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Who can play? Anyone, newggers welcome be at least somewhat autistic though
What is the setting? Vaguely renessaince, some fuckwit made magic mecha though

Discord it takes place in: F2Patcf
Updates are saturday every week!

Diplo is free, 2 actions per turn, don't make building buildings actions. Have fun and RP.

> TURN 5
Welcome to thread 2,

> Looking for players for:
Mao - ghosted game for 4 turns free for grabs - funny cats, infiltrate nations
Newts - potentially ghosted it didn’t post 1 turn no contact method - tribal newt/lizard people, good with tech
Academy - mecha harry potter guys, he posted pretty regularly, but ghosted this turn dunno why
Khimor - generic human god-emperor worship nation, ghosted long ago. new player volounteered but did not post either. neighbouring halfling civilisation tried to initiate some cool RP with them, so super sad they ghosted

The very excel file: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v6pHi6YQEbXUB6DCWY-iGcF9Ww_tdUESyRi_KQoMbic/edit?usp=sharing

Old bread: >>5883594
You did kinda squander all the advantage you had going in early so the war will probably drag on now.

> Bernard the Bearded
A man whom few understand, many speculate a great fighter but one with the heart of a comic. He now sees a chance to alter the republic starting from the new arrivals. He and Cassandra spend much time performing for the refugees, hoping to mold them into the people the republic needs and maybe the natives will follow as well.

> Performances for the refugees - a level of loyalty is instilled in the refugees to the new nation.
(characters seem to be your nation gimmic so feel free to make up to 6 max at a time)
The refugees eagerly consume the cabbage soup, as the day would pass more and more coughing from the crabmen and humans could start until one after another they begin to fall to the ground coughing up blood increasingly incapable of breathing.

A riot in the slum would begin, ‘the food was poisoned’. Cassandra and bernard would try to calm the crowd at first, but they would realise their own throats turning sore. The poison was not just in the soup. They had to get out of here, they bolt down the crammed allyes of Peil, a stench of death fills the streets, the sound of breaking glass rings out as weapons and canons from windows of each side of the street ring out. Shots pelt the duo, ambushed Cassandra is hit in the chest with a cannonball, her ribcage shattered, but not enough to overwhelm her constitution, bernerd picks her up and keeps running, but an ambush of swordsmen awaits them next, the useless mucks would be no problem had he not carry the unconscious hero of the nation, but he expertly deflects their blows as he runs through them, until his face is struck cutting it in half and his face, yet he keeps running until he and Cassandra manage to take shelter in the Bank of Peil it’s guards and beating the crabmen in a fierce battle, both survive heavily injured. Cassandra with reduced stamine due to missing a lung and reduced mobility in her left arm. Bernard missing an eye and has problems speaking due to the cut open face. (trying to kill hero-tier units without a hero is unlikely)

> Crabman loyalists - the attack on the dock is twarted by crabmen who spotted the Peasant Republic saboteurs, but interrogation was fruitless. The captured foreign spies refused to admit to anything

The other assailants are soon hunted down, but the mysterious blood cough has the refugee camp and the nearby slums in an uproar. People are slowly dying, no one knows why, no cure can be found. They suspect they were poisoned, the other residents fear a plague.

(Btw if neither of you don’t wanna continue the war you can just blame the mercs for invading Arishivo alone and Arishivo can chalk up the poisoning incident to mercs or something as well. Ya’ll speak each other’s language, you can hold diplomatic talks.)
The therm fade away in peace terrifies them. In the middle of the night they try to run away, least they forgot the night is the domain of the vampires, and they are slaughtered. (A few escape up north, myths of scary vampires reaches your nation >>5889347)

The system works out as intended, the few cattle brave enough to challenge the lords soon are suched into the system and turn out no less cruel of masters once their hunger sets in.

A vampire mage once submerged in the illusion pool may project themselves to another lord. Times of meetings as such are standardised and as both need to be under-water the meeting sessions are short and information is conveyed via sign language.

yep. They are subraces of one race kinda how you have various types of humans.
Your nation manmages to coalesce it’s military sector fostering cooperation and healthy competition between the branches pushing for excellence.

You don’t have any phosphorus deposits. For now I will roll for looking for phosphorus deposits, if you acquire phosphorus then you can weaponise it.

In your search of phosphorus you wander far sout-west, you discover a deposit near where the rivers meet the ocean expanding by land one would need a while to get that far, but maybe a naval colony could be worth it. You explorers seeing the area discover something terrifying, a giant so tall it’s had is obscured by the clouds served too by thousands of human slaves.

Warpost somewhere earlier.

Asbestos is the bestos. You figure out so seal it in meral containers together with some rocks. After vigorous shaking, the once wooly substance becomes a deadly poisonous cloud of needles. A useful weapon of course, but also an untamable danger as both miners and soldiers using it slowly succomb (are around asbestos mine will slowly become uninhabitable)

The nations food supply is stable, and at least on the homefront it feels like peace. We need to capitalise on this, we need too. Population growth programs are ordered. (population rebound)

Basic clockwork technology is invented allowing you to keep time accurately.

Glassworking is invented, some say as a way for greedy craftsmen to counterfeit amber using merely salt and yellow dye.

The last invention is the waterwheel, utilising gears and water the power of the flowing river is usutilised to fuel various useful things such as mills and even simple water pumps. Some spirit worshippers are unhappy about this development.

A spiralling dance practitioners of weapon deflection can use the spinning motion of their body to return the projectile to sender. A useful technique but can be easily overwhelmed with simple volume of fire.
They beat around the bush when it comes for the reason for their exile. They claim to have been cruelly oppressed, or shunned by their families, some claim they accidentally offended a noble. They make sure to empacise though that the darves possess much wealth, mines of gold, silver and steel, but surface walkers like you would have a hard time ocnquering the swarven cities yourselves, not without their aid at least.

The whale language seems to exist. One who sticks their ear underwater hears low grumbling howls, it is albeit alien and hard to understand, nor do the whales seem to understand the kings gesture of not bringing his trident. All they see is an easy target.

Multiple of the smaller whales beach themselves on the shore as they leap at the king who narrowly escapes with his life. The howls in the water change. The beasts begin to gather where their kin beached tearing open the soil to get them back into the water, fearing for the safety of the capital’s very foundations your water mages rise the waves and return the beached whales to the water. Their song changes once more. They unblock, your canals, but continue to occupy your fisheries as their own.

A network of complicated dams is created to store water during high tide or strong rain and release it slowly to turn the wheels of industry constantly, any imperfections in the design smoothed over by water mages watching over the dams and reservoirs. Soon it is realised the reservoirs also make for good spots for children to swim safely without the danger of sea wildlife or tusked whale alike.

Alechmical formulas are made developing fertiliser, the nation is even more populated now, but the conclusion of the southern expansion manages to alleviate the population pressure. In the new land in the south a deposit of lead is found.

Alchemists can step in supercharging farms in case of famine, but that leaves production of military alchemical production behind then.

Along the great Harean stone roads knowledge travels alongside goods. Merchant troops are assigned scholars which travel the land alongside them providing education to children each place the caravan passes spreading education throughout the nation.
The research of chemistry begins, the nature of elements is studied. We have identified several, various metals etc. And important discovery is made, the iron ore we are processing? A waste product of the prozess is sulphuric acid, which we can then turn into sulphur.

Looking for other resources you find pear bearing clams of off your northern coast and a lapis lazuli deposit near navasieva.

As your population finally stabilised an expansion westward follows into the heart of the Empire of old. Your expansion has you reach a river system inhabited by fishmen who worship odd gods. (>>5886793, you also discover the fishmen)

Manufactories are established, through compartamelisation of the production prozess new craftsmen can be trained quickly for they individually only learn a single step in the production chain.

Our capital has become a subject of awe and magificscence? let’s push that even further! Infrastructure is prepared to let carts pass easily, markets are expanded, grand hotels and palaces are built, and thep ort grows!

Nothing much of interest is found. Maybe some types of plants useful for domestication.

You just get the expansion you can’t buddle 2 actions into 1. An expansion nrothward begins reversing the trech in which the Kefi migrated south in hopes of integrating the feral ones and cementing Kefi domination over the nation. (knowing of this goal Miew nationalists would be undermining the expansion, the first settlers face supply shortages as bandit gangs are paid off by the scholars to disrupt the northward expansion, furthermore the Penew are convinced to join in and sabotage their crops, leaving little supplies to spare for expansion)

traveling west she sees a far off nation, but the ships in her fleet seem to start sinking! They are under attack. Turked whales ram the ships, blockading access to the foreign nation. Is that their defence force or something??? her ships are faster, but they have no attack methods prepared to fight creatures emerging from the depths, eventually her fleet has to retreat having suffered minor losses, but maging to slay a tusked whale the ivory of their tusks and oil from their heads are deemed very valuable and commodities.

The miew do another powergrab by expanding their religious influence over the Penew. Establishing a tighter control over food distribution.
> Cont
Chieftain Grognar merely Laughs at the display, without even asking he picks up an oxen by the horns, as the beast howls and screams he rips it’s head in half. His claws plunge into the cow tearing it to pieces.

“I don’t know where you think you are Chieftain of the south, but this is the land of Lycan, father to all of us. You have lost his blessing yet you show disrespect in his temple, you are not the strongest among your men. Your father disrespected the old rite, his flesh will not lay in the holy land. And neither will yours unless you repent. Respect the law of Lycan, fight among one another tribe of Ta and chose a new chieftain you may use your toys too if you think they carry worth.

Refuse the law of Lycan and you shall die.”
(either select a new Pharaoh by trial by combat, or get attacked by the tribes of the north)

After soem vigorous digging a deposit is quickly found. The titans are Able to begin digging for the orange material which will son become iron.

A potentially offensive use for the force fields is thought up. This now allows the Adbjorg to use their natural strength without worry for backlash, but the defensive nature of the magic also seems to weaken their strikes when they hit the target. The very mana constituting the magic makes it unsuited for offense.

Trying to learn from the little ones the Titans think and realise… empathy. Would they themselves want to be slaves? What if the little ones are more simmialr to them than different, what if they yearn for freedom like they do? Vigorous debate begins among the titans.

Forges are created but a problem is found, the raw iron titans can forge plainly can’t support weapons they could wield. (titan weapon development will require 4 action, 2 extra into tech and an action into magic allowing you to use your shields to stabilize the material, your size makes creating weapons/tools extremely difficult)

Your nation has become centralised enough to be considered a tribe. You have received a tribal meeting place, please give it a name.
(for last turn let’s say the market sprung up due to the supply route for the expedition, an army training field was added now)

The goblins are integrated and given equal rights. Now they can be left to skitter around freely without fear of them running away.

The expansion to the old lands begins. The land is barren, the soil and mines depleted, but life is not bad due to one very simpel reason… tourism. The historical sites become a popular tourist attraction within the rest of the nation and beyond historical entertainment the people’s known for their love of surfing soon discover you can surf on the snow covered slopes of the mountains in a very different way than on the sea.

Please state your capital name again I forgot to put it on the map it seems.

Farms are constructed and population expansion prgrams furthered, people areneeded to populate our evergrowing nation.

Sea sickness type poison is created which allows one to mimick the effects of sea sickness and to amplify them. The nation expands westward, there it finds weird balls of light. They seem to wander around and sometimes enter bigger permanent balls of light or disappear and reappear.

The newt smuggler havens are destroyed. Their collaborators arrested, you find it scary how many collaborators there are, it seems somew faithful have associated their serpentine form with your god.
A second expansion is announced a nice barren land awaits to be filled with people. With the hurried expansion pace the land of the first expansion remains underdeveloped.

(no reason to make ‘build mine’ actions just say you wanna use the resource if you have it for something. Mines will pop up, wasted action)

Anyway mines are built.

basic clockwork tools are invented. This allows for a grander scale of construction, strength is no loger a limiting factor.

Boats are invented and they first set sail, where will they go now?

You posted only 2 actions out of 4 last turn, you did not fill them out so one of them is lost forever, you may however post 3 actions next turn.

Diplomacy is free, just reply to the post of the player playing Harean’Yi and start diplo and talk to him. So you have !4! actions for next turn afterall.

Claimign the rest of the island goes rapidly it’s small and frankly some people already illegaly settled there, it’s basically your backyard! The push south will delay the continental colony though as your land is now sparsely populated, all the way off south you discover emeralds!

Work on cohesion begins it’s needed more than ever as our people become more spread out. (negates cohesion loss from low pop density)

>Action 1: Expand the Empire for land and mineral wealth!

By the order of the Divine Emperor of Khimor the borders shall be pushed out along the eastern rivers claiming new land for his most glorious worship and to find a source of iron we may properly arm our great nation! Failure is not option here, for the sloth of our last Emperor has lead to the stagnation of our lands!

>Action 2: Establish Secret Police, the Hatya

With the disposal of the Sloth Emperor it is time for the Eternal Throne to properly be able to monitor any possible rebellion of loyalists or Emperor forbid people attempting to avoid paying taxes. These new Hatya will be empowered by the Divine Emperor to seek out all that would defy his rule!
File: capital.jpg (84 KB, 564x1128)
84 KB

Within the Palace of Divine Wisdom gifts of smoked salmon, candied walnuts and small wooden effigies have been arriving amongst the treasures of the Emperor for many of the past years. By his order the Hatya headed out in the countryside to gather more information about this strange gifts. They would eventually learn of the small spirits of the river and forest that were sometimes seen in Khimor living within specially marked trees. With this information delivered the Divine Emperor would declare that Khimor had been truly blessed by both spirits of forest and river, it would become a capital offense to cut down one of their sacred trees and a festival would be declared on the Harvest Moon where the people of Khimor would give back to nature with tribute and sacrifice!

> The Crimson Lords Demand Entertainment!
The holy decree is sent across the land! A gold mark for any who can bring mirth or wonder to the Crimson Council! Circuses, theater troupes, bards, jesters and illusionists, magical and mundane gather to make the attempt. Strange animals, strange magic, and strange talents. The best walk away rich enough to build theaters, opera houses or just wisely retire. The worst are impaled on spikes around the stage as a reminder to do better! A very few might even be quietly recruited as agents of the Crimson Lords.

> The Crimson Lords Demand Novelties!
Ever seeking a cure for their malaise the Crimson Lords again declare their holy decree for the new and novel! They demand new ores, metals, gems! New plants, poisons, or animals or medicines! Prospectors, jewelers, hunters and herbalists all scour the land for the new, strange, peculiar or beautiful. A steady stream of hopefuls, conmen, and fools flow into the Crimson Counsel's chambers, and sometimes they even return. More rarely they return with the warm glow of gold from the Council's Treasury.

>Action One. Hwacha

With the gunpowder that the Gesalamdeul had taught the alchemists of Haeran'Yi, there was always a question of how best to utilize it. A number of idea's were thrown around, some for civil use and celebration. Some for war. Others to just make the weapons that the Gesalamdeu spoke of. However, it was decided in the end that the most effective initial use for the substance was for a mighty weapon that would be extremely difficult for some insurgents to use. A cart capable of holding hundreds of arrows propelled by blackpowder, capable of unleashing a devastating volley with hardly a fraction the trained soldiers. A volley that would also pack much more of a punch than the average Saljwyi bow, along with one that could concentrate many, many more arrows in a single area with just a few of these weapons near eachother. It would be the terror of any field battle.

>Action Two. Proper usage of Gesalamdeul in the laiseu gadeu

Continuing with the focus on the military, work was done to better integrate the Gesalamdeul into the laiseu gadeu. While many whom had failed to become learned Hagja became members of the Bohoja, their equipment was still more or less similar to that of the average Saljwyi rather than something that was specially made for their strengths and would compliment the traditional Saljwyi forces. A spear fit for a Saljwyi was more akin to a light javelin to them, something seen occasionally in combat with the occasional bandit. Creating proper javelins for them alongside swords and war clubs to cement their role as shock troops would be wise for their combat effectiveness, and useful to give some more punching power to our forces. It also would likely help appease the more martial minded of the Gesalamdeul whom wished a return to something similar to the life they had before.
You missed my turn it was over here >>5884209

Basically it was
>Promote Bartholmewl into a pilot/head titan researcher

>Start building the hull and weapons of the titan.

No link.
Sorry in a bit of a hurry

I need copper to make batteries for them since the really big ones are TOO big. We've already got 20ft Stone golems, we're aiming for a 20-30meter Titan right now.

The Academy is always happy to provide technology to people so long as you use them responsibly. Mostly to fight giant monsters and not harm civilians.

Also I got you confused with the other yellow player on the right whoops. We're not meeting for a while I don't think.

Action 1 and 2: Double expand south along the coastline

With prosperity comes expansion, recent developments of the fine and glorious Iaakan state have increased the people’s clamour for coastline, land and raw resources.

Out go and march the Aak, to claim new lands for the ancestors and tame new provinces for the Tenno to gently guide with all the wisdom he may bestow.
ah shit. Sorry.

The Link is in the OP. it's the 7 letters, that's all you needf to join the server
The Swamplings would not have trouble avoiding the giant crabmen, or Gesalamdeul as the mouse folk called them, as they seemed to be few and far between in the rural area's, mainly only ever there as a part of laiseu gadeu patrols to fight off bandits and ensure safety from more aggressive wildlife. Initially, most of the mouse folk would be a bit warry and cautious regarding the Swamplings, yet the children seemed to get along with them well. In time this, along with the work they did, slowly gained their trust and allowed them to learn more about the mouse folk.

They called themselves Saljwyi for one, and their lands Haeran'Yi, the last part of kingdoms name being after the dynasty that ruled it, Yi. They learned of their belief regarding the soul and how trying to achieve the higher stages of one's eternal being to reach enlightenment was at least somewhat important to most of them, though some more than others. They learned of the caste system Haeran'Yi had and how it was somewhat flexible, with only the Noye criminals and noble Gwijog of the Yi dynasty not really being so. And, soon enough they learned that those who came to trust them would give them a bit of food as payment for their labor and eventually when some of the children they played with grew older they were gifted proper treats rather than just food for their help.

Eventually, they would come to be well known on the border regions to the north, though the tales further inland believed the Lings to be more akin to benevolent spirits rather than just friendly natives.
>Diplo: The Arcane Corporation
With the Tusked whales lifting their siege of the coastline, the Zora inform the explorers that the immediate threat seems to have abated. Of course, they don't know if it'll return again... The Zora bid the Corporation's traders welcome to Melaruta if they wish to visit us, but caution that the Tusked Whales may still pose a risk to vessels in the waters.

>Diplomacy: Dwarf Exiles
The Zora agree with the Dwarfs that his Zora wouldn't be able to conquer the Dwarven cities - is that something that these Exiles are preparing to try themselves? The offer the Dwarfs made to King Meladon sounded generous, but the fallout from the first encounter and conflict with the whales has made the Zora more circumspect. King Meladon is not prepared to openly wage war against the Dwarf of the cities without his own diplomat's assessment of the nature and character of their leaders; and taking the time to uncover those would likely delay or ruin any current exile plans. He asks the Exiles if he should send his diplomats to the cities; or hold off and let the Exiles take actions they have planned?

>Attempted Diplomacy: Tusked Whales
The Whales have retreated, the canals have unblocked; the songs have changed. It is unknown if this is a peace or simply a lull; so scholars and diplomats will spend their time observing the Whales at distance in a bid to learn before we approach them closely again. And perhaps, to speak to them in terms they understand... the Zora will sing their choral songs together, beneath the waves; so that if they are creatures that learn perhaps the tusked Whales might also learn something of the Zora.

>Action 1: Rain Summoning
Though bright sunshine can be nice for a while, the Zora are a folk who like to keep themselves damp, and so the occasional rain is always welcomed to freshen up on a dry day. But the attempt of the whales to block our canals highlighted an over-reliance of the waters of the Sea. Water that falls from the sky is more beneficial to most plants and animals, including our rice fields. And so our users of water magics work on ways to conjure up a rainfall in the area around, so that our fields may be kept wet and fresh, canals may be kept flowing; the fins of the needy might always be dampened and that any who might someday threaten us with conflict would have to march beneath our downpour.

>Action 2: Jewellery Making
Marbles and Luminous stones have long been admired by the Zora and used in our constructions; but the discovery of Rubies in our new northern colony brings new demand and excitement, and some even believe these red gemstones to be sacred to the first of the Three Goddesses. Certainly, it is the inspiration for many craftszora and metalworkers to work on crafting and setting our range of gemstones into subtle decorative and venerative jewellery. Now, if only we had brilliant Sapphires to set alongside them...
I don't want to war, never did. I made that clear early on that the Republic of Blades is in major parts uninterested in war and that all members of the Shogun's expedition were criminals or opportunists.

If you want to keep the war going we can forever war and grind each other into dust. We can Cold War too that could be fun but if you just wanna stop it now we can stop it now. Tell me by Friday or I'm gonna assume you want to keep going and that it's going to be a forever war, sorry.

>I would be careful making your lore "there is no centralization so you can't assassinate my leaders". Sure it means there is protection against assassination, but it also means sub factions of your nation could just refuse to participate in conflicts they see as separate from their own

I kind of assumed that my nation is already like this, my Cohesion's low and honestly I feel like it could be lower. It made the most sense that anybody who supported the war was effectively dead and at the time I also assumed that I couldn't bring in all the Nation's resources since I made it clear only a small fraction of my country's people actually went to war. Just the criminals, scum and opportunists.

Very few people in the country are invested in the war at all. Also pretty much at no point have I made any action that seemed to be for a specific goal unless there's a hero driving it, it's usually been something generic and overarching like exploring or building or else attaching a hero to it like the charity. I guess the fleet thing didn't make sense...

Just to clarify I'm not complaining or anything, I think you're doing a pretty good job considering all the players and what's going on. Just that, the Republic Of Blades will NEVER be a single-minded entity since it's a chaotic place unless there's a massive event like Peil being invaded or the action is being directed by a Hero.

It just doesn't make sense otherwise.

>Also please don't turn the thread into OOC turd flinging. If you wanna do that join the discord.

I'm not sure if this is turd flinging yet, feels like just normal discussions yeah. Me and Crabman got different viewpoints on things so there's a bit of arguments but I wouldn't really say it's gotten anywhere near out of hand.

1. Yet more tribal filth which infest the lands of the once mighty empire. Yet, unlike the Ogres they seem not to have much in the way of hostile intent. At least overt intent. Regardless, we need to be prepared in the case they are; as such we need to put our industrial power to use. Steel arms for our men, and steel tools for the engineers.
(Army Equipment reform)

2. With our ships plying the coastlines, it would be prudent to send them east to attempt to find any others who made it out from the collapse of the Empire. Trade would do us quite well, after all.
File: greehouses.jpg (90 KB, 480x640)
90 KB
Make up action

>Develop Industrial Glass Making

To get the true benefit our grand heated canal system the Emperor has decreed that the production of glass panes at a large scale shall be the focus of all men of science in the nation! Even in the dead of winter the greenhouses of Khimor shall bloom and provide fresh fruit for all to feast upon.

First, the names of important locations that should probably have labels. Idc how shortened.

>Amurallado Radan Tatuco
named as such for the huge, stone wall that surrounds the entire capital city as it sits at the foot of the nearby
>Monte Magenta,
whose range encircles the nearby ancient city below. The mountain is named this way due to the off-colored magenta aurora borealis that can be seen at its peak on certain nights.
Close to the capital is a farming community, centered around what is less so three orchards and more of a single, gigantic range of apple trees, mixed in with thick, widespread ground cover that’s cleared and consumed on a yearly basis. The range is called
>La lobeiro varios
Which indicates that the range has multiple different species of fruit bearing trees, all of them derived from the lobeiro, or wolf apple. Despite their name, they are eaten by most members of this society.
>Bahía del Cráter de la Luna
Due to its status as both a crater, surfing spot, and stargazing hotbed, Bahía del Cráter de la Luna, also known as Moon Crater Bay, is yet another heavily settled area.
Also known as the ancient city, whose home valley is occupied by an out-of-control infestation of monsters. There’s a series of tunnels and gigantic staircases that lead deep down into the Earth, from which new monsters travel between and emerge from at different times of day or night. It’s a labyrinth of death and new life, deep below, and no one has any idea if or where it will end.

That should be all the currently significant locations, which you can label however you want.

Now, turns…
>1: Education
What we understand about the world is extremely limited to what our people perceived and choose to document. All we or anyone else will ever know for all of our lifetimes was the material that was written down before we started our existence. So the most important skills known to our nation would be… to at the very least, at the start of one’s personal education, know how to read and write. The pursuit of greater knowledge is only possible with a means to record and process that knowledge. (Paper in this nation is made of fibrous plant strips, and becomes a woven sheet of paper when wet and pressed dry. Kind of like papyrus, but doesn't go by the same name. Longer sheets are stored as scrolls. Precious documents are kept in scroll tubes, while others are bound around sticks and sealed with wax.)


>2: Research wings and basic flight / aerodynamics tech
With a recent spike in interest with talk of creatures that live in the sky, many individuals find themselves interested in the topic.
>Sitio de Investigación del Viento
Wind research site
On the highest, currently explored, unoccupied peak (although definitely not the tallest in the range), is the site, which would house multiple buildings. Our construction crew currently has the details on that worked out, but a lab would be essential to studying the properties of wind and how physical objects interact with it. In order to study the wind during any type of day under multiple conditions, the mountain has been tunneled through, one half of the site being on the northern side of the peak, and the other on the southern. We hope that this tunnel, and the lab being built partially inside of it will aid researchers interested in the topic.

Since before it was constructed, there were individuals doing work on the mountain top in order to study the wind, pretty much since the sky squid remains and statues were discovered at the ruins on the heights. Certain individuals will support this project to the point of its completion, through conceptualization, to construction, to working at the facility once it’s complete. A determined group of souls, while not known by any official title, work in the pursuit of knowledge anyway. Researchers. The ones who ask why, choose to document the answer, and work with the government, sometimes the public, to distribute their findings to the masses. That is, if those findings are in the public’s best interest. Which wind will, according to
>Carlos Prefieaire,
one of said researchers, ultimately be important to most of our nation’s modern practices, including all of our sports, transportation, farming, and life in general. He believes this because we pass through air constantly. With every second of existence is another one in the air, so knowing how this invisible but strong force will behave in more scenarios will allow our people to prosper even further. Maybe we’ll even figure out if the sky squids really can fly, or still exist at all, for that matter.

Carlos is a male Ukuma. He’s very tall and physically strong, but chooses to put his skills to work mentally, for the most part.
>Action 1: Religious education
The Church of Albion holds education in high importance. They see scientific research and the pursuit of knowledge not opposed to the precepts of Iagranism in anyway, but on the contrary as just another form of studying and apreciating the universe created by the One God, and a logical extension of His prophet Iagran's message of understanding. These days, many clergymen take to do double-duty as educator in between sermons and rites, from simple deacons teaching classes of peasant children how to read and write to higher-ranking priests getting hired by noble and merchant houses to tutor their scions in academic matters.

>Action 2: Explore up the Alb river
Tara-nar stands at the mouth of the great river Alb. Already of spiritual importance to the native Landers, the immigrating Raelkans that would later form Albion themselves saw the bountiful river as a sign that they had found their promised land, and some versions of the myth of the founding king Albus speak of a magical sword he wielded, gifted to him by the Fae queen of the river and allegedly returned to the her after his death. By all these metrics, to the modern Albionese, the river's source, should it be found, would be nothing short of holy ground. An expedition is sent to map out the layout of the Alb and its tributaries.
File: Classic NRP Turn 6.png (111 KB, 733x583)
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111 KB PNG
>Action 1: The Clash of Kefis. The Pharaoh has challenged Grognar and lost, his army follows him to the grave. Ta becomes split north and south.
Pharaoh Nykhet Per-Desher suffers insults to his people and family, and when told to submit, he refuses, and fights Grognar. The Pharaohs of Per-Desher are skilled swordsmen, but it is no match for Grognak's brute strength and Nykhet's mangled corpse lay on the ground. Grognar insists he has thus won all of Ta, the Pharaoh's guard corrects this misunderstanding by declaring war. The battle sees the loyal warriors dead, while Grognar marches south to the city of Wepta with what traitors remain after the battle. Ta-Kefi is taken by surprise has to react fast, and after negotiation, Pharaoh Meraha Per-Desher is dethroned, by his sister, Hatmer Per-Desher. Hatmer marries the barbarian lord, Grognar gets Upper Ta and Hatmer gets Lower Ta.

Meraha is furious at this, but finds himself barred from the palace by Miew archers, and cannot stay as Miews poison him, his loyal friends giving their lives to evacuate him from the city. Rightful Heir Meraha makes a blood oath against both Hatmer and Grognar, that he shall kill them both, as well as the Miew nobles who betrayed him. But for now, he shall gather his strength, and lick his wounds. First, he shall seek his father's trainer, to teach him the ways of the blade.

>Action 2: Meri and the Whale Hunt. With bronze blades and spears, Meri and her crew plunge into the waves to get the valuable bounty beneath.
After a great deal of effort, Meri Depet-Wadj and her crew catches her first whale. While at first they felt defeated having lost ships to these leviathans, upon study of the whale they find the meat much better tasting that travel rations and the oil from their heads gives a nice shine to Meri's skin once applied. The ivory is nothing to scoff at either, pearly and pristine, she can buy an entire new ship for these riches. So Meri decides it's time to recoup her losses by hunting more whales. Meri and her crew prepare nets to try and pull up the whales while more daring crewmen step up into the rigging with spear in hand, hoping to dive into the water and stab a whale. Meri herself goes even further, stepping atop the sails with her sword between her teeth, intending to dive the deepest to slay a whale.
>1: Repairing the Great Wall

Self explainatory, we would reconstruct the great wall, however, to assure that the enemy DO NOT gain advantage like beforehand, we would include in the great wall Gunpowder weaponry, notably cannons, to assure superiority in a defensive context, alongside this, Asbestos containers would be placed ontop of the wall, said 'bestos would be used if the enemy are right down the wall, as the containers would be thrown like grenades, however to assure safety, they would be sealed shut

>2:Mines! again

We would do another resource search in our nation, as we would hope to find possible sulphur or coal mines, though any useful minerals such as iron and whatnot would be welcome as well, simple as



With the enemy national spirithood having been weakened, and overall growing racism against our people, we would expect a mass surge of refugees coming from the RoB, humans or crabmens alike, though any former nobles crabmens would be sent to work in the asbestos mines to redeem their worth to the regime

The Arishivan army would be deployed to storm the enemy eastward territories and conqueur them, as we expect heavy resistances, thus messengers would be sent to villages to order the villagers to surrender, if refused or the messenger didnt return (presumed dead), the arishivan army will merely use cannons to directly assault the villages, alongside this, we would try to get as close to peil as possible, aware that the enemy has a higher population, however we have the technological means and we are aware they cannot risk to develop gunpowder, they shouldnt have allied the shogun yet they did

The Arishivan navy will however focus on eliminating the enemy navy, as our vastly superior ships would directly assault enemy ports and use their gunpowder based weaponry to lay sieges on enemy coastal villages and key locations

Asbestos will be dropped en masses inside enemy water sources located near peil, this is to assure that the enemy takes heavy casualties (Asbestos can causes stomach cancer and other digestive issues) and alongside this, Asbestos containers would be dropped by arishivan spies inside peil, those containers are also tightly sealed and will break on impact, releasing concentrated asbestos to the population of peil, and to assure the enemy is weakened further

The rest of the arishivan military that stayed home would be on its guard, expecting a enemy assault, thus patrols would be conducted day and night, while villages and the capitals would see fortifications alongside cannons and fixed gunpowder weaponry being placed, to assure defenses of the nation

We would offer to the RoB a offer of unconditional Surrender, if they accept, they will be brought as a vassal with most of their territories being integrated into our nation(alongside other terms), if you dare refuse, we shall promptly annex you, the choice is yours
Testing the Waters
>The Swamplings sail around the coast to the north of their homeland, surveying an environment new to them. They still fear sailing out into the wide open waters, a fear that still runs deep in them.
Let's try to find neat resources or yummy food.

Memory Shrine
>The Swamplings rejoice when their neighbors, the Khimor and Saljwyi shared their Gifts and Memories and to treasure them they built a shrine at the Elders' Hammock. Swamplings still kept the more personal gifts, but ritual offerings, such as those from the Khimor during the Harvest Moon, were to be displayed for all to remember equally. Sometimes the Khimor would offer sacrifices, but the Swamplings simply take them and kept them as pets, some of which were useful as draft animals.
The Memory Shrine is more like a museum.

Migrant Laborers
>Hearing of the many treats the Saljwyi were willig to give, many Swamplings travelled to their lands to offer their labors. They heard that plenty of fine timber was needed, for whatever reason, so the Swamplings offered gifts of light and sturdy rods.
Supporting Haeren'Yi in stockpiling javelins and arrows.

Culture Shock
>The Swamplings were intrigued with Salywyi concepts of the soul, though few bothered to observe any of their practices. Regarding the caste system of the Haeran'Yi, the Swamplings were thoroughly confused and disregarded it. They treated every youth as a Little One that needed guidance, and every elder with respect that had wisdom to offer, regardless of caste, not that they could tell the difference. That being said, many Noye found their lives improved just from the Swamplings' kindness, who often did the same work as the Noye and sometimes even helped Noye "migrate" to their homeland.

>You had 4 last turn
I know I honestly just couldn't think of any more.
Action 1: Thunder of the Volkovians (Gunpowder 4?5? Cannons and basic firearms for specialists)
Cannons, for no other word resounds quite so exact as that. Field guns and artillery pieces are developed. used to cooperate with the rocketry already developed muzzle loading beasts loaded with explosive shell or graped shot. With this also comes a smaller development, not intended for use by the infantry yet as theya re still experimental but the first Handgonne's are distributed to engineers, slow improvements to be made as time passes.

Action 2: Expand along the coast toward the phosphorous.

this would be undertaken by the clans of house Vir. establishing the seat of house Vir 'Black Bay" as the next major city and the portage to the west along the coast, with a large harbor perfect for building ships of all sizes.

>Diplomacy in Aldbjorg.
Gideon Dane, second son of house Dane secures the Titan-Steel treaty, securing a friendship between the Titans and the people of Volkovia, Opening these fair lands free travel would be allowed as the newest wave of Volkovian Settlers, accompanied by the Volkovian 1st Sons army expands westward now out of the port town of Black Bay and toward the phosphours deposits of the west along the coast.

>Expansion and Weapons of war
Diary of Erik 'Blondie' Diehl

"short story today.. but we are not alone in these lands, titans.. they are real.. no longer just myth and rumor.. we saw one on the caravan west today grazing his 'mammoths' as he called them. strange hairy beasts but impressive none the less. though it feels like were moving slower than usual, the horses are still adjusting to carrying the 'Six Pound Guns" as the artillery calls em, they weigh plenty more... but they are a SHOCKING bit more accurate than the rockets, and if the damage they do to targets is anything to go off.. well. i don't want to see what it does to whatever is made of flesh."

In other news, maybe when i get closer to retirement i might move westward out here.. between the sea side and the giants, one would do well to fall short of adventure out here"
>1) Bernard removes his beard, puts on a mask and personally hunts down then goes full Batman to expose all the Arishivo infiltrators located in the City. Giving us full Casus Belli for the war even before it started.

>2) Finding out about the Arishivo invasion and having an obvious common enemy now, The Republic Of Blades will start mass militarizing with gunpowder weaponry pleaded by Cassandra to focus on fighting the external enemy. We already have the gunpowder weaponry we just didn't have the reason to use them. Quickly jury rig the fireworks into flares and artillery, train the musicians into signals specialists to coordinate the battlefield, keep the actors around to keep morale high and create easily rememberable training performances (Like those WW2 training cartoons except with actors).


A conventional war at the moment is completely impossible at the moment, during the opening moments of the warfighting will almost certainly be conducted almost entirely by National partisans. The Republic are individualistic people who strongly believe in their stories of folk heroes and right from wrong so Arishivan's supply lines will never be safe.

Everybody in Peil able to fight right now will be gathered Around The Colleseum as a staging area for a future counterattack. Not just soldiers but volunteers will fill the ranks taking up menial work like logistics. A massive trench line will be built around Colleseum using civilian volunteers while trained fighters protect them, cannons might destroy walls but they're not so effective against holes and in a close-quarters fight we're at an advantage.

Knowing it's impossible to counter the Arishivan Navy with its smaller conventional one, Admiral Cassandra will plead to all of Peil's Civilian and Merchantry to volunteer their boats to assist in the defense. Leading her elite Devil Dogs Fleet armed with cannons and fast ships, Admiral Cassandra's group will expertly run loops around the Arishivan using their speed and the flares to coordinate on mass during the battle. Meanwhile the large volunteer fleet will be ordered to charge straight into the enemy fleet, boarding and commandeering whichever ship they can. Coordinating with this volunteer group will be almost impossible but The Arishivan will need to focus on hunting down the speedy elite fleet or be boarded by highly motivated privateers.

>[The Admiral leads her people in a desperate defense, The City Cannot Fall.]

The Ghost Slaughterer/Butcher Of Mudstreet will resume his one-man war against The Traitorous Arishivan. He'll conduct a night raid specifically targetting Arishivan's gunpowder supply infiltrating their storages during the night and trying to burn down as much as he can. Of course, it'll be defended but the Arishivan never mentioned how their defenses are spread so I'm assuming it's just spread evenly and we know Butcher's kind of a badass at this point. They also don't seem to have a major character coordinating the defense, I don't believe common soldiers can hunt him down unless they spend a turn creating a special group and actively doing so.

>[How Will Men Hunt Down a Ghost, Vengence Personified?]

Sir Bernard The Bearded doning a Copper Mask and Sapphire Cloak leads the city's Anti Subversion campaign. At night, he runs the streets as The Sapphire Knight tracking down all those involved in trying to take down Peil from within, sharing his information with more reputable criminals or higher-class people as the city's masked protector. Nobody expects the fool.

>[The Beard Must Come Off, The Time For Jokes Is Over.]

We do not have a counter to the Asbestos aside from the fact that the only major river in our territory seems to be the one Peil is built on top of.

>Action 1 - Clockwork 'Batteries'
Clockwork tools spread far and wide through the Skaian people. No matter the vocation, age or location, some manner of gearwork can be found, clicking implements of labor and quirky tools of amusement seen far and wide.
Still, something has to turn all those gears, and there are only so many of the tireless golems to go around. So the Skaians turn to the forces of nature, taming river, wind, beast and even the sun to power contraptions, all in the need to harness ever-greater amounts of what is quickly becoming labelled as The Turn.

>Action 2 - Death Worship (Temples?)
Skains have spread out, and their obsession with what-comes-next has started to fill them with a sense of personal unease. Some thing "I am nowhere near the grand obelisks and temples of the capital, will my grave go unnoticed in the years to come?"
So, across the nation, clockwork tools wind up to bite into the earth, carving out catacombs, mausoleums and graves of increasingly grander designs, where the Skains hope their long rest will serve to inspire future generations.
Just to remind you, you missed my previous turn it was basically >>5884209

>Promote Bartholmewl into a pilot/head titan researcher

>Start building the hull and weapons of the titan, name it New Horizons.

[Current Turn]

>1) Land on the copper deposit with Iron Golems and open up the Copper Mine. If possible, fold in creating New Horizons' battery since we HAVE the schematics for it just not the copper.

>2) Start Expanding North of Dis-Nye to mine the Blue Crystals and Asbestos trying to figure out what they are.
>1) Gather the Bards and create a magical rock concert to subvert the Elf tree into telling us the truth along with being more cooperative. We have the supply line for it, just play magical rock and metal for days until the elf tree cooperates!

>2) Start expanding East toward the Riverline
> Actions 1 & 2 - Manufactorum
True to their promise to the human nation, the Titans double down on their industrialization efforts, further developing their industry and mines for a more professional effort.
With the false snakes suppressed within the nation it would make sense to pay them back, or rather, get them to pay the merchants whose businesses they harmed back in full along with discounts in all further transactions. At least for a good few years.
This is of course if they wanted those captured back alive and relatively unharmed.

1 action: Improve quality of Goods
Quality is king, therefore a higher standard of goods through technique and standardization

1 action: Tech development: Spinning Wheel
An item for the purposes of more easily making threads. While increasing the quality of goods is well, actively creating ways to do it effectively and faster is important as well. Therefore, with an abundance of ships and a need for cloth as so with grows, a new invention to better make textiles is in order.

War post(?): Return captured soldiers of Newtonia in trade for gems, metals, textiles, and other resource as well as for permanently discounted items when doing trade
> TURN 6

Players still welcome to take over Mao or Newts

The expansion from decades ago finally finishes as the Emperor through his divine grace announces a further push upriver. A city with a large rural population emerges.
(Please name the new city)

The secret police is established with the goal of bringing peace and prosperity to the realm… on paper. In reality the main goal is simple, crush dissent.

Glass making is industralised allowing for the transformation of the of our inland farms into glass houses allowing them to grow crops all year round and to strengthen the nation through growing of tropical crops. We still need to buy seedlings for those first! (explore south or trade there)

The vampires seek to be entertained, the job of a jester becomes quick potential for social advancement. While at first merely clowns there to entertain the vampire lords a curious thing emerges from the position ‘the jester’s privilege’ for all they say is in jest a Crimson Lord who executes their jester or as much as punishes them is seen as week for not being able to take a joke.

The role of the jester soon becomes one of a man who both entertains and is uniquely capable of pointing to issues in the rule of the local realm or for speaking up for the slaves. You gain Queston to Great jester, Jester to the highest court themselves he is a man of comedy and incredible wisdom, born a dwarf he holds little potential in physical matters, but his wit is able to steer the nation in directions more succinctly than the words of many a lord. (Queston as Long as he’s alive will allow you to make changes to your nation which go against your national ethos or governance style without consequences)

Prospecting begins throughout the land a curious plant is found in the south. ‘Aloez’ it can be used as an artificial sweetener and as a cream to make your skin look more lively, furthermore 2 deposits of harstoen are found allowing the construction of buildings witch more endurance and resistance. As well as buildings which are simply taller due to the stone’s sturdiness.
Yoou are not in possession of coal or sulphur, you cannot produce firearm based stuff. Action repurposed into oen looking for coal and sulphur. A coal deposit is found near the capital while a sulphur deposit is found right outside our borders right on the source of the Stinky river. (if you cooperate with the Swamplings you may claim the mine without expanding into the area, because of their migrant worker action)

A caste within a caste the Gesamadeu being properly integrated into the warrior caste and granted a special orle within it soon carve out a special place in the path of the warrior. Being educated in the Sanhui ways of philosophy they integrate it into their very blade play, into their art of war. Their great warriors becoming philosophers in their old age.

One such man is Gap Sooni the Sword Saint, a great warrior in his youth his very achievements lead to the new status of the Gesamdeu once he aged he laid down his swords and become the student of the Nations once great philosopher continuing his work, and deciding to himself deidcateh himself to writing a great work on warfare. He starts at the age of 3 turns, your philosopher died of old age, his body laid to rest near his study.

> Last turn shit
Bartholomew becomes his promotion and becomes the Champion of the Academy being the only one who seems to truly be able to wield a Gergant Mech ‘naturally’. Moving it as if it were his very own body. Currently his skills is such that all of ther gargants teaming up together would not be able to take him on alone.

Theoretical plans are dreamt up, technologies and chenisms dreamt up. A giant machine of war to surpass all prior. The Hypergargant!
> Current
A mini-expanssion takes place to rapidly claim the mine and begin production of copper. A port is also constructed to help transport the valuable good.

Wait, you already had an expansion into the north of your island it just didn’t finish yet. I will treat it as supporting the expansion. Supporting the prior settlers researchers wander north to exploit the potential of hte blue crystals. They are an interesting material, as if plants but growing on mana, would be a disaster if we let them infect our golems would be a plague! A plague I say! Anyway, the crystals themselves can be harvested to aid in battery construction or broken down for suggar as they seem quite sweet.

the northern expansion finishes producing 2 mines and discovering large amounts of ferrets living beyond the blue hills.
Your northern colony finishes as you launch a relentless push forward. While going south you at first encounter what seem to be Iakan ruins containing various ancient martial arts manuals (pick 2 free martial arts improvements), but as you go further you encounter walking men of stone.

As if a primitive version of your religious ritual immortalising your dead these seem to be walking tombs, living in their own way but… they are not esteemed ancestors full of love for you. Not benevolent not kind, they want you dead, they want your corpses.

Do you got a name for your 2nd city yet?

The Dwarves strongly recommend against sending diplomats to the Dwarven cities. If they learn of civilised outsiders conquest will become impossible, as the Dwarven cities will likely just completely wall themselves off from the surface for a few centuries.

Singing for the whales has an effect. You sing songs of peace songs based on the ones of the first departure, and as you sing you begin to feel something. Their songs… their songs are special. Music is special. You have unlocked the bardic arts, you possess a new form of magic now. Magic of song, you may create spells to influence other’s hearts as long as they can hear your song.

The whales leave your nation moving westward it seems they have a grudge to settle there now. The whales through their song covey a message vague but deciphrable, burry the corpse of their Elder Mother in the sea, create a mound of dirt to honour her. Not as a trippy but as a leader and the whales will hold no grudge. (the whales burry their esteemed dead in mounds of dirt often so tall they poke out of the ground as tiny islands).

Magic to sumon rain is created. Mana lika a rope shall pull towards us rain meant for another land be it from the sea which has more than enough water or the deserts lacking in them as is.

As the colony finishes rubies rapidly begin to be exploited the red gems goign together especially well with white bone jewelry.

A new tribe settles in the northern new lands feel free ot name them.
Scroll tubes are invented and shall help perservek knowledge and educate future generations. (effect, back up of tech actions)

Aerodynsamics research allows to extend arrow range as well as for basic fall negation. Wings of the kelpiepegasus are harvested allowing one to float down if they fall down an important tool for monster hunters hunting in the mountains or against enemies with launch abilities

Religiosu education is ordained by the nation. Partly in response to thei nflux of foreigners bringing their faiths and partly out of a simple wish to spread knowledge through all societal classes. the effect is a better eductaed education and a monopolisation of knowlege and schooling by the CHurch.

Going up river you discover more humans! they are druids, druids of the ‘old stock’ as they are now known, of the old faith. Their faith through seems darker, they commune with pixies directly rather than benign fey. Their cult based on sacrifice and malice. Your old druidic texts do speak of them, they were once a small sect which seems ot grave grown in exile.

they are not weak, going past them will be hard, but they do possess knowledge of the old magic of the druids albeit it has been corrupted and twisted… the magic of Warging. Possessing animals and plants with your souls becoming one with nature expanding ones senses and controlling it. Their pixie allies are no easy foe either, but whether tamed or ocnquered their knowledge and artiffacts would be valuable. (hostile encounter, colony finish delayed by a turn)

Meraha chased out of his palace now has to become truly strong he studies the Kopesh liek his father did with hope of taking back his rightful claim. He is supported by the Miao secretly as they lost rights with the new barbarian lord’s arrival.

At first the hunt goes well a few whales captured by net, then harpooned. Wealth seems like it’ll await theim, but then more, and more and more whales keep coming enough to put a nation to their knees. Their songs soon sound liek trumpets of war, the entire navy is sunk, Meri herself barely gets off with her life holding on to driftwood from the ships. Fors the first time in a long time she prays as the sees whale cubs finishing off the sailors in the water as if instructed to train by their parents.

She get’s lucky. her unconscious body washes up in southern Ta-kefi in land controlled by the the rebels siding with Meraha, the nation of Ta-kefi is besieged. The wrath of the whales knows no bound, with their meaty tusks they dig-up the south of the nation destroying the port, lighthouse and a Penew farm complex.

A curse for people are starving… but a blessing for the rebels who now if they wish can blame this disaster on an ursurper having taken the throne. Though I guess Meraha would know the truth from Meri.
The great wall is repaired now without any pesky weaknesses that could be exploited by the Shoguns echoes.

Looking for more resources? Well prospectors begin scratching the barrel as such small land could contain little more, but they dig and dig and they find naturally fertile soil which could be used as fertiliser and a stone called obsydian. It seems to be a leftover from a dormant volcano albeit weak it’s extremely sharp.

Exploring the seas you find that in the very least your bay is safe. The bay of landing s calm and could be a nice trading port one day. So the North-west of it you find spots where you could collect pearls, it’d take some pearl diving though and diving seems quite arduous.

Interestingly enough though you find a trail through the north west. Who left it behind… who knows, but as if a spell stretching through the sea to a faraway land, and among the treetops the first memory shrine rises in it engraved knowledge of other people’s and cultures so vast not even the Elder could memorise it all.

The Swamplings support the other shortfolk… why no clue. Creating tolls of war they could not know thep urpsioe offf and treating all with kindness and benevolence. here they operate in theo pen finding kinship with the mosuefolk, but their ifnluence causes clashes between the castes. The very fact lands they came into operate well puts the whole caste system into question, making the caste-lines blurr in the north. >>5892030

Canons are minitarusied allowing for more easily transported firearms… but also some bigger ones are made in fear of the southern titans. Kneading a dozen oxes to pull these giantslayers are kept secret for now.

An expansion towards the phosphorus begins the settlers moving westward to the resource. Desirable for alchemy, weapons and farming.

Exposing the infoltrators poses a difficult task, but thanks to some refugee crabman cooperators they are caught. The ploy is revealed, the Peasants Council sent them to orchestrate revenge for the attack on their nation. This were no mere terrorists.

Possessing obth sulphur and coal the nation starts a rapid production of gunpowder weaponry, but having a hard time parsing away from tradition gunblades become the most popular form of firearm. (remember new mil developments come into play in war with 1 turn delay)
The idea behind lcockwork batteries is developed, what if we could… store kinetic energy? An absurd idea, but theory says it is possible. (you can invest 1 action to complete it if you find rubber or 2 if you find iron to make springs)

The worship of the future continues as bizarre giant temples are built. Now not merely to be a monument to be left behind but also to attend. the ritual of the time-capsule takes place all civilians of the nation hiding their belongings, letters their wrote or other valuables in the evergrowing temples complexes to be buried for the future blessed.

Lol no, the tree mechanism just tells you to go away when some weird bards come down but larning you figured out the ‘reason’ for their downfall. You get an explanation “The rule of death and entropy is eternal, elves ocntradict this rule, thus they were beloved by nature but hated by the god of disease. A simple story really, he chsoe to wipe them out, but they looked for ways to survive. You now have a simple choice to take side with us and help save the elves and make the god of plague and pestilence your enemy or lose your blessings of nature, gain my wrath and hope your new divine of pestilence rewards you for this lowly treachery. But know this, you are too far in to just leave.”

A new outpost along the expedition line is sent, a future path for the nation’s expansion. In the expansion you discover more orks, demonstrate strength and they will serve you willingly show weakness and they shall fight you to the death. They treat their gobbos as slaves.

industrialisation efforts continue.

player quitfagged, but you can still fight the NPC, feel free to do it in a thread on the discord.

The quality of goods is improved and furthermore craftsman start adding signatures to the goods they produce. Carved in unmsitakable symbols of one’s own work. Both a method against plagiarism and one which helps certain craftsmen grow to prominence. An incentive toi individual excellence

The spinning wheel is developed harnessing the power of the rivers to automate mundae tasks like milling wheats. Certainly a useful invention albeit quite mundane one.

I’ll cover WAR POSt tomorrow
File: images (64).jpg (10 KB, 197x256)
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1. Push for a campaign to encourage the growth of settlers and population. The best way to do this is to incentivize family building by offering tax breaks, assistance in housing, assurances of magical education for the youth, and generally fostering a sense of opportunity for newer generations to reap the rewards of this new world. The family should be the cornerstone of our civilization after all. Larger families will be able to oversee larger estates, reaping in rewards and profits for all.
2. Investigate the feasibility of Animated Armors as a means to bolster garrisons and troop numbers, this could allow for fewer wizards supported by Animated Armors to patrol a greater area.

A Volkovian Word is their bond. alliance, Titans and the nation of Steel hearts stand united. And the titans efforts at building industrial houses was noted. the Guild Titanicus would be founded under Gideon Landry, the diplomat in command of the effort to befriend the titans.

Engineers fresh from the Schola's across Volkovia would flock to the guild hall in Bern holm, taught in the customs of the titans before being sent across the lands to Aldbjorg. respectful of their new friends ways they would stay within the built manufactories under watch of the titan class, working day and night to begin development of the titan project.

On the Homefront.
the peace has grown, the empire has much room to grow, the peoples spirit pulls both further inland and to the sea, among the warrior engineers the sea provides an interesting prospect of building a fleet helmed by a iron hulled ship of sail, while the more civil minded look to develope technology of industry, to harness the heat and pressure of steam.

Action 1: Titan-Steel Designs (titan Weapons/Demascus steel)
Volkovian design and Titan strength, the built industry made for titans and organized by the engineers of Volkovia would be put to use, early designs for a weapon specialized to titan warfare, using the secret of layered steel, Damascus patterns would be used to create first a titanic sword, its entire length forged from the metal and its handle wrapped in tough canvas and hide. this 'First blade' would be given to Akhestian, king of the titans for testing as a prototype of a design.

Action 2: Further expansion
Our westward expansion ends at the nodes of phosphor, settling there mines would be opened in the furthest reaches of our nation, the beginnings of a small town would begin.. the beginnings of bartertown, the Nexus of trade between volkovia and the titans
File: BoBiden.png (5.37 MB, 6144x3000)
5.37 MB
5.37 MB PNG
>>5897157 Punitive war against the newts
Newtonian soldiers are captured and traded for compensation for the harm they did to you. Your military might dwarves their own.

Ashirivo - mutiny. The act of mass murder of both lower and upper class goes against the principles of the peasant republic. One targetted strike within a camp escaped nobles, an assasination that’s one thing, but a genocide? An eternal salting of the earth is a whole other.

Plain and simpel your soldiers refuse the order of using Asbestos to poison the waters and this very actions results in widespread dessertions and even defections. Still the threats prove useful, some border villages agree to switch sides. The rest are bombed. The mass defection and plai refusal of orders halt the advance in the RoB north as the army needs to reorganize. Esoecially as only this far in a guerilla camapign from the locals has already begun chipping away at them.

the Ashirivan army further sees themselves stripped of supplies. Food, gunpowder and refinforcements are not arriving, all slaughtered on the way to the camp. Whatever haunted them before continues too do so. (secure supply lines or your army will be strnded by next turn)

On the naval front using merchant vessels is plainly foolish. Slow and heavy these cargo ships are merely targeting practice for enemy canons, still they did buy the RoB enough time to evacuate their elite navy from port and hide with it among the waves.

The Peil navy then coperates like pirates managing to seize a few Ashirivan vessels for themselves they may figure out how to use. (2-3 ships)

Due to the delay from the foot army, the Ashirivan navy seizes the port, but is cautious to advance further. Peil also has had their coal and iron mine sized as such RoB can’t roll out guns next turn, as production has been occupied.

>Action One. Strike the earth

With a good deal of wealth being offered for sulfur given the plans that were held by the Hagja, and coal naturally being a useful material in limited supply in Haeran'Yi, those whom found the deposit recently would quickly get to work trying to exploit it. Of course, the 'benevolent spirits' or just Swamplings as the locals who found the source knew them as would be very helpful in getting the material. Naturally, the Swamplings would be paid in the decent cooked treats that slowly was becoming a sort of tradition for the local Saljwyi, and they would prove very useful were they willing to work in these area's. Meanwhile, closer to the capital, the coal would quickly be exploited to that steel and other tools could be more easily made, and the infrastructure and smithies to make the material would be developed further as well.

>Action Two. Development of the south.

The south of Haeran'Yi is good for trade, yet most of the lands there by the river and beyond, ripe for rye, rice, or any other crop aren't being properly and fully utilized. Of course, farming is the lifeblood of Haeran'Yi, and given the city in the south, Kedosi could use a more local source of food. Further, given the city's proximity to the sea, early ships would start to be built that would go out to sea and brave the waters to fish. The new seafood quickly becoming a staple of the local cuisine and spreading as a delicacy for those of middling or greater wealth. It also would be quite useful for interacting with the two tributaries to the south. Or well, soon to be tributaries...


An envy arrives at both nations, guarded by members of the laiseu gadeu, both of Gasalamdeul and Saljwyi. They request audience with the leaders of both nations and deliver a simple message to both.

"The Heavenly Kingdom of Haeran'Yi under the guidance of our wise Hwangje have arrived upon hearing of the unstable nature of your nation and lands and, for the betterment of your people and to secure and protect the south of Haeran'Yi from banditry have come to make demands. You are to send an envoy to arrive and godu to our Hwangje, after which you shall bestow exotic gifts. This is to occur once per year. In exchange, your merchants may trade with ours and the laiseu gadeu will protect land trade between our lands and yours. Further, the Hwangje will see your rule as legitimate, and aid you should a foreign power unaffiliated with Haeran'Yi seek to invade your lands."
File: KnittingCharm.gif (1.7 MB, 500x200)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
3. Encourage innovativeness by making regular emphasis on animating as much as we can so that the average wizard need focus less on physical labour, and much more on important matters like research and education, military service, company management, and of course, leisure time.
We don't need a dozen wizards operating textile mills, let each wizard manage one himself by animating the various machinery within.
We don't need wizards to whip the oxen, push the plows, cut the grain or thresh them by hand: let the whips, plows and theshing nets do that. Wizards should be reaping the benefits of being plantation owners, not working them.
The increased productivity will result in greater profits, profits which should be given back to the good wizards and witches who make it possible in the form of generous wages and more time for liesure in the home and educational opportunities and tuition.

Some may say that by animating such jobs, we deprive the average wizard of labour. A valid concern, but a false one. For every mundane job removed by animation, there will be need for a skilled animator to oversee it.

Animation = Progress! Animation creates jobs! The goal is a fully animated industry within the decade or less.
And as the Envoy arrived and spoke, the Arishivan merely nodded and sent a envoy toward those odd people lands, bringing with them exotic gifts for... their ruler to see

The first gift would be a Arishivan samurai armor tailored for human use alongside a crabmen one

The second gift was, a standard arishivan musket with a bayonet

The third gift was a Arishivan cannon, designed to pierce through fortifications and act as artillery

and last but not least, a piece of obsidian, a extremely sharp material... yet one of peculiar properties

of course alongside this, various traditional arishivan dishes and objects would be provided as gifts...

North city name: Kaananon

Enlightened Arts, Stride of Lightning
Manuals depict Aak warriors in battle moving with celeritous grace, zooming from point to point on the battlefield. This unique ability, this stride of lightning, is studied according to recovered text-slates and reinvented, sure to be of some significant use against the restless dead. A true warrior is swift as well as deadly, moving from one foe to the next, weaving away from one attack to deliver another, walking between the raindrops and effortlessly outmanoeuvring their lumbering, lesser foes.

Enlightened Arts, Disciple Induction
An ancient technique that allows a master to sense the Endo levels of others, this ability may revolutionise the recruitment of new disciples, allowing those born with natural talent in the enlightened arts to be identified and recruited, even if they come from otherwise unimpressive origins. With this supernatural method of talent analysis, more and better disciples may be inducted to learn the ways of immortals, the greatest teachers knowing now who are truly the students worth their time.

Action 1: Enlightened Arts, Sundering Cross
Designed to counter the heavily armoured, the dangerously bulky or both, this allows our martial artists to better combat the golems that now endanger our realm. The sundering cross may be used in conjunction with or independant of Living Force. This martial technique is delivered through a cruciform cut when using melee weapons, overlapping chops if unarmed, or a precise pattern of shots culminating in a power attack in the centre of the spread if dealt at range. In any case, the attack is delivered so swiftly and so lethally that it may slide through steel, stone and flesh before the target even realises it has been cut, in the blink of an eye its target is sliced through, protections bypassed or in some cases simply punched through entirely.
Action 2: Conventional Military Development

With an elite corps of heavily armoured infantry (some knowing some lesser secrets of Enlightened Arts, only what their masters feel compelled to impart), the standing army of the Tenno are the Amber Dragon Guard. Wielding either artisan crossbows with shields, or fully sized halberds and shields, they are the professional military force which protects the Covenant. Each of them are drawn from noble stock and sworn to twenty years of service at least. They are each of course likely to be weaker than a true martial artist, but their numbers and ties to the throne make them a fully capable military force capable of enforcing the Emperors will on a vast area.

Peasant forces begin to be phased out, but there are still places in the military for non-noble professional soldiers. Each province, due to the feudal nature of the empire, draws up its own standing army. In times of war, it is this force of lightly armoured guards that truly make up the bulk of the military. With competent bows and spears, they are hardly the most threatening soldiers in the empire, but with weight of numbers alone they may tie up difficult foes and provide ample time for either the Amber Dragons or the martial artists to exterminate whatever threat has arrived. Many of these regiments will see the presence of a martial artist who requires the aid of mortal assistance, but is not powerful or respected enough to requisition more powerful forces.

With war returning to the Covenant, these forces swell in strength and skill, guided by the enlightened immortals to sure victory against any foe.

The New War:
The restless dead of this forgotten society threaten all Aak everywhere. The armies of the Tenno are assembled, the writ of the Kami Sifu is given. In defence of the nation the Covenant shall march to exterminate this threat and give these unhallowed ancestors their proper last rites.

Lesser martial artists are given troops of approximately 50 Aak to guide as leaders, their mortal assistants tasked with helping the martial artist secure a kill on the golem. Greater martial artists assemble together in dedicated hunting parties in a sort of inter-school competition to prove their worth, while other less vain Aak lead at the front of large Amber Dragon regiments confronting the largest gatherings of ancient undead stone Aak.
> Live Wargaming Reforms: The Wargaming sport becomes a well paid and respected volunteer position, with adjustments made to reduce the rate of injury.

Queston dances back and forth, flipping masks on and off, acting two characters at once.
“Send for our greatest warrior!” A vampire mask demands, imperious and angry.
“Dead sir.” A timid peasant mask flips up rapidly.
“Vwatt? How!?”
“Sir...” Queston pauses dramatically and takes a deep breath, “swords are sharp.”
“Pah! Execute that man!”
“Gah! I’m dead!” Queston flops onto the floor and bounds back up as the vampire lord.
“Bring me the second best warrior!”
“You just killed him sir.”

The audience cackles as the local lord fumes in his seat, having just lost the most recent Wargaming Tournament, largely because of fatalities of his best warriors, some by his own hand. More jokes follow, expertly timed and spaced, carefully constructed to plant ideas in the right heads. Within a few weeks gentlemen's agreements spread across the league to reduce fatalities. Blunted swords and dull edged blades, actual helmets. A few lords, chasing rumors they couldn’t quite remember the source of, tried the baffling concept of volunteers, and paying their forces in coins instead of threats. Hard eyed warriors chasing tournament victory bonuses suddenly rise to the top of the standings. Queston just smirks and keeps making jokes.

> Hardstone Renovation: Rebuild the roads and structures of the nation using Hardstone

It is three days late that the distant noble house Bileblood arrives from the east, muddy, exhausted, and worn from the long trek from the eastern frontier. And there waiting at the walls, next to his master on the Crimson Council, is Queston, grinning ear to ear.

“Master! Master! I see Lord Bileblood and his lady! Or perhaps it's just two pigs rutting in the mud?”

Snickering fills the walls. Bileblood snarls at the comment. “Get your clown’s tongue in line before I remove it!”

“Master! The hog speaks! Perhaps it's eaten lord Bileblood? If only there was a means to keep mud off hogs we'd know for sure! Perhaps his retinue could lay down like cobbles in front of him? Alas, lord Bileblood only has those useless hard stones in his territory.”

“You miserable little wretch! Watch your tongue before I chase you from here to the northern settlements!”

“Oh ho! Tis a racing hog! A pity we'll be stuck in the mud before a hundred paces! Alas my lord, I shall be gored by the boar and what's more, before the more you'll be saying, ‘cor! What a bore!’”

The jester pays for his impudence of course, a particularly nasty, but nonlethal poison empties his bowels for three days, but the scorn has the desired effect. In the years to come Bileblood lays down miles and miles of hardstone road, swearing to never step through mud again.
Are there any spaces still open for new players?

>Use Life Magic to create Ironwood Trees

With there being no iron to be ground within the lands of the Khimor the Divine Emperor has ordered the life mages to solve this problem by changing the very being of some trees to become a strong and hard as iron. Then by the singing of the sacred songs the wood will be crafted into weapons of war to arm the savage and powerful warriors of the Khimor Empire.

>Enhance the Warrior Caste with Life Magic

Soon the gulf between noble and peasant would grow even further as the Shamans under the Divine Empires watchful eye would begin to change the very bodies of his most powerful warriors making their muscles stronger, their endurance extending and their reflexes heightened. After this process was perfected the Divine One himself would undergo it become closer to the God all knew him to be.

>Continue the expansion north!

By the order of the Divine Emperor the whole river shall know his grace and might!

>The new city will be called Avatal!

>New Tribe?/Town?
Midinte had been the name agreed upon; however it had been intended to be (and was first on the map as) a new town in the lowlands near the coastal Ruby Mine. These are Zora moved from the original domain, not the tribal Zora discovered in the first expansion!

>Whale Diplomacy
King Meladon agrees to the request of the Whales; the error was his and he will do honour to the slain in respect of the new peace.

>Action 1: In Honour
King Meladon has his finest sculptors examine the Elder Mother's remains; then once they have their drawings and models the King and a team of Workers carry the corpse of the Whale's Elder Mother out into the seas of the southern coast. There they bury the Whale's corpse in the sea, and raise around her the mound of dirt to honour her in the Whale's preferred fashion.

In the place where her corpse sat on land, the sculptors set instead a large statue of marble and luminous stone, with a pair of rubies inset as her eyes. More impressive then a skeleton, as it depicts the Whale as she was when living. A life-sized statue of King Meladon himself is put nearby the greater whale statue to demonstrate accurate scale.

>Action 2: Nursery Care
The Zora have long raised their Tadpoles in communal pools to share the workload, now with the safe high reservoirs to shelter them further the nation of Zorule will employ some Zora as full-time carers for the Nursery pools. Any who wish for children will now receive greater support and care of responsibilities; and those who want many children will have more hands around to share the workload of raising the next generation.
File: Classic NRP Turn 7.png (48 KB, 319x583)
48 KB
Ta-Kefi is in turmoil. The land is divided and now under siege, Lower Pharaoh Hatmer Per-Deser has her army set to defend her palace, abandoning the people of the countryside, meanwhile bargaining with her husband, Upper Pharaoh Grognar, for aid. Such is Hatmer's rule of Ta-Kefi, lesser than a savage, unable to defend her people. The rightful heir Meraha Per-Desher meanwhile, recovering strength since the poisoning, is speaking with the Kefi-Ta warlords, gathering allies, and setting about a plan to deal with the whale invaders. Along his travels he comes across Meri Depet-Wadj, someone familiar with the whales, in fact, she is the reason the whales are attacking. He shall suppress that fact, not only for political reasons, but also because he would kill whales as well, but out of wrath rather than avarice.

>Action 1: Ta-Kefi Lancers. Meraha Per-Desher rallies the warlords of Ta-Kefi and smiths of Bianut, to develop weapons and tactics to fight the whales.
Rightful heir Meraha Per-Desher speaks with the Kefi-Ta warlords, who welcome him with open arms, and found themselves further alienated by the Lower Pharaoh's response to the situation. Kefi warriors flock to the Rightful Heir's warband, and he takes them west, to the smith shrines of Bianut. Smiths come here in pilgrimage to where the first steel was forged, the steel that made Ta-Kefi. Here Meraha gives his speech about how he is the rightful heir of Per-Desher, how his sister betrayed and poisoned him, and how he shall make things right, starting with fighting the whales. The smiths would thus offer Meraha their services for free, and when he tells them to produce lances rather than swords, instead of objecting, they obey. Soon the Meraha warband are all equipped with lances, and so starts training. Kefi cannot overpower a whale alone, so they are drilled in unit tactics, working with one another.

>Action 2: Ta-Kefi Marines. Meri Depet-Wadj returns with experience on how to fight the whales, and trains marines to a new standard.
While the rightful heir rallies the Kefis, Meri Depet-Wadj works with the Miews. While Miew nobles have found themselves with even more privileges under Lower Pharaoh Hatmer's rule, the common folk see only the devastation the Lower Pharaoh does nothing about. Thus she manages to gather vast crews of Miew sailors, but they do not go to sea just yet, no, they are tasked with training. Meri instructs them on the effective and ineffective methods she observed, and they do extensive training to become masters of climbing, jumping, diving and swimming. There is also training in the use of nets, where Penews also get to participate, as they need as many hands and feet as possible to overpower the whales.
No investigation this turn.
Instead, you get what I wrote at the start of the week.

>1 invent specialized levitating weapons
While the brachyurus people have used heavy stones and other previously invented objects to fling at monsters in the midst of combat with their telekinetic ability, there has been great need for specialized weapons of this kind. There is no formal weapons research division, but since its inception, the monster hunting guild has been receiving requests to stock up on heavy, metal projectiles. But there have never been any heavy, metal projectiles available at the guild… they would be very expensive, and possibly need replacement often. Not because they would break, but because they’re likely to be lost.

The solution, for now, is temporary… Partially. Sand, which fills an oblong, heavy clay casing, will make these (ooc: softball) sized projectiles fairly heavy and painful on impact. At which point, the object would shatter, where shrapnel will cut the skin and do further damage. Since they were designed to shatter and throw sand on impact, they can be very useful for temporarily blinding a monster. It’s possible these sand-filled shatter-spheres could see further practical application, for that reason. The receiving end is pointed, and partially hollow, so that the weight of the sand keeps the back of the ball behind it as the object is flung. It looks a little bit like an egg.

It’s likely that there will eventually be many more specialized levitating weapons developed in the future.

>2 Establish currency
Here comes the government.
Gemstone currency. Barter is still permitted and encouraged! Our currency is varying degrees of valuable gems, each retaining their value so long as their resource is readily available.
Befriend some swimmers.
>The shinies in the water might be something our new friends might enjoy. But they're so far deep that it's too dangerous! Let's find some new animal friends who can teach us to swim and dive! (preferably otters because otters are cute)

Cultivate Hardwood
>Those Tallies sing to us, and we sing back to them. They wish for strong wood much like our new mouse friends, so we hope these trees grow big and strong, so when our Tallie friends take them they will remember us for whatever they do with them!
Swamplings aid in the cultivation of the trees by trimming them to grow straight and upright. If not to make them stronger, they're at least made to be convient to harvest.

>Action 1 and 2 - Prospect
Metals! Harder, stronger, lighter, all manner of alloys are attempted to be found via combinations of existing metals. More adventurous Skaians suit up in their exploring gear, bearing rulers, astrolabes and sextants (and plenty of other useless gear) into the wilderness beyond their tamed lands, scouring the earth for the telltale hints of more exotic materials...
And with that, war can come to a close. So long as they very much understand not only the difference in power but our normally peaceful intent, there is no need to pursue the issue further. And, taking this opportunity to open trade lines with them as to further cement that we wish for nothing more than good bonds. And, if at all possible, to see them become at least partially reliant on the elves of Veren to function.

1 action: Expand nation boarders
Specifically towards the mountains in the east. While a mine for gems of snakes are nice, there has to be other ones that provide materials for building and otherwise, and what better place for raw materials than a mountain.

1 action: Religious tours
Priests and worshippers to go out across the nation giving sermons and teachings, giving charity to those that need it and spreading the word of the nation’s deity. For all to be unified under one divine being for both better national cohesion and continued prosperity under their watch.
>1: Obsidian Melee Weapons

Using this new discovered material, we would start mining said materials, the goal would be to make close quarter weapons (such as katanas and bayonettes) made out of this material, and possibly even bullets?, eitherway we'll try multiple way to figure a perfect way to use it

>2: Cannon jumpers

Using our natural armor and overall our greater resistance to things, we would... invent another way to use cannons, by directly turning them downward and equipping them on the back of our mens, once activated, the cannon would propulse our mens upward, effectively propulsing them in the air like if they could fly... (TL;DR, TF2 Rocket jumping)


With the mass desertion and and defections, we would conscript former RoB immigrants and start to use humans in our army due of the lower manpower... alongside this, we would set up outposts to allow supplies to come in safely with soldiers and samurais guiding and guarding the supplies, as overall our supplies would be closely guarded by our own mens

The villages that surrendered would be occupied by arishivans soldiers and would be fortified as we expect a responses from the enemy, thus by fortifying those town against the enemy, it will make a enemy responses much harder

We would fortificate the enemy shipyard that we captured, as we expect the enemy to send some of their soldiers to take it back, thus due of this assumption we would prepare ourselves for combat, as cannons and gunpowder weaponry would be equipped on fortifications

Overall, we would fortificate our positions, aware that the enemy could strike at night or day alike... however, we would send a expeditionary force inside enemy territory to gain a bit more territories and overall turn more enemy villages to our causes, while a reconnaissance team is sent to do recon on our dear enemy and figure out what they are up to... before doing hit and run attacks on them day and night

(sorry for delay, i was and still is... sick :(
>Action 1: Druid field medics
The discovery of the pixie cultists sends all the Lander druidic caste in an uproar. These old enemies, since their banishments, had become the stuff of boogieman stories told to scare children into behaving. And while the druids are for now loath to call upon fae magics should the situation not call for it, there is a move from many of them to volunteer as field medics, hoping their knowledge of the science of healing to be useful in case of conflicts.
>Action 2: Attempt to parley with pixie cultists
Albionese, whether of Raelkan or Lander stock, are of a proud, warrior-minded sort, they don’t fear a good fight if necessary. But the Crown would rather avoid a conflict it possible, by fear of further damage to the colony. Diplomats with an elite armed escort is sent to try initiate dialogue and judge whether the pixie cultists can be reasoned with. After all, it’s been generations since their exile, maybe old grudges can be soothed…
Enough slumbering! Enough chasing rodents and lapping at milk!
Meow is the time for us to awaken and begin our most sacred quest!
requesting 3 actions a turn as catchup

Action 1 - Send parties to the linghold swamplands to covertly establish a new hidden colony
We shall find new places to bathe in the sunlight and new groups which might offer us food or shiny trinkets! The Iaakans tell of a people who regularly have river fish for their meals...

Action 2 - Crown a Collector in chief
For far too long we have done collections individually by clan. Each has their own shiny things and tasty foods. Yet we must work together to propel our species forward. We shall need a collector in chief. Someone who can determine what the two legs need and what they can discard. For this purpose we shall crown a most purrrfect feline for the task!

Action 3 - Search the ruins
Far far from here people speak of desolate buildings in the desert. Empty buildings. Sun all day. Fish plentiful in the nearby rivers. This can only be paradise We must send an expedition right mao to investigate!
File: Expedition path turn 5.jpg (221 KB, 1079x627)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
We also have a map of the ruins we wish to investigate! We hope to find a great deal of quiet places with warm rocks.
>Action 1 - Organized Military
Recent conversations with the Volkovians has involved Ankhisteian presenting himself in a role greater than is true of him. Seeking to tighten his reigns, and gain the capacity to effectively mobilize and command the titans as the humans appear to expect from him, Ankhisteian begins to enact a number of measures to establish a standing army made up of the titans. From attempting to establish the cultural ideal of the soldier of honor, to re-distributing land to those who are willing to serve him, a multi-faceted approach is taken to try to establish his will.

>Action 2 - Inverting Barrier
Not content to merely be a cultural and institutional innovator, Ankhisteian assembles his most adept sorcerers to attempt to innovate on their otherwise one-dimensional magical affinity. After some discussion, the group begins to experiment with the shape, timing, and angles of their barriers, testing against chunks of earth and stone hurled by other titans. Ankhisteian's goal here is to develop a technique to re-direct a ranged attack or bounce it back at his aggressor, and tries to steer efforts in this direction.
the Newts are an open player spot. You are basically just newts that do crafting and tech well while being still tribal.
> TURN 7

Rebalanced pops. No you did not lose anything. I just redefined a new average as opposed to everyone going to ultra mega hyper high eventually

Work goes into growing the population and consolidating expansion. Across the narrow sea finally land is claimed. A new city rises with estate for many families. (name the city)

Animated armor are good enough to protect a piece of land. Patrolling and attacking alongside guards, but training armor to attack alongside armies would not be possible. Well at least treasure can be guarded now without any fear ofi information leaking… though a small problem emerges, even if you have the magic, you have no iron deposits so you can’t really make any armor on mass, unless that armor is to be from gold.

The focus on education in the nation continues. More and more jobs once done by non-mages are replaced by animation and fewer and fewer non mages exist as education into magic starts from a young age.

To make blades of size befitting the size of titans? Weapons longer than multiple buildings, any steel you attempt to forge bends or shatters upon it’s own weight and length… what are you trying to make, consider your own hubris? A building taller than any one in your very nation and firm enough to be used as a club or sword.

You may create ‘giant tools’ if the giants spend 1 action to teach you their magic and you spend a 2nd action making them.

As you expand further you encounter some feral goblins, not a large number, but so far away from home they are a pain in your arse as reinforcements are far away.

The mine is established and aid of the swamplings of the north accepted. Sulphur and coal are both accessible for you now firearm production in your nation starts. Hwatches are available for service.

To expand trade and food in the south a port is built and a navy for exploration is created. Beyond nice fishing spots, a colourful coral reef is found many a scholar in your nation wish to explore it while the imperial family if wishes to display an artificial coral reef in their palace to display their power.
File: Nigger.png (5.37 MB, 6144x3000)
5.37 MB
5.37 MB PNG
Ancient secrets of martial are rediscovered. Rapid movement and ancient recruitment methods shall aid the further martial arts development of the nation. Further the Sundering Cross is created a martial art developed in hopes of countering the corpse walkers. A cut which allows one to cut through stone and armor.

Military development among the mortals follows taking example of the corpse devourers a corpse of elite army is created clad in heavy stone armor giving up mobility for defense, they shall be the shield of the martial artists and a shield against them in the name of the Emperor were they ever to rebell.

The corpse collectors are… odd. Were they made by the Aak or against them? The very presence of an Aak seems to empower them, endo powering them. The first assault on the stone giants endfs with a whimper a few of them manage to be constrained dug holes, but noen destroyed and a few martial artists die crushed. Martial artists lack the power to destroy the endo absorbing mosntrocities, while they lack the speed to catch the martial artists, a stalemate.

Maybe one would need to employ foreign forces? A bigger problem though, they started going north, towards you. Just putting down trenches should be able to halt them.

Slowly the dueling done by the vassals for the entertainment of their lords evolves into competition between them with pride on the line and during the latest tournament between the vampire lords the highest house swept up the competition. Their secret? Keep the good ones alive, blunt their swords. A genius idea he takes full credit for.

Slowly the line between warrior and jester is blurred as gladiators are introduced, full time arena fighters fighting for the entertainment of the campiric lords.

The state to your south exploited for decades finally collapses. Your nation made dependant on the gold flowing in and the tressures being robbed faces an economic crisis. The lower class is affected as catnip lot it’s value, the vampires are outright rioting as many of their luxuries have dried up.

harstone quickly finds use reinforcing the more important buildings of the nation and roads. What a useful material, if only we had more of it! What is that city in your south called again?
A major advance in magic it is done, wood is hardened producing wood that is as hard as iron. It may lack the other properties of iron such as maleability and thus is hard to work with, but it certainly is a valuable resource shortage. Mages shall now eternally tend to the tree ensuring hard wood is produced. (note that magic actively requires casters, ones assigned to resource production like this I will count in case of war as pulled out of active conflict)

(okay I presume here your life magic is recontextualised from life as in healing stuff to biomancy)

The enhanced warriors are created through a complex prozess, but rather than creating a divide between noble and peasant it created and odd en-passe as the created warriors become infertile, nobles wishing their bloodlines sustained adopting talented sons of the lowborn to make into warriors.

An expansion astright north begins, you find a barren land prime for easy settlement and another coal deposit there and also something else, tin!

You don’t pick. It’s a tribe, the closest people living nearby have a tribal organisation so these guys adopted one too. The request of the whales is heeded and a small island rises out of the sea and becomes the grave of the slaim whale, whales would be seen from time to time pilgrimaging there.

The sentiment of the statue seems greatly appreciated the whales finding their own way of giving praise to it by spitting water fountains onto it which seems to keep it clean. The statue seems to have made both the Zorule and Whales develop a higher appreciation for the slain King giving him mythical status despite not much time passing from his death. The island becomes a pilgrimage site, especially bards who associate the whales with their art going to the island to give their praise to the Whale King.

A responsible policy for growing happy families and increasing the stability andp population in one go and more sneakily… the employed child-rearers can instill loyalty and patriotism into the youth as they are away from their parents. (clear up something for me, are the children of your race literal tadpoles or is that just a name you gave them? thought your race was just slightly fishy humans)
Honour is of importance to the true Kefi, the sons of Lycan, weakness is the truest sin. Grognar offers his aid, but the prize for it is obvious, the soldiers of the south shall be retained to fight properly, by him, his troops will protect the south the effective area of the reign of his wife is reduced to the palace complex itself. Grognar meanwhile awes at the sea, has such infinite water truly become their enemy?

He laughs and turns his fingers pointing westward “Maybe I will think of becoming King of the sea later.”. He is now regent of his wives realm so he shall consolidate in her name. (we can figure out war turn in IC chat bug grognar marches for the Phraoh’s Son possition)

Men are rallied and lances invented and trained with… but many have the question. “How will lances help us against whales? Has the Pharaoh gone insane?”

Training of Marines begins, the Miew are hesistant in training the Kefi, for what will they even have left once the rightful pharaoh retakes the throne? Is he even rightwful to them could it not be their time to restore a Miew dynasty to the throne?

The telekinetic martial arts of the animalfolk advance as specialised clay weapons are created. Clay filled with sand useful in attacks due to weight, in single time blocking for defense or as a cover to attack or retreeat behind by braking the levitating weapons and because a Brachy or Kyuma are not limited by a number of arms rather only by skill, multiple of such telekinetic weapons can be used alongside traditional blades.

(I feel liek it could have been assumed you already had currency, but okay)
A complex currency is created based on gems one which rates them not only by size but also by shape and clarity. Unlike gold which can be forged into coins the state has little way of controlling the gem currency… and the other problem is that tellign a gem’s value at a glance is hard. So over time government validated ‘Gem value equivalent tokens (Gvet)’ are introduced which help trade flourish.

You prospect and find some umm… cobalt, lead, whitestone (very light stone like styropex), rubies.
An eastward expansion begins, will go beyond the mountains or transform them into a border fortress protectign the east?

The religion is promoted. May the faith of the one serpent be respected as one. A strict doctrine is introduced and a council is held in the capital where the religious texts and prayers of the various poison followers are examined. A single doctrine is forged a single book which is described as eternal, perfect and infasllible. It’s exemplar tome that all other’s shall be compared too written on thick paper so it may never wear down and embroidered within the skin of a snake which died of old age.

The western expanssion finishes, but not much of interest is found in that land as settlement remains sparse the people there may once again adopt a tribal way of life.

obsidian in hard to work with, fragile, but produces an edge sharper than no other. Throwable kunai and shorter knives become popular and soon come into use. Bullets out of this stuff… that’s silly they would just shatter instantly, but it is tried and it happens as predicted. The effects is a coud of small sharp projectiles. Only truly usuable at short range but absolutely devastating as even heavily armed opponents will experience serious cuts. (basically discount shotguns)

The attempt to do this harnesses the natural toughness of the crabmen… maybe even overastimates it a bit. Few a soldier survive this experimental method of propulsion, those who join these regiments shall be known as kamikaze. The divine wind for they shall bring death to the enemy at the coast of their own lives. A last resort form of attack. (controversial if used)

The druids lend their knowledge of herbs and soon become medicinemen learning surgery and caturalisation. If war were to elerge they will be an important asset and in peacetime their services are of use too as they train their medical skills.

Oh wanting to talk. An old druid surrounded by multiple pixies floating around hi memerges. his robes are of black green and purple. Their demands are simple, if you make their ways equal to those of the old druids they shall join you in peace. If their and college is put equal to all others and nto shunned or questioned, he elaborates. Otherwise he reminds you that you are entering their land, not the other way around, so if they truly value peace and honour even were disagreement to arise it’s on the Albionese to leave.

(in context you’d know pixie worshiping druids tend to be quite arbitrary, trick children to get their hands on them as pixies enjoy kids as playthings. Their doctrine incorporates trickery. playfulness and randomness. The nature of their worship is one that is chaotic.)
As your old colonial push finishes a new one begins, for now into the lands of Khimor as the kingdom similar to your nation is a hidden nation which can live hidden, hidden form you too!

A collector in chief is crowned, he is handsome, greedy and inventive. Albeit not a popular position through his skill a tythe by all clans is confirmed… but for whom? (ah btw, you have another character which is a vampire check excel table). Also give the collector a name.

Your expedition towards the ruins begins, but it’ll be another turn unti lthe expedition arrives in the far away land.

Not only did you not put in your nation name you did not even reply to my post or indicate these are actioions and not diplo. If you post again like this I’ll ignore your post.

You manage to befriend some fish and they are nice enough to retrieve pearls for you and even some nice and pretty seashells.

Trimming trees as hard as iron is haard, ah so much work and so many wizards always around. Thanks to you the trees grow better and you even manage to get some branches from this wood for your effort!

Please indicate the nation you poste as. I got it through context, but it saves me time.

The idea that land is permanently owned and that Anksteihan for some reason already owns all the land is odd to many giants, but enough go along with it to bully the others into also doing so.

The technique is invented. The spell simply known as ‘parry’ if a titan can flash a shield at a specific angle, they can redirect an attack. This of course only works for targets a titan can see and react to in time. Most use so far was found in titan to titan combat as parrying a strike gives a good opportunity to counterattack.

as RoB did not respond this is a free war turn for you, no resistance is put up. The port is taken and positions are solidified.
>Action One. Investigation of the Reefs
With proper access to the sea and a beautiful reef discovered, the desire to explore such a place would be very quickly given the green light. The reefs were beautiful, and while the Hwangje and the Gwijog wished for an artificial one to exist in their palace the former had patience. It would be best to have the scholars do their investigation before further decorations to show the power, wealth and influence of the Yi dynasty were given. After all, their investigation could provide insight to unique new alchemical ingredients, the most beautiful specimens of the reefs, or if they were actually dangerous. Besides, scholars were among the most respected members of Haeran'Yi society alongside the monks and bureaucrats, for the Hagja were under only the Gwijog, the Yi dynasty itself, in regards to respect.

>Action Two. Missionaries and foreign monasteries.
With the new tributary, the faithful monks would head south. Aiming on spreading the faith to the Republics. Using some wealth donated by the Hwangje and with his heavenly blessing, they were to purchase some land in each for a monastery, and spread their good word in both, along with sooth the sufferings of both people. For the suffering of war harms the soul just as it does the body. And were these people to break free from the hells of cyclic existence they needed help both physical and spiritual. Something that the monks could both provide. Ideally, the work they did would come to be valued by the local leadership as well due to helping calm the population and aid in a return to stability and peace.

The tribute would be accepted and the Hwangje most pleased. The lack of a response from the other republic was met with disappointment, but given that it would likely soon become one with the newest tributary, such was acceptable...
File: Aloe vera.jpg (79 KB, 736x1082)
79 KB
> Develop Aloe products to stimulate the economy
Economics. An enemy that can’t be beaten, cowed or eviscerated is a strange and terrifying enemy to the Crimson Lords. Fortunately it is the desperate peasantry, well used to strange and terrifying threats to their lives who rise to the occasion. Out of work Katnip farmers turn their hand to Aloe instead, and ply creams and medicines to the nobles houses. Nobility desperate for any of the trappings of nobility buy them up desperately, making up for lost wealth with false youth instead.

> Expand South and lay claim to the gold mine
The most cunning of the Crimson Lords however waste no time in seizing an opportunity in the now vacant lands of the catfolk. Young cattle are driven to the south to take over the gold mines that catfolk left behind. Soon the riches of the south will be ours again!
>1 Investigation
The sky squids.
As the nation continues to grow, there’s one anomaly that seems to be sticking out to most, if not all biological researchers within its borders. The fabled sky squids, which have not been seen at all since their remains and statue effigies were found at the ruins of our ancient civilization, on the back of Mt. Magenta’s encircling ridge. Carlos Prefieaire, lead researcher at the wind and aero-research site, has fashioned a new device for just such an investigation. A kite, made from sticks, sturdy thread, and wing membrane from a previously culled rhenoplos, a small monster with a scaled body and large wings. Large in proportion to its body, at least.

From his basic understanding of some marine creatures, Carlos knows that squids eat meat. So after obtaining a somewhat decent sized chunk of carrion from a close friend’s large haul, he fastened the meat tightly to the kite’s form and threw it skyward, with his body weight and a rolled thread anchoring the object to the ground while the constant wind stream kept it in the air.

Of course, in order for this to work, the weather would need to be windy, for sure.
>2 The commission of monster field study
Here comes the government again.

The act of hunting monsters is now a time-honored tradition in this nation, as it’s practiced by all of the currently living generations, and a decent number of those in the past as well. But that whole time, it would be up to the hunter to determine what monster he or she would fight next. A system like that could never fulfill the currently expanding need for specific parts from specific monsters by specific individuals. There needs to be a new system.

And so, the Chrysocyon Council and the Lord and Lady of Tremarctos come together in order to determine that the nation’s hunters would benefit greatly from an established location, such as a guild, where they could store supplies, hire/accept help from others, eat and drink at the canteen, and most importantly, make and buy new armor and weapons at the forge and supplier.

Researchers have also been given their own sector of the commissary, as the work they do can provide vital info to most hunters, which helps the survivability rate of hunts greatly. Particularly brave researchers will also periodically accompany hunters, in order to get close to live specimens during field study.

Enter the bounty board:
Available listings for monsters that the govt. Seems to want hunted the most.
While it’s not required for a hunter to work with this system, it will allow any individual to maximize their profits and personal gain when selling, while we maximize supplies that the nation needs when collecting. High value targets also go on the bounty board, which are generally handled by only the most experienced hunters.

With currency established, we also now have a means to pay hunters immediately, if they so choose. With the barter system still in play alongside the currency, some hunters might choose not to liquidate their non-perishable monster assets until they can get as much money or personal gain for them as possible. That, or they could use the parts for themselves.

What happens to the parts of a monster is ultimately up to a hunter, but if they don’t sell, what they do have is a rotting, dead body, which is depreciating in value fast as it sits out in the open air.

Simply speaking, the government wants to provide a means for hunters to do their thing and further the advancement of the nation’s hunting / research efforts.
simple turn

Action 1: Found the navy.

Action 2 Improved Ship Designs. Corvette
instead of standard war gallys of old, ships with strong masts and sails built for purpouse built combat are designed, armed with both marines and a single deck of cannons.
pic related
File: Zora Stages.png (460 KB, 589x904)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
Image: Stages of a Zora. Upper; Adult Zora, Female and Male
Lower: Zora Child, Zora Tadpoles
(The Race has a Tadpole stage after hatching from soft aquatic eggs, then a Child Stage. The Tadpole stage is equivalent to 6 months of pregnancy + first year after birth for a Human, Legs and Arms are grown around when a human would first learn to walk and begin making talking sounds, and from then on they're considered Children until they mature).


>Action 1: Ministry of Settlement
The Abandonment of what had been planned out to be the town of Midinte in the new territories, and the lack of any visible construction work on the chosen site and the absence of any new-dug canals and waterways raises voices of condemnation amongst the citizens of Melaruta, and even leads to the arrest of the project manager and lead architect of the settlement project whilst the matter is closely investigated. Clearly a stronger oversight will be required over any future colonisation projects to ensure that the budgeted work actually takes place. As such, the King of the Zora appoints a well-educated minister of Settlement and Development to give a greater backing and more intelligent use of state resources to future settlement projects.

>Action 2: Song of Truth
The Bardic Magic of Song that we learned from the whales is given a first flourish by the Zora bards in the capitol, as they learn a song that will compel those who listen to speak honestly and state clearly, and reveal that which is hidden or obscured by any means. Of course, this also means that we will need to keep to truths ourselves when the music is playing...
The southern city is named Beggar's Watcher. The northmost city is Hollow Watch, the very newest city we're expanding this turn is Gilded Ridge.
File: Classic NRP Turn 8.png (48 KB, 319x583)
48 KB
>Action 1: Nightmare Obelisks. The temple of Zenmetjenu creates cursed pillars which they sink into the water, to afflict whales above them with Tulpas, the great size of the whales should make it easier to only target them with the Tulpas.
As the rightful heir is busy finding a way to hurt the whales physically, the priests of Zenmetjenu ponder to use their magic to solve what strength cannot. A problem is that a dream mage attacks through eye contact, but when they think of cursing items, then suddenly the problem seems trivial. Cursed gates are hard to manage because you can expend its energy by just passing a lot of people through them, but whales are even fewer in numbers than Kefis. With this in mind the temples start producing stone Obelisks etched with cursed sigils on each of their four faces, containing Tulpas. The great size of the whales makes them easy to target, leaving Kefis unaffected, even when the Obelisk is active. The Obelisks are then rowed out into the waters and sunk, they take great effort to sink them upright, yet with enough speed to dig themselves into the seabed, because the tip of the Obelisk projects the cursed aura upwards, so if any whale swims above the Nigtmare Obelisk, they will be cursed.

>Action 2: Attack on Kem-Mi-Neb Estate. Miew assassins strike at the Rightful Heir Meraha and his supporters, and succeeds in wounding him, severely.
As the Lower Pharaoh Hatmer loses further influence, the remaining Per-Desher family makes their move, rallying to Meraha's banner, leaving Hatmer to her court of Miews and barbarians. Word soon travels across Ta about this, and that a meeting will take place between clans Per-Desher and Kem-Mi-Neb. Kem-Mi-Neb was one of the two largest clans at the conquest of Ta, but Per-Deshers tactics and diplomacy has Kem-Mi-Neb convinced to join rather than fight, a fight they may very well have been able to win. Thus they present as an open question to Per-Desher rule... should they ever oppose them. It is therefore troubling should Per-Desher and Kem-Mi-Neb side with Meraha, as that would be the deathknell of Hatmer's rule.

It is therefore, while Upper Pharaoh Grognar marches to face the Rightful Heir's warband, that hundreds of Miew assassins infiltrate the Kem-Mi-Neb Estate, attempting to slaughter every man, woman and child there. Though they were able to slay most of the Kefis at the estate, the Kem-Mi-Neb High Chieftain made his escape and the assassins were forced to trap Meraha in the burning estate after he slew a hundred assassins just by himself. Grognar would later find the Kem-Mi-Neb estate a smoldering ruin. Bodies of Miews and Kefis alike, with one survivor, buried in charred rubble, a nigh unrecognizable Meraha, his body severely burned head to toe. A group of Penew servants would attempt to secret Meraha away in the night after, to somewhere he may recover, though the odds don't look good.

Action 1 and 2: Military Engineers

A blending of the mortal warrior servants of the Tenno and the enigmatic craftsmen of the artisan guilds has resulted in this new breed of craftsman soldier, a strictly disciplined, cunning and resourceful Aak indeed.

They are the Shokunin, masters of commanding war through the environment. They wield the instruments of siege and attrition, great ranged weapons hurtling boulders, great ballista bolts and whatever other siege implements may be designed in future.
They are the Aak who sap enemy positions, engineer battlefield solutions to whatever issues may be faced, redirect rivers and weaponise their ingenuity.
They are his Shokunin, and they know no workplace safety regulations.


Utilise mortal forces at extremely long range, getting close to the golems only empowers them. Use large troop formations to lure large golem formations and split them up.

Utilise martial artists using lightning speed to lure small golem formations into traps and killing zones created by our military engineers,
Military engineers create traps, field artillery, dig holes and reload trebuchets, ballistas and other long ranged weaponry capable of pulping golems nonmagically.
1. We lack Iron, and although Iron is a fine way to armor a man or a horse, it is not suitable for larger things like ships or buildings. We need a way to provide universal protection to both our men and our ships from powerful projectiles in the event of war.

An idea is suggested: Deceleration Animation Armor (DAA). Ship hulls, wagons, and even thick cloth could be protected with an enchantment designed to slow down the animation of incoming projectiles and melee blows, sapping them of their speed and energy, allowing them to withstand just as good as harder materials like Iron.

Of course, we'll probably need specialist animation casters to facilitate this resource. Mages specifically assigned the task of actively maintaining such things as it is envisioned the magic fades, requiring re-application after a set amount of time.

2. We do need Iron however. Perhaps a better way to find Iron Deposists. Perhaps if we were to apply a strong enough charge of Animation to a small magnetic ball or dart, when an Iron Deposit is nearby the ball will very quickly roll toward it, leading the prospectors to fresh sources.
File: Skaian Temple.jpg (343 KB, 1613x907)
343 KB
343 KB JPG

>Action 1 - More Monoliths!
The new whitestone has a bit of a mixed reception among the bouncy Skaians. It's light, yet strong enough to hold up a deceptively high amount of weight, perfect for taller, grander structures. However, it's non-durable nature flies in the face of their emphasis on longevity!
A 'compromise' is made, of course, among Skaian architects. Grander structures today, even if they will not last, will inspire others to match and exceed them in the near (non-apocalyptic) future!
Besides, larger buildings means more room for fancy gear-work inside! Think of all the gadgets we can fit now!

>Action 2 - Quality of Life
Planning for the distant future is all well and good, but personal longevity is equally important! Medicinal and hygiene practices are brought into the present, once more employing the power of clockwork to make life easier, safer and better for all!
Action 1: Strengthen Bond with Swimmers
>These fishies are such good swimmers, maybe we can ask them to help us make our wooden turtle swim? It would certainly make exploring the scary and wide open waters less scary!

Action 2: Distribute Pearls and Seashells to our friends
>Our friends sure like shiny things, and although these pearls look pretty, we can't eat them! Let's set up a system of pullies and cables to lift and slide baskets of these goodies to the south!

Diplomacy: Explore the inner Haeran'Yi State and establish a secret enclave at their capital.
>Our Mousey friends sure are nice and we hear that there are more of them beyond. As they are not big and scary like most people, we will be safe wandering across their country, although we still find it particularly cozy to camp in trees in the dark and hide whenever we see bigger folk. We found a big house on the river that everybody loved to visit, and thinking there must be a kind host living there, we climbed into it.

I hope the Diplomacy doesn't count as a normal action, I know I'm interacting and essentially setting up an embassy but I'm not too sure.

>Action 1 - Literacy & Education
Even the weakest of the titans are exceptionally wealthy compared to the average citizen of other nations. Once more, their small population makes efforts to increase and maintain high literacy levels much more achievable. Despite their primitive origins, the Titans have these distinct advantages that may aid them in their ongoing process of developing into a nation of distinction and culture. This push towards literacy is primary driven by the Wisetitans, each seeking to see their writings outlive them.

>Action 2 - Subjugating the Goatfolk
Desiring to more firmly establish the seat of his dynasty, Ankhisteian utilizes his newly established forces and some aggressive posturing in order to attempt to subjugate the southern goatfolk. They would owe a portion of their foodstuff and products directly to Ankhisteian, but would otherwise receive legal protection from every titan other than Ankhisteian himself, and thus be spared from roaming titans consuming their livestock. Given their friendly relations so far, the King of Titans is keen to simply explain the arrangement to the goats and allow them to surrender peacefully, but has his titans standing along the border of the city, armed with boulders in hurling position to demonstrate that he means business, and that resistance is futile.
1 action: Prospect Lands
With the nearby mountains soon to be our territory, why not search for what they may have to offer. It could very well dictate the course of our growth.

1 action: Improve poison magic
To make it more streamlined and efficient not only makes the heights of mages greater, but makes their duty less taxing. Perhaps even.. it may give way to better control and potential from making poisons that would only affect those that would damage crop yield to just being easier for the common man to learn.
After considering the demands of the pixi druids, a contract is proposed
>The pixie druids are integrated into the colony as freemen citizens. They'll be legaly considered Albionese
>Both druid factions must share their magics with each other.
>Both Albionese and the pixie druids must respect each others laws
Coupled with it is a warning: the Albionese are willing to coexist and grant the pixie druids their demands, but if the latter don't themselves make an effort to integrate in a way that doesn't overly disrupts the public order, then the Crown will consider its end of the bargain fulfilled and void the contract... *with all the consequences that implies*.

>Action 1: Mediate between both druid factions so that they are more willing to tolerate each other

>Action 2: Continue the expedition towards the source of the great river Alb
Turn 7
Action 1 - Scout for the Heart of Golems
The big chi seem to be having problems with magic moving rocks. We should find the place where these creatures came from. Purhaps we could find some sort of valuable treasure or a heart to tear out?

Action 2 - Count the Trinkets - (Done by Cheif Collector Benman)
Our people have spread themselves out across many nations. Surely they collected all manner of useful bits and items over the years. They should provide our collector in chief, Benman, with examples, so we can better understand our resources. With a little bit of luck this mew system will catch on and the clans will begin to recognize our authority in a more formal way.

Action 3 - Borrow fish from the swamplings
These fellows spend all day fishing and pulling things up from the bottom of the river. Their scraps alone could feed our new colony for months! Surely they wont miss a few of their more medium sized catch...
>1: Second Great Wall

While we are effectively 'Vassalized'...it was merely to avoid a two way war between us and... our northern neighbors, thus preparations would be made for a possible fight against the unknown... people, as a second great wall is ordered to be constructed which would see all the flaws of the first one ironed out and would feature a more stronger base with iron being used as the supporting foundation alongside rocks, alongside this, the wall would feature lines of cannons and gunpowder weaponry to attack enemy forces (TL;DR, extending the great wall in a way)

>2: Developing a espionnage network

With our new 'benefactors' having made contact with us, we would start setting up inside their territories a spy network to learn more about their culture, and how easy it could be to spread propaganda and overall get more information on them, since it is VERY likely that in the near future we will enter conflict with them..., thus it is smart that we set up spy network in their territories and weaken them as best as we can (TL;DR: CIA black ops time)


As our faces are pulling deeper inside enemy territory and we have effectively fortified the lands we have conquered, we would send a secondary set of messengers, telling the peil to accept a unconditional surrender with the following terms:

>1: The RoB will be annexed under the D.R.A

>2: The RoB will still remain some shape of autonomy however they are essentially integrated in the D.R.A for good

>3: The RoB 'government' and or heroes will be trialed due of their 'actions' in the war and be executed by firing line most likely

If they refuses our term, then we would move in deeper inside their territories, with obsidian weapons being fielded to the front lines now...
Nevermind, op/GM is gay and said it was 'metagaming'


>1: Invent Self Contained Paper Cartridge

As the war with the RoB is going on, We would start designing a new innovative way to load rounds inside our weapons, the Cartridge!, which would be a faster way to reload even if limited, as of now we would come up with the current design due of the lack of materials that could be soft enough to contain all that jazz other than paper

>2: Longer range Artillery

In our interest, we would start designing a longer range artillery, we would come up with two different 'designs'... a larger cannon and a cannon with a 'longer' barrel of sort, and t hrough field tests we would see which one works more effectively at this time

Same warpost i guess
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png (5.37 MB, 6144x3000)
5.37 MB
5.37 MB PNG
> TURN 8

The mousefolk train professional divers and they dive into the coral debpths. While the colourful beauty of the coral forrest can be appreciated even from the surface it’s true magnifficescnce can only be seen underwater. Beautiful colourful pillars of rainbow grow out of the ground and branch out into branches of stone their surface covered in shiny emeralds and pulsating sponges and polyps cover their surface. Colourful parrotlike fish hide within it’s crevasces. The complexity and beauty of this construction certainly is aweinspiring. (emerald deposit found, magnificent coral found (unless properly secured turns white outside water))

News of the faith spread south and the religion catches up like wildfire… well a modified version of the faith. The peasant-republic nature of the nation influenced their view of the castes. The castes are all equally important, but have different roles to fulfil for one and reincarnation is viewed more like having to fulfil all roles of every caste before you achieve enlightenment.

The religious ties cement the tributary status of the Peasant Republic. (no easy breaking away) >>5914079, you two are in a conflict over the hearts of the people now. Will the Ashirivo fall under perpetual religious influence of the mice or will they manage to make their own sect?

Unrest culminates, the vampire hunter guild arises. Formed from former gladiators the Vampire hunters. These men refuse the allure of Vampire lordship and mrely hunt. These men… can they be defeated? Likely, but there is a risk, a huge one. Them escaping abroad spreading their expertise in the art of the Vampire hunt.

Aloe products are created helping vampires to keep their skin lovely and rosy. These goods could be even better if sold to mortals as it hides them getting old. It’d certainly be a valuable tradegood.

A southwad expansion begins, settlers begin to settle the destroyed lands of the catfolk.

Squids are not found but something else is found residing in the clouds. Jellyfish. Though less made of jelly and more like ghosty mirrages. The realm in the sky seems to be abandoned, but some of the clouds seem to be… fake! Cotton kept in the sky far above, some sort of psyonic energy keeping them afloat, energy similar to our telekinesis. Dwellings built into the clouds themselves, all abandoned the psyonic energy dwelling in these clouds seems overwhelming painful even explaining why they were not noticed before… your people feel physical pain when they try to look towards the sky clouds.

Hunting efficiency is improved. Hunters are paid no longer just for monster parts, but monster locations and information about various beasts. These then can be categorised and advertised to businesses so they may set out bounties for monster parts. This also helps hunters get paid better as they always bring back parts that are needed. It does spell a dawn for the specialised hunters of old some
hunting only one type of beasts their whole life, versatility is now the name of the game!

Navy is founded

Corvettes are designed making your navy mightier.

Your nation expands and 2 new cities are founded (name them). In the north the elemental settlers seem to have started minor weather alterations from living together, but as their population is low it’s manageable for now, a few more storms. Nothing good stone foudnatiosn can’t overcome.

With this your nation population density has also become quite low.

The calans are expanded and the tribal roots of the included tribal people reworked. The tribe in the new colony becomes a city, and on the way the Redan tribe also settles down.

Courts in Zorule have their job made soon much easier for songs of truth become a new magic of the aquatic peoples. Upon hearing news of this the dwarven tribe of exiles you have been communicating with thus far disappears into the night. (bardic magic is tied to the bardic guild with a setting on the Whale King island)

As a result of the attack on the estate the Pharaoh was not there when his forces were engaged by Grognar, but his presence managed to save many a noble shifting internal support greatly in his favour and away from the assassin queen. His face and body were burned in his attempt to save more nobles, while he acted brave through the pain once the adrenaline wore off he understood what it felt to burn alive and as the trauma mounted he manifested a new Tulpa. The Pharaoh’s burn scars reformed into the shape of a flame and remain eternally warm to the touch and any who see their wounds shallexperience the pain of burning alive. This may one day become an inheritance of the legitimate line passed down by generations. (after this guys death)

Nightmare obelisks are installed, the whales plagued by nightmares slowly disappear and disperse. Their songs shifting to a religious tone, wishing to ward off the evil spirits haunting them.

The Shokunnin are a weirdly terrifying force, most of them bellow average fighters, but their skill in engineering, craftsmanship and logistics makes them near undefeatable when defending in a siege and a terrifying force to face for horsemen, or archers. And of course those bulky golems.

The golems are lured into killing zones. They fall into traps and are beaten to death, no amount of power boost aiding them. Their corpses are disassembled and a new alloy containing lead and tin is discovered. This alloy would allow for efficient channeling of ki (or whatever you called your martial arts energy) into objects. or even ki draining devices the Tenno could use to secure himself against martial artist assassins.
Armor animated to decelerate projectiles an odd idea… well work is done and it’s found to not exactly be in the ballpark of your school of magic. Mages manage to figure out though that an arrow which came from somewhere can be ‘animated’ mid flight to want to go back making the arrows spin around in air and slow down lessenign their impact. This effect can be overcome with faster or smaller ammunition.

You look for iron. And find 2 deposits far away from each other one in the mouth of Dwarf bay and the other in the far north. Where you also spot animals running around with floating weapons hunting bizzare giant monsters. Communications are brief, but they seem to be hunters from a faraway nation and this area is infested with these exotic monsters.

more monoliths are built, they are very monolithic. Your people’s lifespan increases as medicinal technology advances. Long lasting herbs are preserved and pickling is invented to get needed vitamins in winter.

Your ships and boats become more liek water chariots. the fishies are happy to pull your boat as long as you reward them with some tasty treats from the land world. Mangos, pears and other fruit don’t exactly grow underwater. You distribute gems and trinkets to your neighbouring nations they are sure to appreciate this >>5906487.

Establishing an enclave would be an action, but you do manage to get your people to live in small hidden groups in forests near their capital

Well writing… reading.. but how? The Adbjorg are giant, what can they even write on? giant trees, giant rocks. Establishing a propper library would require mountains. For now the adbjorg make due with

Their peaceful days are over, the goatfolk are enslaved and subjugated. There is little they could do against the might of the titans, too bad for the fools who expected to just be left alone. Their grudge shall not subside.

(due to having very high unrest now unless prevented you will face a slave uprising next turn, it went up from high)

Prospecting land turns out lucky, well depending by what you expected, you find jade a precious and hard stone as well as silver. The mountains in your west seem ‘young’ to put it in the best word, it’s odd. You feel the growing under your very feet as you wander the land.

Selective poison is invented. An odd magic which allows one to mark their poison in a way poison affects them only if certain conditions are met. All crops are poisoned, the poison only comming into effect for those who break the law of Veren like through theft.
The Pixie worshippers agree and soon in your capital a purple academy is set up. You relearn the ancient magic of the druids albeit it’s more a mix of wild magic and druidism . (you may make nature related spells, but a random aspect will be added to them)

For now the pixies seem benign, playing tricks, sometimes ubllying some children. The green druids are not happy, this may lead to a schism in your religion. mediating between the druids is hard, their divides grew even further as they were apart. The path to mediation you find is the establishment of the orange path… taking eccentrics from both sides you sike them on exploring foreign magic (the school of orange druidism is born): City of world’s desires boon, you obtain access to golemancy. Your understanding of it is incomplete, but you may create hybrid nature/golem objects.

A next step of expansion is planned as the incorporation of the Pixie druids follows. The old dwelling of the purple druids will be known as Pixie Grove.

Scouting the heart from where the golems crawled out you find what seems to be an ancient complex of tombs, or are these stone masons? The golems seem to all have walked out and been eradicated already but manuscripts describing their purpose and design remain there, you may take those with you and translate them or leave them for the bigmen to find eventually.

Pieces of gold silver, gems odd documents.. all those are found among piles of useless trash and trinkets. You develop a cargo cult like aspect to your culture where owning trinkets of other races symbolises status. As such you grow wealthier becoming more magpie than cat in character.

A few fish go missing here… a few go missing there. Your colony is fed and soon finishes, you live now hidden among the swamplings too wonder how they feel about someone hiding from them!

The first Mao city is founded, hidden among ruins and burrows a trade hub for the nation. Give it a name!

You conquer the republic, it’s heroes are executed, the butcher is captured and hanged and the republic of blades is yours.
Paper cartridges are invented and produces. This allows for easier loading of weapons u[pping their fire rate albeit at the cost of being more reliant on supply lines. No more improvised bullets. Artillery is also improved. The unrest in yoru nation is high due to recent conquest you need to get it under control. You also obtained lots of gold and took over the trade with the Splittusk tribe.

>Action One. Coral preservation and Emerald Extraction.

With the divers properly reaching the coral and seeing the beauty that it holds, along with more importantly finding out the coral loses it's color when taken out of the water, methods of extraction would be made. Large bell like objects would be made and descend into the water with the plan to carefully take a few of the most beautiful corals to take back to the imperial palace for display. The process would likely take some time, but it would be well worth it for the collection of treasures that the Hwangje would hold. After the collection of these corals for display however, an imperial decree would be made that no one else could touch the beauty of the reefs without the direct permission of the Hwangje in order to protect the natural beauty of the area. Anyone in violation of this decree would be subject to death. As such, any extraction of the emeralds would be done by ships sanctioned by the Hwangje, and efforts to do as little damage to the coral while extracting the gems would be made.

>Action Two. Trade is influence.

With tributary status properly formed with the peasant republic, Kedosi grew every passing day as more and more trade with the south began. Roads would be built to make the journey easier and to bring both lands closer and to more easily extract yearly tribute. This served three things, however. Firstly, it would make the wealth of both Southern Haeran'Yi and the southern republic grow, allowing for mutual benefit. Secondly, it would better intertwine the wealth of the republic to that of Haeran'Yi, meaning that much of the prosperity that the south would have would be thanks to Haeran'Yi. And lastly, it would mean that the travel of monks, idea's and similar would be far easier. In essence, it would ideally ensure compliance in the long run and ensure the tributary recovered from their war quickly.
Vampire Hunters! What a delight! Once a vampire lord had to leave his castle and hunt for prey capable of putting up a fight, now the prey will come to him! And they're trained specialists worthy of a good fight! At long last the crimson lords have created a worthy opponent.

> Dark Masters of Combat: The dark lords of the land complement their unnatural strength and durability with rigorous training.

Lesser dark lords are picked off by vampire hunters, resulting in a rash of vampiric boars and bears in the forests as the bodies of the unworthy are tossed to the carrion feeders. The crimson lords that remain double down on their training, honing their supernatural strength and reflexes with training and technique. Let the hunters come! The best will survive and the rest will feed the crows!

> Soulless Agents: These mortal illusionists are terrifying spies and assassins, molded from birth by illusion magic into perfect tools of the Crimson Lords.

The creation of a Souless Agent is not a quick affair. First an infant must be acquired, the younger the better, and their family exterminated. A powerful web of illusion magic is woven around the mind of the youngling, placing them into an imaginary world entirely under the control of the illusionist training the agent. For the next two decades the agent is trained by a team of illusionists, molded into the perfect agent. Only when every thought and memory is completely controlled and determined by the crimson lords are the agents removed from the illusionary world so they may complete their tasks.
File: il_1140xN.2582163147_cg24.png (2.42 MB, 1140x2615)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
1. Our population density is low. We need to encourage our wizards witches to sire more citizens for the future! Let's continue to make the act of parenting easier and available for all.

Let's see about Animated Servants for all, especially those with families. If we can animate the marionettes of Maids, Serving Girls, Kitchen Cooks and so on, to clean and care for the house and home, they'll be encouraged to have more real children to fill the house. And with the land so readily available to claim, every wizard and witch ought to have a manor with servants. We'll give government discounts to those who have kids, since of course they'll need them the most.

2. Let continue to claim and expand territory in our new colony, aiming for a northward direction to claim the Iron Mines.
File: Classic NRP Turn 9.png (50 KB, 319x583)
50 KB
Priests run out of the chamber where the Rightful Heir Meraha is recovering, each one panting and sweating, scratching their skin and requiring a douse of water. These priests are the best versed on Dream Magic, yet each who lay eyes upon Meraha's burned body find themselves plagued by the very same burning pain Meraha had to endure, and still do. Meraha remains in critical condition, perched upon the twilight of life and death, requiring constant care to not succumb to his injuries. He is also stuck in a delirious state due to the constant burning agony of his scars. Neither able to fight nor lead, yet his survival is required, as he is the only one that can unify Ta as one.

>Action 1: Meri's new whale hunt. She seeks the oil that may help Meraha with his burns, though with her age knows not to get too greedy.
Though few know of Meraha's survival, Meri has kept an ear out and visited him at the temple. She found herself gazing upon his body, experiencing the excrutiating pain he suffers every waking moment. She would later awaken in an adjacent room, soaked in sweat, and realize that the war may be lost. Meraha may never recover enough to face Hatmer. At least with current medicine. But Meri remembers a new medicine, the oil of the whales. It has various effects on skin it is applied to, it has not yet been tried on burns, but she can't just let the Rightful Heir die, especially after he covered for her regarding her blame in the whale disaster. So Meri gathers her crew, requisitions a small fleet of ships, and sets out to hunt herself some whales. Her marines have also been trained for this, so they will surely make up for the lower number of ships available. Meri is by now showing signs of age, she is wiser, and decides she shall catch just one or two whales, so as to not lose her entire catch again.

>Action 2: Age of Violence. Bandits roam Ta, Warlords fight each other, without a worthy Pharaoh the lands become unruly and dangerous.
Ever since Hatmer took the throne, the Kefis had started to become unruly. However with the arrival of Grognar's army and the assassinations on both the Per-Desher and Kem-Mi-Neb clans, the Per-Desher rule is no longer recognized. Bandits prey on the citizenry, Clan feuds reignite, warlords gather armies to fight one another, so they may become the next Pharaoh. Life gets a lot less comfortable for the citizenry, but mercenary work becomes much more lucrative, it is a time of opportunity, mercenary bands form. The rivers that used to bring ferries of produce, now bring bandits and mercenaries. But as a result, Miew influence wanes, as their rule over the waters is in contest by Kefi vikings.
File: Turn.png (117 KB, 720x469)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>Diplo: Whales
With the whales having been generous enough to share their music and their love for song, the Zora sing to them and offer their own secrets freely - if any of the Whale visitors to the King's island wish to learn, the Zora will try and teach them some of our water magics.

>Diplo: Dwarfs
With the Dwarf exiles having moved on and vanished before we could even ask any further questions, the King decides it is time to try and send a messenger to the Dwarves of their homeland - have the Exiles now reclaimed this domain, or is it the truth that frightened them away?

>Action 1: Expansion - Headland Security
The Headland east of Melaruta is empty, and the King sees no reason why this land so close to the capitol should not be incorporated into the Zoran kingdom. And whilst the national borders are being stretched, perhaps we might settle the northern isle, and acquire a little more land around the new town of Redon for the folk there? Perhaps even place a few permeant residents upon the whale-king isle to support the bardic college and offer barnacle-scrapings to the Whale visitors, if they would allow that? The ministry of settlement is informed that they have new projects to consider, and so are set to work to coordinate.

>Action 2: Sushi Dishes
Our paddy-field farms grow plentiful rice, and now that the whales have returned our fishing grounds to us we can pair this with the bounty of catches from the sea. And of course, eating the two together quickly catches on, then some inquisitive Zora has the idea of pressing one directly to the other to create these bite-sized treats; very well suited to the Zora palette. Of course, we'll probably need more farms and fisheries to provision for this...

What a perplexing find… jellyfish in the sky that live in cloud homes somehow protected by psyonic waves or barriers. Whatever they are, they have a profound effect on the psyche of everything that looks at them, including those who were previously thought to not have any psyonic attunement at all, the ukyuma. Turns out, everyone and everything with a brain has a psyonic attunement of some kind. That’s one hell of a finding that could have many implications for the future, but for the moment, there are pressing matters at hand, and no rest for future psychonauts of our time. More on that specific title later…

>1: Math and anatomy for science!
It’s time to study what waveforms are. We know that telekinetic blasts are series of invisible waves projected across spacetime by the brachyurus, and are particularly powerful due to the vibrations created by the muscle that produces them inside their skulls. We know this due to anatomical study and the fact that someone can feel the psyonic waves as they would exert force on their body. This muscle, like all others, is directly linked to the brain, and has an extreme amount of versatility, proven by our proud psyions.

Salvador Connelly, the brachyurus astronomer, is working with fellow researchers, likely in the realm of physics, in his home city, Laudainos, the nation’s capital. Before he embarks on his expedition with Prof. C. Prefieaire, his esteemed teacher in aerodynamics, he must emphasize the importance of this study to his colleagues. Waves are not just in the sea, but everywhere, created by constant vibration of an unknown source. Mostly unknown. Sound and light are waves, too. If we can prove that, then we might gain a better understanding of just what our powers can do at their fullest extent. Waves occur in a frequency, a constant rate, and more importantly, many living creatures use frequencies like this to communicate and affect the world around them. Not only do waves exist, but specific frequencies have power. For example, the sound of a swarm of buzzing bees can have a profound effect on the psyche. Creatures like the sky jellies that were sighted in the clouded mists of Mt. Magenta, likely have something like this, too, as most if not all bodily processes create vibration of some kind.

>2: Jellyfish
From limited marine bio study, some researchers should already be aware that it’s pretty much impossible for these jellyfish to be emitting these psyonic waves from within the clouds. And clouds can look like a lot of things. Abandoned cities? If they really are a sky counterpart to water jellies, they definitely shouldn’t have brains. That said, colonial organisms live by nobody’s rules but their own. They drift and they catch food, with pretty much nothing to boot for sensory organs outside of nerve networks that help them sense touch and other physical forces. Probably taste, too. Maybe other purposes that we don’t know yet. But clearly, there’s something very different about these jellies. While we don’t know if these jellies truly have a nerve center, previous study says they do not, until we can prove otherwise.

And so, lacking the ability to really interact with the jellies without rising to their level, Prof. C. Prefieaire is one to take matters into his own hands. He’s traveling to the highest known peak of Mt. Magenta’s range, and bringing some friends with him. Willing participants, all highly attuned, heading into the cloud forest on a rainy day, when the clouds hang low and the mountain tops pierce deeply through.

There were some conditions that seemed arbitrary to all the accompanying brachyurus. Blindfolds, to be kept tied and covering the eyes at all times. Arbitrary until they realized the unknown nature of what they were dealing with. Attuned folks have no trouble seeing without their eyes. They can use the psyonic waves they project in order to “echolocate” their entire surroundings with extreme accuracy. To an extent limited by focus, more accurate than the eye. Psycholocation is what some have unofficially called it, though the term has caught on heavily.

>First hand account, in a letter
Astronomer named Salvador:
Psycholocation, and telekinesis in general, emits waves at very low, but extremely intense frequencies. Blips on the map, emitted from vibrations created by a muscle in our skulls. They bounce back, can be muffled, thrown, they can even be sent out in rapid succession, and focused on specific points in spacetime as they repeat in a frequency. But it’s important you don't get lost in what “spacetime” even is. We are right here, on this land, under this sky. But one has to wonder why. Clearly, we weren’t always like this…
Turn 8
A new city is wonderous news. We shall call it TabbyTown! It is our hope that from meow on mao of all coats can live together?

Action 1 - Shiny Scrolls
We don't know what these things are. But they look important. Surely the collector would be pleased if we brought them to him to translate. The big folk will get them later once we make sure they're not a treasure map
(I don't know if translation is a separate action but I'll assume it's one that takes time)

Action 2 - Set sail for adventure and rat meals
Halflings can sail out there? Imagine the fish we could find! Some of us should sneak aboard their vessels to tag along for the voyage. Theyll be grateful if we take care of any pests that are onboard.

Action 3 - Count's new friends
Our half vampire mao has become withdrawn and lonely. Its no surprise, how is one to make pawsitive relationships if they can't bask in the sun together?? We should throw a night festival so he can join as well. We will make fishcakes, hunt rodents in the countryside and exchange trinkets. He'll definetly end up with some friends and a better appreciation for our society. Make sure the chefs know: absolutely no garlic!

Action 1: Amber-Eyed Idols

Our religious architecture develops, as does our love for the Ancestors, and as does our Ancestors love for us. Fine amber may be incorporated into great reliefs, shining as the eyes of the great faces that decorate our cities, woven into sculptures that look so realistic they may very well spring to life at any moment.

We are Aak, each made great by those who have come before, each blessed and cursed to be greater than those who have come before. Perhaps one day this may end, an achievement so great may occur that none may ever hope to outdo it. Perhaps not.

Until the day when all things have been decided, we will continue to sculpt the faces that may judge our actions each and every.

Action 2: Printing Press

A new relic of the artisan clans, this complex machine may create copies of written works. From the great Aakian Aaakessey, to the ancient parables of the Aaktide and the forgotten murmurs of Aakendoom, to even boring court documents dated the ninth of Aaksday on Aaksmonth, anything may be replicated en masse.

Faster, more accurate and cheaper than copying by hand, mass distribution and recording of important information has now come to the Aak for better or for worse. Only time can tell how this will affect the Aak as time progresses.

NAVAL: Begin sending exploration ships following the coast south, will take two turns to arrive at Arishivo.

> Action 1
Integrate the newly found newt tribes that that we found the first time we tried to expand. It must be clear to all of them that only under Ves’niut leadership can all newts prosper.

> Action 2
Expand west. Since we still have our overpopulation problem we need to find a place were to relocate some of our people, and the mountains to the west seem like a good option, closer to the mountains we might some mineral deposits to exploit.

> Action 3
Develop military. Our recent military defeat in the trade wars have shown us that our military capabilities are way behind than that of our neighbors, we must improve our military capabilities if we want to survive in this world.
[sorry if no flavour text, I'm too low energy to bother today]

>Action 1: Continue to explore southwest towards the source of the Alb

>Action 2: Research magic: look into the possibility of enchanting items with druidic magic
Action 1: Raising the future of Volkovia.
From peasant to nobility. a call to action and social programs will be put into effect to improve the population.

Action 2: Establish the VMP
Volkovian Mounted Police, the next step from the local sheriff of a town. a large police force led by officers trained in the schola militarum in the fields of justice and proper policeing. their main areas of work would be the growing borders of the empire
Establish an Enclave in the Haeran'Yi Imperial Palace
>Our mouse friends have a beautiful garden hidden behind such big walls. Shouldn't this be a garden for everybody to visit? Such beauty shouldn't be hidden from everybody!
The Swamplings begin planting trees in the garden and dream of making them so tall, everybod could see them from beyond the palace's walls. They also sneak around the palace to pick up after all the servants, sometimes sweeping and dusting the premises before they even wake up.

Sail around the Peninsula
>Our trees end at one water front and then another. Is it possible to sail around the world to reach the other side of our trees?
Swamplings send explorers to sail around that one peninsula from the eastern end to the western end.
Despite being ousted the Newts seem to have a new leader that is much less underhanded in their dealings. The elves willing once more willing to potentially do trade with them, hoping to leverage their abundance of silver and other fine gems in the process

1 action: Improve ships
Merchant class vessels need to not only be large but well outfitted to deal with potential thieves as well. An improvement to their weaponry and ability to fight off potential threats is a much needed development

1 action: Create Spinning wheel
While a mill is good for crops and flattening out metal into fine sheets, something to create material faster would be beneficial as well. So a spinning wheel to swiftly weave cloth together is made, expediting the process
>1: Second Great Wall

While we are effectively 'Vassalized'...it was merely to avoid a two way war between us and... our northern neighbors, thus preparations would be made for a possible fight against the unknown... people, as a second great wall is ordered to be constructed which would see all the flaws of the first one ironed out and would feature a more stronger base with iron being used as the supporting foundation alongside rocks, alongside this, the wall would feature lines of cannons and gunpowder weaponry to attack enemy forces (TL;DR, extending the great wall in a way)

>2: Developing a espionnage network

With our new 'benefactors' having made contact with us, we would start setting up inside their territories a spy network to learn more about their culture, and how easy it could be to spread propaganda and overall get more information on them, since it is VERY likely that in the near future we will enter conflict with them..., thus it is smart that we set up spy network in their territories and weaken them as best as we can (TL;DR: CIA black ops time)

repost of previously nopped post
You appear to have forgotten to finish your response to my first action last post.

>Actions 1 & 2 - Titanic Weapons
Unfortunately the free humans were not as resourceful as they had promised to be. Nonetheless, the infrastructure has been made, and the talent is present. Perhaps Ankhisteian was too quick to believe the lesser folks could think as clearly as the great brilliant minds of the titans. Working with the engineers, Ankhisteian directs new effort and resources towards the development of metallurgy suitable for titans. Early designs focus on practical equipment such as scythes to mow down masses of little-folk without having to bend over, or simple metal boots insulated with mammoth wool to protect the Titan's toes from rowdy peasants or sharp things on the ground.

Ah, life is good. The harvests are plentiful, and many a Skain has free-time to pursue their whims and fancies. This idealistic life is supported, of course, by the tireless golems, clicking away in the fields, quarries and mines, gears and magic driving them forward endlessly...

What do you mean they've stopped working?

To the Skaian dismay, the golems seem to be 'running low', as it were. What's more, their friends from across the sea have made fewer and fewer trips, offering less and less each time they call into port. Far from malicious, it seems, just distant; as if they are pre-occupied with matters elsewhere...

Still, the Skains are alone once more. It turns to them to make sure that their work does not come undone.

>Action 1 - Prospect
Search wider, dig deeper, inspect more closely. What has been found is not enough to suit our needs, and we cannot rely on strangers from distant shores any more (as none are here.)

>Action 2 - Begin Grand Project (Dam)
While sturdier materials are in short supply, and with the dwindling supply of still-working golems an ever-present threat, the high lords of Delacana decide that they need to get back to what's REALLY important.

Making long-lasting structures!

Of course, they plan to bake two pies in one oven here. The dam will be filled with clockwork mechanisms, turning the churning water into a veritable overload of Turn energy to be harvested and doled out to needy Skaians around the land!
As such, they begin surveying the land upriver, seeking a suitable plot for this venture.
File: afesgrdthfjg.png (5.36 MB, 6144x3000)
5.36 MB
5.36 MB PNG
> TURN 9
still some player spots open *taking over abbandoned nation

A coral garden is created in the royal palace. Made to be looked at from above (not enough tech for propper glass aquarium) it is a stunning display. The the heart of the royal zen garden lay a grand pond of saltwater filled with corals and fish needed to sustain them. Care of coral turns out extremely hard, salt content needs to be precise, they need light but not too much light, special white rocks or dead coral need to be thrown into the water periodically as well.

Less luck is found on emerald extraction. Divers can go down and get them out of corals or from the ground, but few a mousekin are talented enough in diving to do so and the amounts of emerald one can extract this way are barely producing a profit on investment.

Trade with the southern tributary intensifies. Through roads travels culture and streaghthens your influence but you also gain an access to Crabman firearms. Rise of commonality of firearms destabilises your nation slightly. The (give name) road is built, a wide road out of stone connecting all the major cities in the region. At your southern border a new city emerges, (name) it is semi autonomous as it arose on land owned by the Silvermane company a Blades merchant house which quickly rose to power by marrying into mousekin nobility. The Silvermanes are thus known for thin silvery hair and being taller than most mousekin.

Just as a vampire hunter trains to kill vampires, a vampire lord may train himself to counter the hunters. A measure one may think would be below the pride of a vampire lord, but inreality it is greeted with joy for it brings some everneeded entertainment to their long dull lives.

Soulless assassins are created. Expertly trained they infiltrate areas easily and take out targets. Their soulless nature makes them avoid even magical forms of detection albeit at the cost of being magically inept themselves.

Population grows as new pro family policies are introduced, and household chore magic is popularised… and women are prophagandised into pursuing it. This helps fill out your new land and allows for further expansion of the wizardy nation. A new colonial venture begins the north and there you encounter hostile goblin tribes, quite powerful ones as well. Individually they are weak, but their numbers are astounding. Unless pacified your colony risks being destroyed!

Name your mainland city btw.
Meri sneaks up on the whales, tracks them and kills a few. Once more conflict is roused. The whales put up a fight trying to flee being pstered by spears and arrows on the way. Most whales are too frightened to retaliate, but a few large ones make it up your rivers clearly made uncomfortable by the shallow waters. They clog the rivers causing a grand flood in wepta before succumbing to their injuries, one of them brandishing a ripped out obsydian obelisk in her very tusks while surrounded by the corpses of he compatriots sings and the song becomes one with the obelisk.
>> Song of Sorrows - Whaledead Tulpa - the trauma of the moder whale who had her children slain and hunted for sport haunts the nearby area all who step in it shall repeatedly see the death of their loved ones some may very well be compelled to kill their own children, your capital got flooded as well as your libraries. unless you secure the knowledge contained within it may be lost forever.

(>>5919365) A pack of young tusked whales is ambushed by a foreign ship, they try to flee towards your coasts, towards the statue of their fallen king, but they are slain, tied up and howled away by the foreign ships.

With the nation flooded, food scarce, foreign warlord in power and remnants of the true army turned to banditry the nation in an age of violence and barbarism. Your culture become violent and barbaric as if the will of Lycan manifest. At least the whale oil managed to calm the pains of the true heir.

The whales are happy to learn your water magic. After years of coexistence your peoples figured out how to finally communicate plainly. They have been at war with a nation in the west who practice black magic and hunt them for their oil.

Your expedition to the dwarven realms begins. Your explorers find their way to an unassuming hole in the ground seeing dwarves exit and enter. He seeks an audience with the dwarves there they are unwelcoming, but tell you that if dwarves resided permanently on the surface they were exiled for being murderers, rapists, hooligans or worse. They shall live among other surfacedwellers for they are no better than ‘you lot’. The dwarves then dissaper back underground, collapsing that entrance.

The headlands are quickly incorporated. (quick expansion because small land nearby)

You invent cheap and tasty dishes made of rice and raw fish. Hard to prepare safely for fish can have parasites, but if done properly soon become a delicacy, maybe you could export it to those foreigners who recently came only in their pantalones?
Buzzing of the body, buzzing of the mind, buzzing of light and sound. The anatomical study of this phenomenon allows one to harness their telekinetic powers to unsettle or deal direct damage. Wek vibrations make you unsettled or nervous. Strong ones can make yoru bones rattle weakening your body… and the most talented psychers may ever make your very blood splish and splosh paining your heart.

Standing atop a mountain in silence you feel your surrounding and… as some of you already predicted. There is the jellyfish sky squids. But not adult ones. Tiny babies swarming, their body more gas than solid only solid part being a small foming beak. Children without parents left in ruins only with corpses the lcouds in the sky… only corpses. Statues to these creatures and clearly a war happened… odd monsters in nearby lands. Your people understand what happened.

They made you. The sky squids made you, as slaves. They made the monsters maybe as failed attempts or as tools. The psyonics were theirs, but you killed them and all that remains now is developmentally stagnated islands alone atop a mountain. You can chose to snuff out the existence of the squids here and now if you wish, or give them another chance. Should this even be revealed to the masses?

nah one action is fine. You disassemble the schematics and figure out what the golems were. They were a type of mobile tombor alter, ancient people’s venerated these stone beings for they housed the souls of their ancestors and protected them in exchange for sacrifice, but got mad if insufficient sacrifice was provided. You learn the rituals needed to create these living ancestors.

You sneak on the vessels of the Lingdom, maybe they will finally have their ships leave their bays… for now you learn that there is tasty fish underwater, and other valuable things… but you are not going there, water is scary (just reminder you had a navy for 3 turns and never sent it to explore anywhere >>5922256, that costs no action considering the navy is already built)

Night celebrations begin and the secrets of the count are shared with the nation. how he stalks the night, how he hunts and how rocks which were in the sun all day are still nice and warm after sundown! He’s also really strong, some Mao chose to become vampires like him mainly the ones who just have 1 last life left. Vampires are reall hard to kill afterall. He promises to come back and protect the Collector if ever such need would arise.
Using great large ambers for eyes and smaller ones in decoration elevates the beauty of your idols. Shimmering more beautifully than gold it makes the ancestral faces truly stand out from other architecture and so by Imperial Decree use of amber for any other architecture is banned. Only ancestral priests may be adorned with amber

The printing press is invented allowing for easier preservation of technology and culture. (resistance for tech/religion loss from losing buildings). It also allows to spread propaganda quickly increasing national unity, though if it gets in the wrong hand it could allow anti government to spread quickly too

Your nation expands south. Please name your southern cities and as you expand you experience a population growth event, so much free land available to people once living crowded. Your population grows quickly settling the land. Your exploration fleet encounters the Splittusk tribe a tribe of ogres who use curse magic and have a large gold stockpile from old trade with a nation called the Republic of Blades further south
The integration of the newts happens. They accept their new chief and lord.You manage to claim your bay area and expand your herds and grains to new lands to farm. The east newts have their own tribal meeting place feel the to name it, you learn from their wisdom the art of dye making and could potentially cultivate crops and make dyes of various colours if you wish now
And as the prior expansion finishes a new one follows back to the land of the west where our previous misadventures brought us. Those mountains there would make for stable borders
Military training begins. the way of the warrior gains status equal to the way of the craftsman. Our warriors learn from our prior defeat, our enemy had defeated us because we were overconfident and divided. All tribes shall now send soldiers to the capital to train so we may fight as one and call soldiers to war as one.
(sometimes bigger posts, sometimes smaller also preserves my sanity so np)
Your explorers continue on their journey and they encounter finally the very origin point of the river… well one of many as the river plits, on the horison they see lights other peoples. They seem to be escaped slaves, gladiators and professional hunters
They come from a nation where all humans are slaves to vampires not far away, but… while you wish you could be sympathetic towards them there is something odd about them. For they remain in prayer to a tall man, his hands and head replaced by rainbow flames stretched out towards the sun like a plant.
Curious by this they explore further and they indeed find a land of slaves and masters, they hurry back home worried by the news. (the refugees follow to lands near your expansion the cult of madness may catch on there if untreated)
Druidic enchantment is possible but only of wooden or bone tools. This allows one versed in magic to make wood or bone swords more capable than steel ones.
A new generation is given support. We need to grow the population to sustain our nation and aim for a speedy expansion. I wonder if there is a quick way to inflate our population… like buying slaves or inviting refugees.

The mounted police is established it shall help us govern our ever stretching realm. The mobility of our security forces is of uttermost importance. They could also be used as messengers. A good thing would be actually getting high quality mounts. (would be useful if you looked for good mounts)

The border wall is expanded eastwards propaganda claiming that it is to protect from the uncivilised and hostile tribes still living in the jungles. Nobody among the common folk would even dream of opposing the benoelent Haren yi

Along the grand trade routes spies travel too. They infiltrate the Crabman nobility within the mousefolk nation. This helps you gain intell and subtly push public opinion.

The Haren-yi faith becomes entrenched in your nation. People once enamored by ideas of a peasants revolution begin dividing themselves into social castes and along that political parties form. Now in time of peace the nation no longer has au nified front. A party representing the bladesmen, a party for the new faith and each caste… a party for the peasant republic way and even some weirdos wanting to brign back the shotgunate… oh the irony.

An enclave is established. Hidden within the palace walls and within the canopies you make your home in the palace. You even at night stroll through the imperial garden where near bonsai and flowers a grand pool with coral grows! Living rocks, rocks living in salty water!

You don’t need to spend actions for it so I’ll coutn it as an exploration action. Also you have a 3rd action left over from last turn.

You sail far and far. Along the coasts you find tribes of odd races you never met, weird fruit and even ancient ruins as you travel further and further you pass the poeninsulla. In these waters many nations reside and a mong them fellow halflings! An odd bunch which lives on the ground and builds big stone things must be very very very distant relatives also 2 types of humans, but they all look the same.

Ships are improved and shall travel further when exploring and be able to transport more goods faster.

A spinning wheel to allow the rapid production of goods from fabric to flattened metal for armor. Certainly a useful tool to produce goods to clothe people and armor to shield warriors.
yeah something glitched but it was “make due with large trees and giant rocks they carve information into, but if they wished to establish a propperlibrary to advance their nation they need mountains for only they could contain knowledge at a scale useful to the the giants. (basically you need to use entire mountains to write stuff on because you are very big)

The first titan weapons are forged not the swords, clubs or spera they had envisioned for a long weapon of that size would require materials not found in this world, but metal gloves knives or flails those managed to be produced in the grand titan forges. (due to no mountain range available this tech will be tied to your character knowlegewise and lost if he were to die)

The slaves rise up, but it is not an uprising of war against the titans. They stand no chance in such endevour. It’s is merely an escape, but a disastrous one. The titans are few albeit large they needed the slaves to do most the work for them. The forges now run cold, the elephants walk off unattended and the gardens remain untended.
(>>5921885 Adbjorg slave refugees seek shelter take them in or turn them away, they are humans and some sheeppeople, if refused they will go to the alchemist breakaway NPC)

prospecting more and as you dig deep you discover a colony of underground being weird frog people they seem to live in cave systems under your land, maybe you could enslave them, but they are not much use. in further deep digging news you find some iron ore.

Work on the Eternal Damn begins we shall reshape the very enviroment to leave as our legacy. (please indicate where exactly you want the damn to be built and like draw me where you want the water reservoir, because for now it looks like you’d flood your capital)

>Action One. Endless fields of rice.

With extensive development and growth in the south, including a somewhat autonomous city known as Hyanghang-gu with what is arguably the only real Gwijog other than the Hwangje and his family. A Pyongmin who became a Hagja is still a Hagja, and if anyone is to become a part of the Gwijog it is one of the Hagja. Framing it as that is certainly best for stability's sake. Still, this arrangement is acceptable for now, and the development means greater and closer ties with the south. Yet with the further and further development of the south, more and more land is put to use in the simple task of harvesting rice and other crops to feed the people of the cities of the south. It also means that further prosperity would be achieved in the south, and the food stores of our tributary could be supplemented with some of the excess, allowing a bit more prosperity for them as well.

>Action Two. Further fishing.

The development of Hyanghang-gu, and more importantly it's ports, combined further expansion of Kedosi and it's own means only one thing. Further fishing and greater food flowing into the rapidly growing south. While the reefs are still protected, the southern sea's are rich with fish to the south and east. And the food that the sea's provide is quite popular and allows for far more variety than what the average Pyongmin usually would get. It also might, in time, allow a culinary culture to develop in the south, but for now the development of further methods of gaining prosperity through plenty of happy civilians with plentiful food stocks is good enough. Other work in the south would be done in time, of course. But for now the most important thing was ensuring everyone remained well fed. The other plans wouldn't take long to implement either.
> Expand Southward down the river
The Crimson Lords as always demand more lands, more finery, more wealth! And so the march downriver continues, seeking new markets to exploit, new peoples to conquer, and new treasures to plunder from the land. Perhaps this final push will take the crimson lords to the ocean itself, where the entire world might open up.

> Goldsmithing! Finery! Jewelry! A middle class?
With the recapture of the golden mines of the catfolk the greedy hearts of the crimson lords is soothed for a moment, then it of course immediately rekindles with the realization that the catfolk who once shaped gold into finery are now merely feral creatures lurking in the woods. The demand goes out immediately for fine crafters to supply the needs of the river lords. Jewelry, furniture, finery of all kinds! The crimson river lords want it all!
Let’s not jump to any conclusions!

A long, boring meeting is called to order between the nation's two governmental houses.

The presence of the sky squids, dubbed sprites by the lucky/unlucky group that was able to get close to these things, is all together mesmerizing, confusing, and panic-inducing all at the same time. It’s clear they show some powerful psychic ability. Their ghostly red hue, rotating forms, and spiraled tentacles don’t help with that, the overall visual appearance being ethereal, to say the least. It might be easy to see why one might mistake them for gods, but upon closer inspection, they are clearly just children, who show no signs of being able to create anything.

An equally sound explanation would be to say that both of our species are disconnected, likely with a common ancestor in ancient times. Who is to say us, our shared psychic ability, and the sprites, are not all products of some other god, running experiments? Luidicios, perhaps, to force the awakening on multiple different beings who likely never had the capacity for complex thought before that.

For all we know, they could be the new generation of these creatures, facing the trouble that comes with being born into a large clutch of eggs, buried in the clouds. Who’s to say Mom doesn't simply leave when she lays her eggs? Who knows? They might even die soon after, like many cephalopods do. In all reality, there’s no way we can know for sure yet what these things are. I don’t see anyone here whose willing to go up there and make one a corpse, so for the moment, we need to put this issue to rest.

As of right now, this peak is the furthest we’ve gone into the range, but it’s clear that the rest of it, as well as the other mountains around this valley, may have further clues that tell of our long forgotten history and the exploits of our deities. More importantly, how they affect all of what lives in those areas.

For the moment, we will coexist with the sprites, monitor them, and double our efforts to expand our territory further along the range and into the valley

>1 + 2 Double action: expansion

(Ooc: can I determine the spots on the map where the “humans” from the ancient city went, what they are now, and where both of my races truly originated from? I do have places in mind for all of these, and a spiritual companion race in the form of the ghosts of all the humans. Mainly, I want to do this so that the stuff I’ve written ends up making sense, and so you can just do whatever you want with the rest of the details and anything else we might encounter during exploration.)
>Diplo: WATC
With a peace established and the tusked Whales no longer menacing the Zorule coastline, the men who arrived in our nation as bedraggled and Dwarf-robbed explorers are contacted to tell them that the seas seem to be free once more. Earlier discussions of opening up trade and diplomatic contact now seem possible, though the Zora will quite understand if their guests would prefer to visit their homes again first!

>Diplo: Tusked Whales
The mention of the Whales involvement in another War is troubling; though the Zora recall their own time of conflict with the whales that arose through mistakenly assumed hostility and their underestimating of the great creatures - perhaps the foe they face does not realise the true intelligence and community of the Tusked whales? The Zora offer their service to the whales to help them attempt a dialogue with their opponents, as the Zora presume that the Whales are not speaking on land and their foes are not singing beneath the Waves - perhaps if some Zora diplomats head along with the Whales to act as interpreters, they might help the two sides to resolve the conflict and make peace?

>Action 1: Resource Survey
With new lands acquired and many lands upon and around our peninsula that have not yet been settled, Zora surveyors and prospectors are sent out to search for further sources of mineral wealth.

>Action 2: Legal Code
Nearly everyone has an idea of what is right and wrong; but there are always sticking points in the minutiae of knowing what rights the average Zora possesses and their duties to King and Country, the punishments for those who commit crimes and the awards granted to those so impacted by injustice. To that end, the King gathers together a number of elder statesmen and a few up-and-coming talents to organise a cohesive legal code for his nation. Furthermore, all active laws will be carved upon great stone slabs that will be set to stand tall in parkland adjacent to the new High court building on Melaruta - these laws are therefore said to be 'in statue'. All towns of Zorule will be sent smaller, hand-size tablets containing the comprehensive text of laws; and each town will have a Justice stationed to arbitrate and rule upon matters bought before them in the King's name. A Bard with knowledge of the Song of Truth will also be stationed to play each courtroom, to ensure the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be considered during legal process.
Action 1: Expand the Canopy to the South
>Our tall friends keep asking for help throughout their land, but we are not there to help them! Let's weave more of our canopy into their land so that we may be closer to our friends and sing soothing songs to put their babies to sleep!

Action 2: Investigate the Missing Batches of Fish!
>Hey! Who's taking our fishies??? Are there secret friends with us???
>>5920869 Let's team up and secretly spread throughout the world!

Action 3: Making Friends for Emeralds
>Our mousey friends are having trouble getting green shinies in the waters. Maybe we should help them find some friends who can go under the water for a long time?
Swampling bands begin to travel down to the southern coast to explore the beaches and waters, though they stay close to the treeline to avoid being seen by anybody unless they're Mousefolk.

Diplomacy: Befriend the Ground Halflings!
>Unafraid of all the little people, the Swamplings send guests forth, bringing gifts of acorns and seashells. The Swamplings share their Memories of having come from "the Great Turtle" and hope their new friends share theirs.
>Action 1: Send a religious mission to the refugees
The exploration of the Alb keeps providing suprises beyond imagination, it seems, although not the ones desired or expected. The reveal of proximity to a land dominated by blood-sucking undead is appalling, and the strange practices the refugees follow barelly less so. Who knows what horrors they witnessed? Their souls must be saved: immediatly the Church sends priests to assess the exact nature of this so-called "madness cult" and try to preach the gospel of the One, in view of possible integration.

>Action 2: Develop druidic charms
An empire of vampires. Now *that's* a military concern and a half. The pixie druids were one isolated tribe, and listened to reason. Here, it's a proper rival peer power, and no way is diplomacy likely to work with monstrous beings whose unnatural existence is anathema to the Faith, especially with the horrific tales of their exploitative ways heard from the refugees. While the results of the research in enchanted weapons received a lukewarm reception, a new idea is proposed: druidic trinkets and other forms of blessings capable of empowering a knights with magical strenght and vigor and/or protecting them against hostile supernatural effects.

Action 1: Resource prospecting
Action 2: Resource prospecting

Acquire, examine, go out in search. Bring all that can be found in our tamed lands and inform the Tenno of its properties, such that it may be mastered.

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