaborate hoax than anything else, but many are considering any edge against the invader to be worthwhile, even if it requires cultivating strange nazi organs and implanting them in live test subjects.
The ecology feels a presence, another mind, a tiny, pathetic thing, but a mind nonetheless. Is it one of the creatures stomping about that needs to be silenced? Memories are ripped from it, scanned, and analyzed. The entire ecology bristles at once, leaf, and hackle shivering at once. The noise is pervasive, much more than it thought. There is the world it currently infiltrates, with the grinding and stomping and roars of lifeless machines. And there are others! Screeching howling intelligences, each one more arrogant and foolish than the previous. They all need to be silenced, replaced with the perfection of nature.

The ecology crafts a plan, twisting and spinning memories from the mind that briefly touched it before being swatted aside like a fly. It begins an adaptation to the organ that allows the creatures of its collective to communicate as a single vast organism, an improvement that will allow it the organ to adapt to foreign vessels, linking them to the greater ecology. And once in the ecology's grasp...

The second piece of the ecology’s plan is simple enough. Using memories of the mind that touched it, this so called ubermensch, it constructs a facsimile of a spacecraft, adorns it with the proper markings, organic corpses with examples of its psionic organ and hurls it into the void on a complex route. In a few years, a nothing to the ecology, the spacecraft will come spinning out of the void toward the planet it rests on, with promises of psionic power. And when the screeching intelligences take the bait the ecology will hear them. But why bother with just one spacecraft? The ecology is a vast organism, the combined might of a planet of life, evolution unrestricted by higher intelligences. No the ecologies sends out dozens of ships. Some will crash, some will never arrive, but every world they land on is a world the ecology will find eyes and ears on.
Seeds are sown, purebreds gently delivered to the surface, and the Drya begin their first true colony. A world without life, until them. While the initial settlement is costly within a century, ten tyrns or so, the natural spread of life will have transformed this world into a full blown living planet, one entirely seeded by the Drya. Until then though the only life is out of place forests grown rapidly and the Drya drones that tend them.

On another planet a small extraction operation begins, seeking the ancient amber. Like the previous mining operation created by the Drya, this one too suffers for lack of direct supervision, with decreased effectiveness due to the lack of any population center on or around the planet. Nonetheless a steady supply of the memory amber is procured, bringing what other species might refer to as acceptance or happiness.
The Scret touch down yet another colony, this time on a massive and unpleasant world. Heavy gravity makes even mundane tasks difficult and the simplest of colony infrastructure is more difficult as a result, even setting aside the atmosphere of inert gas that suffocates with no warning. Still, the promise of virtually unlimited textiles from the curious fiberstone does promise for an interesting effect on the markets.

Markets such as the curiously translucent creatures. More probes are sent, and destroyed with somewhat concerning regularity, but enough get through and survive long enough to begin observation. Initial reports are...concerning, with their society showing an obsession with honor, fair dealing and oaths. The creatures also seem to possess some sort of difficult to understand supernatural power. Time will be required to understand more, no small amount of effort is still going into integrating the squiddies into our society, to say the least of designing spacecraft with water filled pilot modules.

Alchemum. What a curious metal. With a simple application of a tuning fork it can change its properties in dramatic ways. Adaptive armor, dramatic art installations, even energy reactor systems, dozens of ideas, each stranger than the last spring up in the lab. A mining operation is set up to begin extraction, though without a local population on the living world the efficiency is sure to suffer. Perhaps if the Scret nation is worried about overpopulation they could suffice with a simple orbital platform, though the large lush world would be ideal for farming.

Scret accounts, both feared and loved, raise a few concerns, namely that fuel reserves are running out, as well as textiles, food and other sundries. Perhaps it's time to invest in a fuel depot and some farmland?
Fellow survivors of the enemy. Our people are torn, confused on the prospect of meeting other victims of our fate, ones still bound up in suffering and madness like ourselves. Should we save them, or destroy them? In many ways it is a debate on the future of our nation, is our vengeance worth our suffering? Our children’s suffering? Would it not be better to go quietly into the dark, to extinguish first these mad avians, then ourselves?

Not yet. Not today. A formal fleet is raised, armed with our finest weapons. Armor is reinforced, fuel topped off. The Ecruxians go to war, not as annihilators, but saviors. We will brave the weapons of the enemy, board their ships, and take their people, one by one if we must, and deliver a cure to them. May they forgive us. These first simple corvettes are little more than modified sea vessels, proofed against the void, but they will suffice this day against an enemy that is haggard and battered by their own madness.

This will not be the last need for war though, and so we set down yet another colony, this time on a volcanic world. Once again the sheer determination of our people is an asset, allowing us to push through the difficult conditions other people would falter in. The colony is always uncomfortably hot, despite being most subterranean, and cramped quarters and unpleasant smells pervade the base, but we will survive. We always do.

A last peculiarity occurs as the fleet preparations are finalized. An ancient and derelict spacecraft, festooned in angular whirlwind symbols and filled with desiccated hairless corpses has appeared in the outer fringes of our system. The craft is ancient and ruined, whatever FTL it might have used utterly destroyed. Still, the ancient corpses contain peculiar organs with no obvious Ecruxian analogue. Tattered journals aboard the vessel have tantalizing hints that these organs grant psionic gifts that allowed the dead creatures to survive a losing war against an alien race. Our people have given much to become weapons of vengeance, and even now some speculate these organs could be adapted to our bodies to grant us yet one more weapon against the enemy.
At a certain point in Crith evolution the adrenal gland of the Crith reached peak capacity. After five to six years of frequent to nonstop panic a young Crith’s ability to panic would slowly start to wane, fading over the course of ten years or so, until a Crith would achieve a perfect state of calm, even in the face of imminent death, which typically didn’t take long at this point. Naturally evolution corrected this mistake, the modern Crith organism has no less than six adrenal glands that operate in cycles, except in the most dire of circumstances where they all fire at once. The Fuzzikin are that circumstance.

Efforts turn to frantic shipbuilding, wild speculation, and most importantly the design of the C-Crusher. Described as a ‘rugged brick’ perhaps with the intent of bringing to mind hurling it at the enemy, the C-Crush is a vicious craft, designed to smash into enemy ships, clamp on, and pour C-Marines into the hold of enemy ships. Given the relative size of the Fuzzikin to the average hulking Crith this is likely to end badly for the tiny squirrel like creatures. (You’ve started a research project! This will a few turns, ~3, to finish, based on your Technology score and other factors like contributing materials to the project. You can start other research, but it will be queued up behind the first. No further actions are required to finish the research.)
The molten gold ocean is almost hypnotic to look at from the orbital stations that surround the planet. Just after dawn the oceans cool into a vast golden mirror and for a few minutes after the sun rises you can actually see the orbital outpost reflected in its surface before the gold once again begins to froth and boil with extreme heat. One day, the shareholders whisper, it will all be mine.

Meanwhile scouts return from (03,05) with promising news, another civilization has been found, just on the cusp of becoming star travelers themselves. A race of yellow skinned goblin creatures with curiously triangular heads lives on a large desert planet where planes soar the skies and highways wrap between dunes. Another large planet in their system could make for an ideal fuel depot, geysers of volatile chemicals erupt regularly across the surface.

In other news, apparently a religious revolution has occurred at McDougans, and several minotaur nations have united to stage an attack on us, declaring us as an unholy devil who has poisoned the souls of their people with demonic weapons! Socialists no doubt. Some people just can’t appreciate some good old fashioned capitalism. (Your colony at McDougans is under attack by an army!)
> Daitan Empire
Contact with the Zzzk people goes well, ending with them partially joining the Daitan Empire, pending further evaluation of our relationship. The gestalt insect people have many peculiarities to be sure, but their talent at genetics will certainly be useful. Our people press north into (19,19) and find three planets. One, is unfortunately a caustic deathworld, and another is little more than an oversized asteroid, but the last, despite no breathable air, bears a curious gift. Glowing yellow stones, the size and shape of a chicken egg. The crew that handled them reported a sharp uptick in wellness, with a broken bone healing 50% faster than expected.
File: MapTurn3.png (229 KB, 1356x860)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
The map as of the end of Turn 3 and the beginning of Turn 4.

A general reminder, when you explore you get a free outpost/city in the system you explored. If you forget to mention it, I will probably forget to remind you.

Diplomacy/Communication is free! You can send messages to neighboring systems. Feel free to talk and forge the bonds of peace. Or plot the overthrow of your neighbors, I'm not particular.
The Crith Coordinators of the Crith Concordat convene. There is a long and agitated C-Conversation with much clacking of claws and buzzing of electro-tongs, but the Crith Coordinators finally come to a consensus. Considering the circumstances, an entire new species of Crith-Eaters, the casualties so far have been minor. The Crith know that this can only mean one thing.

The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are planning something!

Unlike some Crith-Eaters of Crith, the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are smaller than Crith. Going by the taxonomy of Crith, this means that the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are acidic, poisonous, chameleonic, explosive, spiked, parasitic, larvae of larger variants, festooned in hidden natural weapons, or all of the above. Unfortunately, the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are anomalous! Nothing on Crith is so fuzzy! This is a new, unexpected danger that the Crith cannot yet comprehend!

Even more worryingly, the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are small and weak! For the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters to have reached a Crithkin degree of technological advancement, the Fuzzikin must be incredibly dangerous! Their intellect must be superior to the Crith! The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters must be hiding hundreds of horrific superweapons!

The Crith Coordinators come to a consensus. The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are too heavily-armed! A single fleet of C-Cutters will not be enough! If the Crith are to survive the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters, the Crith must be prepared! The Crith must prepare for a defensive operation!

>Action #1: Manufacture a fleet of C-Cutters over Crith, crewed by the least paranoid Crith (who were caught outside and shanghaied)
The imminent subjugation of the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters promises to be the fourth largest conflict the Crith have ever seen! A staging ground will be necessary for the C-Cutters to amass! The recently discovered tundra world will do! Luckily, the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters have yet to build any major Crith-Consumption-Centres. This gives the Crith a critical window of time to prepare themselves!

>The Crith found a new outpost on the tundra world. They name this star system Crithquatro.

It occurs to the Crith that the Erosion Lamps from Crithdos have been useful to the Crith. Similarly, the discovery of the C-Rift and ongoing design of the C-Crusher have yielded dividends to the Crith. The Crith realize that all three of these discoveries have one thing in common. The Crith designed them to protect from the dangers of the Crith-Eaters! The Crith each have their own aptitudes. Some Crith are strong, other Crith are sturdy, but a few Crith are smart.

In previous eras, smart Crith suffered from being better able to realize how quickly they would be eaten. In the present era, slightly less Crith are being eaten and there are more smart Crith than ever before. These smart Crith ask questions to the Crith, like, “When will Crith be safe?”, “How can we help make Crith safer?”, and “Why did the galaxy curse Crith with being so delicious?” These questions, while valuable, sometimes cause less openminded Crith to panic and riot.

This is a problem that the Crith must solve. The Crith Coordinators puzzle for half a month before they come to a conclusion. The Crith who devised it is declared a Subjugator among Subjugators. The plan is implemented immediately.

The Crith are tested and the smartest Crith are kidnapped in their C-Nests. The smartest Crith are then sent to the northern pole of Crith, where they are gathered into an enormous, underground reservoir. The smartest Crith are then welded inside and told that if they do not think of excellent means of protecting Crith, the Crith-Eaters in space will be given their coordinates. The smartest Crith are sent into a panic and begin asking questions and thinking of answers faster than ever before! They are helped when the Crith remember to throw some actual scientific equipment inside, almost two weeks after the initial sealing.

>Action #2: Build a Think-Tank on Crith to improve the rate of technological advancements. This is less of a laboratory and more of an academic prison designed to enhance the thinkers’ paranoia and drive them into a panicked search for solutions.

>Action 1: Ellinikon Research Institute
The Ellinikon colony is the home to our first true terraforming project, the first extra-solar colony with conditions decent enough to become generally sustainable as a member-world of the league in its own right. Despite these firsts, however, the forming world could be charitably described as 'plain' - there are no great deposits of wonderous resources beneath the crust, no threatening storms nor hostile conditions; not even the beautiful and tempestuous seas of Aetha or Cypokean. It is not a place for the adventurous and romantic, but it might just become a place for the thoughtful and contemplative to learn, to experiment and to teach in their turn. As such, the Ellinikon Research Institute is founded as a site for the advancement of Wolarian sciences and technologies.

>Action 2: Explore 19,7
The void continues to call to us, and there is still much in space we do not know - we must resume our push, strike ever outward, find whatever secrets await for us among the stars!

>Catchup?: Tsichla-Class Hulls
(You said I should have three actions next turn in >>5929655 ,
but I misinterpreted and took only two + a free colony in >>5930138)
With the Pteryga project currently proceeding well, Wolarian planners start turning their thoughts to starships on a grander scale - or, more accurately, how to make starships of a larger scale more efficient in their theoretical fleet roles.

While some of the colonists might be upset with the seaweed and algae poured into the waters, not all would have such things poured into them. Sweet and saltwater were treated differently, after all. There would be plenty of places still that would be good to swim, and soon there would be plenty of good places to sail as well...

In a way it was poetic. Fanw had come from a ruined, dying world and came to our own that slowly blossomed as she came closer until her arrival, one that saw her saving the first of our people with her blessings. The blessings that lead to the first of us whom could call themselves Children of Fanw. Now we come to a dead world with potential and bring life to it with our own work...

>Action One. The first reservations, fisheries, ranches and warrens on a new world

With the development of the colony, as more and more of the planet gains life upon it, a few proper reservations for game are set up. Wilderness that would be mostly untouched save for hunting and trapping. As local ecosystems grew and stabilized people would be allowed to return to the traditions of old, and some of the fields laden with grass would be developed into pastures and ranches. Fanwyc ranching was always a bit unconventional and in some ways less efficient than factory methods but it was how the Children of Fanw did things. The Anubisids of course had their more traditional methods, though their own ranches still weren't factory esc. As the sea's developed and more fish were introduced, fishing and whale hunts would eventually start, with quota's at first that slowly would be increased as the population in the sea's did. There'd be a fair bit of oversight but in time, there would be enough life on the planet for such things not to be needed, not to any major degree anyway.

>Action Two. Yellow Stone Extraction

While the Neifion Colony was a blessing, there was an entire other world in control of the Children of Fanw that did not have life yet and only needed a bit of work to terraform, and another that required a bit further work, but not too much so. Naturally, with the blessings the stones provided, we need a way to actually extract them and places to actually extract them. Surveys of the concentration of these stones in the planet's crust and a few mines in key resource rich area's will make things easy for us. It also will ideally help in moving them to where they need to be on this planet to finish up our work here before we start shipping them off. If we are lucky, we can even reuse them in the development of other words. But this is something we can learn once we actually have a stable supply of these magic miracles in stone form.
1. On the third planet in the 13,09 sector, with the glowing yellow egg like crystals a colony will be grown to gather the crystals for experimentation and potential use.
2. An exploration and colonization fleet is sent to the system in 12,9 to explore and exploit the system.
File: Space NRP Turn 4.png (24 KB, 335x392)
24 KB
Having encountered not just one, not just two, but now seemingly three distinct psionic aliens, the Ultima Engines are wondering if the Fenriks are an exception in being merely psionically receptive. But, perhaps it is good that our encounters are with the naive, the primitive and the long dead. A wakeup to the reality of a psionic galaxy, while still giving us time to investigate and perhaps soon incorporate this ability, giving the Ultima Engines a peek into the next level of existence. The Ultima Engines are thankful of these fortunate circumstances, but wary that soon the luck will be less forgiving. We will have to prepare for when the luck turns sour.
>Fleet Movement: Move Syklonvinge-2A from 6, 7 (Friedrich) to 7, 8 (Home).
Since the aliens have chosen to back off, it seems only right to reciprocate the gesture. So Syklonvinge-2A will start making its way back. The Ultima Engines hum the starfarer song once again and ride the slipstreams home to Stranden.

>Free Colonization (from last turn): Establish city on the 2nd planet (Purple Oil) of the Lila System (7, 7).
The new system is named Lila due to the purple oil discovered there. This oil piques the interest of the Ultima Engines, being that it seems to have psionic effect of sorts. Perhaps it'll help in investigating the device. Perhaps it'll give the Fenriks psionic abilities. Though after settling down, comes dealing with some of the more troublesome fauna: Mindworms. Fenriks find themselves psionically assaulted, left paralyzed as the Mindworms implant ravenous larvae in their brains, conscious through the whole process. Few Fenriks are able to make meaningful resistance, but fortunately the Ultima Engines soon give the extermination order to the Automechs who waste no time in incinerating Mindworm and infested Fenrik alike. Only later do they replace this order with a more nuanced and careful one, to lessen the ecological damage, but still ensure Fenrik safety.
>Action 1: Establish Purple Oil Mine on the 2nd planet of the Lila System (7, 7).
After establishing their base of operations, the Automechs go make a number of oil rigs, exporting the oil to laboratories back on Stranden for study.

>Action 2: Develop Fox-Ice Panser. A new armour system that incorporates blue crystal for regenerative properties.
After studing the blue crystal found in the Friedrich system, the Ultima Engines found it has a strange... healing property. Once forged into a shape, when deformed afterwards it will reform into its forged state. This property appears present, though weaker, in alloys made from it. The Fenriks call it Phoenix Crystal, or Fönix-Eis, a name the Ultima Engines went with for the Fönix-Eis Panzer program.
Colonize the world with the Double Sun Stode deposit, Life shall flourish there.

> Action 1: Pyre of Psyonics
Among the infinite and divine we shall not stand at the bottom, all which exists shall be experienced by Ayden, all shall become one and from one shall all emerge.

Construct a ritual site where psychers shall continously attack the foreign entity 1 by 1 advancing the knowlege of psyonics. The place becomes known as the psyonic pyre for the souls of shatter souls of psychers eternally engulf it. (could be a lab equivalent I guess?)

> Action 2: Birds and their metal birds
Ayden demanded caution as such caution shall be employed. The path to the otherworld shall conenct us to deep underground of the bird people. We shall learn from the shadows and built up power deep underground beyond the reach of any mine.

We shall begin converting the lowest among their societies and Ayden shall learn from the life of theis world. We shall make hybrids to live among them and they shall be prophets to your divine mother.
File: Decaton.png (44 KB, 180x156)
44 KB

>1 lmao poison their water
(Pic related: Decaton, the krawl form that is most efficient at pumping toxins directly into water. Many of them should be deployed near the shark settlement with hostile, defensive reinforcements nearby. Its property is Aurora.)

The sharks are nothing but a stepping stone with primitive weapons that are not even worth copying. Poison their water and take many samples of their fins, skin texture, and teeth after they drop dead. Flash krawl will likely benefit heavily from features like that, but the new form has yet to be designed. Adding on to the mass from previous conquests, we intend to further expand the Krawl’s genetic-elemental library on Malik.

>2 harvest the newfound minerals for the ancient enemy
Having previously conquered the Nanairo and Giorna systems respectively, the krawl are intimately familiar with the special properties that hunks of minerals can have. That said, the properties of crystalline minerals are best unlocked by creatures that directly work with lightforms, the Krawl's ancient bane, for which currently all but a few fossils remain, spectrobes. Finding another group of creatures like that in the cosmos is unlikely at best, so what we have now is probably all that remains. Not to mention the wealth of them that are likely within the crust of Fons, and the few that might be preserved inside its orbiting ancient satellite.

This new mystery metal will be essential in waking up spectrobes from their ancient fossil forms, though waking them up definitely won’t benefit us until a certain point is reached. The metal is sonically inclined, and lines the incubation chamber so that the sound which enters reflects off the walls and is thrown back at the fossil. The use of a human voice in awakening one is essential, though the high krawl seem to be compatible…

Spectrobes also have properties of Aurora Corona and Flash, but they lack the dark property.

(Essentially, take many of these three mineral types, and save them for our ancient supply of monsters that we haven’t excavated from the ground or woken up yet, and will kill a lot of us if we try right now)

The Aurora minerals will be useful in multiple cases, for sure…
Action 1: Explore 17, 4

A new expedition is launched from Tellurian following the inauguration of a new host of towers, constructed and deployed to chart the unknown and bring news of great riches for the Concord to profit off of.

Action 2: Promised Day

Our infiltration efforts into lizard society have garnered us much, but have yet to see us receive tangible goods from them. As the Concord finds itself in a resource shortage, outright taking control of the lizards nations and economies is viewed as a possible means of reducing our resource deficit.

We will reveal ourselves to the lizards, in part. Emerging as benevolent aliens, we will gift the reptilian people with advanced technology from another world and uplift their people as members of our own civilisation (citation needed).

Controlling every aspect of our message, controlling media opposition and support, the grandest and most central offering is the gift of ascension.

Utilising Aduata dust, we may enhance the bodies of these creatures. Divided into roughly three castes, all shall benefit from tougher scales, immunity to disease, enhanced musculature and superior reflexes.

The masses may receive that, but those lizards of a more noble and elite standing (IE, our co-conspirators and agents and those we are bribing behind the scenes) shall receive more glorious forms as payment for their service (officially for their superior enlightenment making them more fit for evolution), including mental improvements and larger bodies.

All of these great boons for the lizardkind, and greater boons for us once they become the backbone of armies in future.

For other lizardmen however, those flagged with potential to use magic (even if yet lacking the knowledge), we plan to biologically reformat entirely into a final and supreme caste. They will be shifted to a humanoid or entirely human pattern such that they may join us as equals, for all those blessed with the gift of Magick should be roughly equal (sort of)
Turn 4
Admiral Farkas reports that his plan to defeat the enemy was enacted successfully, however it did not go as he intended. What should have been a triple pronged spear head that carefully boxed the prey went out the window in less than 5 minutes when the F-1 vessels charged through Ecruixan screening ships at flank speed. They crashed directly into the marine transports trailing behind our combat vessels. Guardians wasted no time assaulting the enemy ships, finding them not only daze from the impact but malnourished and too enraged to mount a cohesive defense. Combat was over within an hour while the F-1 fleet was captured intact. The Species themselves have been confined to hospital beds until side effects of treatment have faded. Council is debating what to do with them. Some want to see them enlisted into the navy as part of our force for revenge. We share a common enemy, a common history and some intellect at least. Surely this would be a waste?

Surprisingly the F-1 have taken to our treatments better than many Ecruxians. They are left without massive scaring or tendrils made of horrifying flesh as we have been forced to endure. They could rebuild, live their lives peacefully and never think of the horrors inflicted upon them outside of education lessons.

There are a surprising number of council members who find this idea soothing. A word rarely used in modern ecruxian society.
Either way we need their data first. The enemy must have infected them after us, which can only mean we are closing in!

Action 1 - Refit the F-1 Fleet
Crude warships with ramshackle weapons will not do as part of our navy. The enemy would surely laugh if this force was the one to find them. However, such designs are not entirely without merit. We can see the desire for vengeance burning brightly within the species we know as F-1. They merely need a few things like proper torpedoes, redundant bulkheads, entirely new powerplants/subsystems etc etc. Our shipwrights will make this into a force equal to the Dawn of Retribution!

Action 2 - Translate the F-1 Language
Try as we might, the databanks within the ships are utterly impenetrable to us. Their systems are clearly designed for those who do not mind perching or hanging from the ceiling for long periods of time. Ecruxians have attempted to work out their procedures but even the bits of data we do find look like Vaeq berry stew mixed with the tracks of a Rakaf. Surely the easiest way is to simply ask F-1 for the data we seek.

However currently they are rather bitey despite being restrained and fed ample amounts of protein cubes. We shall have to start small. Names, colors, history of their civilization, star date and coordinates of the enemy's arrival. All information exchanges should be accomplished quickly...right?

>Respond to the squirrels request for aid: send extraction fleet
The cartels were right, as always, to cast a cautious gaze into the deep void. Distant transmissions speak of conflict between two peoples. A conflict that's not distant enough for the Scret's liking. Most of the consensus comes down to simply ignore their plead for aid. After all, war's only good for cutting into profits, and Scret prefer subterfuge as apposed to frontal assault. However some suppose a more cunning solution: Evacuation of the squirrels.

A fleet of caravans are sent and preparations are made in Scret space to receive to accept an influx of refugees. A transmission is sent as measures are taken given the squirrels the following option
"The galaxy is vast, and your world is one of countless like it. The loss of life is costly and unnecessary for what is just another rock, rather allow us to ferry you away to quieter shores. We, the Scret, promise to help you find a new world to settle... for the oh-so low cost of joining our Market Empire."

>Build more fuel silos and increase fuel supplies.
Rapid expansion, the promises of distant riches, and the discovery of new life all around have pushed many to race out into the cosmos in what is the largest gold rush the Scret have ever known. New fortuens are found and lost every day out there, and every single bug wants to have a piece of it for themselves. Unfortunately fuel is a problem, and the entire civilization's pool is rapidly dwindling. Fortunately its time like these where the free market shines greatest. A clear demand is shown itself, and many Scret spring to the chance to fill the need and their pockets. The private sector expands, and additional factories and silos are constructed in Scret space to facilitate further ventures into the deep void.
>Action 1: Preparing for war

And as the clock ticks, Mankind prepares for war against the vile xenos threatening our world, as thankfully we have finished our research on 6th gens fighters and the weapons that brought the old world to a end... as we would train our forces to learn on how to use those deadly weapons, all while preparing bunkers and training civillians how to use guns, farm, and basic tool making to deal with the vile enemy

>Action 2:Dead Nazi Bodies?

A SSTO is sent to recover this odd... Extrasolar object of... nazi origins?, odd... does that mean that they are still out there?, one cannot be sure, as eitherway we would study the recovered spacecraft for its technology, that may help us against the vile xenos, all while implanting the recovered odd bodyparts of the dead corpse on a test subject to learn more about those... oddities one may say

> Industry
> Development of our colony
With its seeds planted the ecology looks elsewhere… for now
>action 1 + 2
Explore and colonize new systems.

> 1st Action: Probe Dispatch to Sector 10.5
In response to the unexpected and urgent transmission from the inhabitants of sector 10.5, the Zenthraxians, initiated a swift and calculated intervention. Recognizing the potential for an extinction-class scenario that could obliterate the delicate balance of life within the system, they deployed an autonomous surveillance probe, designated Sentinel-10.5, to closely monitor the escalating tensions between the two starfaring civilizations: the militarizing crustacean species and the technologically advanced, yet seemingly vulnerable, fuzzy blue squirrels.

Sentinel-10.5 was a passive observer; equipped with a suite of diplomatic and defensive tools designed for contingency interventions. Its core mission was to gather comprehensive intelligence on the conflict, assess the threat levels, and execute pre-authorized peacekeeping protocols if the situation deteriorated to a point where the survival of either species was at risk. The probe's advanced communication array ensured a constant stream of data back to Astralytica Apex, enabling the Zenthraxians to make informed decisions on potential engagement strategies.

> 2nd Action: Settlement Construction on Ferrum Hyems
Parallel to the diplomatic crisis unfolding in sector 10.5, the Zenthraxians embarked on an ambitious project within the newly christened Caelux System, specifically targeting the planet Ferrum Hyems for colonization. This planet, with its extreme environmental dichotomy and indigenous metal-crab lifeforms, presented a unique opportunity for research and resource extraction.

The settlement, aptly named Ferrum Frontier, was envisioned as a beacon of Zenthraxian ingenuity and adaptability. Construction crews, comprised of both automated drones and Zenthraxian engineers in specifically tailored frames, began the meticulous process of erecting a settlement designed to withstand Ferrum Hyems's brutal climate shifts. The core of Ferrum Frontier was its state-of-the-art observatory, equipped to study not only the planet's unique biosphere and geological phenomena but also to keep a vigilant eye on the wider cosmos.

Surrounding the observatory, a series of processing centers were established, tasked with harnessing and refining the planet's rich mineral wealth. These centers utilized cutting-edge technology to extract and process the molten metals and other resources, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum efficiency. The symbiotic relationship between the settlement and the indigenous lifeforms was paramount; research labs within Ferrum Frontier were dedicated to start studying the metal crabs and their chemosynthetic survival strategies in the future, with the aim of fostering a harmonious coexistence.
1. Begin "Aquisition" of McDougans in force

The natives have broken multiple legal codes in their unlawful assault on our city, and they have failed to answer our legal summons to a lawsuit in court. They have been held in contempt and now proceedings will begin with recompensation and repossession of their assets.

Seeing that the attack by the Minotaurs was brutally repulsed, the ICC begins mass deployment of troops and weapons of war to bring the warring planet to heel. Attempts are made at cloning the berserkers we already have, and drones survey for the most combat capable specimens to serve as a new template.

2. Have our best paid researchers begin tackling the dillemma of the gold extraction. One idea we have is to develop high tolerance robots and mining rigs able to withstand the intense caustic acids and temperatures. Another idea is long-range digiconstruction lasers fired from orbit, with a combination of tractor beam, to draw the gold into space for harvesting. The final, and perhaps cheapest (and thus the most likely) solution is just to bear with the risk and send down teams of Labourers to harvest the gold as the planet cools. They are given generous stipends for every pound they collect, and the longer they do so. Of course, this does bear some risk, but we can always get more labourers.

A ship approaches the inhabited system of the Nivih, having been told of new life to be found there. What sort of greeting they will receive, be it from radio or on the ground or in the void, they know not what. It approaches casually, as though not even sure there is going to be any space presence.

If nothing intercepts it in the void, shuttles will deploy, and a team of surveyors, scouts and an ambassador supported by robot drones would deploy, wearing sealed suits and bearing scanning equipment. They are armed, the sign of blades of metal visible, though they do not seem to be aggressive. They appear unawares of who, or what, sentient life they will find.
Daitan Empire

> Explore Westward
> Integrate Purple Oil into Rail Cannon system
File: MapTurn4.png (221 KB, 1360x864)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
The map as of the end of Turn 4 and the Beginning of Turn 5. All players are reminded to occasionally glance at THE SHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pga7xuLjf7-hUDuQH73ie0MZndbkjoLnQsbJM4-Czmk/edit?usp=sharing just in case you're on the verge of some critical supply running out.
A long distance alien transmission has arrived today, coded for quick and easy translation. The message appears to originate from (10,05), a system where occasional electromagnetic signals indicate not one but two starfaring nations exist. One is a species of large crustacean, a creature seemingly built for a harsh and brutal environment. The other wouldn't be out of place in a luxury genemodded pet shop, appearing as fuzzy blue squirrels. Unsurprisingly the message is from the squirrels, seeking aid against the crab folk who are apparently militarizing at a high speed, the squirrels are seeking aid, promising technologies and wealth for a generation to any who aid them.

Disaster! Message C-Capture devices, typically used to ensure obedience among the Crith, have picked up on a message from the Fuzzikin! They seem to be calling for aid from other nations, promising a reward to any who aid them! Electro-tong use has to be increased 300% to restore public order at the thought of another species aiding the Fuzzikin. The answer is clear of course, more C-Crushers! More war ready C-Craft are pieced together to defend against the inevitable war against the entire cosmos! The fuzzikin are even duplicitous enough to frame the Crith as the aggressors here! Even more horrifying is the presence of not one but two outside nations appearing to aid them! One ferries away the civilian fuzzikin, and other undoubtedly is spying on us right now!

It's no wonder that in an effort to find an answer to their woes, or possibly just a safe place to hide, Crith are nearly volunteering to join the C-Tank! Enough panic, enough diagrams, enough desperate bargaining, and surely someone in the C-Tank will create something that can save us! Or at least finish the C-Crusher designs in time for the defensive annihilation of the fuzzikin!

The construction of the colony on Crithquatro goes well, with every species half the size of a Crith or larger exterminated in a wide berth around the city in short order. A brief panic is set off at the discovery of a cold tolerant fungus that actually has rapid growth when exposed to brief intense electric shocks, the resulting feedback loop of terror and fungal growth nearly overwhelmed the colony before a brave Crith applied a flamethrower to the issue.
The Tsichla-Class starship project faces many core issues. The earliest spaceships are designed around the concerns of watercraft, being largely adapted from the designs of battlecruisers on the high seas. The resulting craft is serviceable enough, but carries no small amount of baggage, baggage that the new design intends to cut. Aerodynamics are no longer a concern, but momentum is a new master, gravity and friction no longer serve to keep a ship level and straight. Even simple basics like plumbing systems have to be reconsidered and redesigned. Should the ship simulate gravity, or embrace its absence? Should it be bulky for armor or spindly for agility? The engineers have their work cut out for them, but when they finish the Wolarian people will be able to build the finest spacecraft in the galaxy.

Of course to make sure the dreams of engineers become a reality the Ellinikon Research Institute is built. With wide open areas to test everything from farming techniques to experimental aircraft engines the best and brightest of the league can finally flex their mental muscles. It is here the Pteryga Starfighter project is finally finished and the Azure Pulse Cannon is unveiled. This devastating weapon relies on the tremendous energy storage capability of blue crystal, using it to unleash a high energy beam onto its target that causes atomic bonds to lose cohesion, effectively turning hull and armor into active nuclear explosions with devastating effect. Unfortunately the effect is somewhat chaotic in nature, but the beam travels at lightspeed and can be unleashed in an instant, making it quite useful.

Meanwhile the bravest of the league find themselves exploring a collection of four new planets in a distant system. Most spectacular is a super massive garden world of spectacular verticality, with vast spirals of stone dotting its surface that play host to dozens of ecosystems alongside torrential rivers that roar down them. Orbiting it is what would normally be a small planet, but here is an airless and barren moon orbiting the massive garden world. Suspicious markings that appear artificial appear across its dusty surface in bunches, but analysis can find no pattern or indication of meaning. In the distance fringes is a tiny frozen dwarf planet mostly resembling a spinning top. The slightest heat releases deadly gasses from the ice and the spin of the planet is so severe that hovering above the planet is safer and easier than landing on it. Clearly not a priority for a colony. Last is a small helium and CO2 choked world, but with liquid water. A curious phenomenon has led to several floating islands that drift across this lifeless world. It’s no surprise which of the four is recommended for a settlement.
Only a generation ago Neifion was a world without life. Now she teems with it! Spurred on by the efforts of the children the planet has transformed from a dull gray to a brilliant emerald. Vast forests fill her continent, the trees not yet ancient, but tall and strong enough for bird and squirrel to build homes in them. The wind tousles the tall grass of prairies where lumbering bison roam. The forest keepers who once knew the location of every sapling now can only smile and step out of the way as the trees spread their seeds where they will. Neifon is blessed with many advantages on its road to life, but it is the will of Fanw that keeps the heart of the ecosystem beating. Now she is ready to give back. The children of Fanw hunt in her forests and fish in her river and lake, tend cattle on her prairies and the planet gives much.

Seeing the splendor around them, the splendor they have created, there is a cultural strife of sorts as project Cartref is completed. Should they cling to an electronic vision of the past while this beautiful new world lay all around them? Still, it does the heart of the people good to have a record of all that once was, even if it is only an electronic illusion. Their hearts turn toward the future. The careful extraction of Yellowstone begins, so that the blessings of this world might be given to another as well.

The Drya lay down roots on yet another planet, this time with the intent of acquiring the peculiar Yellowstone that dots its surface and appears in clusters under the glassy surface. Something peculiar happens though as the drones begin their work of twisting roots, sifting soil and smashing the glassy surface away. The stones seem to promote growth and healing both in the Drya, but as their exposure grows the Purebreeds note an alarming trend among the drones. Increased individuality. Drones are observed occasionally wandering off to scratch drawings in dirt or arrange heaps of obsidian shards in little piles. A few take to decorating themselves with bits of glass, or even direct their own mutations, though only in an aesthetic way. So far the effects are largely positive, the colony works with great efficiency, but the situation calls for further observation.

Scout drones return from a distant star with good news! A large life filled world awaits us and its only keeper is a bronze age civilization of sapients similar to a humanoid elephant. Fresh biological samples are delivered to the queens for perusal. The remainder of the system is sadly of little interest, with the only thing of note being a few alien ruins on a shattered planet at the edge of the system. A tiny planet that is more flame than surface and two moons, one airless and the other toxic and volcanic, are the only other planetary bodies in the system.
The jungles of Lila are a potent reminder of the dangers of an unexplored universe. The growing colony clashes with the psionic wildlife several times, though fortunately the Automech population is largely immune to the mental powers of the nastier wildlife. Still there is an ongoing issue with a species of spiders that somehow feeds by inflicting Fenrik with nightmares, and the Mindworms themselves are slated for extinction as soon as the Ultima Engines devise what ecosystem adjustments will be required to remove them. Still, the colony at Lila continues on largely like any other, with the Automechs establishing a steady export of the purple oil that seems to give the wildlife its esoteric nature.

Meanwhile the Fox-Ice Panser project begins. Healing metal is a strange prospect, but nonetheless one that seems like a true possibility. Bluecrystal is crushed into a fine powder, heated to extraordinarily high temperatures, then combined with other common metals. The resulting alloys are tougher than normal, but more importantly they slowly bend and twist back into shape when deformed with no sign of metal fatigue or wear. The primary difficulty lay not in developing the alloys, but rather designing ship hulls that can handle metals that resist the typical flex and deforming expected and sometimes relied upon by spacecraft design. Still, the scientists of Orkan Prime are among the best in the galaxy, it's not expected to take long.
It is a somber time among the Nivih. An invisible war rages, of shaman and holy men against the dark and distant entity who dared to strike down one of our own without provocation. Without Ayden’s guidance and protection we surely would have perished every one of us, for all feel the constant withering hate of the dark entity, who responds to every strike with one of his own against the whole of the Nivih. It is good that the new steeds of Ayden have finished in their design for the tribes have need of each other more than ever. Only our faith keeps our hearts steady against the constant psychological stress. Every night all of Nivih dreams the same dream, of a place of dark spikes screaming GO AWAY. LEAVE ME ALONE. Every morning the people of Nivih wake with hollow eyes and heavy hearts. The beast seems untouched, unphased, unbroken, and angrier than ever.

Still, life goes on. Ayden blooms on another world, this one seeded with an abundance of sun echoes. Leaves reach for the sun for the first time on this planet. Ayden senses that the sun echoes seeded through the soil, combined with her own gift of life, will see this world transformed quite quickly, at least for the act of creating an ecosystem.

Another strange project occurs at the same time. Ayden extends a root, growing a complex of tunnels deep beneath the Avian world above. She crafts facsimiles of the ones above and sends them as emissaries, scouts, and missionaries of her wonders. And she finds sorrow and pain above, a world where workers toil in factories for the glory of decadent masters. Where life is restricted and controlled, where trees and grass only grow where a council allows them to. These people command great power, but it all seems to exist to glorify a handful of them. With Ayden’s focus split so many ways it may take some time to full establish this first phase of infiltration though.
Attempts to poison the world of the shark people do not go as planned. As our vortexes approached their world they found themselves under immediate assault by long ranged missile attacks. What few vortexes managed an emergency landing on the planet find themselves under rapid assault by powerful sonic weaponry and quite literally shaken to death. Initial reports of their civilization being primitive were apparently incorrect, another check of their solar system finds they have a mining outpost on one of the other planets even.

An outpost and mining operation is established on the smallest world of the shark system to extract aurora stones. Though the conditions are quite harsh, with extreme heat and no air, the krawl are more than capable of managing. These glowing yellow stones should prove quite useful should we have need for activities that rely on the growth of plants, though more exotic uses might require research and effort to do so first. (You get one free city/outpost per system you explore, I went ahead and placed the one here, but you can shift it if you’d like). There is some concern though that the shark nation might launch an attack on our largely undefended colony though, we should prepare a fleet.
The Promised Day has come! Our infiltration efforts have finally come to their ultimate conclusion with a quasi-religious engineered prophecy of our own making. For months we have slowly manipulated the lizard man society into a need for a savior, for an uplifting event. Now we pull the trigger, revealing ourselves to the lizard world as that savior with a live televised event of the uplifting of many of their world leaders at once. Really though, the hardest part of the whole matter was convincing lizard society to invent and adopt the tv first. Aduata dust is used to grant transformations to the lizard folk, granting them healthy pristine bodies free of disease and the rigors of age. More dramatically world leaders and conspirators are transformed into hybrids of human and lizard, while those with the gift of magic are uplifted entirely into humanoid forms, with only the faintest telltales remaining. There are parades, holidays, international conferences, media debates. Children are given novel magical toys, strawmen are set up and torn down and then burned. The whole thing goes off with just enough resistance to look authentic, with the exception of a few outliers on the edge of society screaming about the monkey takeover. Fortunately these outliers are largely discredited, often without even the aid of wizard mental adjustments, apparently most of them were screaming about bird takeovers just a few months ago. Most importantly the unveiling lets wizard society finally optimize lizard society and technology to the point of being able to provide some of the niceties that all gentle wizards have come to expect.

While all that is going on the scouts finally return from their exploration of a distant world, with both good news and bad news. The good news is that the world is ripe with resources, the bad news is that a bizarre race of sapient clockwork men already live there and are exploiting many of them. (Check the sheet for the details)
The cause of the F-1’s rage even after the fungus is purged from their system, is quite obvious in hindsight. They simply believed us the enemy, with our clear signs of infection, dead tendrils of the fungus draped around our body. There’s a rare burst of laughter at the realization, the sheer absurdity of it. As we build the bridge of language though they come to understand the truth, and we come to understand their all too familiar story. Like us the enemy struck suddenly and with deadly force, but unlike us the devastation was not entirely complete, not at first anyway. A desperate bitter war ensued between infected and clean, with millions dying to buy time for a fleet of colony ships to escape. The war ended with the detonation of thousands of nuclear weapons, enough to crack their homeworld into the shattered husk it was today. Then all that remained were the infected and deranged, caught between a haze of violent desire and guardianship of a broken world.

The path forward for both of your people is unclear. Many of the Avians volunteer on the spot to join the repaired and modernized fleet they once commanded, to seek vengeance on the enemy you both suffered at the hands of. Others want to find their kin who fled the horrors of war. Others still feel a duty to clean their world of the infection and radiation and work to restore it, if such a thing is even possible. But ultimately you have no further obvious clues to the enemy, no further path toward vengeance. The avian colonists had planned to head to (08,08), a distant world where they knew of a habitable planet, but such a place is far away, and other nations control much of the space between the worlds. Even reuniting with their brethren may be difficult for the Avians.
The Scret extend a hand of friendship, or possibly indentured servitude, to the squirrel folk. A great series of projects occurs in Titif (13,08, no idea if/what you named this one). Great fields of oil pumps are installed, supervised by an orbital outpost high above, while at the same time the squirrel folk settle onto the Alcheum mining world, neatly boosting its production at the same time. Of course the sudden surge in mouths to feed, homes to build, infrastructure to place, and all of the other thousands of needs across the syndicate add up to an impressive bill. Still, the Fuzzikin work desperately to mend the situation bringing with them considerable treasures from their world as well as several remarkable technologies, not the least of which is a set of industrial farming technologies that goes a long way toward mending the sudden need for extra sundry goods. At the same time squiddie integration wraps up, lending the weight of their society to our own.

Really the only thing remaining on the docket is figuring out the pale folk society, which seems to be based around this bizarre concept of ‘honor’ that has most Scret scholars puzzled. The Squiddies at least seem to find our confusion more than a little hilarious though, and promise to explain when they can stop laughing.

It is late January when the first enemy ships are detected entering the solar system. They cruise along at sublight speed on a course and speed that will require several months to reach Earth, but reach it they will. Emotions run high. Even more military recruits sign up, and local militias spring up by the thousands and find themselves well supplied by the IUNE. Churches alternate between record numbers and being abandoned as people try to make sense of demonic invaders. And during all this a bizarre project is started, based on even more bizarre origins. Dessicated corpses with strange inhuman organs, apparently dated to nazi Germany of all things. And yet the project was bearing fruit. Those with the organs grafted to their bodies exhibit sudden surges of strange and supernatural powers, then typically perish while screaming about emerald hell. A few though become something more. The scarred genetics of humanity plus foreign dna has had unpredictable results, resulting in a new breed of superhumans, though the exact nature of this ‘super’ is still unclear. (feel free to fluff this out how you’d like)
High command grows ever more elusive, ever more secluded and abrupt. Industry! Colonial development! The common German people are left bewildered, and their complaints pile up, everything from the mundane like aggressive wildlife and problematic weeds to the extraordinary like the ancient nazi ship that crashed to the surface. But instead focus turns to the distant colony where the question becomes ‘what industry?’ and ‘what development?’

The only resource of note at Reichskolonie Ost is of course the Vril Stone, and so it becomes the main focus of the industrial expansion. A mine is established pulling industrial levels of the stone out of the earth and then a complex of factories follows to shape, polish and make use of the stones in a variety of ways, typically as adornments in watches, jewelry, cufflinks, and walking canes. The end result is a happier and healthier nation, with the presence of the vril luxuries promoting health and happiness across the nation.

The ecology grows. It sees through eyes not its own, in a place called Earth, though the visions are indistinct and distant. It reaches out sluggishly from a lab where the screech of urban hell is especially prevalent. It thrives and spreads across forests and prairies, supplanting existing, lesser ecosystems.

On one world it has reached the halfway point in controlling the local life, but such a point is dangerous. Local noise makers, screeching intelligences who think themselves better than the natural order, have begun to notice the changes. Stubborn weeds that choke their tame crops. Clever predators not deterred by guns. It is an effort to prevent obvious displays of superiority, the melding of machine and flesh that marks your true mastery of nature. Soon conflict, evolution, will be inevitable.

So the ecology spreads, willing seeds into existence in far flung worlds. It finds first another ecology far younger than itself in a hot and humid world, then another in a cold and snowy world. In the humid place with young ecology life grows bold and fast, nestled around curious yellow stones that hasten the growth of flora and heal the wounds of fauna, the Ecology would do well to acquire them and use them to enhance the living weapons it produces. In the cold place is the noise, the hell that is higher intelligence and their lifeless pointless machines that cannot evolve, cannot grow, cannot change. Fear fills the air, machines the sky and stars. The Ecology will silence them. The Ecology will silence all of them.
The follies of organics, of creatures designed by the madness of evolution as opposed to the careful design of its end product are always a source of discomfort to the Apex. Two species inhabiting different planets should be no cause for alarm, no cause for war, and yet the signs of it are clear. The observation probe can clearly see the buildup of military forces on both sides, the caravans of starships desperately leaving the squirrel world for some distant place, the tools of death and war and desolation accumulating everywhere. The Apex cannot stand idly by. Fabricators whir to life spinning up a fleet of lightweight modified scout craft, redesigned with many of the key safeties removed. Scanners modified to emit deadly pulses of energy. Mobile miniprobes with their reactors rigged to explode on impact. Environment plating adapted to expected combat weaponry. The Apex prepares for war.

Meanwhile in happier news a new research outpost is set down on planet Ferrum Hyems to study the unique resources and curious life that waddles along its surface. Work proceeds rapidly, expanding with more lab suites, observation centers and other tooling, though of course even more plans for future expansion are sketched into the holotable. In particular the yellow stones and purple oil used by the simple life forms are of great interest, but naturally will need to be mined out first.

There’s nothing like a good acquisition, especially in the minotaur style of things. You could even call it a bull market! With the weapons trade thoroughly disrupted by that pesky uprising the shareholders go for the throat. Digistructors pave highways directly through the minotaur nations, and the free market follows, crushing pockets of resistant and toppling tribal leaders as they go. Minotaurs are either pressed into service contracts with Contract Collars or flee into the wilds. By the end of it minotaur society is effectively extinguished, its treasures acquired, and the shareholders dust their hands of the whole thing. Onto the next opportunity!

Meanwhile efforts to harvest the glittering waters of Golden Shores go well. The approach pioneered by bold laborers looking to get ahead is to simply plunge an entire vacuum chilled ship directly into the molten sea, then rapidly ascend back to the stars with a thick golden shell to chip off in the comforting void. Brilliant! The brilliant laborer is given an extra five minute break voucher and sent back to work, where unfortunately his ship collapsed on impact with the molten gold just days later. Ah, the adventure of capitalism!
Daitan scouts press forth into the great unknown once more, pressing ever westward! And what vistas they uncover! Our scouts have scarcely entered the system when they are hailed by the unmistakable patterns of intelligent life signaling us. After several hours of somewhat terse back and forth establishing a basic language (thank the king they at least communicate audibly like us), they introduce themselves as a species known as the Drak, a spacefaring folk like ourselves who live on the largest planet in the system and are working to colonize its moon at present. We have been permitted, begrudgingly, to explore the system and create a colony on a large ocean world they declare of little interest.

The five worlds of the Drak System are as follows. An average world of high cliffs and considerable tectonic and volcanic activity. A thick CO2 atmosphere and liquid oceans would allow for easy terraforming. A massive world with equally massive weather events and high gravity, resulting in a planet of rugged and tough species, including the Drak themselves. A tiny moon orbiting the Dark homeworld is their first offworld colony and is in the process of being slowly terraformed, our escort points out the patches of greenery on its surface with some pride. Next is a large world of fine dust that hides massive blobs of pure aluminum ideal for common industrial applications. The Drak intend to exploit it eventually, but have no pressing need for the resource at the moment. In a twin orbit around that planet is where we have been allowed to place a colony of our own, a large ocean world choked with humidity and devoid of life, but capable of supporting it. We are being monitored closely, and warned strictly against bringing any large military presence into the system.

An ambitious project, codenamed the Royal Messenger, has started development, though without further laboratory resources it may take some time to finish. It is an open secret though that the project involves the use of Ur-Snot, the curious purple oil, for the design of a new primary weapon, as tankers of the stuff roll into the royal research institute, and anyone with ears can hear the booms of the first tests, or the complaints of the queen as they rattle her cups during morning tea. Perhaps it’s time to create a new university wing or research lab in the wide open space of another world? Somewhere far, far away from the queen’s sensitive ears perhaps?
With the completion of the Cartref project, or at least the initial phase in Gwendoline Pendry's eyes, there was a bit of a schism in Fanwyic culture. Especially once Gwendoline announced her plans for the future of the project. Most of the youngest whom were on the Neifion colony were supporters of the 'Yn dilyn' movement that was growing, named for the main idea of following Fanw's footsteps of making bountiful life elsewhere and staying there, moving on from the home that was lost. Meanwhile, many of the older, and those from the stations or the less hospitable colonies were part of what was called the 'Dychwelyd' movement. A desire to return to their true home, in this case through the digital space.

Meanwhile, the Neifion colony would find the planet named Prenhaearn Newydd after the old colonies name back home, and it's states and cities as it grew would be named after the old ones that existed before the destruction of their homeworld and by extension the places in question. Though, some of the warmer places took on the names of old Dybet places.

>Action One. Scientific Orbital

For any further significant progress to be made in the Cartref project while focus turns to other important things like the yellow stones or red powder, a place of research needed to be made. There were tons of resources that could be put toward this project, and orbitals were something the Children of Fanw had experience with, so adding another in the system where the Children of Fanw first set up shop after being forced from their homeland wasn't believed to be too hard. The large construction would be made purely for research with only a small portion dedicated to creating various prototypes or making whatever the research staff needed and some places to house staff in comfortable quarters. It was likely this place would be quite useful for continuing the Cartref project or any other research, once it's construction was finished that is.

>Action Two. The Rhodri Colony

In the Cewriadref system was a temperate rock. One couldn't breath on it, but it was easy to build on and had plenty of metals in it's crust. More importantly, however, was the simple fact it had one little material that was quite important to start making use of. Red Powder. While there had been some experiments, getting more to better test the material and ideally later utilize it's properties was important. And given the breadbasket that was already in the system along with the not particularly difficult conditions on the world in question, it was quite easy to do so. As such, the Rhodri colony was formed, named after the man from Clan Nist who, along with Arwen created the first Blessed steel along with making clan Nist into a Brenhinol clan. It wouldn't be long until much of the resource was extracted and research could be done, along with potentially utilizing the material for industrial purposes.
(Just remembered I actually get a free expansion action for exploring the system I never used, so Action Two should be setting up a Red Powder extractor/mine while the free action is setting up the colony.)
The discovery of a new life bearing planet, and new sapients, brings the purebreeds to a flurry of discussion on what to do with the planet. The system is named Ruinus, and the planet named Twinar Ruinus due to it's two large moons. The first thing done is that a colony is settled away from the larger habitats of the bronze age locals. The argument to settle the planet winning out as with the onset of sapient life the planetary habitats are expected to go through mass extinction and waste contamination.
1. Within the system as well an orbital research habitat is set up to study the alien ruins among the shattered remnants of the world named Deva Ruinus. This city lab is meant to study the ruins to discover who the aliens that once built these were and the technology they had that remains.
2. Speaking of research the purebreeds of the Givergem (Yellowrock) mines come up with an interesting idea. Named the Hazardous Environment Rapid Evolution Pods they are deemed a potential non-combat use for Givergems for use in colonization research. Tanker vessel drones are repurposed and grown with thicker armor and insulation to delay inevitable death; but inside their holds a reserve of the closest plant and animal life from those saved from The Protector or found on Twinar Ruinus, some Drya to observe and potentially mutate themselves, and, of course, Givergem fragments seeded throughout the test bed. These seeding drones are expected to land on the safest part of the most hostile planets and provide a slow increase in natural conditions until they meet the same as those outside before releasing their charges to the outside. In theory this should allow enough time for mutations against hostile planetary environments to emerge.
The ship is welcomed with a cloud of psyonic energy guiding it's landing. Upon landing they would be welcomed joyously albeit with a little disappointment.

Upon landing you are wlecomed by tall lanky amphibian looking creatures which translate their speeech to your own using psyonics.

They greet you in the name of mother-planet-goddess Ayden, goddess of all that is blue and green. They wish to know why you came here and what is interesting about you.

>Free Colonisation: Tengmalmos
Reports from the latest exploration mission raise many eye-feathers as the explorers of the league discover a vast Garden world just a single slip-shot away from Aetha's home system. Though there are other details of the system in the report, many of them significant; 'Vast Garden World' is the primary takeaway by most of the Wolarian population. To colonise such expansive and near-infinite frontiers of habitable expanses and rocky spirals would take more then the organisation of a mere colonial expedition's recruits; it would take a nation unto itself to provide enough Wolpower for a colonial project of this scale.

So a nation is what the League decides upon sending. Though it takes much deliberation and many rounds of voting to confirm in both the league and regional representative chambers to ensure a proposal that can be agreed by the majority and the Tengmali themselves, the constituent state of Tengmal and all citizens who consider themselves to be part of that state will be relocated to new homes upon the new frontier. This is presented as just rewards for Tengmalmi sacrifice during the 'last war', for in the course of that pre-league conflict the nation of Tengmal was over-run by the enemy coalition despite years of grim resistance, and the islands of Tengmal suffered the brunt of bombs and weapons of every sort from every side. Now they will have a world of their own, their only borders the horizon of space above.

>Action 1: Tengmalmos Sundries
A planet of such scale will need fresh foods, fresh clothing, fresh building materials, fresh cleaning products; all the daily consumables. And someone in the bureaucracy has noticed that the league is already running at a deficit; starting production of sundries upon Tengmalmos is seen as a solution to this shortfall.

>Action 2: Tengmalmos Fuel
And though our fuel reserves are not actually decreasing YET, opening up more slip-routes to conduct the colonial project is predicted to near-exhaust our current stores and leave us without sufficient replenishment. Therefore, replacement sources of fuel will need to be found upon Tengmalmos. Using the torrential roaring, falling rivers to drive concealed banks of generator-turbines is seen a good starting point to get plentiful, cheap and clean energy, but will even these be able to generate power of quantity to condense into Starship fuel-batteries? If they don't produce enough, we may have to explore other alternatives, such as biocrops or fissile elements...
Begin colonisation of the average arid world discovered, with the luxury. We will sit idly by there and pretend to have not noticed the Tickers (new racial slur) unless they initiate contact.

This system is wealthy, almost unbelievably so were it not for the last system we discovered.
The crowning planet of this system is as large as Solomos but somehow impossibly habitable, and almost as rich in resources. Pity it’s currently occupied.

The other planets are wealthy and surprisingly habitable as well. Perhaps rich worlds full of life and magick are not as rare as we had predicted, or we are incredibly fortunate.

We name our new colony Lavan, for an ancient wizarding family famed for their poor bedside manner.

As for the star itself, we name this grand system we have found “Cyclis”, for the ticking of these mysterious clockwork people.

Action 1: Mine Magicite

Begin Magicite extraction operations, sweeping Solomos for its precious reserves of bountiful crystal. Unlike Aduata Dust, Magicite aggregates together in clusters more and oft moves in unexpected patterns, so collection devices must be as sophisticated as they are expensive.

It was considered to perhaps extract Grailstone first, but the suggestion was shelved for fear of how destructive the civilian populace could become with access to full evocation material components.

Used for countless purposes, this crystal is critical to many functions on the Tellurian that have been left unpowered or been deconstructed due to shortages. Floating city plates, forcefields, arcane bolts, rainproof coats and indestructible undergarments, daily essentials that the Concord has gone without for far too long.

Action 2: Ship Upgrade: Defence (Magicite used)

We equip our designs for interstellar towers with mighty Magicite-powered forcefields, able to vastly increase their survivability in combat and in general exploration. Stray asteroids, poor parking and stellar phenomena will cease to be a threat to the integrity of our vessels, intentional attacks on our Towers will soon be equally difficult to achieve.

Of course, there is actually no Tellurian fleet of battle towers anywhere to employ this technology. A trifling matter, it’ll surely resolve itself in time.
Magicite has not been used in such a gross manner in centuries as a result of shortages. Now will be a time of relearning how to perform these old enchantments, and a fine opportunity to introduce our new ex-lizard mages to some proper spellwork. Let’s see them apply themselves.

The Cuboids slide uncaringly along their cubed homeworld, excavating and digging square tunnels where there is none, the world once thriving with life now become a labyrinthine array of geometric corridors twisting through time and space,the sprawling edifice of an old civilization now wiped away and gone, completely compacted into cubic shapes. Unfortunately for the sapient intelligent aggregate of matter, the realization that materials for the construction of new cubes or repairs after terraformation were starting to be rare was quick to come.

The Centroid Supersquares of the [FIRST] Hypersquare convened and came to the conclusion that this world would not be enough for their ever expanding numbers and that they while this world was close to achieving perfection there were still many others to put through the Encubening process.

>2 Free expansions

After stockpiling potential kinetic energy and launching themselves into space ,two Cubics(Group of Cuboids forming a cubed number) of 27 Cuboids stacked on themselves to assemble bigger cubes, with the Centroid cubes being delegated to the ''Pilot'' position. Initiating the process, the 26 other Cuboids composing the adhoc vessels were pushed away from the Centroid with shimmering effect giving the whole thing the look of a cube within a cube. A tesserract.

The arrays started rotating along their center, much like how a tesserract would for some minutes before the two assembled constructs simply...shrink out of view.

>11,10(First Planet)

10 minutes earlier one of the tesseracts would grow back into three dimensional space around around a planet in the system designated [CENTROID SYSTEM SECOND](B0). Once in orbit the tesserract dissassembled and the constituent Cuboids fell onto the planet's surface like a shower of meteors, using their limited telekinesis as a heat shield of sorts. This hostile planet would soon be dubbed B1

>11,09(Fourth planet, the largest one)

The vessel appearing in this system, designation [CENTROID SYSTEM THIRD](C0), only did so mere seconds before its departure, and the Cuboids within the Cubic would be pleasantly surprised to see a massive barren rock before them, with no pesky organic lifeforms to impede their encubenation process. As with [CENTROID SYSTEM SECOND] they would dissasemble and smash down onto the planet's surface to start excavating, quickly designating this planet C1

>Colonise First planet of 11,10 and Fourth Planet of 11,09
>Name Home system [CENTROID SYSTEM FIRST](A0) with homeworld being designated A1

>First action: Build Point Fleet

While 4th dimensional tunneling allowed the Cuboids to cross light years in a negative amount of time, it wasn't very useful for conventional interplanetary travel. The innermost Centroid in the [FIRST] Hypersquare broadcasted the decision to build what would pass for a fleet. Hundreds of Cuboids would start stacking upon themselves to form into bigger cubes.The process would have to be done in space as the resulting vessels would be massive,bulky and heavy.

>Second Action: Build the LPC(Large Prismatic Collider)

A side project, now that they were mostly done with encubening this world. A massive cubic structure, 21.336 metres tall and wide would be built for the express purpose of colliding objects at extreme speeds and learning more from the results. This would be done by using their knowledge of four-dimensional environments to arrange corridors in such a way that the entire volume of the cube, totalling at 104.55 kilometres, could be crossed by the accelerated object. Said object woud be accelerated by the Cuboids used in the construction pushing with their telekinetic powers, essentially functionning as a gigantic acceleration rail.
File: Space NRP Turn 5.png (24 KB, 340x391)
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The God Engines chatter away in their chambers, pondering the current events. Their electromechanical components are archaic, but they are still supercomputers and highly respected. Though this does make them easy to overwhelm in times of chaos, which is why these periods of peace are required. They are especially concerned about if there are far more signals in the galaxy than we thought, maybe whole societies, but we don't know of simply because they communicate via psionic signals instead of electromagnetic.

>Diplo with Nivih (8, 8). Established contact and embassy, gained warning about system (9, 8).
After noting strange signals received on the Soul Cipher, the Ultima Engines sent a pathfinder expedition to the nearby system. The droneships that came to the system were beckoned in by the locals, who reciprocated their Starfarer Song and even managed to translate the language. The aliens are psionic, but still capable of physical communication. An interchange of personnel is established, with the Nivih people sent back to Stranden, where they repurposed an orbital dome to make an embassy of sorts.

>Diplo with Crith (7, 6). Established contact and negotiated trade (Orkan give 1 Sundries per turn, Crith give 0.5 Research per turn).
A pathfinder expedition is sent after a translation is figured from the electromagnetic chatter. Droneships find a planet of skittish crab people, who seem convinced everything wants to eat them. However through soothing Starfarer Song and question of the necessity of death, a deal is made. By making peace mutually beneficial they are certain of their safety. The Ultima Engines end up agreeing to the deal and send shipment of Sundries in exchange for briliant minds to help find the truth to the cosmos.

>Action 1: Establish Light Industry (Sundries Producer) on the 2nd planet (Purple Oil) of the Lila System (7, 7).
While clearing out mindworm nests as well as other threats to the Fenriks on Lila 2, significant stretches of land are cleared. The mindworms are still at large, but the large fields around the cities are perfect land to farm, and the constant patrols of farming Automechs act as good lookouts for any mindworms that try to breach the perimeter. So the decision to setup light industry of the planet is just a natural progression from that, and there is interest in what might be the results of consuming the Sundries from a planet with so many psionic phenomena.

>Action 2: Research the Soul Cipher (Augment with Purple Oil). The psionic-electromagnetic interface device the aliens from Friedrich gave us.
With the research on Fox Ice coming to a close, and with further contact with advanced civilization, it is time to start investigating the Soul Cipher. Not only are there Ultima Engines and Fenriks working on it, but also some assistance from the Crith researchers (Diplo with Crith). Perhaps they too have some affinity for the psionic, or maybe they are as psionically unremarkable as the Fenriks.
Halt the attacks on the Mechanical space Entity for now we identified where it is. This shall be enough *for now*. It's hostility can't be ignored forever.

Continue infiltrating the avians. Their work structure may lend itself beneficial. Lure in the workers and oftter them stronger bodies, free food and other blessings. May they cojoin with Ayden eventually.

> Action 1: Orbital settlement aroudn the homeworld of the Fox people
An odd bunch they are. They can build their own tiny moons! We have been granted a habitation dome around the world of the foxkin. Ayden shall open her portal to it and expand it. Create plants which can create bubbles which make the habitat grow larger and create plants and animals which can live in the void like whales live in water, coming back to the habitat to take a breath.

Most important among them shall be the baaum. A large creature which can transport the Nivih up and down from the planetary surface as so that we're not dependant on transportation by the Fennecs. No active proslethysation takes place but any converts and curious are welcome.

> Action 2: The symbiote
Work shall begin on creating an organism which is a symbiote to the mechanical. it's a simple being, really just a clump of neurons and a digestive and circulatory system spouting from it.

The Perpetuan Symbiote shall become a second brain to the machine. This makes machines forced to eat, sleep and as symbiosis continues... they will also likely die once the parasite does. But it would give them psychic potential, an ability to partialy subsist of off food and a level of self healing if damaged.
Most insular totalitarian states would keep their dealings with alien species as secret as possible. Not so for the Crith Concordat. After their encounter with the treacherous Okran Crith-Eaters who falsely claimed they did not want to eat Crith, the Crith Coordinators were relieved and made all transcriptions public knowledge. The results of their encounter with Okran Crith-Eaters were a tremendous victory for Crithkin everywhere.

The Okran Crith-Eaters tried to lull Crith into a false sense of security, but Crith Coordinators boldly demanded a tribute of supplies from Okran Crith-Eaters to feed growing C-Nests! Seconds later, Crith Coordinators cunningly bribed Okran Crith-Eaters with C-Scientists to assist in thinking! These two completely separate arrangements prevented an attempt at consumption by Okran Crith-Eaters and proved the necessity of the Crith Concordat. The message was clear. Under this degree of coordination, continued Crith survival was guaranteed.

>Diplomacy with Okran Prime: Initiate trade agreement. (In exchange for 0.5 Technology from the Crith Concordat per turn, Okran Prime gives 1.0 Sundries.)

The Crith had amassed two fleets of C-Cutters which were prepared to defend Crith hatchlings from the terrifying Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters. Largely because if the Crith crews refused to battle, they would suffer the electro-tongs. These two fleets of C-Cutters were not sufficient! The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters had an entire planet which was even larger than Crith! To have produced such horrifying Crith-Eaters, Fuzzikin planet must be at least as dangerous as Crith! The Crith must be fully prepared to subjugate it! To be fully prepared, the Crith require soldiers!

The C-Marines are hulking slabs of dense chitin and denser muscle, driven by panic into shrieking paroxysms of frenzy. Armed with sturdy shock lance and C-Grenade satchels, they are menacing in close-quarters. The luckiest C-Marines are allowed to keep their distance and carry the C-Cannon, a heavy laser-gatling most species would consider a variant of light artillery. Organized into C-Squads of 20 and C-Platoons of 200, the C-Marines have long fought to prevent Crith from falling to Crith-Eaters. Now, they are organized into a new, grander unit- the C-Army! Over one million Crith who recklessly believe Fuzzikin planet might be safer than Crith, these C-Marines are prepared to subjugate non-Crith for the continued survival of Crith!

>Action #1: Manufacture a C-Army over Crith to assist in planetary military operations.
News of the new electric fungus inspires a cautious curiosity among paranoid Crith. The Crith have long held electricity with the awe and reverence most others do for fire. Crith shells are hard and the atmosphere of Crith is moist, flames do little to sway them, but sufficient electricity can zap a Crith and inflict pain through even the thickest chitin. The Crith Concordat, with its electro-tongs and shock lances, has taken full advantage of this. Even more vitally, electricity fuels the arc-welder, which is the foundation of the very Crith Concordat! The newly discovered fungus on Crithquatro is strange. Unlike most non-Crith life-forms, it thrives on electricity.

Once the brave (and suspected to be mentally defective) flamethrower-wielding Crith and newly appointed Coordinator explains his experiences, the potential uses for this are not lost on the Crith. There, as the Crith convene on Crith, a subtle and crafty plan is hatched. This fungus, dubbed Shockspore, has incredible potential for the war on Crith. The C-Scientists are given strict C-Instructions. Once the C-Crusher is finalized and production is underway, they are to work on finding a way to gene-edit the Shockspore to endure saltwater conditions and then, to electrocute leagues of water for sustained hours of time. Ideally, this will inspire explosive Shockspore growth which will clog the ocean, choke the native Crith ecosystem, and buy time for the Crith to fortify for the next waves ahead of time! The fact that the Shockspore is edible once processed is almost an afterthought.

>Action #2: Queue research on using Shockspores to improve the efficiency of Sundries production on wet and damp worlds.
Turn 5

News of the F-1's desires has caused our council to unanimously agree to search for their lost breathern. There are those who believe this a waste of time but the scientists among us insist it is required. They say it may provide us with a future free of the curse! The scientists can barely contain themselves, gesturing furiously during their explanation.
We have the f-1 who got infected. Doctors have genetic samples from both before and after our cure yet the damage is done. Their code has been altered, bodies reshaped and minds warped beyond our ability to repair the damage. All we could do is pull damaged code apart, we have no idea how to put it together again. However, some of the f-1 were never infected. If circumstances permit, we moght be able to use their pure genetic structure not only to repair the infected f-1, but also to extrapolate the genetic alterations onto our own structure. With this we can create a recombinate base nucleotide to facilitate mutatation removal!

The scientist's assistant quickly clarifies after seeing many blank stares. "Should we have the ability to see how the f-1 DNA changed during the infection we may be able to use this to fix our own genetic code."

The council wastes no time in dispatching both fleets towards the distant star, with orders to scan all systems along the way.

Elsewhere the military under an eccentric marine captain have finished their review of the ship and have come to a surprising conclusion: it is not the work of The Enemy. He proposes a detailed study by carried out on the bodies and the vessel itself to determine what exactly they are dealing with. Drones can only accomplish so much, he recommends full science teams be deployed to study the vessel's interior and exterior.

Action 1 - move both the f1 armada and our own dawn of redemption armada together into (07,06) - Final destination 08,08)
We may as well investigate nearby transmissions while we travel to the F1 colony. Its possible the enemy has infected these beings as well. We should be ready to engage.

Action 2 - Begin studying this strange lost ship.

If the enemy isnt responsible, perhaps the powers claimed are not part of an elaborate trap to enslave us for eternity. Surely the powers within are exaggerated but we should at least catalogue the dna of the organs and corpses aboard the ship. This should help us scan for similar biomass in the future
File: DrilzonFront.png (1.86 MB, 856x568)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
>1 Mobilize military forces at the mining colony in the shark system
If they choose to pack explosive missiles and harness the vibration of sonic waves through an atmosphere, then we need to take this fight to a field of battle most comfortable: the far reaches of space. The mining colony can double as a military base in this system. We’ll be sure to have the newly arriving reinforcements bring compatible fungal samples for the elements present on the new world. They will serve as the start of the fungal colony here, using the Auroran surface elemental energy to form the mycelium structure of a Xelles, and the Coronal core to fuel its growth and many other species alongside it in what could currently be described as a hive, whose innermost sanctum is guarded by a boss krawl: the massive Drilzon! (Pic related) [Gigantic boss krawl of the Aurora property]
The innermost core of this “hive” is a structure of krawl mass and mycelium structure, surrounding a sphere of coronal elemental energy, one feeding off the other up the food chain. The core of this hive will be at the innermost open chamber of the mine, and Drilzon will guard it with its life. In order to destroy the core of this hive, it would need to receive damage from a Flashium elemental attack, likely of cold or of water. Unfortunately for the sharks, they won’t directly know this unless they first venture into the hive.

>2 Maja and the attack force
On top of Drilzon, on the surface of this mining world, forces surrounding the colony need to mobilize into dark lakes and prepare to attack and hijack the shark world’s vessels from space. Once we capture a number of their ships, we can crash them into their ocean all at once and create sunken toxin tanks. Maja, given that she has 2 endlessly long spiked tendrils attached to her head, will serve perfectly to pierce the first ship’s surface and drill through to the interior, where she’ll open the doorway for the vast amount of forces to follow her inside. Were she to come under fire in the process, she could easily block incoming attacks with her tendrils. Since most of her body is composed of the Dark element, most of the damage she takes is elementally neutralized, meaning that incoming attacks would only be powerful due to their physical aspects. We’ll take the loneliest, largest ship, the whale, so to speak. And hundreds of other specialized groups will attack smaller vessels in the enemy’s space fleet in the same way, using the commonly metal spiked tendril that accompanies most black vortexes on their journey through space. If the ships are guarded by any electromagnetic vaporization fields, it’s likely they’re of the Corona property. Just in case, Maja will be directly accompanied by Krawl of the Flash property, within an arm’s reach, if they were to suddenly need to act as a shield.

I suppose this is what Krawl scouts usually look like

File: Spoiler Image (1.41 MB, 831x826)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG

> 1st action: Construction of laboratory facilities on Ferrum Hyems

In the relentless pursuit of understanding the mysterious biosphere of Ferrum Hyems, the settlement on Ferrum Hyems is expanded. This expansion was centered around the construction of an advanced laboratory facility, which featured state-of-the-art observation and research technologies. Encased within its reinforced walls, the facility was equipped with high-resolution imaging systems, climate simulation chambers, and bioanalytical instruments, all aimed at conducting comprehensive studies of the metal-crab lifeforms and their chemosynthetic survival mechanisms.

> 2nd action: Explore Sector 9.7

A drone, outfitted with cutting-edge exploratory sensors, analytical instruments, and an Tier 2 V.I. advanced analytical algorithm, was sent to explore the neighboring sector 9.7. This drone was programmed to meticulously scan the sector, mapping the stars, planets, and other celestial phenomena, within the sector.
>Action 1: PRAISE TO BE MAN (TL;DR: fucking 40K space marines)

With the results of those... new 'superhumans', we would of course hold them down in a secured facility, known as Area 51. Their organs will be pulled and out and studied, to learn how it works on the human body and to possibly create augments on a wide scale, the first experimental variants of those organs would be made and tested on new subjects to see if they can handle the suddent changes and DNA rewrite of their body, only time will tell


The remaining demons would be rounded up and interrogated one by one to learn where they come from, who are they, and why they are out for us, as eitherway we would study their ships parts to hopefully find important informations and possibly localize where they are from, and to finish it off, due of the large amount of demon bodies, tests would be done to see if those demon bodies can be used... as a possible fuel source once they become pure liquid
Discord Relevant Notes: After much quiet diplomacy, a treaty of mutual defense and mercenarial contracts have been signed.

1. That fuel is Company Property in the making! Not to mention an additional source of chemical works.

Let's see about colonizing that fuel depot planet. Ships and labourers swarm the planet, with blueprints of oil refiners, drilling stations, and plants for a space elevator to pump all of that glorious fuel up into orbit.

As with the Gold Planet, efforts will be taken to prepare ships, vehicles and constructors equipped for highly caustic atmosphere's. Within reasonable efficiency calculations of course. The laborer's, such as they are, will be granted some protective suits using the most cost-efficient designs and materials. Of course, upkeep for these suits will be taken from their pay.

2. Go South young shareholder!
The Intergalactic Construction Company has not forgotten the old home, and eagerly seeks to reconnect with the planet Earth, in a beeline for the ancestral planet.

Explore 3, 6
Action 1:
>Radiophile species radiation
On many worlds, those with thin atmospheres, active suns and the those blasted by the foolishness of civilization, abundant radioactive materials are present. Though already small scale nuclear reactors are present on many large organisms the ability to process and derive energy from radiation is still in its infancy. In response to these niches new biologies and systems are developed in order to harness radiation. Using it to drive mutation and power bodies. From the smallest micro-organism to the largest of beasts.
These adaptations are sent to Earth in order to infest the dead zones with abundant flora and fauana tied to the ecologies.
Action 2:
>begin harvesting yellow stones
Rapid healing and vital immune systems are nothing new in the ecology. But any advantage is one that can be compounded upon. These unusual rocks are one such advantage.
Many creatures begin taking up the stones. Breaking them up if possible in order to spread out its effects. Or melding them together using enzymes to produce larger, more powerful stones.
>Build farms on Squidy world.
Recently the Scret have suffered (or rather gained) from an influx of newly acquired races, and most importantly, customers. However an ever increasing GDP is hard to maintain without the food to keep people alive long enough to buy new goods. Fortunately, food is yet another commodity one can always rely on to find a buyer for. And thanks to the integration efforts of the Squidies, the Scret now have a relatively more fertile world better suited for their agricultural needs. Merchants all over from Scret, Squid, and even some squirrels alike see the need for farms and take to the swampy world to plow what they can from its icky soil.

>Begin integration efforts of the Psychos.
Psionics. Fascinating stuff, but its hard to be motivated by something that doesn't immediately appeal to one's wallet. Mental gifts aren't exactly easy to trade. What IS promising however is the strange powder the planet seems to have plenty of, a rather potent and valuable resource that has caught the Scret's attention. Too bad it's already occupied. Or is it? It'd be a pain to have to begin extracting this resource from scratch, luckily however the planet comes with is own set of locals who seem quite to be well versed in not only extracting it, but using it too. It'd be a great asset to introduce these Psychos to our nation. Thanks to the Squiddies, the Scret more or less understand what "honor" is, and though it's utterly foreign to them, it's just another thing for them to exploit for personal gain. Fortunately they have just the resource to help them gain a good in: the Squirrels. A delegation of Scret, Squid, and Squirrel is sent to the surface, and attempts are made to peacefully negotiate with the inhabitants here. In an attempt to appeal to their sense of honor, the story of the squirrels is relayed to them, emphasis obviously placed on the Scret's selfless and noble flight of aid offered to these cosmic strangers without a second thought. Along with their story comes a warning, that the universe is a dangerous place. There are races not as friendly, or as honorable as the Scret out there, and should they ever find the Psychos, who knows what fate awaits them. An offer is made: That the 2 nations should build positive relations so they may hopefully face the adversities hidden in the void together should the need arise.
> Daitan Empire

> Colonial Development in Drak System
> Tea Time Missile System

> Deal with the local wildlife issue
> Occultist Research Facility
File: MapTurn5.png (239 KB, 1362x867)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
And so ends Turn 5, and begins Turn 6.
The colonists of Rhodri settle into their new home with little issue, and what sort of issue could arise from the oddly smooth world? Other than the occasional spider web of cracks and craters from meteoroids that crash into the surface of the airless world there is little to fear here, other than the crush of boredom, doldrums, and cabin fever. The colony sadly has none of the open spaces of many other of the new homes of the Fanw, tight spaces conserve the amount of air that must be filtered, cycled and cleaned, though the lost do their best to line the narrow passages with simple but rugged ferns and flowers that serve to mask a little of the grim place. Perhaps one day this the Fanw will turn their efforts to the monumental task of building an atmosphere here.

Meanwhile in the homeworld a major orbital project begins, the construction of a massive network of laboratories and experimental chambers. Rumors abound naturally, given the nature of orbital platforms and research facilities both. The speculation mostly centers around what sort of scientific research would warrant the cost and logistical issues of orbital platforms as opposed to taking advantage of the abundant local materials of Neifon or Pengwaywffon. Of course, if the research were dangerous, or couldn’t be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, there’s no better containment than the void of space.

A flurry of exploration, settlement and experimentation begins in the Ruinous system. On the distant edges of the system an orbital habitat is set into place, tenuously surviving on distant sunlight and regular deliveries of supplies. Drones have carefully begun digging through the rubble, though it may take some time to find anything of note. Sunny Twinar though has the distinction of being the first biosphere the Drya have discovered. Every day new species and their peculiar new genetic patterns are discovered and cataloged, adding new insights and genetic tools to the Drya’s already formidable toolkit. The locals haven’t noticed the newcomers to their world yet, though with how much of the planet is untamed wild it may be quite some time before that happens.

The Rapid Evolution Pods, or Hurry Ups as a few cheeky drones refer to them, are seeded with genetic material and givergems and given time to grow. Only time will tell exactly what emerges from them, though already there are peculiar similarities between the pods seeded with Twinar life and those seeded with Deva genetic fragments.

Tengmalmos! It is a difficult place to describe without the word massive. The main city of the planet is settled directly atop one of the massive stone spires that stud the planet’s surface, high enough in the sky that the crushing gravity on the surface of the planet lessens to a practical level, though the people of Tengmalmos will certainly be known for their sturdy physique in a few years time. The skyborne city is supported by the great river that cascades down the spire, both in the form of great power plants that are set up every few miles, and by the thriving aquaculture industry that springs up in them as well, a myriad of flora and fauna can be found in the rushing waters. The Tengmali take care not to disrupt the ecosystem they live on, especially after the realization that the interior of the stone spire is a complex network of aquatic lifeforms responsible for the transport of water high into the sky. All of this is of course just the opening act of a complex network of industries that grows to cover the top of the spire and follows the river downward.

Meanwhile the final test flights of the Tsichla-Class spacecraft have begun. These large craft are significantly larger than their predecessors, able to handle the stress of extra layers of defensive armor, the bulk of redundant interior of hulls, additional weapons, or boosters for rapid movement. The main question on the mind of ship makers on the homeworld is when will the first fleet actually be commissioned?
The Magicite mines on Solomos are something of a relief from the rest of the colony. The crystals are surprisingly delicate, prone to breaking when powerful spells are used near them, and so teams of lizard folk and apprentices are employed to pluck them from the earth by hand, passing them through a chain of enchanted scrubs and brushes to remove extra dirt. The crystals then move on to the spellcraft teams who set to work designing the powerful warding rune arrays the crystals will be installed into. Once the designs are finalized, after two research cycles or so, the force shields of Tellurian Space Towers will be impenetrable! Probably.

After the hellscape of Solomos the arid landscape and dry air of Lavan pose little concern to the mighty wizard towers that warp into existence over it and slam firmly into the ground. Great spells are worked to force an aquifer of water to the surface forming a sparkling lake in the middle of the dry and cracked land, and soon enough the seeds from kitchen refuse have started to sprout and lay down roots, along with a myriad of weeds whose seeds billow through the travel gates on a strong wind, or under the shoes of unkempt wizards. A few enterprising lizard folk even release a bag of fish into the pond! Perhaps in a century or so Lavan will be able to yield as much as it consumes.

An art installation gone rogue, the Cuboids set forth to distant worlds, twisting themselves through time and space both in a frankly eye watering display of N-Dimensional physics. Two new worlds become host to the encubening process, the first is a frozen wasteland of explosive gasses, the initial impact of the cuboids on the first goes poorly and several of them suffer moderate damage as a result, suffering brief psychosis until their brethren can perform repairs. Progress is slow, extreme conditions and frequent explosive mishaps require a steady supply of materials from the homeworld to handle the issue, though the discovery of a delightful polishing oil on the surface does soothe the hearts of the cuboids on the hostile world. They just need to set up a proper mining operation for the substance. The second planet is much more ideal, even if the irregularly shaped plateaus on its surface offend the cuboids. The lone Irrational in the group insists they’re fine, just requiring a perspective warp. The other cuboids are not impressed. An initial area is smoothed out, a three by three cube of stone landing pad is established for future landings and life goes on.

Meanwhile at the homeworld the first fleet of cuboid combat craft are being put together, largely an organizational problem more than anything. At the same time scientific efforts were being designed for the construction of an atomic collider system of unprecedented scale. Surely if the cuboids sought deep enough in the bowels of physics they would find the fundamental cube their hearts all believed in. Surely.
It has been a busy cycle for the diplomats of Orkan Prime. Not one but two fellow starfarers have made contact, the lofty and spiritual Nivih and the fearful but dangerous Crith. And yet, despite vast differences between the three species, an exchange of goods and ideas has occurred, and continues to occur. Crith scientists, though twitchy to the extreme, have a remarkable knack for anticipating the failure points of mechanical systems, and even anticipating logical follies that are unintuitive. And the steady exchange of ideas and goods has yielded new novelties and curiosities for all involved. As farmland, ranches, and factories expand across Lila the great minds of Orkan Prime turn toward the Soul Cipher.

Nivih, Crith, Fenrik, and Ultima Engines all take their turn puzzling over the device, but it is comparisons to the Nivih symbiote that finally lead the researchers to their final results. The resulting machine is a curious thing of living plant matter, feathers, steel, gold, and purple oil. But nonetheless it allows an Ultima engine to, with some practice, communicate directly with the Nivih on a psionic level, a remarkable feat. It is something of an open question though, with vines curled around their chassis and roots spread across their motherboard, if the Ultima Engine is entirely a machine at this point, or something new and different.
The relief when Ayden calls for a halt on psionic attacks on the Dark Machine beyond the stars is felt across the entirety of the of the Nivih. The nightmares fade, the sun grows bright again, even the beasts and birds of the world seem more lively and active. There will come a day that Ayden will reach out and destroy the Dark Machine, perhaps with Orkan allies at her back, but for now her attention turns to other more lively and spirited things, such as the Baaum, a curious thing resembling a vast leaf and moss covered squid, but who jets about in space on blasts of hydrogen flame, or floats in the atmosphere of Stranden. A tiny ecosystem blooms and grows in the void around Stranden, a little bastion of Nivih culture and ideas far from home. The most curious idea of which is the Machine Symbiote, a curious thing that grafts onto machine intelligences, intertwining vine and root with steel and lightning. After a few years of growth it rapidly becomes difficult to tell the difference between where the machine ends and the symbiote begins.

On the world of the Avians the first stage of bringing Ayden’s Grace to the Avian people has completed, many of us walk among them, learned in their language, their ways and their pain. They are a people who have suffered much, we have learned they come from a distant world where a terrible plague befell them. The leader who brought them here took advantage of his position to seize control of this world and twist it into the sad place it is today, where workers toil for powerful leaders who do not. Yet, the chains of the mind are heavy upon them, few believe in change, or hope.

A few elders raise the alarm, our people grow too numerous for our supply of food and homes to handle them all. In a few cycles there will be famine if we do not take action.
The people of Crith are deeply, deeply confused. They have made contact with an alien species. This is terrifying. The species entered Crith Space. Also terrifying. The species knows where we live! Terrifying! The species is sending us fruit baskets! Maximally terrifying! And yet the fruit baskets do not appear to be poisoned! Even with long term, highly devious poisons! Even the most paranoid of Crith, who insist that half the population of Crith has been replaced by machine dopplegangers, C-Clones, are slowly starting to suspect that perhaps...there is some even more horrific galactic menace out there waiting to destroy both the Fenrik and the Crith! And the Fenrik are making sure the Crith go down first! It must be Fuzzikin machinations! A frenzy of military recruitment occurs, building up an army of C-Marines and C-Soldiers to aggressively defend Crith from the Fuzzikin by utterly wiping out their species! May the cruel Crith gods pay no attention to the Crith soldiers as they travel to war.

Meanwhile a steady stream of message broadcasts coming from the Fuzzikin world arrive, each more desperate than the last, each one desperately asking to be spared the Crith’s wrath. Clearly a devious ploy! There are even promises of tribute (no doubt poisoned), technology (no doubt rigged to explode), and even servitude (to get close enough to stab us!)! The Crith know better than to believe the lies of such a dangerous species though.

As all this occurs the Crith work hard to find a food source less dangerous than the multitude of deadly fauna on their homeworld, where even domesticated animals frequently remove limbs and eat the flesh of Crith like a delicacy. Perhaps the Shockspore will do the trick? The Think Tank sets to work trying desperately not to fill their limited space with fungus, motivated all the more by the sudden sharp drop in rations. Is the Crith Concordat running out of food!?
Hope is an unfamiliar and strange feeling to the Ecruxian people, who grow up watching their bodies twist into drab versions of what they know they ought to be. Who to even wear a simple void suit must suffer constant pangs of phantom pain from hacked off tendrils. And yet the F-1 have given us a road to that recovery, a genetic comparison of their species to ours might provide the roadmap we need to remove this blight from our species, or at the very least from our children. Ships depart immediately for the distant system though who knows what they’ll find out there. Almost immediately they send word back of a viable colony sight and settlers heed the call.

Still, the enemy is out there, and the need for every possible weapon is still present. Research begins into the strange alien vessel, originally thought to be a ploy by the enemy, but now likely related to the strange signal we received from this...’Urth’. Genetic analysis is ongoing, but analysis of the ship and comparisons to celestial scans from several dozen years back reveals something quite strange about it. Though impossible to know why, the ship has traveled an extremely circuitous route to reach, looping and twisting through many systems, in many directions. A cosmic accident? Or someone looking to hide the origin of the ship? All we can say with certainty is that it comes from somewhere to the galactic east.

The accounting team raises a few concerns with our rapid expansion, namely that food and fuel supplies both are running out. Despite the pressing need to find the enemy, it may be time to focus on infrastructure.
The Krawl commanders give the order, and the Krawl swarm obeys! Fleets of vortex ships are assembled and filled with swarms of Krawl, and take off looking to lay waste to the sharkmen and devour their world! (You need to spend actions to make Fleets, but not to attack locations with them, I went ahead and used your actions to make Fleets for your attacks). The mining world of the sharks is undefended in orbit, though a few ground to space missiles do rise up from the planet to strike your fleet. The Krawl will need to build a proper army though to descend to the planet and take it for themselves, unless they’d rather just bombard it into oblivion. Meanwhile the homeworld of the sharks is much better defended, a fleet of sharkmen ships rises to meet the Krawl, a swarm of sleek finned craft with no clear flagship to target. (We’ll resolve this in discord).

The Observatory on Ferrum Hyems is further expanded with a suite of labs and computation centers, as well as cordoned off areas where the local crab creatures can be studied further in simulated conditions, in particular many of the Betas are curious to see how the behavior of the creatures differs when they aren’t forced into hibernation by extreme conditions.

Propelled on by their ever expanding network of libraries the Apex finally reaches a conclusion on their studies of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and finds a strange and startling conclusion. The two forces behave with something almost resembling, well, intelligence, and seem to be stubbornly opposed to each other, with Dark Matter shifting and twisting throughout the cosmos in an attempt to bind galaxies and worlds together, while Dark Energy moves in tandem, trying to rip and pull those very same systems back apart. For a being of supreme intelligence and logic the results are disquieting to say the least. Nonetheless the suite of detection and manipulation tools resulting from the study brings the Apex one step closer to their final goals. Research moves onto properly setting up the Eco Hab system, for what point is there in power if the Apex does not know how to wield it?

The exploration team returns from yet another system with news of curious metal creatures, this time present in a full fledged ecosystem seemingly built around a curious green metal able to rapidly change its properties. This metal garden world is protected by a vast purple gas giant in the outer rings of the solar system, the color granted by the presence of the same purple oil found in the Ferrum system. A frozen moon orbits the gas giant, though it seems to be of little interest.
In a happier age of Earth superhumans might have been greeted with joy, or even worship. But in the grim darkness of the far future there is only the surgeon's scalpel. A generation of superhumans is locked away in the dark underground chambers of Area 51, butchered and processed like the strange alien nazi corpses before them. Cloning technology is put into play and test tube humans, just production lines for organs, are produced enmasse. It will take some time for true results though, perhaps as many as three or four cycles of research. For starters the DNA samples acquired seem to be oddly unstable, several of them have started metabolizing radiation from the onsite reactor of all things, and an odd fungus has started to spread from the above ground medical waste disposal, feeding on abundant above ground radiation. Still, the results look promising, the next generation of humans will be a force to be reckoned with. Eventually.

Meanwhile IUNE forces pick over the scraps of those who thought themselves better than the current generation of humanity. Several promising possibilities arise from the ashes of the enemy, some more peculiar and horrific than others. The first, and most obvious to scavenge the technology of the enemy, in particular their FTL systems. Humanity could, with some effort, free themselves from the chaos of the GATEs, though there are also interesting metal alloys to be found as well. Second is the genetics and biology of the enemy, though it would expand the effort required we could incorporate demonic DNA into our latest batch of superhumans, many of the demons somehow survived direct nuclear devastation and that endurance could be useful for our own purposes. Lastly is a bizarre project championed by an unnamed military general. The demon forces apparently possess an organ that allows the project of an incendiary liquid. We could arrange a ‘farm’ of these prisoners to harvest this liquid and use it as fuel, or even a weapon for ground forces, though the efficiency compared to simple solar or nuclear power is questionable. (You can do all of these, but the first one you pick will get a bonus to its completion)

Simple, or advanced, interrogation of our prisoners doesn’t yield much information. Apparently invasion of enemy worlds is a common practice for the demons, though typically the worlds rarely put up the kind of resistance humanity does...several demons actually offer to enlist with IUNE forces, declaring a desire to see IUNE weapons in action again. A common sentiment among prisoners is that the IUNE will almost certainly see the demonic forces again, this fleet of attackers represented only a fraction of the total demon forces.
Nudging the local goblin made satellite out of the way, sending it into a crash course to the planet below, the ICC ships settle into orbit above the system and begin work on habitats for the harvest that will begin below. Down on the surface of the world crews set to work building containment rigs for the gas geysers, taking care to avoid damaging company property as they work with the dangerous chemicals. No small amount of radio chatter arrives from the goblin planet, perhaps we should send them a bill for illegalling parking their satellite around our planet?

In other news explorers return with bad news, the next system over is of little interest, except to astronomers. The main feature is an entangled group of four planets, somehow maintaining a collective orbit around both each other and their star. Frequent 'mild' impact events, volcanic activity, extreme gravity fluctuations, caustic chemicals and extreme temperatures from an atypical extreme orbit make this quarter of planets extremely dangerous. What's worse, is they have no natural resources to speak of!

In a distant world around a distant star, a woman named Diana is dying. A surgeon lifts a knife from her open chest cavity, a bead of blood running down it. Despite the drugs in her system Diana is aware. Despite the knife, Diana is a part of something more. Even as the body cools and her brain starts to decay her soul sings, because she knows that one day everything will be a piece of the ecology.

Far away in a humid world teeming with life a chain of events, seemingly unrelated happens. A tree grows deep roots. A mole creature digs deep tunnels throwing dirt behind it. A six foot long burrowing snake chases the mole. Termites destroy a dozen trees, blocking a river. Soft soil floods with water, shifting deep deposits of yellow stones closer to the surface. A patch of bamboo grows over the stones pulling them up into the stalks. Now there is a steady supply of yellowstone for other creatures to make use of it, though the ecology will need to develop those uses first.

Somewhere else there is a confrontation, and a resolution. The ecology watches impassively as the forest burns, but it know the nature of flames and forests, and it know that fresh saplings spring from the ash of old trees. It can wait.
Farming on the Squiddie world turns out to be quite the interesting process. Like many swamplands the soil is quite poor, and so the plant life has made the unusual adaptation of becoming carnivorous. Vast fields of large lurid looking pitcher plants make up the staple crop on the world, and much of the farm work revolves around the transformation of sewage into insects, then insects into fleshy pitcher plants. Still the final product is actually quite palatable, thanks to hundreds of years of squiddie husbandry of course.

Meanwhile the delegation on the world of the Psychos goes about as expected for a nation of psions who live a life of honor talking to a nation of conmen. (I’ll DM you)

The colony in the Drak System, quickly named ‘The Pond’ by its settlers, faces a unique challenge. There is a lack of open area in which to build in, the world being almost entirely vast oceans, with only the occasional mountain reaching up from the seafloor high enough to build a stable foundation with. Nonetheless the engineers and architects of the empire set to work building out a vast floating city, anchored to a handle of dormant volcanoes that peek above the sea. Foreseeing a future need for an increase in supplies the colonists quickly set up a vast network of aquaculture, growing large quantities of water friendly crops, despite being a vast ocean the water is actually quite fresh! Any number of fisheries also get started. In a not unpleasant development we’ve begun to see a few indicators that the life we’ve brought with us is starting to spread below the waters, perhaps in ten cycles or so this world will flourish with life.

Adding yet another task to the research team’s docket, the crown has declared a need for a complex ship boarding system, one dubbed the Tea Time Missile System. The Tea Time system, once fully researched and implemented on a vessel, would allow a ship to launch large burrowing torpedoes directly at an enemy vessel, punching through the outer hull to deliver a payload of the royal marines to take the vessel directly from within. Such a tactic is not without its risks of course, enemy defensive systems could shoot down the Tea Time missiles, killing our marines before they even neared the enemy ship, and of course once aboard they do have to win the battle for the ship. Naturally, none of this matters until the research is completed, a task expected to take many cycles given the research backlog
The wildlife cleanup operation takes longer than expected, to say the least. Though the SS is the laughing stock of the FRL, with much cheeky laughter and jokes about calling in bombing runs on woodland creatures in a drunken terror, when the flames finally settle what is found in the ashes is more than a little sobering. Charred remains of wolves and bears, bones entangled with iron and the unmistakable forms of sharpened blades and firearms. Hard questions are asked of many men in dark rooms, but if the madman responsible for these abominations is present he is not found. The SS leave for the colonial world, hiding away in their new research facility, pondering these strange remains that have been found. Nearly all agree that it is unlike the situation has been fully resolved.
Update Complete

Next Update will be March 25th, so two weeks until the next one.
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Map corrections

A transmit-wave from a far and distant system enters into Aethan League space, and the Wolarians realise for the first time that their species is not alone in possessing technological sapience upon the galactic stage. Images of a strange, featherless bipedal species are rapidly resolved from the unusual encoding along with a descriptor of geographic location; this last fact sends the tacticians of the league into something of a panic as they determine that any species confident enough to openly broadcast their nature and location to the galaxy at large must possess incredible some technological superiority and hold a mighty and formidable star-navy indeed. Plans to immediately launch the Tsichla are delayed, the staff of the admiralty arguing that although their existence makes a Starfleet essential in the longer term, launching a Starfleet with only pre-Starflight defences and armament systems might only serve to draw the ire of these strangers if they are not provided the ability to protect from them.

>Action 1: PinionQuill Defense System Project
The Feather is one of the great miracles of nature that arose upon Aetha; structurally rigid enough to provide lift and protective insulation, yet flexible enough to turn and respond to movement without greatly hindering the body; to adjust to support and even to streamline the movements made. Such flexibility, the Wolarians believe; could be replicated in metal outside the hulls of our starfaring vessels to improve upon the basics of armour available - to provide protection and baffle our starships against oncoming strikes and shockwaves; for it is better to break multiple quills or loose them in bold diversion then to have a body torn apart.

>Action 2: Lampyrisma
The colony of Ellinikon is sited on a barren world with no native life forms; but one of the joys for the thoughtful Wolarians who make their home there is to look up at the sky when their neighbouring world is close, to see the bands of colour shimmer, shift and glow. Given the name Lampyrisma, there is little surprise when the population of Ellinikon decide to set up an outpost upon their neighbour to examine this stone more carefully, to bring this shimmering rock home for further study.
Short one this turn:

Action 1: Fertiliser - ayden connects the roots of the trees to the veins of the ores. May plants get all the minerals they need to grow faster, lusher and produce more fruit.

Action 2: Infiltrate the birdman governament
We have offered miracles to the lower class, but revolution is unnecessary when a coup is needed. Offer strength, intelligence, charisma and wealth to those of the ruling class of this world and once they say they are in charge now so much of the population will stand behind them that power shall shift easily.

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