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It's the High Middle Ages of Europe.
You are Roland von Fritzlkeller, a young Knight from the Kingdom of Teutonia. Driven by Romantic Idealism and Mild Schizophrenia you decide to go against your father's wishes to focus on managing your meager estate, and instead become a Knight-errant travelling the world in search of fortune and glory.

Check out what Roland's descendant got up to in my other Quest 'Unteralterboot'! >>5851424
File: IMG_20231207_194923.png (1.76 MB, 1300x1300)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
You proudly carry the coat-of-arms of your family, a seemingly melancholic white face the true meaning of which has been lost to history.
You are already accompanied by your trusty steed Tänzer [Dancer], but before you set out on your adventure you will need to choose a squire to support you on your adventure:

>Stable boy Hans. While he lacks any skills in combat, he will take excellent care of you and your horse. Taking care of cooking, making camp and maintaining a jolly disposition no matter what, you won't have to worry about the adventure ever getting too unbearable.
>Woodsman Konrad. He takes care of the Fritzlkeller's forest. Skilled with a bow, he compliments your melee attacks well in combat. He also knows a thing or two about survival on the road.
>Scholar Otto. He is a devout bible student and aspiring natural scientist. Perhaps his faith will bless you on your journey, perhaps not, at least his skills as a Medic will definetely come in handy at some point.
>Stable boy Hans. While he lacks any skills in combat, he will take excellent care of you and your horse. Taking care of cooking, making camp and maintaining a jolly disposition no matter what, you won't have to worry about the adventure ever getting too unbearable.

Excellent coat of arms.
>>Stable boy Hans. While he lacks any skills in combat, he will take excellent care of you and your horse. Taking care of cooking, making camp and maintaining a jolly disposition no matter what, you won't have to worry about the adventure ever getting too unbearable.
>Stable boy Hans. While he lacks any skills in combat, he will take excellent care of you and your horse. Taking care of cooking, making camp and maintaining a jolly disposition no matter what, you won't have to worry about the adventure ever getting too unbearable.
I like the balance between humor & seriousness I'm picking up thus far. Hopefully this satisfies the one anon who always asks why there isn't a GOOD fantasy qst.

The Woodsman has great utility, but he may be less useful & certainly less interesting than the Scholar, who can open doors & provide insights the others can't;
>Scholar Otto
>Stable boy Hans
OP are you in the qtg server ?
Amstetten, in the far south of the Kingdom of the Teutonia. A land at the twilight between barbarism and rennaisance. This has been your family's home for many generations. A small keep, really just an excuse of a castle, the village proper, a few fields, an iron mine and a small forest. It's not much but it's idyllic. Apart from the occassional wolf there is not much to worry about.
You, as the firstborn son of the Fritzlkellers are its rightful heir. And you were raised accordingly, as a proper Knight. Your childhood was defined by training in combat, faith and etiquette. Every night your mother would read poetry to you.
To us are in old fairy tales
Many wonders told
Of renowned heroes
And their great deeds
Of joy and golden times
Of tears and tragedy
Of the struggle of brave Knights
You will now hear
- First verse of the Nibelungenlied

And you believed every word of it. One day you would be the one to rescue a damsel in distress, slay a dragon and claim a kingdom. Reality however has disappointed you. Amstetten hasn't been called to arms for a long time. Your duty as its ruler would just be to manage the estate, marry some broad from the neighboring noble houses and train your son to follow in your footsteps like your father did with you...
No, you say! You will not waste your life like that. If no adventure has called for you yet, then you must seek out your own adventure. You will hit the road and travel the world as a Knight-errant like in the stories! Your family is furious at the idea, but they just don't get it.
You don't need their support. You have your arms, your armor, and your steed, what more could you possibly need?
Oh, that's right, a squire of course. Someone who will take care of all the not-so-glorious parts of living on the road. Cooking, cleaning, camping...
Your father definitely won't spare you any servants for your crazy endeavour, but you have someone in mind who might be interested.
File: 640px-Popiel-Stableboy.jpg (156 KB, 640x787)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Your good friend Hans, the stable boy of the castle. Your explain your situation to him.
"So you are telling me you want to go on some kind of quest, Herr Roland?"
"I have to. Amstetten is no place for a Knight. This peace and tranquility, it's deafening to a warrior like me! I feel the moss growing over me every day of my good years that I waste here. I want to see the world, I want to fight great battles and help people in need!"
"Like a tramp?", he asks.
"Like a hero!", you throw back at him.
Hans shrugs:
"Sounds like fun. But wait, what does the Freiherr [your father] think about all this?"
"Well... he is not convinced of the idea just yet. But we don't need his blessing. We will just have to... sneak out at night with the armor and Tänzer."
"You want to leave without telling them? This won't end well..."
File: Download (2).jpg (30 KB, 880x554)
30 KB
The Night of Depature

So this is it. If you go through with this, you will have to achieve great renown on your quest or you will never be able to return home and look your family in the eyes with dignity again.
You sneak out of the keep to meet up with Hans, who has prepared your steed and a mule for himself and already packed everything you will need for the journey.
Well, everything apart from some funds. It's not too late to borrow a little gold from your family on your way out...

>Take some valuables with you. [-Renown]
>Leave only with your own possessions. [You will have to rely on the hospitality of strangers from time to time]
Server like a discord or what? im not much into that...
>Leave only with your possessions.
We're no thief, no rogue or outlaw. Hans seems like a solid foil to our head-in-the-clouds attitude. What's our inventory?
>Leave only with your own possessions. [You will have to rely on the hospitality of strangers from time to time]
https://discord.gg/AcSEsqxc it's a server where most qms are and even if you don't talk much it's good to inform when you doot by sending the update link in the #updates channel
You carry a lance (Hans also has a spare if it breaks), a longsword, a heater shield and a utility knife
Other than that you have the good book, some provisions, a waterskin
Hans also comes with a horse brush, firemaking kit, tinder and such, cooking pot, sewing kit, wood-cutting axe, some sheets and fur and rope and supports for a tent, and some ointments for wounds
You have my attention, good sir. I pray there will be a fair and faithful damsel in Sir Roland's future.
>Leave only with your own possessions. [You will have to rely on the hospitality of strangers from time to time]
>Leave only with your own possessions. [You will have to rely on the hospitality of strangers from time to time]
>Leave only with your own possessions. [You will have to rely on the hospitality of strangers from time to time]
Do we have mail & a helm?
You only take what you need with you, a bag containing your armor, sword and shield. Tänzer and your Lance already got snuck out the castle today by Hans.
Walking past the bedrooms of your parents and siblings you almost want to take just a little peek inside to say goodbye, but it's too risky. Instead you put a little letter in your room explaining your actions. You make your way down into the yard, sneaking past the few guards on watch.
At night, the gates of the castle are closed, so you climb down the wall, but you brought some rope for just that occasion. After knotting it to a pillar you descend down and make your way to the town stables, where Hans was already waiting with Tänzer and-
"Walküre.", he introduces his ride.
"You named a mule Valkyrie?", you respond slightly smirking and he laughs heartily.
But the blowing of the wind reminds you that you should make haste.
"Come on, let's go. I had to leave some rope at the castle, the guards might find it.", you say before strapping your bag to Tänzer and leading the stallion by the reins.
File: IMG_20231209_114239.png (488 KB, 739x638)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
As you make your way through the town you look around carefully, when suddenly a familiar voice calls out for you:
"Herr Roland, what are you doing here?"
You turn around, it's the little Helene, the daughter of the village blacksmith. You know her well, she is a bit of a tomboy and always comes over to the fields to watch you spar and joust.
"Helene... why are you still up?", you ask surprised.
"I couldn't sleep because of the full moon... Wait, you aren't leaving, are you?", she suddenly realizes and frowns.

>I'm sorry, but we have to. Don't worry, I will be back some day. And I will see that I send you lots of letters, alright?
>No, we are just out hunting... uhm... Kinderfresser. And you know that Kinderfresser come out at night, so you should go inside.
good old plate armor, year is about 1400
I am on a quest. I will return once it is done.
We know her well, but we're of noble blood, setting out to rescue a damsel & other lofty goals. Thus a more impersonal parting. +1
>You make it sound so permanent, Helene. I'll be back before you know it, with trophies and tales of my great victories.
>(Left unsaid is that you're fairly certain that's why Hans joined you without complaint. You've seen how he's been looking at the baker's daughter... he wants to impress her, doesn't he?)

Childhood friend! Childhood friend! CHILDHOOD FRIEND! Childhood friends are best girl nine times out of ten!

A good king not only listens to his petitioners, but he does his best to remember each and every one of their names and faces. Because they're his people, and his prosperity rests upon their shoulders. A good king rules over a prosperous and happy country, a bad king deserves the peasant revolt that takes his head, for he has lost the divine right to rule.

We need to engage with the world while having a GOOD KING MINDSET.

Also, damsels are for rescuing and returning to their father's care. Childhood friends are for marriage and giving you an heir.
>I'm sorry, but we have to. Don't worry, I will be back some day. And I will see that I send you lots of letters, alright?
I stand corrected, Herr Ritter. I salute you.
File: IMG_20231209_190718.png (375 KB, 500x500)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
>>5859662 #
>>5859765 #
>>5859768 #
(I'm gonna count those last two together)

(I'm gonna count those last two together)

"You make it sound so permanent, Helene. I'll be back before you know it, with trophies and tales of my great victories."
Still, she seems a little crestfallen:
"But... but... then I come with you?", she asks.
You ruffle through the girl's hair:
"Don't be silly. You belong here. An innocent soul in an innocent land. And that innocence is what I have to protect at the cost of my own... Don't worry, I will make sure to send you lots of letters of the adventure.", you promise her.
Still, you let her accompany you to the edge of the village.
"Wait! Herr Roland, take this. As a reminder of home... I made it myself."
She hands you a crude carving an angel.
You grip it tightly in your hands.
"Maybe... it will bring you good luck.", she says and starts to sniff, almost crying.
"Thank you. I'm sure it will.", you smile and put your hand on her shoulder to console her.
Hans is already waiting for you, and after a minute or so you turn around but Helene shouts:
"Wait! Actually, Herr Roland, two more things. Just one moment..."
You try to calm her down:
"Helene, I..."
But you get interrupted by a scream from one of the houses nearby:
"SHUT THE FUCK UP! People are trying to sleep!"
"We should go, Herr Roland.", Hans tells you.
But Helene grabs your hand one final time to pull you back, you turn around and she gives you a little kiss on the cheek:
"Stay safe...", she says with tears in her eyes.
You wipe the tears off:
"You too. Auf Wiedersehen, Helene."
[TN: Auf Wiedersehen is a german goodbye that can mean 'Until reunion' or 'To reunion', when you don't know if you will ever see each other again]
With that you saddle up and head towards the seemingly neverending road.
File: stew-3403081_1920.jpg (250 KB, 1920x1271)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
You wake up to a great smell. Leaned against a tree with a blanket you feel a little uncomfortable but it's not too bad. You open your eyes and see Hans preparing breakfast. Slowly you remember the events of the previous day. You snuck out of home, had a heartfelt goodbye with Helene, and rode until dawn to get some distance if anyone was going to come after you.
"Good morning, Herr Roland!", Hans shouts over.
You get up and walk over to your squire to check on the stew that's brewing in the pot. It looks delicious, but Hans insists it will need a few more minutes. An opportunity for you to put on your armor finally. As you take your clothes off the little wooden angel falls out of your pocket, and you pick it up to inspect it again.
Just like that, you might never see home again. Friends, family, all gone in favor of the road. But you wouldn't have it any other way.
Hans continues to steer the pot as it starts to bubble:
"So, Herr Roland, where do we go from here?", he asks curiously.

>Towards Bohemia in the North
>Towards Vienna in the East
>Towards the Alps in the South
>Towards Bavaria in the West
>Let's just follow the tips of our noses
>Towards Bavaria in the West
>Towards the East
Heathens & brigands that way for certain.
>Towards Bavaria in the West
Yooooooo, my ancestral homeland! A bit early for the pickelhaube and the mad king, but by 1400 the Medici should have their estate in Augsburg! Which means they've probably had a few illegitimate children there, so one of my ancestors might be around (according to family lore, no idea on accuracy).

Also, we NEED to meet Andreas Fugger if we have the opportunity. If it's around 1400, he'd only be like 6-7, but if we can catch him in his apprentice years (he's a weaver and merchant) and convince him to make us a banner, that would be amazing. His descendants eventually become one of the richest families to ever live (the Fuggers actually replaced the Medicis as the big bank of Europe in the 1500s).
File: Europe1400.jpg (164 KB, 632x534)
164 KB
164 KB JPG

About Medieval Germany


To simplify things with a metaphor; Medieval Europe had a culture born from two opposed souls. The soul of civilisation found in the remnants of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, and the soul of barbarism left by the Germanic Kings of the Dark Ages.
This is the reason for why the same culture could preach humility and mercy as taught by the Church, and yet at the same time endorse the rule of might through trial in combat, as taught by their barbarian ancestors.
Nowhere is this dichotomy better seen than in Medieval Germany. If you were to ask a German villager from this time he would tell you that he was a Teuton, the old enemy of the Romans, yet more often than not his ruler was the so-called Holy Roman Emperor and he lived in the so-called Holy Roman Empire.
This was a title bestowed by the Pope and pretty much nothing else but a claim to the legacy of the Roman Empire.
(There were some other claimants of course, like Byzantium, a direct remnant of the Eastern Roman Empire, which wouldn't fall until 1453, 1000 years after the Western part!)
The Holy Roman Emperor was King of Teutonia (Germany) and of Italy, along with other possessions like Burgundy and Bohemia. So theoretically the title had nothing to do with Teutonia specifically. De facto however, only Germans ever really held the title (apart from arguably Charlemagne if you want to count him as French). It was only when Burgundy and Italy split away from the Empire in the Early Modern Period that the Holy Roman Emperor became officially known as the Roman-German Emperor.
In the year 1419, where Roland's adventure takes place, the Teutons had spent the last few centuries expanding mostly eastwards in a continued crusade against the pagans (pic related). The East remains the Frontier of the Empire, its swamps and forest are home to robber barons and pagan cults, yes perhaps even witches and the supernatural if you believe in such things.

Your allegiance is to the Habsburgs of Austria.
There is no crowned Holy Roman Emperor at the moment, but the House of Luxemburg dominates the Empire.
The current pope is Pope Martin V.

Meanwhile in the West the 100 years war for the crown of France is still raging on. After the Battle of Agincourt it seems England has pretty much won the war and Joan of Arc is still a Loli.
In Bohemia a heathen movement known as the Hussites is gaining traction, and they will soon start a long and bloody revolution which would later be known as the "Hussite Wars".
The Road to Bavaria

Returning to our hero, you are traveling down the roads of Lower Austria. You feel warm in your belly thanks to Hans's delicious stew. And you just watch the fields and sparse trees that dominate the landscape as your horse takes you along the road.
It's a good thing that you brought your squire with you. He is very talkative, which helps pass the time:
"That was a close call with the little girl. She almost got us caught...", he tells you as he watches you fiddle with the wooden angel in your hand.
"I think she is cute.", you reply.
"Oh, come on, Herr Roland. Children aren't cute, they are annoying. Now Kunigunde on the other hand, that's more my definition of cute.", he claims.
"Kunigunde? The baker's daughter? The fat one?"
"The one with the big jugs! Yeah!", he puts his hands in front of his chest like he was holding something. He explains: "I tell you, Herr Roland, women really age like wine. Maybe even Helene will become a looker some day. 10 years time or so."

>How do you respond without sounding mad?
(dont worry tomorrow we will get some action i just gotta plan out the mission)
>Just because she flowered late doesn't mean she'll take so long to bloom.
>We'll stop back in two years, when she's as old as I am now. I guarantee she'll be the town beauty, no questions asked.
I think I mistook the age gap for something small than you meant to imply. I'm still gonna fight for the C H I L D H O O D
F R I E N D route though.
Roland is like 21, Hans is 16, Helene is 10
Note to yankees: In this alternative universe years are actually 1095 days so they are all adults :^)
That just means Helene will be sweeter, longer.
Oh, wow. That's even further than I thought; I was thinking it was like:
>Roland is 16, Hans is 15 or 16, Helene is 12
That puts her well out of the sacred and blessed CHILDHOOD FRIEND route, which is sad. But in that case, changing my vote to:
This, +something in the vein of the Megumin IMAGINE copypasta that praises small statures and petite frames.
"I don't want her to grow much bigger, Hans! Imagine being able to carry your lover tucked under one arm..."
I'll abstain from this sussy vote. Onwards to adventure!
"Let me ask you this, Hans, can you carry Kunigunde? Can you hold her up with your arms, let alone one arm! How old is she? 20? That's at least half a dozen children she could have had by now. That you will miss out on because you didn't court her sooner. Do you think the good God gifted her those milkers for your amusement? No, they were meant for these children that she never had. You say you want to spend your life with her, yet she has already lived her best years.", you proclaim as if it was the greatest speech ever given.

You travel down the road until the sun hangs deep in the sky. You pass a small farmstead, its occupants look out in awe at you on your great Warhorse and in shining armor.
"Look, Clemens, it's a Knight!", the mother says to her little son.
The father of the household looks up at you, shielding his face from the sun:
"Grüß Gott, my Herr. How can I help you?", he asks you.
"Good evening. Me and my squire here are on a quest. Is there anything that you need assistance with?", you explain.
He is a little surprised, he had never seen a Knight go on an actual quest:
"Oh! So like a pilgrimage? No, we don't need anything, not directly. But, would you like to stay for dinner? I can't deny hospitality to a good Christian like you. Right?", he looked over to his wife and she didn't seem to mind either. The child was jumping up in joy: "You're a Knight! That's so cool!"
File: image-4110.jpg (363 KB, 1500x1001)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
You eat with the peasant family. They are having a salmon roast, fish was at this time actually LG considered a lower class food compared to today, as it was abundant in rivers.
"So you are travelling just to help people in need?", he asks you.
"Yes, just following the tip of my nose for now. Roaming the countryside is better than going on a pilgremage with all the well-paved roads. Here is where you find the real adventure!", you explain.
"This place specifically has been pretty peaceful so far, but you may want to visit Linz. They are holding a tournament there soon. Or you could go up the Traun river to Schaunberg. They might have some problems with brigands."
Interesting. You know about Schaunberg. It is a rebellious little County in Austria whose rulers insist on their priviliges and autonomy. It just recently submitted to Habsburg rule by force in 1390. That explains why their problems don't have much priority to the Duke of Austria.

>Go to the Tournament
>Patrol Schaunberg for Brigands
>Go to the Tournament

First we make a name, then we crush villeins.
>Patrol Schaunberg for Brigands
Vote is still open, update tomorrow when im off from work!
Der Bump
i gotta apologise bros, i underestimated the christmas workload, for now i'll have to put this one on hold
i just dont have enough time to run two quests at once at the moment and update them frequently... maybe ill continue or remake this quest someday but right now i would rather have one active quest than two that i can only update every few days
Is your other quest weeb-themed? I hate chinese cartoons.
i used anime pictures in that one until i was sure i wouldnt get banned for irl ones, other than that not really
Thanks for communicating about this matter, good luck with your end of year rush!

>Patrol Schaunberg for Brigands

Beginning this journey with some real, pragmatic solution solving instead of not knowing what to do at a medieval posh LARP convention.
Don't listen to that cocksucker. Flaming fucking faggot has been shitting up the entire board with his nigger ass. I like the pictures and hope you continue posting them.
I hope op returns
Dilate, sudoku, etc.
Suck my shitcutter, niggerlover.
I'm surprise this is still up and still no sign of OP
I'm surprised someone wanted to archive this when OP barely flashed out this alt-quest and vanished without warning from both.

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